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This isn’t your grandad’s Pursang motorcycle from the 1960s or 70s. Pursang has been reborn as an all-electric motorcycle brand and is now taking reservations for their first model, the Pursang E-Track.

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May 24

Thanks to a recent update from Juiced Bikes on the current state of their HyperScorpion electric bike production, we’re getting our first detailed look at the bike’s custom-designed 1,000W motor.

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May 23

If you’ve been browsing around for an affordable electric bike lately, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Lectric XP e-bike. One year ago, the bike didn’t exist, and today they are so popular that it’s difficult to even get your hands on one. While there are plenty of e-bike companies out there doing well right now, few have achieved so much success so quickly.

Here’s the story of how it happened.

[Update 5/24: OK, now it’s $14 million. Things are moving fast over there!]

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May 22

Electric mopeds are exploding in popularity, especially thanks to new models with higher speeds and power levels. As more electric moped startups begin producing the popular mini-EVs, legal questions have begun to stir about how and where these bikes can be ridden.

Their pedals might make them bicycle-like, but their motorcycle-level speeds and power can place them outside of standard e-bike regulations.

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May 21

Rad Power Bikes is the largest e-bike company in the US and is known for its diverse lineup of affordable e-bikes. Now the RadWagon, the brand’s electric cargo bike, has received a major overhaul with a brand new frame, motor, tires, increased adjustability, additional accessories, and more.

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There’s nothing wrong with an entry-level electric scooter, but sometimes 15 mph (25 km/h) just doesn’t cut it on bigger roads. That’s when the next class of scooters, with 25 mph (40 km/h) speeds and larger batteries, show their true worth.

Today we’re going to compare two of the most popular 25 mph electric scooters that still offer a compact design for convenient commuting. Let’s get started with the face-off between the WideWheel Pro and the E-Twow GT electric scooters!

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May 20

Shared electric scooter provider Go X is combining its scooters with self-driving tech from the company Tortoise to solve the first and last step problem of shared e-scooters: finding and returning the scooters.

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As countries around the world rushed to lock down their cities and combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, previously gridlocked roads quickly became eerily empty. But these traffic-free thoroughfares can’t last forever.

Or can they?

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May 19

Despite their many advantages, beginner and mid-level electric motorcycles designed for suburban riding are still frustratingly rare and even more frustratingly expensive. But with the release of the new Bravo GLE electric motorcycle, we may be seeing the first trickle in an upcoming wave of affordable electric motorcycles.

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May 18

Leading electric scooter manufacturer NIU just released its financial report for Q1 2020, which showed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the company’s return to growth in the pandemic’s wake.

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The Fiido L2 doesn’t look like a standard e-bike, at least not the kinds that we are used to in the West. Instead, it adopts a design that has become immensely popular in East Asia by sporting smaller wheels, moped-style suspension, a huge battery, and seating for two.

After testing out the e-bike myself, I can see why the design is so popular over there, and why it just might work well here in the West as well.

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Swedish electric motorcycle startup RGNT Motorcycles has begun taking pre-orders for its RGNT No. 1 electric motorcycle. The bike features a retro-inspired design yet still offers a host of modern features and high-tech functions.

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May 17

The electric vehicle company Polestar and the electric motorcycle company CAKE share more than just a homeland. Now the two Swedish companies are joining forces with a brand partnership as well.

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May 16

GM has officially announced that it is ending its ARIV electric bicycle program, blaming the decision largely on the havoc wreaked upon its balance sheets by COVID-19.

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Harley-Davidson has made impressive strides in electric vehicle development, and not just for its LiveWire electric motorcycle halo product. The company’s electric scooter prototype is positioned to be a much more affordable and accessible electric two-wheeler, and here is why it is needed now more than ever.

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May 15

Remagen, Germany-based electric mobility company Kumpan has just announced its new line of seated electric scooters designed for urban commuters. Based on the company’s previous flagship model, the new Kumpan 54 Inspire electric scooter retains much of the same technology, but offers a much more attractive price.

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Harley-Davidson might have underrated the LiveWire electric motorcycle, according to recent tests performed on the bike.

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May 14

The FREY AM1000 electric mountain bike is something of an enigma. You might not know it by looking at it, but the unassuming electric mountain bike is packing more power than almost any other e-bike and has the suspension required to elegantly navigate even the most technical terrain.

If the AM1000 was an olympic athlete, it’d be both a powerlifter and a figure skater. And it’d medal in both.

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Segway Ninebot announced the futuristic-looking Air T15 electric scooter earlier this year, demonstrating a number of innovative control and safety features. While the scooter had been set to launch internationally next week, pre-orders have just gone live early for the scooter’s domestic market.

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May 13

AKO is a Vilnius, Lithuania-based EV startup that has been hard at work developing the AKO Trike. This two-seater electric three-wheeler is now on its second-generation prototype and features a novel leaning mechanism.

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