Nissan Stories May 11

Nissan and Renault are planning a series of new electric cars for the Chinese market and they are turning to China’s emerging leading automotive battery maker, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), to supply them. expand full story

Nissan Stories May 1

The new Nissan Leaf has revitalized sales of the Japanese automaker’s flagship electric car in several markets, including its own home market and in Europe, but it has yet to have a significant effect on U.S. sales.

Now Leaf sales in the U.S. are just starting to slowly pick up. expand full story

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Nissan Stories April 25

Strong government programs and market conditions have led to rapidly growing electric vehicle demand in China and now automakers are launching vehicles exclusive to the market.

Nissan is the latest to get in on the trend with a new Leaf-based electric car. expand full story

Nissan Stories April 24

Nissan is now launching the updated version of its e-NV200 electric van with their new 40 kWh battery pack in several markets.

The new electric van features an extended range along with a few new features. expand full story

Nissan Stories April 21

Some EV enthusiasts were disappointed when Nissan unveiled the new Leaf without a battery pack enabling a range of over 200 miles (~320 km) like the new EVs coming to market this year.

But what Nissan did is manage to still increase the range of the Leaf while maintaining a relatively low price – especially compared to those same new EVs coming to market.

And now they wanted to show us how it can still be a good daily driver and road trip vehicle by inviting us to experience the new Leaf in Southern California this week.  expand full story

Nissan Stories April 20

Nissan Leaf sales have been jolted back to life in the automaker’s home market after the launch of the latest generation of the all-electric vehicle.

The company now confirms having sold over 100,000 Leafs in Japan since original  launch and are preparing to launch 3 more EVs in the market. expand full story

Nissan Stories April 18

Similar to how Formula One acted as a test bed and helped advance technologies for the automotive industry, Nissan now wants to leverage EV tech development in the Formula E racing championship for its electric cars. expand full story

Nissan Stories March 26

Nissan is launching a new program today to replace old LEAF battery packs with “refabricated” packs at a discount over new packs. expand full story

Nissan Stories March 23

Nissan is announcing today a new goal to sell 1 million ‘electrified vehicles’ a year by 2022 as part of its new M.O.V.E to 2022 midterm plan.

While it may appear to be an aggressive plan for an automaker that makes about 5 million vehicles per year, Nissan doesn’t mean “all-electric vehicles” by employing the term “electrified.” expand full story

Nissan Stories March 22

Electric automakers are looking at ways to reuse their old electric car battery packs and are becoming increasingly more innovative.

Today, Nissan unveils a stunning new standalone streetlight powered by used Leaf battery packs and solar. expand full story

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