Tesla Autopilot Overview Updated April 7, 2021

Tesla Autopilot

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March 2016 - April 2021

The Autopilot is Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program with features like Autosteer, Autopark, and Trafic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

The hardware suite was first introduced in Tesla’s vehicles in September 2014. The company gradually released more and more advanced features through over-the-air software updates until the first meaningful “Autopilot Update” in October 2015 with the release of v.7.0 of Tesla OS.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories April 7

Tesla Cybertruck has yet to enter production, but the electric pickup is already inspiring people to create accessories, and a new ambitious one, Cyberlandr, is trying to create the ultimate camper.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories March 26

An underage teen who was driving a Tesla without a driver’s license or the owner’s permission got creative when the car was stopped by the police: She decided to jump in the back seat and claim the Tesla was self-driving.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories March 23

Consumer Reports is out with a new report about concerns regarding Tesla’s use of its driver-facing camera, and they raised an interesting question: If Tesla can determine that drivers aren’t paying attention, shouldn’t it warn drivers in that moment, like most driver monitoring systems?

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Tesla Autopilot Stories February 8

Tesla is looking to hire a team of data labelers to feed images to help train its Autopilot neural nets at Gigafactory New York in Buffalo.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories February 5

Tesla has reintroduced the Enhanced Autopilot packaged in Europe and China with some features that were in the more expensive Full Self-Driving package.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories January 27

Tesla had “preliminary” discussions with other automakers about licensing its self-driving software, according to new comments by CEO Elon Musk.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories January 20

A TikTok star used Tesla Autopilot in an illegal way and posted video evidence of it – showing the dangerous normalizing of abusing the feature.

To top it off, the young man’s mother was helping him film the whole thing.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories January 19

We are just a couple weeks removed from Tesla’s “lit” holiday update (2020.48.26) and now have further improvements to share. This past week, certain Tesla drivers began to report a new software update available for download. While these two updates are mostly bug fixes, there are some 2020.48.35 Tesla release notes to share to keep you informed. Let’s break it all down below.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories January 14

Tesla claims that a driver is “7x less likely to be involved in an accident” with Autopilot enabled.

The data is not that clear, but it shows improvements in a new Autopilot safety report from Tesla.

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Tesla Autopilot Stories December 15, 2020

A Tesla hacker has unlocked “Autopilot Augmented Vision,” a new mode in Tesla’s autonomous driving suite, that enables to see what Autopilot can detect in real time.

It’s awesome to watch.

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