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July 12

Electric bicycles are usually quite heavy, though recent design innovations have been pushing the envelope to reduce motor weight. In the past, heavy-duty steel and aluminum frames, dense battery packs and bulky electric motors all helped tip the scales on these hefty metallic steeds.

The best way to get around the heavy e-bike problem is to design the vehicle from the ground up using lightweight materials and components combined with innovative weight-saving structures. And that’s exactly what Prodrive did with the new Hummingbird folding electric bicycle. expand full story

July 11

There’s a new trend in the out-of-the-box electric bicycle design world: minibike styled retro e-bikes. A couple of years ago, Lithium Cycles debuted their Super 73 e-bike with a design that harkens back to something between an old 1980’s minibike and a Honda Ruckus. Unimoke then followed up with a strikingly similar design, which was then followed by a redesign and price drop on the original Super 73.

Now, California-based Juiced Bikes is getting in on the action with their own offerings in the same category. expand full story

July 10

There are a number of impressive competitors in the high-end electric bicycle market, including innovative offerings from companies like Optibike and Stromer. To remain competitive, companies are racing to outdo each other on high-tech features and novel designs.

Haibike recently revealed their new FLYON line of electric bicycles, which have certainly embraced a creative approach to remain both innovative and creative. From an incredibly torquey in-house motor design to a ram air cooling intake, Haibike has embraced thinking outside the conventional e-bike box. expand full story

July 5

This week has been a good one for innovation in the electric bicycle industry, with two major players both unveiling new designs for mid-drive motors built specifically for electric mountain bikes.

Brose dropped the new Drive S Mag, a magnesium update to their previous Drive S that both increases power while reducing weight, and Shimano showed off their new STEPS E7000 motor, designed for recreational riding. expand full story

July 3

It seems like every week there’s a new electric bicycle company or model being announced. With so many different options available for consumers, it can be hard to keep track of which companies are which.

Fortunately, a few names stick out as having been around the block a few times. And when it comes to old school electric bicycle companies, Optibike definitely fits the bill. Founded in 1998, Optibike has been building high performance electric bicycles for trail riding and racing for 20 years. And in true old dog, new trick style, the company has released their latest offering which sets out to redefine what it means to be a high performance electric bicycle. expand full story

June 29

Remember when you were a kid on those hot summer days and suddenly the jingle from an ice cream truck came winding around the corner? There were very few things more exciting than that surprise ice cream truck rolling down the block, chased by a pack of eager kids.

Now those kids are all grown up and some of them have realized that they could do the same thing, minus the truck. As it turns out, an electric bicycle works even better and can be much more profitable with a smaller startup cost. A growing number of inspiring entrepreneurs are now opening micro-businesses (small one or two-person commercial operations) based on electric cargo bicycles. expand full story

Electric bicycles have consistently proven to be one of the best methods of navigating urban environments, especially when compared against other alternatives for city commuting.

NYC appears to agree, and will be relying on them to help commuters cope with the temporary closure of a section of the city’s subway system early next year. expand full story

June 28

I don’t know about you, but when I hear about Segway, it still conjures up images in my mind of mall cops and nerds on tech company campuses. However, most people don’t realize that Segway is a totally different animal these days.

After being purchased by the Chinese company Ninebot in 2015, Segway-Ninebot has been transformed into a powerhouse of personal electric vehicles. In fact, if you’ve been in a large city recently, you might have seen hundreds of Segway-Ninebot vehicles zipping around the streets in the form of popular new electric scooter programs. expand full story

Skateboards aren’t just for the skatepark anymore. Believe it or not, electric versions are becoming increasingly popular forms of transportation, both for commuting and for pleasure riding.

With the recent boom in interest, the electric skateboard industry has been innovating quickly. Products include new electric shortboards and longboards from industry darling Boosted and more unique designs like the Linky electric longboard that can fold in half to fit in a backpack. expand full story

June 27

The “last mile” problem is one that cities have been trying to solve for decades. While it is fairly easy to get to most cities, getting around that last mile to your final destination is often anything but simple. On the other end of the trip, “first miles” often have the same issue. How do you get from your home or apartment to the closest bus stop or train station that will take you to work?

That responsibility has often fallen on smaller one-person forms of electric transportation, also known as personal electric vehicles (PEVs). These can be anything from electric bicycles to electric scooters and electric skateboards. Basically anything small, quick and convenient to move someone around a crowded urban environment.

In an effort to determine which of these PEVs is the best option for urban commuting, I spent the last two weeks commuting entirely by personal electric vehicle, and now I want to share my experiences to help you determine how best to get around your city. Read on to see what I learned. expand full story

June 25

Electric vehicles aren’t cheap, I think we can all agree on that. This is even more true for electric motorcycles, which have additional size and weight restrictions that make it even harder to cram in enough batteries and other EV components.

While the cost of these expensive EV components continues to slowly drop, we’re likely still years away from electric motorcycles being able to compete on price alone with comparably spec’d gassers. For that reason, sometimes you need a different competitive advantage. For Italian Volt, that advantage comes in the form of luxury and scarcity with its new electric motorcycle, the Lacama. expand full story

As battery technology catches up with the rest of the electric vehicle industry, electric motorcycles are increasingly replacing their gas counterparts. Recent offerings have been packing more energy and power into two-wheeled EVs, helping them better compete against combustion-engine alternatives.

Alta’s Redshift EXR multi-terrain electric motorcycle is a great example of an EV in the motorcycle industry that has made a strong showing against a traditionally loud and proud gas-fueled sport. And now Alta has announced the 2019 Redshift EXR, poised to help push gas bikes even further to the wayside. expand full story

June 24

Electric stand-on scooters have been in the news a lot lately, largely due to their growing popularity in electric scooter rental programs. These scooter shares have been spreading around the US and the world, introducing commuters to the convenience of these small yet functional EVs.

So far most of the electric scooters on the road have been the same model, the popular Xiaomi M365 electric scooter used by Bird, Spin and several other electric scooter rental companies. Now a new competitor is preparing to enter the consumer electric scooter market, and this one has a style that is very much its own.  expand full story

June 23

Even while facing rollout problems at home, electric scooter share companies are flush with cash and expanding their operations overseas. The scooter companies are hoping that they can make early claims to European cities and snatch up market share before their competitors. expand full story

June 22

Even though we often talk about Europe and Asia having all the options for electric scooters, there are still a few models available in the US. But except for the Detroit-built GenZe 2.0, most of the currently available alternatives are either small, under powered, or use archaic lead-acid batteries.

Today that changes, as CruZer Scooter has launched their new e2000 electric scooter in the US. expand full story

As someone who doesn’t own a car, and instead commutes by all manners of personal electric vehicles (e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, basically e-anything), I was super excited to try out Linky’s new folding electric longboard.

Electric longboards are one of the most fun ways to commute around a city, in my opinion. I love feeling like I’m surfing down the street or bike lane and adding excitement to what would otherwise be a pretty mundane chore of grabbing some vegetables from the market.

But the most annoying part of using a longboard, which is an elongated skateboard meant for cruising instead of tricks, is just how long they are. Anytime I have to pick it up, it feels like I’m carrying a step-ladder around. At least, until I got my hands on a Linky folding electric longboard. expand full story

The Los Angeles Police Department is no stranger to incorporating electric vehicles into their motor pool. Back in 2015, they made a big deal out of announcing that they were using a Tesla Model S and leasing 100 additional battery electric vehicles (BEVs), mostly BMW i3s. They also announced that they had purchased 23 electric scooters and 3 electric motorcycles. And that was in addition to the Zero electric motorcycles already in the LAPD inventory which can travel 178 miles (286 km) and at speeds up to 98 mph (158 km/h).

Now the LAPD is making the jump to electric drive for the bicycle-mounted officers too, with a purchase of 20 tactical electric bicycles. expand full story

June 21

The Chinese company Xiaomi has an impressive line of affordable products, ranging from consumer electronics to sofas. They are no strangers to personal electric vehicles either, having produced a very popular electric bicycle as well as an equally popular electric scooter.

And now they are doubling down even further on affordability with their newest electric bicycle, the 1,699 yuan ($261) Himo electric bike. expand full story

Electric bicycles are a lot of things, from convenient commuter vehicles to fun recreational rides. But one word rarely used to describe e-bikes is ‘inexpensive’.

And now thanks to a new tariff plan proposed by US President Donald Trump, even the most affordable electric bicycles from China will be slapped with higher price tags. expand full story

June 20

Despite once appearing to be a far off dream, electric transportation is largely commonplace today. Sales of Tesla cars are already surpassing that of their gas powered competitors, electric boats are sailing the seas and even electric buses are displacing traditional gas powered mass transit.

While the land and seas have already seen a influx of electric alternatives, the skies are still largely the domain of fossil fuel-based aircraft. Sure, there are a few promising electric aircraft out there performing maiden flights, though they are still a mere drop in the bucket. But with the work that NASA is performing on their electric X-57 plane, that may not be the case for much longer. Electric flight for the masses could be right around the corner. expand full story

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