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Ford E-Transit year one: 745,000 gallons of gas saved across 12M miles, 57% reduced CO2 output

Ford E-Transit

Ford is celebrating one year of its all-electric E-Transit vehicles hitting roads with a slew of encouraging stats surrounding the EV. Since February of 2022, Ford E-Transit drivers have already completed more than 12 million miles navigating through the US and Canada, alleviating a huge amount of gasoline required for combustion vans of the same size. Lots more to unfold here from Ford, learn more below.

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Ford eliminates 3,800 jobs in European reinvention that’s ‘unapologetically American’

Ford jobs

Well, we knew this was coming, but not the exact magnitude it would entail. Following a scheduled discussion today, Ford of Europe has announced the elimination of 3,800 jobs – mostly in Germany and the UK – as it restructures its business overseas to support EV development. The leaning down also includes a complete rebranding of Ford in Europe to convey as much, to the point of being “unapologetically American.”

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Ford gives a sneak peek of its ‘EV performance’ truck that looks like a souped-up Lightning


After announcing its return to Formula 1 in a dynamic new partnership with Red Bull, Ford teased several “EV performance demonstrators,” including a mystery high-performance electric truck.

Ford CEO Jim Farley gave us a sneak peek of what its special EV performance truck may look like Wednesday that could be a souped-up F-150 Lightning.

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