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Jaguar Stories February 10

Jaguar is shutting down their I-Pace line due to a shortage of batteries from LG Chem, The Times reports.

The shutdown of their production line in Graz, Austria will last a week starting next Monday.

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Jaguar Stories February 7

Get the chance to win a Tesla Model S Performance, Audi e-tron, or Jaguar I-Pace, or all of them (why not?) while supporting good causes through Omaze. expand full story

Jaguar Stories December 5, 2019

Jaguar told I-Pace owners that it is going to unlock “up to 8%” more range in their electric vehicles through a software update delivered through the work with their I-Pace-based racing series. expand full story

Jaguar Stories November 26, 2019

After announcing plans to produce an all-electric version of the Jaguar E-type with I-Pace technology last year, Jaguar is now halting its plan for the electric E-type Zero. expand full story

Jaguar Stories August 13, 2019

Jaguar is going directly after Tesla owners by offering them a $3,000 incentive to buy an I-Pace electric vehicle at a total $15,000 discount. expand full story

Jaguar Stories July 5, 2019

Jaguar confirmed today that it will build a new range of electrified vehicles at its Castle Bromwich plant in the UK, with the next-generation all-electric Jaguar XJ set to be the first new EV in the group.

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Jaguar Stories July 1, 2019

James Dyson and Honda are now at odds regarding claims that Dyson sought to use part of an existing Honda factory to build its electric car in the UK.

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Jaguar Stories June 28, 2019

Jaguar has been targeting Tesla owners with mailer adverts in which the automaker makes a bold comparison between the I-Pace and the Tesla Model X. expand full story

Jaguar Stories June 5, 2019

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover are announcing today that they are partnering on electric cars and will work together to develop the next-generation of electric powertrains. expand full story

Jaguar Stories May 30, 2019

Jaguar is ending the production run of its XJ luxury sedan this summer, and it now appears as if the car will be replaced by an electric model next year.

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