Hyundai Stories March 28

After unveiling the Kona Electric in Europe last month, Hyundai is now launching the all-electric compact SUV in the US and it is confirming the estimated EPA range. expand full story

Hyundai Stories March 27

Several legacy automakers are finding that switching production of gas-powered cars to electric vehicles is requiring fewer workers and that’s causing problems with unions, which are often strong in the auto industry.

In Korea, Hyundai’s union head is now even calling electric cars “a disaster” and “evil.” expand full story

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Hyundai Stories March 14

After unveiling the Kona Electric earlier this month, Hyundai now elaborates on its latest all-electric vehicle’s performance in cold weather. expand full story

Hyundai Stories March 8

Automakers have unveiled quite a few electric vehicles in Geneva this year. A few that are aimed to reach production and some destined to remain concept vehicles.

This electric dune buggy concept that converts into a jet ski by Hyundai likely falls under the second category, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. expand full story

Hyundai Stories March 7

Several new electric vehicles have been unveiled in recent weeks and people like to call them ‘Tesla killers’ or say that they are directly aimed at competing with Tesla, which is not entirely false in some cases.

Hyundai certainly thinks so since it apparently went as far as challenging Tesla CEO Elon Musk in billboards seen in Europe. expand full story

Hyundai Stories February 27

Today, Hyundai officially unveiled the new Kona Electric compact SUV through a global digital launch.

The company released the spec list – revealing two different versions and one with a range of up to 292 miles. expand full story

Hyundai Stories February 7

Over the last year, Hyundai has been talking about launching all-electric SUVs in 2018 and now the company started teasing an all-electric Kona SUV to be unveiled in Geneva this month. expand full story

Hyundai Stories December 13, 2017

Battery costs have been falling fast for years now, but commodity prices of several key raw materials have been increasing recently and some predict that the supply won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

Now Hyundai, which is currently trying to build its battery supply chain for upcoming electric vehicles, predicts that battery costs could stop falling starting in 2020. expand full story

Hyundai Stories October 27, 2017

Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia want to step up their EV game with new vehicles next year, but they are being very careful about their production capacity, according to a new report. expand full story

Hyundai Stories October 5, 2017

Electric cars have been popular with car sharing services due to their low cost of operation. Some automakers have been building large fleets, like BMW deploying 400 BMW i3s in Copenhagen in 2015 and earlier this year, Renault started deploying a fleet of 500 electric cars for a new car-sharing service in Madrid.

Now that Hyundai has the Ioniq Electric, the Korean automaker announced that it is also launching a car sharing service using electric vehicles.  expand full story

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