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March 2016 - April 2018

The Autopilot is Tesla’s advanced assisted driving program with features like Autosteer, Autopark, and Trafic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

The hardware suite was first introduced in Tesla’s vehicles in September 2014. The company gradually released more and more advanced features through over-the-air software updates until the first meaningful “Autopilot Update” in October 2015 with the release of v.7.0 of Tesla OS.

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 18

Automakers are currently in a race to bring self-driving vehicles to market and data is expected to be a big part of what will eventually enable a fully self-driving system that is safer than humans.

While many companies developing the technology are limited to test fleets to collect data, Tesla has the advantage of having a large fleet of vehicles equipped with many sensors in the hands of customers traveling around the world every day.

Now, their fleet is getting much bigger with the Model 3 and Tesla started opening the floodgates of data gathering by adding the vehicle to its Autopilot data collection program. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 13

Following the fallout between Tesla and NTSB over the investigation of the fatal Model X accident on Autopilot last month, Elon Musk commented on the accident emphasizing that the Autopilot is not perfect and that owners need to keep paying attention. expand full story

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Tesla Autopilot Stories April 12

There’s some controversy over the investigation of the fatal Tesla Model X accident that happened in Mountain View last month as both Tesla and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have been exchanging statements.

Update: the article has been updated with full statments from both Tesla and NTSB below.

Now Tesla is apparently no longer an official party to the investigation as the agreement reportedly would have stopped them for releasing information publicly about the accident.  expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 11

The safety of Tesla Autopilot came back into focus after it was confirmed that the driver assist system was on during the fatal accident that killed a Model X owner in Mountain View last month.

Now the family of the deceased say that they are prepared to sue Tesla after a media interview. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 10

Tesla owners have been quite curious about what their Autopilot cameras can see since the second generation hardware introduced several more sensors.

Now a leaked image of what appears to be an engineering car on ‘dev mode’ shows what Autopilot sees live on the center screen and settings for other options, including ‘Full Self-Driving’ capabilities. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 3

Yesterday, we reported on a Tesla owner almost crashing on video trying to recreate the fatal Autopilot accident that happened in Mountain View last month.

Now, another Tesla owner recreated the situation at the exact same spot as the tragic accident – confirming previous potential explanations. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories April 2

Tesla and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) are both investigating the fatal accident involving a Model X Autopilot in Mountain View last month, but now another Tesla owner also conducted his own little investigation into the accident by following a similar scenario on Autopilot and almost crashed on video by doing so. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 30

After a fatal accident involving a Tesla Model X that caught on fire after the crash came under investigation by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) earlier this week, Tesla issued a statement elaborating on the circumstances of the crash, but it couldn’t confirm the use of Autopilot.

The company has now reviewed the data logs and confirmed that Autopilot was activated during the crash. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 28

Tesla recently updated its onboard media computer, but the automaker also has a separate custom Autopilot computer to power its driver assist features and eventually, its self-driving capabilities.

Today, we get out first look at Tesla’s latest version of this Autopilot (2.5) computer in current Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Autopilot Stories March 19

We are just starting to understand the potential of Tesla Autopilot 2.0 following the latest software update that the automaker started pushing to its the fleet last week.

Now we see Tesla’s Autopilot handle a construction zone with the new update – something that we wouldn’t recommend trying. expand full story

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