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September 21

Dirt bike riding can be a fun hobby, what with the whole flying-through-the-air-on-two-wheels thing. But with gas-powered dirt bikes belching smoke, blaring noise and seemingly in constant need of maintenance to keep them running, it hasn’t always been the most kid-friendly sport.

However, one company is changing that by introducing electric dirt bikes specifically designed for riders aged 3-18.

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The indoor expo at the 2018 Interbike bicycle trade show in Reno, NV has kicked off. Nearly all of the world’s biggest electric bicycle brands are here showing of their newest e-bike models, parts, accessories and even some surprisingly weirder offerings.

Here’s a breakdown of all the best new offerings in the world of electric bicycles and other light electric vehicles.

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September 20

Inboard Technology is best known for their highly acclaimed M1 electric skateboard, which is fairly unique among a large pack of competitors due to its removable and swappable batteries.

For weeks they’ve been teasing their customers with the imminent launch of “something”, while revealing very few hints. Today they’ve finally dropped the veil to show off the company’s new electric scooter, complete with an impressive list of features not found on any other electric scooters on the market.

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September 17

Zero Motorcycles expands UK dealerships as it grows international business

In what appears to be a sign of good news from Zero Motorcycles, the e-moto company has been significantly expanding their dealership network recently, especially in the international market. The California-based company just announced that it is opening three new dealerships in the UK.

Interbike, the largest bicycle trade show in the US, kicked off its industry and media-only portion today with the Outdoor Demo – a chance for companies to show off the abilities of their e-bikes.

While we saw some nice road-ready electric bicycles, it was the wide array of electric mountain bikes that stole the show. Read on to see the impressive lineup of diverse e-bikes we test rode today.

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September 16

Interbike is the largest bicycle trade show in the US, where retailers gather every Fall to show off their newest and coolest products. While there are companies and representatives from across the cycling industry, each year has seen a growing number of electric bicycle companies arriving to spill the beans on their cool new rides.

This year it already seems like electric bicycles are taking over the show here in Reno, NV, with more e-bike companies than we can even count already setting up their booths. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing over the next few days.

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September 14

Electric motorcycles might just be one of the quickest growing markets in the electric vehicle industry. From Harley-Davidson’s new premium electric motorcycle lineup to $2,000 imported Chinese electric motorcycles, we’re seeing interesting new e-moto offerings nearly weekly.

Now a new company in Long Beach, California is preparing to offer their own line of three new electric motorcycles with decidedly non-electric motorcycle stylings.

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Despite an impressive amount of innovation in the electric vehicle industry, it’s not every day that a new electric vehicle is debuted with such a successful pre-order period. That’s why news of the Microlino surpassing $100 million in pre-orders is so promising.

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September 13

This odd-looking electric bike is jam-packed full of features and just $799

Urban Drivestyle made a name for itself last year when it crowdfunded a Super 73-styled electric fat bike and delivered it to over 1,500 customers. Now the company is back again with a smaller but just as innovative electric bicycle.

September 12

With electric motorcycles, dirt bikes and light electric sport bikes becoming more popular and even competitive, electric motocross bikes are increasingly common sights on tracks around the world. But such electric bikes aren’t always welcome. With high torque and power, they don’t really belong on many mountain bike trails, and yet they sometimes don’t have the range to last for extended sessions on longer motocross tracks. Plus, many riders want to be able to head straight from their garage or apartment to the track.

So Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake decided to solve the problem by designing a new motocross track meant solely for electric bikes.

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September 11

The electric motorcycle market is growing at a healthy rate with impressive new designs being introduced nearly every week. From Zero’s new line of commuter and sport electric motorcycles to high powered offerings from Curtiss and even a line of five upcoming Harley Davidson electric bikes, the future is looking good for anyone interested in two-wheeled electric fun.

Now a new Finnish company is throwing their hat in the ring with a design that sets it apart from the rest – a powerful electric motorcycle with a hubless rear-motor wheel.

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Yamaha and Gogoro have both proven to be powerful forces in the light electric vehicle industry. Gogoro has a line of highly successful scooters based on their battery-swapping technology, and Yamaha just rolled their four latest electric bicycle models into shops in the US.

Now the two companies have announced that they will be joining forces on swappable-battery electric scooters, leveraging the strengths of both players.

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September 7

Electric bicycles used to be fairly multi-use vehicles, often designed for roles such as commuting, recreation, and even light cargo duty. But as e-bikes continue to grow in popularity, strong sales are encouraging designers to branch out with ever more specific-use designs that excel at certain tasks.

Now a Japanese company is showing off their innovative new electric cargo trike, which falls squarely into the utility category of electric bicycles.

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September 6

Personal urban transportation, including one-person electric vehicles designed for cities, is a rapidly growing industry. Though cars are great multi-use vehicles for suburban and rural environments, commuters are now discovering that densely populated urban centers can be better served with smaller, purpose built transportation solutions such as electric bicycles and e-scooters.

Now with an increasing number of options in the market for affordable personal electric transportations, these little EVs are becoming popular alternatives in cities around the country.

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I’ve tried a pile of electric bicycles over the years. Probably over a hundred different models – it’s a perk of working in the industry!

But I think of all the electric bicycles I’ve ridden, these two might be some of the best bang-for-your-buck electric bicycles I’ve ever used. The $479 Swagtron EB-1 and $499 Swagtron EB-5 are surprisingly awesome little e-bikes that are capable enough to meet the needs of the majority of riders without breaking the bank.

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September 5

Harley-Davidson has been dangling its electric motorcycle concept in front of us for years, and has confirmed a 2019 release for the project.

While some have speculated about how committed the company is to an electric future, Harley-Davidson may be assuaging some of those concerns with news of their new Silicon Valley research and development center.

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Much better known for its motorcycles, Yamaha Motor Corporation is entering new waters in the US as their electric bicycles have now reached retailers in the country.

The company is offering four different styles of mid-drive electric bicycles that are meant to cover a wide range of riders and riding styles. expand full story

September 4

While there has been a huge amount innovation in light electric vehicles over the last few years, such as 60 mph (97 km/h) electric bicycles and 400 mi (644 km) range electric tricycles, most of the innovation has been in performance – not design. Until now, that is.

Here’s a wacky new electric scooter design that has been finding a surprising amount of success around the world.

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August 31

Santa Monica and San Francisco both became epicenters of the fight over electric scooter share programs operating on public space over the past year.

After both cities eventually banned the alternative electric transportation options due to the companies operating without the cities’ blessings, they opened an application processes for permits allowing companies to operate scooter share programs. Now both cities have announced the winners of those permits, and the results are shocking riders and operators alike.

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August 29

Electric bicycles come in all shapes, sizes and prices, from large $2,900 cargo e-bikes to cute little $499 folding electric bikes.

Now Stark Drive has redefined the idea of affordable electric bicycles with a new $299 offering, the Stark Drive Mini.

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