Nissan Leaf review

Our most recent review of the Nissan Leaf was in early 2019 when we looked at Nissan Leaf Plus:

 The 40kWh Leaf has 150 miles of EPA range, whereas the Leaf Plus has 226 miles. A couple hundred pounds of extra weight from the larger battery reduces efficiency slightly, though we don’t have EPA MPGe numbers yet, so we’ll have to extrapolate from the results of our drive.

So this review concludes by stating that the Leaf Plus is more of a good thing. Nissan has put together another solid package that improves on last year’s offering in many ways, and offers good options for buyers. Those who realize they’ll rarely need 200 miles of range can save several thousand dollars with the base model, and those who want more power, greater range, and additional included features still have a good choice in the Plus. Assuming the price comes in at the level we guessed above, the Leaf Plus remains an easy car to recommend for buyers looking for a comfortable, usable daily driver.

In 2018, we also reviewed the 2017 model:

I think the 60kWh LEAF will probably fade a little when compared to the Bolt and Model 3 unless Nissan can come up with a way to keep the price a little lower than those two cars, but it is a solid entry and bridge between the two EV markets/price points as they currently stand.

As a solid EV that outshines the Hyundai Ioniq EV in most ways and comes in significantly under the price of the Model 3 and Bolt EV, the new Leaf is easy to recommend.

Nissan Leaf price

The current Nissan Leaf starts at $31,600 before any upgrades or tax credits.

Shopping for the best prices for EVs can be time-consuming. At Electrek, we’ve done the hard work of finding the best purchase and lease pricing for a long list of electric vehicles.

Best pricing on Nissan LEAF: Purchase | Lease

Nissan Leaf features

The Nissan Leaf comes with a 151-mile range by default, but the Leaf Plus option raises it to 226.

Nissan touts its ProPILOT Assist as a headline feature of the Leaf lineup. ProPILOT Assist helps keep you in the middle in your lane through the straightaways, and even through gentle curves. ProPILOT Assist can keep a set distance from the car ahead of you based on the traffic flow. It can even come to a complete stop and bring you back up to speed when traffic starts moving again.

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Nissan Leaf Stories May 27

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles.

Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number of different factors. Furthermore, there are other potential savings available to you that you might not even know about yet.

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Nissan Leaf Stories April 12

Nissan Motor Corporation debuted the 2023 model year versions of the LEAF today for the US market, sharing updated exteriors to the LEAF S and LEAF SV Plus – the only EV trims of the long-tenured EV to be sold when they arrive this summer.

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Nissan Leaf Stories March 31

A recent 2022 report by Zutobi has ranked the top 20 most affordable EVs to operate around the world based on a number of factors. This includes considerations such as battery size, cost to charge, and miles driven per given dollar amounts. Tesla takes the top spot this year, but there are plenty of other viable options currently available to consumers.

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Nissan Leaf Stories February 23

Ahead of an opening of orders on March 1, the 2022 Nissan LEAF will arrive in the UK and Europe with a refreshed exterior look. The 2022 models will include new alloy wheels, Nissan brand badges, and new exterior color choices. However, not much else has changed compared to previous model year LEAFs, including the decision to stick with the lame duck CHAdeMO charging port.

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Nissan Leaf Stories November 26, 2021

Black Friday deals on EVs have been few and far between this season. The ones we managed to discover earlier last week were scooped up shortly after including on our Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide. Coincidence? Perhaps. Good news is we took one last look yesterday and found a couple of great LEAF and Niro EV discounts. No doubt these will go quick, so for those left in the dust that absolutely need to buy or lease a car ASAP, we’re highlighting several offers worth considering in this supply-constrained market.

As always, check our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide for the best deals on EVs in the US.

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Nissan Leaf Stories August 26, 2021

Nissan has announced that it’s the first Japanese automaker to join a United Nations-supported “Race to Zero” campaign, which is focused on accelerating electric vehicle implementation and reaching carbon neutrality. With the long-established LEAF on the market and an all-electric crossover on the way, Nissan said it aims to make all new-vehicle offerings fully electric… but not until “the early 2030s.”

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Nissan Leaf Stories August 3, 2021

Move over, Mini Electric, there’s a new price-friendly EV in town. Nissan has released pricing on its all-electric 2022 Nissan LEAF, and it’s pretty aggressive. The automaker slashed the LEAF price by over $4,200 compared to the 2021 models, making it the most affordable EV in the US… at least for now.

Check all the latest EV prices in the Electrek EV Low Price and leasing guides.

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Nissan Leaf Stories March 12, 2021

Nissan is now using old Leaf battery packs in some of the robots that are helping to build the Leaf electric cars in the first place.

This is kind of cool!

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Nissan Leaf Stories March 5, 2021

Electrek‘s Michelle Lewis spoke with three electric car owners in Texas. They each explained how their EVs helped them get through February’s deep freeze and rolling blackouts.

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Nissan Leaf Stories February 24, 2021

Tesla cofounder JB Straubel announced that his new startup, Redwood Materials, is going to recycle Nissan Leaf battery packs.

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Nissan Leaf Stories January 25, 2021

Happy New Year! Now that 2021 has arrived, dealers are even more motivated than last month to move old inventory off their lots. Remaining stock of 2020 models is already thin in some locales, so act soon if you find any of these offers on 200-mile EVs enticing.  

As always, check our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide for the best deals on EVs in the US.

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Nissan Leaf Stories December 28, 2020

During our monthly search for the best EV discounts, we found four models – two BEVs and two PHEVs – that can cost less than $20,000 before tax and license. Considering the average used vehicle price as reported by USA Today was trending upward at $21,558 in July, and that the average new vehicle transaction price is just shy of $40,000 ($39,259 to be exact, per Kelly Blue Book), $20K for a brand-new electric vehicle looks like a relative bargain.

Note this is the last week we’ll include PHEVs in our roundups. Our resolution for 2021 is BEVs only!

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Nissan Leaf Stories November 25, 2020

Black Friday deals are here! Our Electric Vehicle Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Lease Guide have been updated with the latest EV offers, many of which are set to expire on November 30. Below are some of the best lease deals and discounts we’ve found…

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Nissan Leaf Stories September 29, 2020

Nissan modified a Leaf electric car to turn it into a cool-looking mobile power supply on wheels for disaster relief.

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Nissan Leaf Stories July 1, 2020

Nissan will hold a global, digital unveiling of its new all-electric SUV on July 15. Few details about the Ariya have been announced since its unveiling at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The new Nissan EV is expected to offer nearly 300 miles of range, 0-60 acceleration in less than 5 seconds, and a mainstream price of around $40,000. Hopefully, we’ll get confirmed details and a look at the production design two weeks from now.

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Nissan Leaf Stories May 28, 2020

Nissan yesterday unveiled its four-year growth plan. The Japanese automaker will “right-size” its production capacity and streamline unprofitable parts of its business. At the same time, Nissan said it would invest in areas of strength, such as sports cars and electric vehicles. That said, Nissan will introduce the Ariya EV to the US in 2021, while most of its EVs will be sold in China.

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Nissan Leaf Stories May 4, 2020

At the end of the month, Nissan will present its new “operational performance plan.” Early media reports show that Nissan will expand cooperation with Mitsubishi for plug-in hybrids in Asia and Renault for EVs in Europe. Plans for the Ariya, a new all-electric crossover, remain murky.

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Nissan Leaf Stories March 26, 2020

In the past two years, more than 8 million households in Japan have experienced power outages due to natural disasters. In response, Nissan developed a system that uses vehicle-to-grid technology that allows customers to use the Leaf’s battery pack to power buildings.

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Nissan Leaf Stories February 11, 2020

Here’s one for the “find an EV non-problem” file. Nissan cites research that says 60% of parents with children under age 2 lull their kids to sleep by taking them on a drive. The Japanese automaker claims that the “soothing sound frequencies of an internal combustion engine are the biggest contributor to a child falling asleep in the car.” In other words, a non-polluting EV like the Leaf won’t get the job done without piping in combustion noise.

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Nissan Leaf Stories February 6, 2020

While the EV revolution is in full swing, the shift to highly automated driving is still at least a few years away. That self-driving future got a tiny bit closer this week after a modified all-electric Nissan Leaf completed a difficult 230-mile journey autonomously in the UK.

The journey began at the Nissan’s European technical center in Cranfield in southern England and ended at its Sunderland factory in the northeast.

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Nissan Leaf Stories January 12, 2020

Nissan flew us out to Las Vegas during CES 2020 and put us up, allowing us to get a first-hand drive of the new e-4ORCE AWD technology going into their upcoming Ariya platform vehicles. We got to drive the new technology around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway – a place where exotic supercars are rented out the to wealthy with a backdrop of the Strip and F-35s flying overhead out of Nellis Air Force Base. It was quite the scene.

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Nissan Leaf Stories January 10, 2020

Nissan has today announced its pricing for the 2020 Leaf in the US. The electric car starts at $31,600 before incentives for the 40 kWh battery pack version. If buyers want over 200 miles of range, they are going to pay at least $38,200 for the 62 kWh battery pack before incentives. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories January 2, 2020

Ivan Espinosa, Nissan’s global product strategist, wants to strengthen the ailing Nissan brand by “bringing more electrification.” For Espinosa, this means more hybrids alongside EVs. Those hybrids can give drivers a sense of an “EV drive feel,” even though a gas engine is used as the source of power. Meanwhile, according to his interview published today in Automotive News, he believes that EV charging has been a “hassle.” Nissan responded by finding better locations for charging ports and making charging connectors more user-friendly.

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Nissan Leaf Stories December 9, 2019

Nissan announced Monday that it outfitted a Leaf electric vehicle with thousands of LED holiday lights. The cool thing is that all those lights are powered by the EV’s regenerative braking. Sure, it’s a stunt – but it illustrates a good point about an EV’s ability to reclaim energy on the road. And it’s done in the spirit of the holidays. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories November 25, 2019

Nissan has launched a new program called “Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo” as an extra incentive for Leaf buyers, promising $250 worth of charging credits for use on the nationwide EVgo charging network. This is available to all Nissan Leaf buyers backdating to November 1, 2019.

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Nissan Leaf Stories October 30, 2019

Nissan has unveiled a dual-motor AWD version of its all-electric Leaf, but the automaker is not making it available for sale. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories October 2, 2019

In this post, we review the portable EV charging cords that come standard with the following electric vehicles sold in North America: Tesla (all models), the Audi e-tron, the Nissan Leaf, the Jaguar I-Pace, the Porsche Taycan, the Chevy Bolt, the BMW i3, and Hyundai (all BEVs). This review is pretty wild; the specs (usefulness) of OEM standard charging cords are all over the place. Some car makers gave a ton of thought to this while others clearly gave none. That’s concerning, because “electricity is everywhere” is a major argument in favor of EV ownership, but that’s only meaningful if you can usefully tap the grid.

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Nissan Leaf Stories August 6, 2019

Nissan and EVgo are announcing today that they are expanding their collaboration and will deploy 200 more fast-charging stations for electric cars in the US. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories July 30, 2019

Latin America has been underserved by automakers when it comes to electric vehicles, but Nissan is looking to change that by launching the Leaf in the biggest Latin American markets. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories July 12, 2019

We want to thank Nissan for inviting us out and putting us up for their Formula E event in Brooklyn for the second straight year. The three-day event is filled with information on not only their Formula E docket but also on general mobility.

On consumer cars, they didn’t have much to say on the record, but we’re out here reading the body language and on our way to some information…

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Nissan Leaf Stories June 24, 2019

Old Nissan Leaf batteries could be used to power more European stadiums

Used Nissan Leaf batteries are already being used for energy storage in one European stadium, and they may be used in a few other stadiums at some point in the future.

Nissan Leaf Stories May 27, 2019

Automakers have notoriously been reticent to advertise electric cars, but we are starting to see some changes on that front with Nissan and Audi launching new electric car advertising efforts. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories May 24, 2019

Nissan claims the batteries in its Leaf electric cars will last 22 years, an estimated 10-12 years longer than the average life of the car itself.

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Nissan Leaf Stories March 1, 2019

Nissan has just announced pricing for their upcoming 62kWh Leaf Plus model, which will be available in the US starting later this month.

The starting price comes in just around the expected level, at $36,550.  The Leaf SV Plus will be $38,510, and the top trim, the Leaf SL Plus, is priced at $42,550.

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Nissan Leaf Stories February 25, 2019

Last week we were invited to San Diego to drive the new Nissan Leaf Plus, the updated version of the Leaf with a new 62kWh battery pack, which will start sales in March.  We spent the day driving it all through the county on a variety of roads, and came away impressed if not surprised by this iteration on an already-solid package.

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Nissan Leaf Stories January 8, 2019

Nissan’s new 62kWh LEAF powertrain was announced today at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and we are on hand to get all of the details.

The new LEAF is now entering a more crowded EV market than when the LEAF debuted almost a decade ago, but Nissan’s long pedigree with EV buyers will certainly help it win customers. But is this the EV that Nissan should have created a long time ago?

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Nissan Leaf Stories December 4, 2018

While we were disappointed that Nissan decided to cancel their unveiling of the new 60kWh LEAF at the Los Angeles Motor Show last week as its now former CEO was being brought up on charges, we were content to learn all about the very interesting Nissan Energy group.

Fast forward to this week and we’re hearing that the expected 60kWh Nissan LEAF will be coming at CES with some possible surprises in tow.  expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories November 30, 2018

Under its racing brand Nismo, Nissan unveiled in Tokyo this week a new LEAF-based electric race car with dual motors: the LEAF NISMO RC. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories November 28, 2018

Nissan has unveiled new pilot projects this week to power buildings with Leaf electric vehicles and it is launching ‘Nissan Energy’ to eventually commercialize this vehicle-to-home/building system with a new partner: Fermata Energy. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories November 26, 2018

Nissan was apparently preparing to launch the long-range Leaf with a 60 kWh battery pack at the LA Auto Show, but it has now delayed the unveiling amid the Carlos Ghosn scandal. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories October 18, 2018

Nissan’s highly anticipated long-range Leaf with a 60 kWh battery pack is expected to finally reach the market next year, and the biggest question still looming is how much it will cost…

However, dealer documents uncovered today now show that it could start at just $36,000. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories September 14, 2018

Nissan has released more information and pricing today for the 2019 LEAF in the US.

The Japanese automaker said that a “longer-range version will be available in the future”, but it didn’t release any more information about it. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories August 27, 2018

As usual, China is getting all the new electric cars thanks to its aggressive zero-emission vehicle mandate.

Nissan is now starting production of a new Leaf-based electric car in China for just ~$24,000. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories July 19, 2018

Nissan and Nismo, the automaker’s motorsports and in-house tuning division, have been teasing making a version of the new Leaf for a while and it’s now finally happening.

The Japanese automaker has announced the official debut and the start of sales of the new Leaf Nismo by the end of the month. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories July 18, 2018

Nissan is finding a market for the next-gen Leaf in Europe where it has become the best-selling all-electric vehicle with now 18,000 deliveries and 37,000 orders, according to the automaker.

It makes the Leaf a production constrained vehicle – joining the ranks of other EVs that can’t be produced fast enough for consumers, like the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt EV. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories July 6, 2018

When Nissan released the next-generation last year, many were disappointed that it didn’t feature the long-anticipated bigger 60 kWh battery pack and quicker fast-charging technology.

Over the last few months, we learned that the updated powertrain is actually coming with the 2019 version of the Leaf.

Now we see the upcoming new electric vehicle leaked in a new fast-charging test by a charging station manufacturer. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories June 29, 2018

Electric vehicle battery packs are becoming increasingly popular for stationary energy storage projects.

In the latest, Nissan Leaf battery packs are now powering a new large energy storage system at the Johan Cruijff Arena. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories June 4, 2018

Nissan is boasting about the high demand for the new Leaf again as it says it has received 37,000 orders in Europe, but it looks like production is still not keeping up with demand.

The company delivered over 12,000 new Leafs in 2018 in Europe, which was enough to bring the total number of Leafs to 100,000 units in Europe.

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