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Gogoro has managed to scoop up another vehicle partnership that will see more electric scooters produced that will be powered by Gogoro’s swappable batteries. The latest line of electric scooters joining the network will be CMC eMOVING scooters.

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Ariel Rider has a wide range of electric bikes from simple folding e-bikes to cargo e-bikes and commuter e-bikes. But some of their most popular models have been their moped-style e-bikes, and now the company has added the new Ariel Rider Grizzly electric moped to its lineup.

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November 27

Best Black Friday electric bike and e-scooter deals

I’ve been riding electric bicycles for over a decade, and electric scooters for the better part of that decade. Nothing has proven to be a better form of quick, reliable, and inexpensive personal transportation. And thanks to this year’s Black Friday sales, now these awesome little commuter vehicles are getting even cheaper!

Down below are all of the best deals we’re seeing today on electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Affordable Lectric XP e-bike gets even better with Black Friday deal

The Lectric XP has been one of the best-selling e-bikes over the last 12 months, rocketing its Phoenix-based manufacturer Lectric Bikes to stardom.

Now the popular e-bike is getting even better with a new Black Friday deal from the company.

November 26

Fluidfreeride offering big savings, free electric scooters (and planting 100 trees per sale!)

Miami-based Fluidfreeride is one of my favorite scooter distributors in the US. I’ve visited their headquarters, tested at least a half dozen of their scooters, and I highly recommend the company.

And now they are making it even easier to support them by not only offering a great early Black Friday sale including an option for “buy one, get one free” e-scooters, but they are also teaming up with Trees for the Future to plant 100 trees for every scooter deal sold. Head below for all of this year’s deals.

Taiwanese scooter and motorbike manufacturer KYMCO just held its 2021 Time to Excite digital press conference to unveil several new models. In keeping with its electrification trend over the last few years, 2021 also saw a new electric model, the KYMCO F9, added to the company’s lineup.

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Bicycles, and especially e-bikes, are often the quickest way to cut through urban traffic. And so it makes perfect sense to see them being transformed into ambulance e-bikes for first responders.

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November 25

I used to bemoan the high cost of electric bicycles, but lately we’ve been seeing prices drop while component quality rises. And the Aventon Level electric commuter bike is a great example of fair pricing matched with quality components. And the performance is great to boot!

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Zero Motorcycles has just issued a recall notice through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) related to the front brake lever on Zero SR/F and Zero SR/S electric motorcycles.

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November 24

Gates Carbon Drive is already a leading supplier for many electric motorcycles, but the company’s new MudPort innovation is likely to expand the company’s dominance, especially for off-road electric motorcycles.

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November 23

Ducati is following right behind fellow motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson in rolling out new electric bicycles for the 2021 season.

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Nearly all electric vehicle stocks have been on the rise lately, but NIU might have been one of the first companies to the party earlier this year. Since the end of Q1 2020 when the market was hit heavily by the COVID19 pandemic, NIU’s stock price has risen by around 400%. Now the company’s latest Q3 financial report helps shed more detail on that growth.

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November 22

KYMCO has a big digital press conference planned for this Thursday, November 26th. And it appears that one of the major unveilings will be a new electric motorcycle known as the KYMCO F9.

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November 21

Bunch Bikes just added a new electric cargo bike to its lineup, and this one comes with all of the Dutch stylings you could ask for.

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November 20

The RadMission electric bicycle from Rad Power Bikes is one of the company’s most interesting e-bikes to date. While it makes a few modest compromises to hit its impressive $1,099 price point (and is on sale as a bundle for $200 off right now through Black Friday), it scores big wins in most categories, making this an incredibly high bang-for-your-buck e-bike.

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Oregon-based Arcimoto (FUV) has seen an incredible rally this week, with its largest gains posted yesterday.

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November 18

Damon Motorcycles is announcing today its latest electric motorcycle platform known as the HyperDrive.

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November 17

Out with the old, in with the new! Dutch train stations are getting a makeover that includes replacing their old ashtray posts with new electric bicycle charging posts.

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November 16

When it comes to electric mopeds, there are actually a lot of options these days. But there’s only one model that has been selling like crazy for years now: the ONYX RCR.

And now ONYX is making a good thing even better with a long list of updates to its legendary speedster of an electric moped.

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Don’t call them the Harley-Davidson electric bicycles anymore! Despite spending their first two years of development as an H-D project, the e-bikes were spun off into their own company known as Serial 1 last month.

Today Serial 1 is releasing the full details and taking pre-orders for their new portfolio of “Powered by Harley-Davidson” e-bikes, including specs and pricing. And as an added treat, I got to take the first-ever test ride of the premium-level Serial 1 e-bikes to share with you below.

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