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Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its ‘Tesla Motors’ division and stationary battery packs for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its ‘Tesla Energy’ division.

The firm acquired its sister-company, solar installer SolarCity, in 2016. It is now part of its energy division.

The company is led by Elon Musk, who currently hold the roles of CEO, Co-founder, Chairman, and Product Architect.

Tesla Stories Today

If you are like me, you can’t wait to get a closer look at Tesla’s next-generation Roadster, but as we learned last week, it appears not to be a priority for Tesla as they focus on the base Model 3 and Model Y.

Nonetheless, the automaker still decided to showcase the prototype in an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage – giving us new pictures and videos of the upcoming electric supercar. expand full story

Tesla Stories Yesterday

We are still learning about Tesla’s upcoming new ‘Track Mode’ to be released in the Model 3 Performance as the automaker is still developing it.

CEO Elon Musk has now revealed that it will not simply be an optimized dynamic system for the track, but it will actually be configurable by the driver. expand full story

Tesla Stories August 17

Elon Musk discussed the next-gen Tesla Roadster in a new interview and hinted that the automaker could manage to find a way for owners to  have cameras instead of side mirrors like on the prototype (pictured above). expand full story

Tesla’s Model 3 is the long-promised mass-market affordable long-range electric car that Elon Musk has been talking about ever since he put together his ‘secret master plan’ back in 2016.

But he has recently been talking about Tesla going further down market in the future with a smaller and even more affordable car.

Now he says that Tesla could make a $25,000 electric car in ‘about 3 years’. expand full story

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including the craziness intensifying around Tesla going private and a bunch of “whistleblower” lawsuits, the base Model 3 is still coming, electric vehicle charging for condos, and more.

expand full story

It seems like all the news around Tesla these days are about the stock, the business, and basically everything except the actual products.

Tesla has now released a cool new ‘family photo’ with all its vehicles from Tesla Semi to the Model 3 and it reminds us what it is all about: the products and their impact. expand full story

Bollinger Motors, a New York-based EV startup developing an all-electric utility truck, reached out to Tesla CEO Elon Musk to inquire about the possibility of them having access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. expand full story

Tesla is reportedly now focusing its efforts on bringing to production the base version of the Model 3 at the long-promised base price of $35,000.

After a teardown of a Long Range version of the Model 3, UBS now throws some cold water on the effort saying that it would be unprofitable. expand full story

Several media reports are claiming that Tesla’s board of directors is coming down on CEO Elon Musk over his recent comments and behavior regarding his plan to take the company private.

The board has now released a statement backing Musk after he admits to difficult times in an interview. expand full story

Tesla Stories August 16

Another former Tesla employee is seeking whistleblower status and hired Stuart Meissner, the same lawyer who is representing Martin Tripp after he was sued by Tesla.

In this new suit, the employee claims Gigafactory 1 is involved in drug trafficking activities and unreported large-scale theft. expand full story

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