Daimler Stories March 2

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While Daimler has been pushing its brands Mercedes and Smart into an aggressive transition in electrification, the German automaker had so far no great involvement in EV infrastructure. That’s about to change.

The company announced today that it is leading a $82 million round of investment in the major electric vehicle charging network ChargePoint. expand full story

Daimler Stories February 17

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Exciting news coming out of Germany today. Mercedes-Benz announced that it started small series production of its first all-electric heavy truck, the Urban eTruck, and launched trials with customers in order to test the vehicle’s capacity on urban routes.

The company has been moving quickly on this project. After unveiling the prototype in September 2016, it’s already on the roads and in the hands of customers. expand full story

Daimler Stories February 14

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Daimler has ambitious plans for electric vehicle production. It is among the few major automakers that not only have accepted the transition to fully electric propulsion in the auto industry, but who have also committed to converting production assets currently dedicated to internal combustion engine production. That’s a difficult move for large legacy automakers.

In one of its biggest move toward that goal, the company announced today plans for its major Untertürkheim plant to produce electric motors in a deal with workers. expand full story


In a somewhat surprising move but definitely welcomed by electric vehicle enthusiasts, Daimler told its dealerships in the US and Canada that it will soon stop selling gas-powered Smart cars in favor of the new upcoming electric versions. expand full story

Daimler Stories January 31

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Daimler and Uber made an announcement today that explains a few rumors that were going around in the auto industry last year. The two companies announced a partnership that will result in the German automaker building and operating a fleet of self-driving cars on Uber’s ride-sharing network. expand full story

Daimler Stories November 29, 2016

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BMW, Daimler’s Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche announced today that they are creating a joint-venture with the goal of a “quick build-up of a sizable number of stations in order to enable long-range travel for battery electric vehicle drivers.”

The new venture is similar to the Ultra E project announced earlier this year to deploy 25 new charging station for electric vehicles along the trans-European transport network (TEN-T), but it’s apparently a separate and much more ambitious project to deploy 400 stations across Europe. expand full story


Daimler Stories November 27, 2016

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Daimler has been fleshing out its electric vehicle strategy over the last year and a big part of it came to life in Paris earlier this year with the unveiling of Mercedes’s new ‘EQ’ brand and the first vehicle under that electric brand: ‘Generation EQ’.

The German automaker admitted that it fell behind in the electric vehicle segment, but it hopes to come out on top by 2025 with 25% of its production being electric. Now an executive confirmed that the company is planning a $11 billion investment for the first series of vehicles to come out. expand full story

Daimler Stories October 12, 2016

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You simply can’t manufacture electric vehicles in volume if you can’t secure a steady supply of battery cells. Some automakers are doing it by partnering with battery makers, like GM with LG, and others are directly investing in battery manufacturing capacity, like Tesla with the Gigafactory – though still in partnership with a battery maker, Panasonic.

Now Daimler plans to further its own investment in battery production by 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion USD) in order to support its electric vehicle ambitions with Mercedes’ new ‘EQ’ brand and the new Smart electric car lineup. expand full story

Daimler Stories September 28, 2016

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Daimler is expected to announce its upcoming lineup of electric vehicles under Mercedes’ new EV brand at the Paris Motor Show in the next few days. Ahead of the event, Mercedes released a teaser of a vehicle to be unveiled at the show.

It certainly looks interesting… expand full story


Daimler Stories September 7, 2016

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Today, Daimler unveiled another piece of its electric vehicle strategy ahead of the expected introduction of its upcoming lineup of electric vehicles under Mercedes’ new EV brand. Still under the Mercedes brand, Daimler unveiled a new all-electric van concept aimed at the delivery industry with autonomous robots. expand full story

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