Tesla Model Y Overview Updated June 11, 2019

Tesla Model Y

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October 2015 - June 2019

‘Tesla Model Y’ is Tesla’s upcoming crossover all-electric vehicle built on the same third generation platform as the Tesla Model 3.

The vehicle is similar to the Model 3 and features similar options as the Model 3, like the Model S is similar to the Model X.

Tesla unveiled the Model Y on March 15, 2019. It is expected to hit production in late 2020.

Tesla Model Y Stories June 11

Tesla is using its shareholder’s meeting as a rare opportunity to showcase their Roadster, Model Y, and Tesla prototypes. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories May 29

Tesla has yet to announce its final decision on whether it plans to build Model Y at its factory in Fremont, California or Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, but it has now reportedly started work to prepare for Model Y production in Fremont. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories May 13

Tesla’s main battery supplier and partner in Gigafactory 1 says that the start of Model Y production next year will result in a battery cell shortage at the factory. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories May 11

A few months after launching the Tesla Model Y, a prototype of the new electric crossover has now been spotted in the wild for the first time. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories April 25

Tesla is still deciding between California and Nevada for a location to produce Model Y, which is just over a year away from production, according to the automaker. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories March 24

After a couple chaotic weeks of price and option changes from Tesla, another one went into effect today.  This time, it was about the recently-unveiled Model Y, which received a $1,000 price increase across the vehicle line.

CEO Elon Musk also announced on twitter that prices on inventory cars will increase ~3% after the end of this quarter, to keep them in line with the recent price increase (which was really just a partial reversal of last month’s price drop).

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Tesla Model Y Stories March 20

Wedbush Securities got in-depth tours of Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada and Fremont factory in California. They came out of it with some interesting insights, including that Model Y could result in higher profits as soon as 2020. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories March 15

Last night we saw our first glimpse of the upcoming Tesla Model Y at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne California.

The reveal was similar to other Tesla events in the past.  Press, Tesla employees and faithful customers collected in the old Northrop hanger next to the Hawthorne airport to see a new vehicle.  The lights were dim and red, the food was present but perhaps a little underwhelming, and the event didn’t quite start on time.

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Tesla unveiled Model Y last night and we were fairly impressed by what the automaker was able to do to transform Model 3 into a crossover with 7-seats and still up to 300 miles of range.

That said, the accomplishment is now being overshadowed by a questionable rush to order from Tesla in what appears to be an attempt to bring in more cash. expand full story

Tesla Model Y Stories March 14

Tesla has officially launched the Model Y at an event in Hawthorne tonight and it came with no big surprises but definitely delivered on specs in the higher end of our expectations.

They announced a Model Y range of up to 300 miles for the compact electric SUV based on the Model 3 platform, which is surprisingly going to offer up to 7 seats. expand full story

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