Nissan Leaf Stories January 7

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Nissan’s keynote at CES in Las Vegas was kind of disappointing. The company was rumored to unveil its first long-range all-electric vehicle to compete against GM’s Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla’s Model 3. Instead, the company only confirmed that the vehicle is coming “in the near future”.

It looks we will have to wait a little while longer, but maybe not too long since Nissan is also holding an event in Detroit next week. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories December 16, 2016

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When successful, group buys can be a very efficient way into electric vehicle ownership. They are not always successful, however, as demonstrated by a massive attempt with over 2,500 people trying to buy the Nissan LEAF in Montreal and being shut down by the automaker earlier this year.

A new group buy in Texas now has the backing of the Japanese automaker and has managed to secure some truly impressive prices – bringing the price of the electric vehicle down to $11,500 for the base option.

Update: We received reports from people attempting to get the deal and you need to use Nissan’s financing. Some have even reported “bait-and-switch” tactics. Beware going in.  expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories December 13, 2016

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After collaborating on some development programs over their 18-year alliance, it looks like Renault and Nissan are ready for the most important collaboration yet: a common electric vehicle platform for the next generation Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF.

While it has some interesting implications for mass production of the platform and lowering the price, you shouldn’t hold your breath since Arnaud Deboeuf, the executive in charge of the Renault-Nissan alliance, warned of a long product cycle and media reports suggest that the next generation – not to be confused with a design refresh – shouldn’t come to market until 2020. expand full story


Nissan Leaf Stories November 12, 2016

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In this week’s top stories: A first look at Tesla Model S’ Model 3-like Glass Roof and Autopilot in the wild, plans for ‘Gigafactory 2’ emerge, automakers lobby Trump, the latest solar news, and much more.

expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories November 10, 2016

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And that’s about it. Nissan unveiled the details of its 2017 LEAF today and there’s barely anything new other than the fact that now every trim gets the 30 kWh battery pack, which lowers the entry price to get the 107-mile range. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 31, 2016

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Uber and Nissan announced today that they launched what they are referring to as “a new, major electric vehicle (EV) project”. The project starts with the trial of an all-electric fleet of 20 Nissan LEAFs in London starting in September.

The project will be studied by the Energy Savings Trust (EST) in order to “look into the feasibility of running large numbers of electric private hire vehicles in the UK.” expand full story


Nissan Leaf Stories August 24, 2016

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Earlier this month, we reported on an impressive group buy effort in Montreal that was likely going to result in Nissan’s biggest LEAF sale ever with over 2,500 people signed up. At the time, the LEAF owner behind the effort, Bruno Marcoux, told us that he was in negotiation with executives at Nissan Canada and he was hopeful they could bring the price down to $20,000 CAD.

Since our report, the number of people who signed up for the group buy increased to 3,700, but in an unbelievable turn of event, Nissan Canada’s president shuts down the effort, making the potential customers furious. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 22, 2016

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EV enthusiasts are patiently (or not) awaiting some more details on Nissan’s rollout for its next generation electric vehicles, and more specifically on the upcoming 60 kWh battery pack that will power the next LEAF. Now the company is hinting at more performance electric vehicles coming to its lineup. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 9, 2016

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As we previously reported this year, LEAF sales in the US are significantly down year over year. Sales are not declining in Canada, but the market is very small for Nissan. The automaker only sells just over 1,000 LEAFs per year in the country, but a current group buy attempt, if successful, could significantly help Nissan LEAF sales in North America. expand full story


Nissan Leaf Stories July 22, 2016

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While Nissan has upgraded the LEAF’s battery pack in its latest version with now a 30 kWh option, the low energy capacity of the vehicle is still a major factor dragging it down. Potential buyers would like to see better options with more range.

Nissan engineers actually built a LEAF with a bigger battery pack, but unfortunately, it is not intended for production and was built during their spare time. expand full story

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