Ford Stories March 20

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Ford announced that it qualified 3 companies making electric powertrains for its chassis through its Electric Qualified Vehicle Modifier (eQVM) program. Its entire lineup of commercial trucks will offer some form of electric powertrains, either hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and even all-electric.

One company was even qualified to make a F-150 pickup truck with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. expand full story

Ford Stories February 6

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President Donald Trump has been using the threat of a border tax in order to try to convince companies to increase domestic production. It has often been a major point of discussion when the President has been dealing with auto industry executives – some are on his advisory council.

A new study looked into the possible impact of the proposed border tax on the cost of the vehicles sold by automakers in the US. They found that Tesla’s prices would be the least affected by Trump’s border tax among all automakers – foreign and domestic. expand full story

Ford Stories January 7

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In this week’s top stories: Tesla CEO Elon Musk shares some thoughts on the upcoming Trump administration, Tesla Model 3 could soon be the most American made car, Chargepoint shows us its new 400kW charging station at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, and Ford, Faraday Future and others unveil their latest EVs and concepts at the show.

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Ford Stories January 3

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Today Ford announced a big strategic expansion into electric and electrified vehicles, announcing 7 coming “electrified” vehicle models with 6 more to be announced in the near future.  Among the announced vehicles are a hybrid Mustang and F-150, a hybrid autonomous rideshare vehicle, a plug-in hybrid Transit, and a fully electric SUV.

These are welcome steps from Ford and signal a pretty significant strategic shift towards “electrified vehicles,” which they see overtaking gas vehicles within 15 years, but I, as usual, think they fall short in terms of aggressiveness.  Check beneath the jump for some analysis of today’s announcements.

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Ford is making a big announcement in electrification today. CEO Mark Field confirmed several new models will receive electric drivetrain options, including its flagship F-150 pickup truck that will double as an on-site generator. In 2015, Ford announced a $4.5 billion investment in electric vehicles in order to introduce 13 new models.

Today, it confirmed 7 of those 13 new models and the list will surprise a few: a new all-electric SUV with “at least” 300 miles of range, a hybrid F-150 and a hybrid Mustang, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid and 2 new electric police vehicles. expand full story

Ford Stories December 28, 2016

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After GM took the opportunity to expand its self-driving test fleet following its home state of Michigan opening its roads to the technology, now Ford announces an expansion of its own test fleet with some cars going to Michigan and to its current fleet in California.

The automaker also released the first images of its next generation autonomous test vehicle using the Ford Fusion Hybrid. It features a new and significantly better-integrated sensor suite. expand full story


Ford Stories November 29, 2016

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BMW, Daimler’s Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche announced today that they are creating a joint-venture with the goal of a “quick build-up of a sizable number of stations in order to enable long-range travel for battery electric vehicle drivers.”

The new venture is similar to the Ultra E project announced earlier this year to deploy 25 new charging station for electric vehicles along the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), but it’s apparently a separate and much more ambitious project to deploy 400 stations across Europe. expand full story

Ford Stories November 23, 2016

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We haven’t talked about Ford’s electric vehicle programs for a while now. That’s because there isn’t much to talk about. The company has fallen behind the competition when it comes to 200+ miles electric vehicles to compete with the likes of the Tesla Model 3 or the Chevy Bolt EV coming next year since its own entry in the segment is only planned for 2019.

Late last year, Ford announced a $4.5 billion investment in EV technology and 13 new electric models coming to its lineup by 2020, but we haven’t really seen the fruit of the investment just yet.

Though Ford hasn’t fallen behind for the current generation of mid-range electric vehicles with its new 2017 Ford Focus Electric. The vehicle mostly went under the radar, but the company has confirmed a 33.5 kWh battery pack for an EPA-rated range of 115 miles on a single charge. expand full story

Ford Stories August 16, 2016

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Today, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced that the automaker plans to start producing fully autonomous (level 4) cars in high-volume by 2021. Fields described Ford’s autonomous driving effort as just as significant as when Henry Ford created his first assembly line.

The automaker’s 2021 target is in line with most of the auto industry, but behind some technology companies like Google or Tesla – if you consider Tesla more of a tech company than an automaker. expand full story


Ford Stories April 28, 2016

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While the Ford Focus Electric may have been an interesting car during the latest generation of all-electric vehicles, along with the LEAF and BMW i3, the automaker has since been complacent about the upcoming new long-range wave of EVs. The company recently announced a $4.5 billion in investment in electric vehicles to close the gap, but it has yet to announce a competitor to the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt or the next-gen LEAF.

During a conference call with analysts and reporters this week, Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields confirmed for the first time that Ford is “developing” something for the segment. expand full story

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