Tesla Model 3 Overview Updated April 19, 2018

Tesla Model 3

Tesla's third generation and least expensive vehicle to date

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December 2014 - April 2018

The Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle built on Tesla’s third-generation platform. It aims to reduce the entry price for electric vehicles while not making any compromise on range and performance.

The Model 3 starts at $35,000 in the US and deliveries to employees and company insiders began in mid-2017 – customer deliveries begin in late 2017.

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Tesla Model 3 Stories April 19

As we reported earlier this week, Tesla temporarily shut down production this week to update the line in order to enable a higher production capacity.

Despite the downtime, Tesla sent out another batch of Model 3 configuration invites this week. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 18

Automakers are currently in a race to bring self-driving vehicles to market and data is expected to be a big part of what will eventually enable a fully self-driving system that is safer than humans.

While many companies developing the technology are limited to test fleets to collect data, Tesla has the advantage of having a large fleet of vehicles equipped with many sensors in the hands of customers traveling around the world every day.

Now, their fleet is getting much bigger with the Model 3 and Tesla started opening the floodgates of data gathering by adding the vehicle to its Autopilot data collection program. expand full story

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Tesla Model 3 Stories April 17

In an email to employees today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk explained that the reason for the Model 3 production shutdown in Fremont and Gigafactory 1 is to prepare to increase production. Substantially. expand full story

Several Tesla workers in Fremont are reporting being sent home for a few days this week as the automaker is updating the Model 3 production line to improve automation. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 13

As we reported yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a rare interview with CBS This Morning in which he is supposed to give the first look at the Model 3 production line.

CBS has been milking the piece over the last few days by releasing only excerpts, but they have now released the full interview. expand full story

Tesla surprised many industry analysts when it added a mention that it “doesn’t require an equity or debt raise this year” to its production and delivery report earlier this month.

Many of those industry analysts still don’t believe it, but CEO Elon Musk seems confident about it as he now adds that “Tesla will be profitable and cash flow positive” during the second half of the year. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 12

Tesla is about to start Model 3 deliveries to customers in Canada and it is now officially added to the list of eligible vehicles for the EV incentives of some provinces, including Ontario’s generous CA$14,000 incentive. expand full story

As we reported yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a rare interview with CBS This Morning in which he is supposed to give the first look at Model 3 production line.

Now, CBS is apparently really milking the interview after they posed a preview yesterday ahead of the planned full interview today, but they now have pushed it to tomorrow and shared another preview in which Musk comments about Model 3 delays and ‘production hell’. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories April 11

Elon Musk is apparently all hands on deck with the Tesla Model 3 production right now in order to help push the ramp to 5,000 units per week. He is even sleeping at the factory to make it happen.

Now, he is giving the first glimpse inside the Tesla Model 3 production line. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders don’t exactly understand how Tesla is handling the rollout of invitations to order the vehicle since some reservation holders are getting their invite before others who reserved ahead of them.

Now a new wave of Tesla Model 3 configuration invites went out as CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla is working on the issue. expand full story

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