Nissan Leaf Stories February 16

Those disappointed by the next-generation Nissan Leaf due to its smaller than anticipated battery pack and unimproved charging capacity might not have to wait too long.

The 2019 Leaf is expected to fix those issues and now a partly camouflaged new Leaf has been spotted testing alongside the Nismo Note e-Power. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories February 6

Nissan confirmed this week that it is expanding the reach of its next-generation Leaf to seven markets in Asia and Oceania by the end of the year. expand full story

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Nissan Leaf Stories January 30

As we often reported before, the new Nissan Leaf doesn’t compete in many ways against Tesla’s Model 3 and GM’s Chevy Bolt EV when it comes to features and capacity, but it still has pricing on its side.

Now the next generation version of Nissan’s all-electric receives a lease program as it starts hitting the dealerships – becoming one of the cheapest options to go electric. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories January 26

Now that the new Nissan Leaf is starting to make its way to dealerships in the US, the EPA released its official rating and the new electric vehicle is getting 151 miles and 112 MPGe. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories January 8

Nissan announced today that the company has sold and delivered its 300,000th Nissan LEAF globally – the best-selling electric vehicle cumulatively to date. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories January 4

Nissan’s next-generation Leaf was expected to have a battery pack option to push the range over 200 miles in order to compete with Tesla’s Model 3 and GM’s Chevy Bolt EV, but it ended up with a 40 kWh battery pack enabling 150 miles of range.

The Japanese automaker did say that a longer range version would come by the end of the year, but now a report claims that it will offer much more than just more range. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories December 28, 2017

Despite introducing a significant design refresh with the 2018 Leaf, Nissan has showed interest in launching new sportier versions of its new electric car.

They have now released the first image – pictured above – of a new Leaf GT electric car concept to be unveiled at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon next month. expand full story

Electric vehicles and home solar energy go hand in hand. It enables electric vehicle owners to drive on sunshine and mitigate any increase in electricity consumption due to their new vehicle.

In the past, Nissan has often partnered with solar installers to promote solar energy with new electric vehicle purchases and now they started doing it again in Japan with the new 2018 Leaf. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories December 22, 2017

Two months after opening the order book in Europe, Nissan says that it is seeing “unprecedented customer interest” for the next generation Leaf.

This week, the automaker announced that it received 10,000 orders for the new all-electric vehicle. expand full story

Nissan Leaf Stories December 8, 2017

In advance of the January launch of the New 2018 Nissan LEAF, which just started US production this week at Nissan’s plant in Tennessee, Nissan invited us out to Napa Valley to get some seat time with the new car.

Nissan says that this car is intended to fill the “white space” between the previous generation of entry-level, compliance EVs, typically with ~100 miles of range, and newer “long-range” offerings from Tesla and Chevrolet.  In our time with the car, we found that it fills this space admirably and seems to offer great value at the right price when compared to competing vehicles.

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