Tesla Referral Program Overview Updated December 18, 2018

Tesla Referral Program

Tesla give free Supercharger access and prizes to owners through its referral program

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February 2016 - December 2018

Tesla put in place a referral program for owners to refer new customers for the Model S and Model X (the Model 3 is not yet included in the program).

New buyers using a referral code get free access to the Supercharger network and owners giving out referrals get different prizes depending on the round of the referral program.

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Tesla Referral Program Stories Today

Tesla’s referral program was supposed to end a week ago, but the automaker is now extending it for a second time as it attempts to boost demand in its end of the year push. expand full story

Tesla Referral Program Stories October 20

Buyers can now receive 6 months of free supercharging with any new Tesla vehicle order when using a current owner’s Tesla referral code to purchase a new Model S, X or Model 3.

This incentive replaces the previous $100 supercharging credit and is retroactive – all owners who used a referral code on a purchase since September 19th will receive 6 free months of supercharging in addition to the $100 credit they already received (which does not have an expiration date).

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Tesla Referral Program Stories October 16

Tesla has added a new ‘secret level’ to its customer referral program to “launch a time capsule into space” for a select few owners who achieve a high number of referrals. expand full story

Tesla Referral Program Stories October 5

Tesla has launched a new round of its owner referral program and it includes new prizes including ‘early access to software updates’ and sending a picture of your choosing into deep space orbit. expand full story

Tesla Referral Program Stories September 12

Last month, we reported on Tesla’s update to its referral program which will finally put an end to unlimited free supercharging, starting with orders placed after September 16th.

At the time, the plan was to downgrade the perk for ordering with a referral code to a year of free supercharging.  Now, less than a week before the expiry of the program, Tesla has changed things up again, and will instead offer a $100 supercharging credit to customers who buy a new Model S, X or Model 3 Performance using a code from a current owner.

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Tesla Referral Program Stories August 1

Tesla’s referral program was set to finish tonight, but, as they’ve done many times before, instead it got a midnight update extending it for a little while longer.  The program now goes through September 16th instead of July 31st, with prize availability unchanged from the last round of the program.

There are two big changes: first, the Model 3 Performance is now eligible for unlimited supercharging when ordered using a referral code, previously only available to Model S and X orders.  Second, while S/X/3P cars ordered with a code before September 16th will still qualify for free unlimited supercharging for the entire duration of original vehicle ownership, cars ordered after September 16th will only get one year of free supercharging.

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Tesla Referral Program Stories July 16

The latest round of Tesla’s referral program for owners was supposed to end last night, but the automaker has extended it for two more weeks – maintaining the opportunity for new buyers to get free unlimited Supercharging for Model S and Model X vehicles a little longer. expand full story

Tesla Referral Program Stories April 19

Now a few years into the program, it has become clear that Tesla’s referral program is an important part of the automaker’s sales model as it has been renewed every quarter.

This time, Tesla even announced the new round of referral program ahead of the end of the current round. expand full story

Tesla Referral Program Stories February 1

Tesla’s referral program got a midnight update today, just after the scheduled end of the previous round, which was due to end yesterday but has been extended three months.  Buyers who use an owner’s Tesla referral code on a new Model S or X will receive unlimited supercharging, and owners who refer a new buyer will get various awards based on the number of referrals they get, capping out at 5.  The program now runs through April 30th.

Tesla Solar is still included in the program as well.  New buyers get an additional 5-year warranty on a Tesla Solar installation and referrers receive $400 cash or $750 in Tesla credit for the first four referrals, and a Founders Series Powerwall 2 for the fifth Solar referral.

The one new prize in this phase of the program is a chance to drive a Tesla Semi.  This one has a lower barrier to entry – anyone who signs up for the Tesla newsletter through an owner’s code enters that owner and themselves into a weekly raffle giving both a chance to drive a Tesla Semi in a “race” around Tesla’s test track.   There will even be additional prizes for the driver with the best track time.

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Tesla Referral Program Stories November 3, 2017

Elon Musk seems to be increasingly using his other companies to offer prizes as part of Tesla’s referral program.

The latest ‘secret level’ is apparently a chance to attend the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, which is expected to have its inaugural launch next month. expand full story

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