Tesla Autopilot Overview Updated April 10, 2019

Tesla Autopilot

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March 2016 - April 2019

The Autopilot is Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program with features like Autosteer, Autopark, and Trafic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

The hardware suite was first introduced in Tesla’s vehicles in September 2014. The company gradually released more and more advanced features through over-the-air software updates until the first meaningful “Autopilot Update” in October 2015 with the release of v.7.0 of Tesla OS.

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 10

A Tesla driver has discovered an interesting new Autopilot safety feature that he dubbed ‘Autopilot isn’t on, idiot’ to help people who mistakenly think that they activated the driver assist feature. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 9

Now that Tesla’s new Full Self-Driving computer is in production, CEO Elon Musk elaborated on the state of the capacity of the current generation versus the new more powerful computer. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 7

Tesla Autopilot will eventually be able to avoid potholes on the road, according to CEO Elon Musk as the automaker releases more advanced Autopilot updates. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 3

Tesla started pushing a new ‘more seamless’ version of its Navigate on Autopilot feature without lane change confirmation to its wider fleet. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 28

Tesla is currently making some interesting moves to slowly transition its Autopilot system from a driver assist system for highway driving to an autonomous driving system that can handle intersections and city driving.

We are now even seeing Tesla Autopilot stop at red lights on its own for the first time. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 23

Tesla is continuing to improve Autopilot’s abilities in both documented and undocumented ways.  Just recently the system has gained two new capabilities: detecting stop lights and detecting lane change intention from other cars.

expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 5

Tesla is making some moves to change Autopilot from a highway-only driver assist system to something that can also work in city streets with intersections.

Today, we learn that Autopilot now detects stop lines. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 2

Tesla announced late Friday evening that it is significantly reducing the prices of upgrading existing vehicles with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving packages. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 1

Earlier today, a Tesla Model 3 owner died in a tragic accident with a semi truck. The Model 3 went under the truck’s trailer resulting “in the roof being sheared off as it passed underneath,” which is known as a “side underride” accident.

The circumstances are extremely similar to the famous 2016 fatal Autopilot crash. The accident is still under investigation and Autopilot hasn’t been ruled out. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories February 28

Tesla today, along with the $35,000 Model 3 and other goodies, announced it would be taking Autopilot to the next level, this year… expand full story

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