Nissan Leaf Stories September 15

Like you, we have been waiting for months (some may say years!), to get a good view of the new Nissan Leaf 2018. Months ago we had some spy shots we could share with you. Later Nissan itself teased us with a few pictures but still no good look at this brand new electric vehicle until the launch event last week. Last night, when Seth and I went to the National Drive Electric event in Bridgewater, NJ, where a not-yet-road-legal 2018 Nissan Leaf was shown. We had the chance to take a good look at it, sit in it, fold the seats, pop the hood, turn on the lights, etc. but unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to actually drive the car.

We hope to do that soon. But until then check out the gallery below:

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On the sidelines of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, several major automakers made announcements about their electric car efforts.

The Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi alliance wasn’t among them, but they now also announce new plans as part of their 2022 synergy strategy. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories September 8

Nissan’s next-generation Leaf introduced with the 2018 version of the all-electric car featured a much-needed design refresh.

For those who think it wasn’t enough to make the vehicle appealing, Nissan is now considering offering a performance package made by Nismo, Nissan’s in-house performance tuning company. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories September 7

Nissan has confirmed its manufacturing plans for the next-generation Leaf unveiled earlier this week.

The Japanese automaker hinted at a potentially significant increase in production volume with the new vehicle, but as they are now confirming their production plan, it looks like they are still gauging demand.  expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories September 6

Nissan launched its next-generation Leaf yesterday and it featured the biggest upgrade to the all-electric vehicle program since its launch back in 2011.

It looks like the new Leaf is well-positioned to grow the EV market and take away market share from gas-powered cars, but surprisingly, Nissan instead decided to call out other electric car makers, specifically Tesla. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories September 5

After months of teasing, Nissan has finally officially unveiled its next-generation Leaf today in Tokyo, Japan.

The new version of the all-electric vehicle feature a new design, “~40% range increase”, vehicle-to-grid capacity, and several more features. expand full story

Watch the 2018 Nissan LEAF premiere livestream right here [video]

We’ve got about 30 minutes until Nissan launches the 2018 LEAF. We’ve heard tons of rumors and Nissan has given us more teasers than probably healthy but we’ll get some more details tonight at the launch. Stay tuned after for our analysis. YouTube livestream below:

Nissan Leaf Stories August 22

Nissan is starting to run out of things to tease about its highly anticipated upcoming next-generation 2018 Leaf, which is set to be unveiled in just two weeks.

Yet, they released another teaser with a picture of the tail lights and a new video today. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 17

Nissan is set to unveil the next generation all-electric Leaf in Tokyo next month, but now we learn they plan to bring it to the US soon after.

The Japanese automaker is taking the next-gen Leaf on tour of eight National Drive Electric Week events in the US. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 16

As we recently reported, Nissan’s all-electric Leaf is becoming increasingly popular with taxi companies and Italian taxi drivers have proven it again this month.

Florence is getting a new fleet of 67 all-electric Nissan Leaf taxis. expand full story

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