Ford Stories December 30, 2019

Ford confirmed that it has sold out its Mustang Mach-E First Edition reservations and the automaker revealed some of the most popular options. expand full story

Ford Stories December 22, 2019

A Ford dealer guide distributed this week revealed the starting price of the 2020 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid as $34,235, including destination. Ford says that the Escape Plug-in Hybrid will have “30-plus” miles of all-electric range. The Escape PHEV will compete for customers with the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid, which is more powerful while providing 39 miles of EV range.

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Ford Stories December 12, 2019

The result of a new tug-of-war between the Tesla Model X and Ford F-150 Raptor hints at what would happen in a possible rematch with the Tesla Cybertruck prototype. expand full story

Ford Stories December 11, 2019

A test of 15 Ford dealerships about their new Mustang Mach E electric car shows that they are not ready to sell the new electric crossover, and they still have a problem with electric vehicle misinformation. expand full story

Ford Stories December 10, 2019

Electric vehicles with large cabins suck up a lot of energy by running heat and AC. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory believes an EV’s climate control system can reduce the driving range by up to 50%. So Ford engineers in Europe are experimenting with psychological tricks that make passengers feel hotter and colder without actually depleting range.

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Ford Stories November 27, 2019

Ford is planning an all-electric Transit van that will hit the road in 2023, according to an inside source at Ford.

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Ford will allocate 60% of their first-year Mustang Mach E production to Europe in order to meet EU fleet emissions regulations, according to an inside source at Ford.

First-year production will be limited to 50,000 due to battery constraints. This means Europe will receive about 30,000 cars in the first year, while the US will receive about 20,000.

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Ford revealed the Mustang Mach E to generally positive reception last week, and started taking reservations immediately on their website. We’ve now learned that their “First Edition” model is already sold out.

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Ford Stories November 26, 2019

Ford will leverage their investment in automotive startup Rivian to build an electric SUV for their Lincoln brand, Reuters reports.

The Lincoln will use Rivian’s “skateboard” chassis, which Rivian also plans to use in their R1S SUV.

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Ford now says that it is not participating in the Tesla Cybertruck vs. F-150 tug-of-war rematch as it calls the first one “absurd.” expand full story

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