Tesla Model 3 Overview Updated January 16, 2019

Tesla Model 3

Tesla's third generation and least expensive vehicle to date

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December 2014 - January 2019

The Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle built on Tesla’s third-generation platform. It aims to reduce the entry price for electric vehicles while not making any compromise on range and performance.

The Model 3 starts at $35,000 in the US and deliveries to employees and company insiders began in mid-2017 – customer deliveries begin in late 2017.

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Tesla Model 3 Stories Today

Tesla owners have been reporting on forums and social media recently that thieves appear to be targeting Tesla vehicles.

Dozens of break-ins have been flagged, especially in the Bay Area, in the last few weeks and owners are now trying to find some solutions to the problem. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 14

Tesla has been working closely with white hat hackers for years in order to make its vehicle software safer and now it’s taking an unprecedented step: it’s going to be giving away a Model 3 to a hacker who can crack the vehicle. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 11

A massive number of Tesla Model 3 vehicles have been spotted being gathered by the automaker at the San Francisco port ahead initial oversea deliveries. expand full story

Tesla finally launched a roof rack for Model 3 a month ago and some owners are starting to get some use out of it.

Here’s a close look at the Tesla Model 3’s new roof rack with an efficiency test. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 10

Tesla has taken steps to prepare its Model 3 for the upcoming regulation forcing automakers to have a pedestrian noise machine in electric vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 9

Tesla’s Model 3 is now officially the best-selling premium vehicle in the US during its first full year of production after all the industry sales numbers for 2018 have come in. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 5

In an incident caught on video, a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot drove on some ice and slid out-of-control, but the owner claims that the driver assist system regained control of the vehicle by itself and brought it back into a lane. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 4

All eyes are on Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 expansion in Europe and we’ve now learnt that the company received almost 14,000 Model 3 orders from reservation holders, according to a report. expand full story

After opening Model 3 orders to reservation holders in Europe and China, Tesla is now opening its online design studio to the entire public in order to get more orders ahead of the start of deliveries in those markets. expand full story

Tesla Model 3 Stories January 3

A day after decreasing the Model 3’s base price by $2,000, Tesla is also surprisingly increasing the advertised range of the cheapest version of Model 3: the Model 3 with the new Mid-Range battery pack. expand full story

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