VW Stories January 15

Volkswagen has a fairly important electrification plan in motion, but it has a focus in China and Europe for now.

At the Detroit Auto Show this week, the German automaker announced that it is bringing its new all-electric car platform to production in the US by 2020. expand full story

VW Stories December 27, 2017

Volkswagen still doesn’t have a full all-electric car program from the ground up in production, but it is already seeing demand for EVs increasing and it decided to turn to its compliance EV, the e-Golf, to satisfy demand. expand full story

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VW Stories December 21, 2017

Options are still limited today for an all-electric commercial van. Nissan owned the market with its e-NV200 all-electric van, but now VW and Daimler are coming up with competitors in the segment.

The former even started deliveries to customers for a test program this week. expand full story

VW Stories December 1, 2017

The Los Angeles Auto Show is now open to the public and they will have the chance to see quite of few electric vehicles displayed at the event. Here we take a quick look at most of them with pictures. expand full story

VW Stories November 29, 2017

VW has been unveiling a lot of all-electric vehicle concepts over the last year with the goal to bring them to market relatively soon, but that doesn’t mean globally.

Today, they debuted their all-electric SUV concept in the US, the I.D. CROZZ, and confirmed the vehicle will make it to the US in 2020. expand full story

VW Stories October 19, 2017

Volkswagen will challenge Pike’s Peak with a purpose-built electric racecar

Volkswagen has been making a lot of noise about electric cars lately. Announcing huge investments and new concept models, trying to recover their reputation after the dieselgate scandal. Its newest electric push comes from somewhere new: racing.  While VW group has been involved in electrified racing before, with the Audi Formula E team and with several wins from Audi’s retired hybrid Le Mans car, the Volkswagen brand hasn’t yet undertaken electric racing on their own.

This changes next year, when Volkswagen will enter a car into the famous – and difficult – Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.  Details are light on VW’s entry, all we have to go on so far is a silhouette – pictured above – and a promise of all-wheel-drive. But it’s clear that VW are going after the electric prototype record – 8:57.118 by Rhys Millen in the Drive eO PP03.  That car had over a megawatt of power available (1367hp), so expect VW’s entry to have similar horsepower if it wants any chance of getting that record.

VW Stories September 14, 2017

While it started getting popular in some European markets, VW e-Golf still hasn’t launched with official pricing in the US.

Today, VW finally revealed pricing for the all-electric vehicle today and it’s only a slight price hike. expand full story

VW Stories September 12, 2017

Just as Volkswagen announced its updated electrification plans with a massive new $84 billion investment in electric cars and batteries, the German automaker also unveiled a new electric vehicle concept.

The vehicle is called I.D. CROZZ and VW presents it as “a crossover of an SUV and a four-door coupé.” expand full story

VW Stories September 11, 2017

Volkswagen updated its plans for electric cars with a complete overhaul of its investment strategy.

After announcing an initial investment of $10 billion in EVs earlier this year, which was still smaller than the German automaker’s investments in gas-powered cars, they now promise to spend up to 70 billion euros (~$84 billion USD) in order to bring 300 electric vehicle models to market by 2030. expand full story

VW Stories August 19, 2017

After unveiling a new all-electric and autonomous microbus concept called I.D. BUZZ earlier this year, VW is now announcing that it will bring the vehicle to production in 2022. expand full story

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