electric motorcycle Stories October 10

Commuting on a light electric vehicle such as an electric bicycle or motorcycle can have a number of benefits. From reducing your carbon footprint to making your commute enjoyable, electric bicycles and e-motorcycles are full of advantages. I haven’t owned a car since high school, and have spent the past decade commuting almost entirely on e-bikes, e-scooters, e-motos and just about e-anything.

But to make light electric vehicle commuting safe and fun, you’ll need the right kit. Here’s a list of recommended gear you’ll need when transforming your commute from a four-wheeled traffic-laden slog to a two-wheeled fun-fest. Each piece of gear described below is something I have used in my own commuting and can personally vouch for.

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electric motorcycle Stories September 29

Most new urban electric motorcycles we’ve seen lately are designed for modest speeds and ranges. But not the NUUK electric motorcycle.

This new urban e-moto breaks from the pack with its impressive speed and range ratings. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories September 24

Electric motorcycles are a booming subsection of the electric vehicle industry, with new offerings popping up on our radar fairly regularly. Compared to full-sized electric cars and trucks, electric motorcycles are easier for companies to develop and produce due to their lower complexity, fewer parts, smaller sizes and reduced regulation.

One of the most talked about new electric motorcycles just released in the US is the $2,495 CSC City Slicker, an e-moto that we covered when it debuted earlier this summer with an even more enticing $1,995 price tag. But how does a budget electric motorcycle compare to higher end models like those from Zero Motorcycles?

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electric motorcycle Stories July 30

If the name Harley Davidson conjures up images in your head of leather-clad biker gangs flying down a desert highway while spewing exhaust from their loud chrome pipes, then perhaps you’d better think again. As we reported earlier this summer, Harley Davidson is well on their way to debuting their first electric motorcycle which they are hoping will target a younger, more urban audience – a market with which the brand desperately needs to succeed.

And now the company appears to be doubling down on that commitment by announcing a new lineup of electric motorcycles while simultaneously fleshing out their EV team with a string of new positions. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories October 20, 2017

The Russian company Kalashnikov, better known from products like the AK-47, unveiled an electric motorbike at the Army 2017 International Military-Technical Forum in Moscow, Russia. Kalashnikov introduced two versions, one for military purposes and one for the police force. If these bikes are anything like their infamous assault rifle, then they will prove to be virtually indestructible and hugely popular among certain demographics.

It’s admittedly a stretch considering the nature of the different products, but most electric bikes, such as the Zero DS, offer high-tech features like the digital dashboard and smartphone app. Kalashnikov does not get into such tech wizardry. Instead, they opt for good old-fashioned flip switches, indicator lights, and a chronological speedometer. Nothing wrong with that.

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electric motorcycle Stories January 29, 2017

While not as popular as Zero Motorcycle, Alta Motors is an up-and-coming electric motorcycle manufacturer and it unveiled a new version of its flagship Redshift last week that could broaden their market.

Alta’s Redshift was only offered as an all-electric supermoto/motocross, but the latest version of the motorcycle is a new street tracker: Redshift ST. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories October 10, 2016

A group of engineers in partnership with a few bike shops in Switzerland set out to show that electric motorcycles could be “badass” and have “outrageous performance”. I’d argue that Zero Motorcycles are already pretty badass, but sure let’s see what they got…

They created a company called ‘Zvexx Motorbike’ and came up with Zvexx, a fierce-looking all-electric torque machine. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories October 5, 2016

Custom motorcycles have long been an important part of the biker community and it recently got a lot of attention after none other than Keanu Reeves announced that he was starting his own custom bike company: Arch Motorcycle Company.

Now the same concept is coming to electric motorcycles and while it’s not accessible to everyone, it’s still interesting to see more options for EVs on two wheels. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories May 24, 2016

Airbus has a wholly-owned subsidiary called APWorks, which is set up to develop additive manufacturing techniques – especially metallic 3D printing – for the supply chains of Airbus’ main businesses. From time to time, the company releases independent products developed through their manufacturing work for Airbus.

The latest of such product is particularly interesting to us at Electrek: a 3D printed all-electric motorcycle. expand full story

electric motorcycle Stories March 30, 2016

We recently stumbled upon a small Austrian-based company called Johammer. The firm is building an interesting futuristic-looking electric motorcycle: the Johammer J1. They launched the vehicle last year, but they recently ramp-up production and we are now seeing more of the vehicle reminiscent of a Star Wars pod racer with chopper-like handles. expand full story

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