Tesla Model 3 Overview Updated February 22, 2018

Tesla Model 3

Tesla's third generation and least expensive vehicle to date

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December 2014 - February 2018

The Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle built on Tesla’s third-generation platform. It aims to reduce the entry price for electric vehicles while not making any compromise on range and performance.

The Model 3 starts at $35,000 in the US and deliveries to employees and company insiders began in mid-2017 – customer deliveries begin in late 2017.

You can read our latest stories on the Model 3 below:

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 22

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders who have never been Tesla owners are starting to receive invitations to configure their vehicles for the first time. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 20

Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, a Tesla board member, and an accomplished restaurateur is giving away his Tesla Model 3, the 6th one ever made, in order to raise money for his organization that provides learning gardens for children.

Here’s how you can help and get a chance to win the Model 3 for as little as $10. expand full story

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Tesla Model 3 Stories February 19

We recently reported on Tesla launching several lobbying efforts in multiple US states to defeat current dealership monopolies and allow direct sales of its vehicles to consumers.

New York is one of the top priorities and Tesla is bringing out the big guns to make it happen, the Model 3. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 17

A few weeks ago, we reported on two Tesla Model 3 vehicles spotted in air freight inbound for Germany. We assumed that they were purchased on the used market by a German automaker to be reverse-engineered and benchmarked.

Sure enough, a report from Germany now confirms our suspicion and gives us insights into the German effort to learn from the Model 3. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 16

We still don’t have official crash test results for the Tesla Model 3, but some owners have already crashed their new electric cars, which is giving us some insights into the vehicle’s safety.

Now CEO Elon Musk took some feedback from an owner involved in a crash and plans to make some improvements. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 15

Tesla sent out a new batch of invitations to configure the Model 3 this week, but it’s still only to current Tesla owners in the US.

Interestingly, even owners who have just recently placed a new reservation can get the invitation and configure the vehicle for a delivery in ‘about 4 weeks’ – just like some Model S or Model X vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 13

Tesla went all-in on the phone-based key system with the new Model 3, but it comes with a new set of challenges.

Now the company released a new software update to help manage the feature. expand full story

Tesla is still limiting the options on the Model 3 to a single interior configuration over 6 months after the start of production.

It’s not clear yet when more options will be available, but a Model 3 with a different interior was spotted in the wild this week. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 12

Even though the Model 3 has officially been in production for over 6 months now, Tesla appears to still be testing the vehicle.

A Model 3 test vehicle has now been spotted in Halifax, Canada. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories February 11

We have often discussed how electric cars in the $30,000 to $40,000 range weren’t on par with the Tesla Model 3, which led us to believe that those vehicles will have a tough time competing in the segment as the Model 3 becomes more widely available.

But with Tesla’s recent changes in the timeline for different and less expensive configurations, it has become clear that the Model 3 will not be available at a price point nowhere near $35,000 for almost the entire year, which could have a major impact in the EV market. expand full story

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