Tesla Semi Overview Updated July 26, 2021

Tesla Semi

Tesla's upcoming all-electric heavy-duty truck.

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July 2016 - July 2021

‘Tesla Semi’ is an heavy-duty all-electric truck program at Tesla led by Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s former Model S Program Director and VP of Vehicle Engineering. Before joining Tesla, Guillen was an executive at Daimler where he successfully led the development of the Cascadia truck program (picture on the right).

The vehicle was first announced in CEO Elon Musk’s’ ‘Master Plan Part Deux’. Here’s the relevant part of the ‘Master Plan‘:

“In addition to consumer vehicles, there are two other types of electric vehicle needed: heavy-duty trucks and high passenger-density urban transport. Both are in the early stages of development at Tesla and should be ready for unveiling next year. We believe the Tesla Semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport, while increasing safety and making it really fun to operate.”

It was officially unveiled on November 16, 2017. Here are all the details.

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Tesla Semi Stories July 26

Tesla has confirmed that it decided to delay the “launch of the Semi truck program to 2022” over battery cell supply constraints.

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Tesla Semi Stories July 20

After years of delays, Tesla is finally getting closer to the start of production of Tesla Semi, its all-electric semi-truck.

The whole truck industry is watching.

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Tesla Semi Stories May 5

Tesla heavy trucking president, Jerome Guillen, revealed that the automaker will use its mobile service approach to its Tesla Semi electric truck program.

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Tesla Semi Stories April 16

A new Tesla Semi prototype and a new refreshed Model X were spotted on the test track at the Fremont factory in California ahead of the start of production.

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Tesla Semi Stories April 13

Tesla is preparing to support its upcoming new Tesla Semi electric trucks on the route between Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Nevada.

The automaker is going to be its own best customer when it comes to the electric truck.

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Tesla Semi Stories April 12

Tesla is starting to hire for the upcoming launch of its “Semi Service Program,” a service program for the Tesla Semi electric truck.

But the first location for the Tesla Semi service program is an interesting one.

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Tesla Semi Stories April 8

Tesla Semi electric trucks are going to power a log-hauling pilot program in Canada that is aspiring to be the first zero-emissions log trucking operation.

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Tesla Semi Stories March 30

Tesla is building a new Tesla Semi production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant, and it plans to produce five electric trucks per week, according to sources familiar with the matter.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has clarified his previous comment about battery cell supply affecting volume production of the Tesla Semi electric truck.

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Tesla Semi Stories March 29

Tesla has secured a new order for 10 Tesla electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers with almost $2 million in US government support.

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