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2035 combustion ban moves forward after Germany and EU reach agreement on e-fuels

2035 EU ban

Following talks that carried late into Friday evening, representatives from both the EU and member state Germany have relayed that an agreement has been reached in the proposed 2035 ban of new combustion vehicle sales that will now include exceptions for e-fuels. After 2035, some combustion vehicles can still be sold, as long as they run entirely on carbon-neutral fuel alternatives.

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Lucid finally adds Apple CarPlay standard on all its EVs in latest OTA update

Lucid CarPlay

Lucid Motors is in the process of delivering all four of the original trims of its flagship Air sedan promised when the ultra-long-range EV made its initial debut a couple of years ago. We’ve had a chance to experience several of those models inside and out, but have wondered when the promised addition of Apple CarPlay would arrive. Today, Lucid has finally confirmed that CarPlay will now come as a standard feature.

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VW’s Cupra mulls entering US market in quest to become a globally recognized EV brand

Cupra US

Volkswagen Group sub-brand Cupra has been market testing the possible entry into the US market, according to SEAT Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths. Cupra has expanded to new markets outside of Western Europe recently and has multiple all-electric models in its production pipeline in Spain as it looks to grow its recognition as its own standalone EV brand.

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This 8,400-sq.-ft. Domus solar trimaran concept plans to deliver unlimited range at sea with zero emissions

Meet Domus – the solar electric sailing yacht concept created as a collaboration between Rob Doyle Design and Van Geest Design. This 40-meter sailing vessel promises to deliver the interior volume of a 60-meter yacht and can propel itself using wind, solar, hydro regeneration, and hydrogen fuels cells to deliver “unlimited range.” All without any carbon emissions. Did we mention it has a movie theater?

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ALVA Yachts introduces new 78-foot solar electric catamaran with ‘transatlantic range’

ALVA Yachts

Luxury electric boatbuilder ALVA Yachts is back with its latest solar electric catamaran. The upcoming OCEAN ECO 78 will arrive as a mid-size marine vessel in ALVA’s current lineup and comes equipped with the solar and electric propulsion technology to reach a top speed of 14-15 knots (16-17 mph) at sea, plus plenty of battery capacity to go far – all backed by solar panels on its roof.

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New Hyundai IONIQ 6 owners will receive two years of free charging from Electrify America

Hyundai IONIQ free charging

DC fast charging network Electrify America announced its latest complimentary charging program available for EV owners today. Looking ahead, future owners of the upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 6 will receive two years of free 30-minute charging sessions on its network, offering speeds up to 350 kW – perfect for the electric streamliner’s 800V e-GMP platform.

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Aptera secures first fleet order for 101 solar EVs with intentions for 100,000 more in the future

Aptera fleet

Solar electric vehicle start-up Aptera Motors has announced its first fleet order from SustainabilitySooner, Inc. The initial pre-order is for 101 of Aptera’s 400-mile range solar EVs and is expected to deliver millions in future revenue. However, what may be more exciting is the prospect of future fleet orders as SustainabilitySooner looks to eventually operate a fleet of over 100,000 SEVs.

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CATL begins mass production of its Qilin batteries with 13% more power than other 4680 cells

CATL 4680

According to recent reports out of China, the world’s leading battery manufacturer CATL has successfully achieved mass production of its energy dense Qilin batteries capable of delivering 1,000 km (621 miles) of range. CATL’s new cells utilize the 4680 pack structure and will debut on the upcoming ZEEKR 009 multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

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EU bends to Germany’s demands, proposes separate e-fuels category in 2035 combustion ban

2035 ban

According to a draft proposal recently seen by the media, the European Commission has reportedly added an amendment to its 2035 combustion vehicle ban that allows for the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles after the expiry, as long as they run entirely on climate-neutral e-fuels. This move is the latest chapter in a saga to ban ICE vehicles in the EU that has recently been stifled by countries insisting on the additional e-fuel exceptions, led by automotive juggernaut, Germany.

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California may soon see a lot more driverless robotaxis on the road from GM’s Cruise

Cruise self-driving

GM’s self-driving rideshare unit, Cruise, has applied for permission to expand testing of its robotaxi rides throughout all of California. The autonomous driving specialist has already been testing rides for over a year in different cities across three states including San Francisco, but hopes to expand further throughout The Golden State.

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Check out Polestar’s latest ode to EV performance in the 476 HP Polestar 2 BST Edition 230

Polestar 2 BST

EV automaker Polestar is picking up where it left off with last year’s limited production Polestar 2 BST Edition 270 with a next-generation version of the sedan with a keener focus on performance design. The Polestar 2 BST 230 debuts new features to the brand both inside in out that you learn more about below.

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2023 Nissan Ariya first drive: e-4ORCE shines in a perfect crossover for drivers new to EVs

This week, Nissan invited a select group of writers up to Wine Country to test drive the pre-production models of its all-electric 2023 Ariya crossover SUV. This was my first experience in the Ariya and I was excited at the opportunity to try out Nissan’s AWD e-4ORCE technology. It did not disappoint. These upcoming Ariya EVs deserve a look as a viable EV option loaded with standard features you won’t find in many of its competitor’s EVs, but the automaker may still have trouble standing out from the pack.

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Baidu (BIDU) robotaxis offering fully-driverless rides continue to take over China

Apollo Go, tech company Baidu’s robotaxi service, has received a permit to offer fully-driverless rides in Beijing, expanding its autonomous ride-hailing service to three major cities in China. Following the awarded permit, Baidu is now the first company in the entire world to offer fully-driverless rides to the over 21 million residents in China’s capital city.

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EVFLY spins up one of the first commercial eVTOL operations in deal for 200+ AutoFlight aircraft

AutoFlight eVTOL

Weeks after successfully completing the longest eVTOL flight to date in its Prosperity I all-electric aircraft, AutoFlight has secured a major purchase commitment from EVFLY. The advanced air mobility services provider has signed a deal with AutoFlight for over 200 of its eVTOL cargo and passenger aircraft, which will eventually operate in one of the first commercially available global fleets.

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Lucid Air Touring first drive: This model could be the one to splurge on

Another version of the Lucid Air is reaching reservation holders, so naturally, that means it was also time for me to get behind the wheel of it and test it for myself. My latest Lucid EV loan was with the Touring – the third in the lineup and second most affordable option behind the Air Pure. I’ve pushed the Air Dream Edition’s 1,111 horsepower out on the highways of Arizona and have driven the Air Grand Touring up the California coast, but the Touring might just offer the most bang for your buck.

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Meet Project Cosmos: 1,000 mile range, emissions-free megayacht from Apple Watch designer


German luxury boatbuilder Lürssen Yachts has shared video footage of it successfully launching a zero-emissions megayacht longer than two olympic swimming pools, suspected to be commissioned by a Japanese billionaire. The exterior of hydrogen powered megayacht, codenamed Project Cosmos, is being designed by Apple designer Marc Newson.

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Arrival (ARVL) nabs $300M in capital, yet US Van production remains underfunded

Arrival production

UK-based EV startup Arrival has garnered a fresh $300 million in equity financing in hopes it can slow the financial bleeding that has plagued it in recent months. As previously announced layoffs and cost cuts take effect, Arrival expects the funding to help slow its cash-burn rate, but says it will need to raise even more in order to begin Van production in the US next year.

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Swivel seats!? Kia reveals new images of EV9 SUV inside and out ahead of global debut [Video]

Kia EV9

Weeks after teasing the public with a peek at its shadowy exterior, Kia has finally shared its first official images of its upcoming EV9 SUV both inside and out. Described with an “opposites united” design philosophy, this all-electric SUV looks like it will offer plenty of space inside and atop Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform and has unique six- and seven-seat options you’ve gotta see.

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