Jaguar Stories July 12

It sounds like ordering 20,000 vehicles from an automaker gets you on top of the list for deliveries.

Jaguar has now delivered its first production all-electric I-Pace in the US and Waymo got several for testing its autonomous driving technology. expand full story

Jaguar Stories June 18

The Jaguar Vector Racing has been working for the past year to convert a speedboat to electric propulsion by leveraging Formula E technology and it has now broken electric speed records with the battery-powered boat. expand full story

Jaguar Stories May 29

Jaguar is reportedly working on a ‘SVR’ performance version of its new all-electric I-PACE SUV.

An executive for the British automaker now says that the electric SUV could be even quicker than Tesla’s next-gen Roadster, but they are not likely to deliver that because of concerns with making that kind of power available. expand full story

Jaguar Stories May 21

Jaguar is preparing to launch its all-electric racing championship based on production electric car with the I-PACE SUV.

Their race car prototype did its first lap at the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Berlin last weekend. expand full story

Jaguar Stories May 9

The Jaguar I-Pace, the British automaker’s first all-electric vehicle, hasn’t made it to market yet, but the automaker is already building a significant backlog with large orders.

After securing an order of 20,000 vehicles from Waymo, Jaguar has now received an order of 200 I-Pace SUVs to offer shuttle services from Heathrow airport as soon as this summer. expand full story

Jaguar Stories March 27

We haven’t had the chance to test drive the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE yet (what’s up with that Jaguar?), but now we get to see a glimpse of the car in action driven by none other than Baby Driver (or Ansel Elgort, the star of Baby Driver, to be more precise). expand full story

Jaguar Stories March 7

The quietness of electric motors is one of many advantages that electric vehicles have over cars powered by internal combustion engines, but some automakers don’t necessarily see it exactly like that.

This is why Jaguar is even adding artificial motor sounds to its new all-electric I-Pace. expand full story

Jaguar Stories March 6

After launching its first all-electric car, the I-Pace, last week, Jaguar now confirms US pricing for the new vehicle.

The British automaker announced that the vehicle will start at $69,500 in the U.S. expand full story

Jaguar Stories March 1

Jaguar finally unveiled the production version of the I-Pace, its first all-electric vehicle today. You can learn all about in our article here.

For the occasion, the company also compared the new electric SUV with Tesla’s Model X in an *interesting* drag race video. expand full story

Jaguar has officially unveiled its production version of its first all-electric vehicle: the I-Pace.

After already releasing many of the specs over the last year, we didn’t get many surprises today, but the automaker did confirm all the production specs and the price is apparently much higher than anticipated expand full story

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