Tesla Autopilot Overview Updated August 9, 2018

Tesla Autopilot

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March 2016 - August 2018

The Autopilot is Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program with features like Autosteer, Autopark, and Trafic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

The hardware suite was first introduced in Tesla’s vehicles in September 2014. The company gradually released more and more advanced features through over-the-air software updates until the first meaningful “Autopilot Update” in October 2015 with the release of v.7.0 of Tesla OS.

Tesla Autopilot Stories August 9

Tesla started an email campaign to inform owners of Autopilot 2.0 cars who didn’t buy any Autopilot package that they will have access to a free over-the-air Autopilot trial.

The move to boost usage and sales of the system comes just as Tesla is expected to release an important Autopilot software update. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories August 8

After announcing an upcoming new Autopilot 3.0 hardware upgrade last week, Elon Musk now updates us on the timing and confirms who is going to get the upgrade for “free” – or more accurately, included with an existing Autopilot package. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories August 7

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has been releasing some information about their autonomous driver assist level 2 system tests in some premium sedans and they found that the Tesla Model 3 has the best lane-keeping with Autopilot’s Autosteer, but they had some issues with other aspects of Autopilot and its active safety features of both Model S and Model 3. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories August 2

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been hyping the release of the automaker’s version 9.0 software update, which is expected to include a bunch of improvements from small convenience features to new Autopilot features.

Now the automaker elaborated on those new Autopilot features, which will include the much-anticipated ‘On-ramp to Off-ramp’  feature. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories August 1

Tesla is finally ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ when it comes to its new custom-built chip for the next generation Autopilot.

The automaker claims that it now has the ‘world’s most advanced computer for autonomous driving’ that will be released in an upgrade to current owners next year. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories July 28

Accidents involving Tesla vehicles on Autopilot often get reported in the media, but we don’t hear a lot about the accidents that didn’t happen because of Autopilot since it’s not as exciting when virtually nothing happened – though it’s arguably just as important.

Now we have a good example with a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot avoiding a crash in near-miss caught on a dashcam. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories July 17

Automakers and tech companies are rushing to bring autonomous driving systems to market and accumulating mileage with their test vehicles.

Tesla is taking a different approach by accumulating mileage with its customer fleet through its Autopilot driver assist program.

A new report now estimates that Tesla has accumulated over 1.2 billion miles on Autopilot and more than twice that when accounting for mileage in ‘shadow mode’. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories June 24

If you think some people drive like they are crazy in traffic today, it’s nothing like they do in the not-too-distant dystopian future of Mad Max.

Autonomous driving system might have an even tougher time to handle those fictional situations, but Tesla is actually somewhat addressing that with a ‘Mad Max’ mode in a development build of Autopilot. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories June 21

Following a comment from Elon Musk about changing the Autopilot’s ‘Hold Steering Wheel’ alert, Tesla has released a new software update to enable the change and it clarified how they detect the hands on the wheel. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories June 19

Tesla has recently been increasing the alerts to ‘hold the steering wheel’ when using Autopilot in an attempt to try to reduce misuse of the driver assist system.

The move is not welcomed by all Tesla drivers and could potentially lead to some of them seeking ways to avoid the alerts, which are often referred to as ‘nags’ in the Tesla community.

A product that helps them do just that was just shut down by NHTSA. expand full story

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