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Energica, the Italian manufacturer of high power electric racing motorcycles, has a new target in sight. The company has just announced plans to develop a series of smaller, lighter-weight electric motorcycles.

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Curtiss Motorcycles has been on a roll lately by releasing a number of concept designs for high-power electric motorcycles, as well as real-world prototypes to back them up.

Today we are getting a new look another of the former, as the company unveils its latest e-motorcycle design, the Hades.

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NIU, one of the most popular electric scooter manufacturers in China, is preparing to begin sales in the US. But the highly anticipated US debut will feature higher prices than originally expected due to import tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

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July 16

Specialized just announced their new Specialized Turbo Creo SL electric bicycle. And while the new engineering and ultra-lightweight design will impress, it’s the price that will really knock you off your feet. Make sure you’re sitting down for this one!

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July 15

Amazon’s Prime Day is a great time to snag just about anything on sale for a deep discount and save some big bucks. But e-bikes are an especially good target, considering they generally come with pretty hefty prices already.

9to5Toys is rounding up all of the Best Deals on Prime Day but here are the best deals we’ve seen today, including some offerings not even on Amazon.

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July 14

This weekend I had the opportunity to test ride Harley-Davidson’s much anticipated new electric motorcycle, the LiveWire. As excited as I was to finally get a chance to ride the LiveWire before its release, I didn’t have the highest of expectations. I thought the LiveWire would be a bike that looked better than it rode. But as it turns out, the LiveWire is a high power beast just waiting to be unleashed.

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July 12

With the release of Harley-Davidson LiveWire quickly approaching, Electrek is in Brooklyn to take a first ride on the new electric motorcycle. And now we’ve just learned the full specs for the LiveWire. Read on to get all the dirt on this premium new electric bike.

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July 11

Boosted’s new Rev electric scooter is a beast. With dual motors and massive tires, the Boosted Rev could eat those $300 budget electric scooters for breakfast.

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July 10

Untitled Motorcycles, a custom motorcycle design shop, is showing off its custom redesigned Zero SR/F electric motorcycle. The bike takes a sharp turn from the standard SR/F streetfighter appearance, and yet is still recognizable as the SR/F that gave it life.

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For as long as e-bike hub motors have existed, there have been two main types: geared and direct drive. The former are lighter and provide more torque, while the latter usually offer more raw power and the ability to use regenerative braking. But now Grin Tech is unveiling the new GMAC e-bike hub motor that manages to combine the benefits of both, creating a leap forward in the industry.

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July 9

Tern’s GSD electric cargo redefined what it means to be a convenient cargo e-bike. And now the company has unveiled a new model known as the Tern HSD. The GSD’s new little brother has almost as much cargo capacity but manages to stuff it into a smaller and more manageable frame.

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Electric skateboards are one of the most thrilling ways to commute. Sure, I love a good electric bicycle or scooter, but nothing compares to the rush of carving down the street or bike lane on an electric skateboard. And with today’s launch of the Unlimited x Loaded electric skateboard kit, you can turn your favorite longboard into a street-surfing electric cruiser in no time for as low as $769, or pick up a ready-to-ride electric skateboard built on a premium Loaded Boards long or shortboard.

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July 8

Two wheels are better than four. Sure, I’ve been saying it for years, but now a new study is actually backing me up. It turns out that even though electric cars are moving us in the right direction, electric bicycles are actually much better transportation solutions for urban areas. Here’s why…

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On the heels of big announcements for new motors and battery systems from both Bosch and Brose, Yamaha has just unveiled its own new e-bike system. And the Japanese e-bike motor manufacturer is playing to win against its German rivals.

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July 7

Gogoro has one of the slickest battery-swapping electric scooters in the world. And now you no longer have to actually buy a Gogoro scooter to experience the vehicles and their innovative battery swap stations. With the announcement of GoShare, Gogoro is entering the shared electric scooter market.

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July 4

Curtiss Motorcycles has been on a roll with innovative electric motorcycle designs. Now they’ve released an update to their upcoming 2020 Zeus electric motorcycle with a V8 styled battery.

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July 3

Brose just unveiled its newest electric bicycle drive system. While the company is best known for its ultra quiet mid-drive motor systems, Brose has now added batteries to its lineup to create an all-in-one e-bike drive system.

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July 2

Zero Motorcycles entered their new 2019 SR/F electric streetfighter motorcycle in the Heavyweight Motorcycle division of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition on Sunday. Now you can feel what it’s like to race an electric motorcycle up the mountainous race course with a POV video from the bike!

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What would happen if you stretched a standard electric scooter to nearly twice its normal length and added a second handlebar? You’d get the BOGO two-person electric scooter, apparently.

The new dockless shared electric scooter startup wants to challenge industry heavyweights like Bird and Lime with a bold proposition: a scooter for two.

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Juiced Bikes has just announced the latest edition to its already sprawling electric bicycle lineup: The 52V CrossCurrent S2.

And with a top speed of 33 mph (53 km/h), this e-bike isn’t messing around.

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