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California’s ‘Lithium Valley’ project powers up EV battery boom with millions in tax breaks

California Lithium

During a press conference yesterday, supervisors in Imperial County, California, announced they had voted unanimously to offer tax rebates, property tax deductions, and the potential for further incentives to any and all battery manufacturers willing to produce Lithium products within the county’s lines. The county shared it is also seeking federal funding and state programs to support its “Lithium Valley” project with hopes of bringing more battery manufacturing to California.

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Karma Automotive will produce B-ON’s eLCVs for US, Canada, and Latin America

EV automaker Karma Automotive is further focusing its production strategy to support commercial EVs, more specifically B-ON, under a new manufacturing partnership announced this week. Karma will begin production this year at its ISO-certified facility in California with the capability to produce up to 30,000 electric vehicles annually with the intent to expand from there to meet the demand for B-ON’s vehicles.

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CATL dominates global EV battery market for sixth straight year

EV battery market

The 2022 report from South Korean firm SNE Research shows that EV battery manufacturer CATL once again holds its title as the largest in the world by installed battery capacity. That’s now six years in a row that CATL leads the global EV battery market and based on 2022’s numbers, is showing no signs of slowing down.

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‘Electrification is not enough.’ Polestar and Rivian report calls for urgent action to save planet

Rivian Polestar

EV automakers Rivian and Polestar have collaborated on a “Pathway Report” which has concluded that the automotive industry, which currently accounts for 15% of all greenhouse gas on Earth, is on pace to overshoot the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPPC) pathway by at least 75% by 2050. The report calls for urgent action and lays out a three-lever approach with hopes the entire industry can collaborate while it still has time to get back on track with the Paris Agreement.

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BYD helping light up Las Vegas with renewables using massive 543 MWh energy storage system

BYD Las Vegas

BYD has announced plans to implement a 543 MWh Cube Pro liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS) in Las Vegas, expected to begin commercial operation before year’s end. The Chinese automaker and battery specialist shared that the massive ESS will assist Nevada’s largest energy provider in achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. Vegas, baby.

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Universal Hydrogen receives FAA certification to fly 40+ passenger hydrogen electric plane

Universal Hydrogen

Zero-emission aviation developer Universal Hydrogen has shared video footage of its 40+ passenger hydrogen fuel cell plane testing ground handing ahead of its first-ever flight. The video comes with bigger news that the company has received an experimental airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to take flight. When it does, it is expected to become the largest hydrogen electric powered aircraft to ever do so.

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Watch GM’s EV ad with Netflix and Will Ferrell before it airs during the Super Bowl [Video]

GM Super Bowl

With mere days away from the Super Bowl kickoff, GM and Netflix have posted the full 60-second commercial that will air during the second quarter this Sunday. The ad, which was teased by both companies last week, features Will Ferrell discussing and engaging with GM brand EVs in various Netflix shows. You can view the full spot below.

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Electrify America taps new CEO as current chief becomes EA chairman and VW Group exec

Electrify America CEO

EV fast charging network Electrify America has kicked off the week with a personnel shakeup, announcing current president and CEO Giovani Palazzo will shift into a position as chairman of the board to make room for long-time Electrify America leader, Rob Barrosa. With his new role as chairman, Palazzo will also join Volkswagen Group as its senior vice president of charging and energy.

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2023 Tesla prices: How much does your favorite model cost?

2023 Tesla prices

Although its lead has started to dwindle a bit going into 2023, Tesla continues to be the true #1 in EVs around the globe by market cap. While other automakers are driving their new electrified models through a door in the automotive industry that Tesla originally kicked in, the American automaker continues to offer four super popular EV models. That being said, prices have risen in recent years and continue to fluctuate… often. Here’s where Tesla prices currently sit in 2023.

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Here’s every electric vehicle that qualifies for the current US federal tax credit

electric vehicle tax credit

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles, especially now that a slew of new credits have been reinstated to US consumers (alongside their fair share of confusing and ever-evolving conditions)

Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number of different factors. Furthermore, new terms implemented January 1, 2023 limit the number of EVs that currently qualify based on a number of factors pertaining to local US manufacturing.

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XPeng opens orders for G9 SUV and updated P7 sedan to these four countries in Europe

XPeng Europe

Chinese EV automaker XPeng Motors officially launched two new models in Europe today – the long anticipated G9 SUV, and an optimized P7 sedan featuring added range and faster charging. Both XPeng EV models are on display at the eCar Expo in Stockholm this weekend and will begin deliveries in four countries throughout Europe later this year.

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This electric performance boat voyaged from Florida to the Bahamas on a single charge

Electric performance boat

Marine electrification specialist Voltari has begun showcasing the capabilities of its flagship electric performance boat – the Voltari 260. This 740 horsepower all-electric vessel is a culmination of previous companies combining their expertise in carbon fiber and electric powertrains that not only go fast, but also far. Recently, the Voltari team took the 260 out from Florida through the Gulf Stream waters to the Bahamas on a single charge. You’ve gotta check out the innovation that went into this build in the video below.

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GM and Netflix kick off ‘strategic alliance’ for EV exposure with Super Bowl ad starring Will Ferrell

General Motors (GM) and Netflix have announced a new partnership to increase the presence of electric vehicles on screen. As part of what the companies are calling a “strategic alliance,” Netflix will feature at least one EV in each movie or series it manages. To kick off this EV media movement, GM and Netflix teamed up for a Super Bowl commercial starring Will Ferrell interacting with EVs in a number of recognizable shows like Squid Game and Bridgerton. The companies have also posted two teaser spots this morning that you can check out below.

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Polestar adds Luminar lidar to 3 SUV pre-orders, confirms it’s coming to Polestar 5 GT as well

Polestar lidar

Automotive safety and autonomy specialist Luminar Technologies announced that EV automaker Polestar intends to deepen its partnership with the former by implementing its long-range Iris lidar into the upcoming Polestar 5, based on the Precept concept. Additionally, the automaker has enabled consumers pre-ordering a Polestar 3 SUV to add the Luminar lidar to their configuration starting today.

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Nissan unveils convertible EV concept, a category it should’ve been producing a decade ago

Nissan Convertible

As part of the launch of its Nissan Futures event kicking off in Japan this week, Nissan Motor Company unveiled a physical EV convertible prototype called the Max-Out – based on a virtual rendering teased in 2021. The Japanese automaker says the electric convertible concept represents its ambitions for sustainability in the future, but we can’t help but wonder why the creators of the LEAF didn’t start developing EVs like this ten years ago?

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Nissan shares its modded up Ariya ahead of 17,000 mile journey from North to South Pole

After teasing a rendering last May, Nissan has officially unveiled actual images and video of the custom, all-electric Ariya that will trek 17,000 miles between our planet’s Magnetic Poles next month. This massive expedition is four years in the making and will truly test the boundaries of EV travel. Check out Nissan’s teaser video below.

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GM’s latest look at the Equinox EV has us guessing on range, battery, and price

Equinox EV price

Ahead of its scheduled arrival this coming fall, GM has shared its most in-depth look at the 2024 Chevy Equinox EV yet in a video you can view below. By promising a starting price at around $30,000, the Equinox EV is sure to capture plenty of customers, whether they are current GM owners or not. However, the American automaker has not yet to show all its cards when it comes to this electric compact SUV. Naturally, our curiosity (and impatience) has gotten the best of us, leading us to take our best guess at what consumers can truly expect to see.

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ZEEKR plans ambitious 2023, including doubling sales, 2 new EV models, and entry into Europe

ZEEKR Europe

Young Chinese EV brand ZEEKR is looking to significantly expand its sales and global footprint in 2023, according to an internal letter outlining several of the Geely-owned marque’s goals. In addition to introducing two new EV models this year, ZEEKR is planning to enter key markets in Europe. It makes us wonder if the US could soon be next.

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E1 CEO teases where inaugural electric boat racing season will compete this year

E1 racing season

As the UIM E1 World Championship Series gears up to kick off its first-ever electric boat racing season later this year, it has offered a Q&A with its cofounder and CEO Rodi Basso, who shares several progress updates. With at least eight teams expected to compete in season one, we are certain to see the series grow soon and now have a better idea of what continents the electric boats will be racing on in 2023.

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Arrival (ARVL) names new CEO but cuts staff in half as it fights to reach Van production in US

Arrival Van

The woes continue for commercial EV start-up Arrival, which hopes an internal promotion of a new CEO can help get its all-electric Van into US production as part of a business strategy pivot to cut costs. Arrival is still struggling with capital, however, as it also shared plans to reduce its current staff by 50% to further cut costs and stay afloat. Here’s the latest.

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