EGEB Stories Yesterday

EGEB for Thursday March 21, 2018:

  • Regulators clear the way for a transmission line to take wind energy from Kansas through Missouri and eastward.
  • BP is looking to move into U.S. solar power in a big way.
  • A federal judge blocks Wyoming drilling due to climate change concerns.
  • A study finds people prefer living next to wind turbines, if they had to choose between energy sources.

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EGEB Stories March 20

Today in EGEB, three state legislatures went forward with solar bills last week which would be sure to have varying effects. HVAC company Trane installed five solar carports at Massachusetts schools. And a Texas petrochemical fire burns on.

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EGEB Stories March 19

Today in EGEB, wind generated more electricity than any other source in the U.K. in a recent week. And that still doesn’t measure up to Germany. Italy’s Enel acquires more than a quarter-billion dollars in renewables from one of its own joint ventures. The largest solar farm being constructed in Europe breaks ground in Spain. And Zambia’s first large-scale solar project has been commissioned.

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EGEB Stories March 18

Today in EGEB, California considers clean energy microgrids as wildfire backup. Renewable energy isn’t enough to make Bitcoin more sustainable, an expert argues. Europe considers six energy scenarios for a carbon-free future. Alberta awards $100 million to green energy projects. And Germany creates a “climate cabinet.”

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EGEB Stories March 15

Today in EGEB, the DOE awards more than $6 million in wind energy projects. The African Development Bank commits billions to climate financing and sees great potential in solar. Another prediction sees a solar rebound on the way.

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EGEB Stories March 14

Today in EGEB, Wood Mackenzie sees a bounce back for the solar industry in 2019. BP and the EDF team up to limit methane leaks following a report critical of the oil giant. Researchers believe green hydrogen could be economically viable by 2035. And GE launches a prototype of its largest onshore wind turbine.

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EGEB Stories March 13

Today in EGEB, Norwegian renewables giant Statkraft tries its hand at a floating solar plant. Wyoming passes a bill to keep coal power alive in the state — and it’s a great state for wind. And New York City will bring “meatless Mondays” to its public schools to reduce emissions.

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EGEB Stories March 12

Today in EGEB, NPR looks at “how we stopped” climate change from a 2050 point of view. Two firms are backing the plan to bring renewable energy from Iowa eastward via underground transmission line. More Chinese cities move from coal to gas or electric heating. And Democrats in Iowa show overwhelming support for the Green New Deal.

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EGEB Stories March 11

Today in EGEB, a small Massachusetts city shifts from coal to solar. The conservative mayor of a 100 percent renewable Texas town talks about the Green New Deal. College Republicans want their party to tackle climate change. And Michigan’s largest wind farm comes online. expand full story

EGEB Stories March 8

Today in EGEB, a study finds climate change won’t destroy a renewable-based European electric grid. The UK makes a big deal for offshore wind expansion. SunPower releases 400-plus-watt residential solar panels. And National Grid announces its acquisition of wind and solar developer Geronimo Energy.

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