Tesla Autopilot Overview Updated January 20, 2018

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March 2016 - January 2018

The Autopilot is Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program with features like Autosteer, Autopark, and Trafic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

The hardware suite was first introduced in Tesla’s vehicles in September 2014. The company gradually released more and more advanced features through over-the-air software updates until the first meaningful “Autopilot Update” in October 2015 with the release of v.7.0 of Tesla OS.

Tesla Autopilot Stories January 20

There was a period of time over a year ago when accidents in Tesla vehicles were often blamed on Autopilot despite drivers being told that they are always responsible of their cars.

It appeared to have ended after more education about the driver assist system, but now a driver in California took it to an all new level. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories December 8, 2017

Speaking at a conference on artificial intelligence yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk updated his timeline prediction for a fully self-driving car  to 2 years. He also predicts that  another year after that cars will be significantly better drivers than humans.

Now it’s interesting to look into how Tesla’s self-driving effort plays into this prediction. expand full story

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Tesla Autopilot Stories December 4, 2017

Earlier this year, Tesla said that it was working with insurers in order for them to better understand features like the Autopilot.

Now, a major insurer announced that they are offering a 5 percent discount for drivers using Tesla’s driver assist system. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories November 10, 2017

On the consumer-facing side, we have seen some decent progress with the latest Autopilot 2.0 software updates recently, but Tesla is also adding capabilities in the background running on what has been known as “shadow mode.”

A recent look at the new capabilities in the background of Autopilot gives us a glimpse of what Tesla is working on. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories November 2, 2017

In its shareholder letter released yesterday, Tesla gave an interesting albeit vague update on its Autopilot program, but CEO Elon Musk also briefly mentioned the program in the following conference call with analysts.

He surprisingly hinted at an upcoming Tesla Autopilot hardware announcement. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories November 1, 2017

Along with its third quarter financial results, Tesla gave an update on two of its most well-known product programs: Model 3 and Autopilot.

The Model 3 production ramp has been delayed by roughly 3 months.

As for the Autopilot program, which has also seen its fair share of delays over the last year, it doesn’t get a clear updated timeline, but Tesla still hyped new functions coming in the ‘next several months’ and it elaborated on its work to further develop its autonomous driving system. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories October 25, 2017

Over the past few days, it looks like Tesla’s Autopilot has been under attack from several fronts by anyone from Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak to a billionaire investor shorting Tesla’s stock. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories October 24, 2017

Over the past two weeks, Tesla released two updates for its fleet of vehicles equipped with Autopilot 2.0 and Autopilot 2.5 hardware.

We are starting to see videos of the first test drives using the new updates and owners are noting some improvements. expand full story

Active safety features are becoming increasingly popular as automakers are trying to leverage their development of autonomous driving into automated driver assist features.

Tesla’s Autopilot has been regarded as a leader in the space and now Edmunds releases evidence of that in a new report. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories October 22, 2017

Well, that was quick. Earlier this month, we reported that Tesla is adding automatic emergency braking to ‘Autopilot 2.5’ cars with a new update, but it was capped to 50 mph.

Tesla now started releasing a new software update to enable full speed automatic emergency braking for Autopilot 2.5 cars – along with other improvements. expand full story

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