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Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its ‘Tesla Motors’ division and stationary battery packs for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its ‘Tesla Energy’ division.

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While Tesla’s mobile app was really well-received when it launched back in 2012 and it was ahead of the industry at the time, it hasn’t received much attention from Tesla’s UI and development team over the past 4 years.

In November 2016, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla is planning a big update for the app coming in late December. It’s now a little late, but Electrek has learned new details about the upcoming app update. expand full story

The new 100D battery pack option wasn’t the only change to Tesla’s online design studio today. A few months ago, the automaker started bundling the interior options of its Model X to streamline the ordering process and ultimately its production. Tesla says that the program was successful so they are now bringing it to Model S. expand full story

There are concerns over Tesla’s ability to scale its service operations with the upcoming anticipated growth of its global fleet after the introduction of the Model 3 later this year. Tesla operates all its service centers on its own without third-party franchises and while there have been wait time problems in certain regions, the company managed to scale its operations.

With Tesla expected to go from an annual production rate of 100,000 units to 500,000 within the next ~18 months, it will be significantly more difficult to scale service, but long-time Tesla executive Jochen Rudat tried to reassure Tesla owners in a new interview today and hinted at Tesla’s autonomous driving tech helping with the issue. expand full story


While Tesla only started delivering the Model X in China in June of last year, the all-electric SUV is reportedly already popular in the country. It was even going for a 40% premium ($240k US) on the Chinese gray market and it helped Tesla increase its deliveries in the country to reportedly around 10,000 units in total (S and X).

Some of the first owners gathered in order to set a new Guinness World Record. expand full story

NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 is the onboard supercomputer that is installed in all-new Tesla vehicles since October 2016 and that powers the automaker’s second generation Autopilot with the ‘Tesla Vision’ image processing technology.

We had to take Tesla at their words that the high-tech piece of equipment was in the vehicle until now. An owner removed the panels of the new car and we got our first look at the system this week. expand full story

We knew it was coming for a while now. Ever since Tesla introduced the P100D battery back for the Model S and X, but the automaker said at the time that it wanted to focus on making the performance version of the pack and that the non-performance would follow later.

That is apparently today since Tesla quietly updated its online design studio early this morning and both the 100D version is available for both the Model S and X. expand full story


Following the release of data from the first year of Tesla’s first generation Autopilot and the revelation that it reduced the crash rate of its vehicles by about 40%, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the Autopilot aims for the second generation hardware to reduce the crash rate by 90%. expand full story

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As reported earlier today, NHTSA is closing its investigation of the fatal accident on Tesla Autopilot without finding any defect or issuing any recall. We now have access to the full report (embedded below) and there are some interesting key findings about the crash and Tesla’s Autopilot in general.

For example, the agency reviewed data that indicates Tesla’s crash rate was reduced by 40% after the Autopilot’s Autosteer feature was introduced. expand full story

Update: NHTSA confirmed the news that the Autopilot was not at fault – Tesla’s crash rate was reduced by 40% after introduction of Autopilot based on data reviewed by NHTSA

Following the tragic death of 45-year-old Joshua Brown in a collision with a truck while using the Autopilot of his Tesla Model S in Florida back in May 2016, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched a preliminary evaluation of Tesla’s Autopilot and requested a lot of information from the automaker.

Citing a source briefed on the matter, Reuters reports that NHTSA is closing investigation today without finding any defect or issuing a recall. expand full story


Morgan Stanley’s analyst Adam Jonas is one of the few analysts covering Tesla capable of moving the needle with his commentary on the company, which he did this morning.

Tesla’s stock surged 4% in pre-market trading after Jonas issued a new note in which he is much more optimistic about his delivery estimates for the Model 3 and it resulted in an upgrade to an ‘outperform’ rating and a price target of $305.00 – up from $242.00. expand full story

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