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Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its ‘Tesla Motors’ division and stationary battery packs for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its ‘Tesla Energy’ division.

The firm acquired its sister-company, solar installer SolarCity, in 2016. It is now part of its energy division.

The company is led by Elon Musk, who currently hold the roles of CEO, Co-founder, Chairman, and Product Architect.

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Tesla Stories Yesterday

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is soaring today and significantly outpacing the market despite the lack of significant news about the automaker, but some analysts attribute the jump to SpaceX’s successful launch of two astronauts, which they see as a credibility boost for Elon Musk. expand full story

Tesla appears to have broke ground for the new foundation of Gigafactory Berlin with a ton of new heavy machinery operating at the site. expand full story

A video of a Tesla Model 3 crashing into a truck on the highway while reportedly being on Autopilot is going viral. Here’s what we know. expand full story

Tesla Stories May 30

Tesla has accelerated its Model Y delivery timeline and it’s not clear why. Has the automaker managed to accelerate production, or is demand down, or both? expand full story

Tesla Stories May 29

Tesla Model 3 has outsold the much cheaper Honda Civic to become California’s top-selling passenger car during the first quarter 2020. expand full story

Tesla and SpaceX are ramping up their synergy effort with workers moving between Elon Musk’s two companies, battery purchases, and more. expand full story

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla’s slower deployment of Supercharger V3 was due to production, but it is now ramping up. expand full story

Tesla Stories May 28

Tesla has confirmed that the first tranche of Elon Musk’s massive CEO compensation plan has vested, and it’s worth almost $800 million. expand full story

Tesla shareholders are going to vote on whether or not the automaker should use paid advertising, something that Tesla has been staying away from, and the company’s board is fighting against the proposal. expand full story

Tesla is already accusing Xpeng, a Chinese EV startup, to have stolen some of its intellectual property, but it’s not stopping the company from straight-up copying its website design. expand full story

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