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Electric Motorcycles Stories Today

You may have heard of the Revolt RV400, which has been in hot demand since its debut. Now it’s getting a new member of the family with a lower sticker price.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 18

As the SONDORS Metacycle quickly approaches its Q3 2021 shipping date, the manufacturer is sharing with us more detail about the electric motorcycle’s motor and drive modes.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 13

Zero certainly has not been resting on its laurels as a leading electric motorcycle manufacturer. However, the last few launches of new models were targeted at the more premium end of the market with the SR/F and SR/S electric motorcycles. Now Zero has launched a new model that targets the entry-level end of its catalog with the Zero FXE.

The company was kind enough to invite me out to Santa Cruz, California, to test the motorcycle in Zero’s hometown. As I surreptitiously wound up the forest roads on a yet-unreleased electric motorcycle, with nothing but the soft whirr of the bike’s electric motor to invade my consciousness, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Damn, now this is how people should be getting around town.”

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 8

Harley-Davidson today launched the first model under the company’s new all-electric brand, LiveWire. The first bike released with the new badging has been named the LiveWire ONE and comes with a significantly lower price than Harley-Davidson’s previous LiveWire electric motorcycle.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 3

Remember the good ol’ days of staying up all night playing Mario Kart, stuffing Cheetos into your face while red-shellin’ your friends from behind? Well, this awesome little three-wheeled electric vehicle I found from China makes me want to try the real-world adult version, maybe just without the snacks and shells. This oversized Hotwheels car is a surprisingly cheap electric trike that borrows heavily from the Polaris Slingshot-style genre of mid-life crisis mobiles. And it just happens to be a perfect match for this week’s edition of the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week series.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 2

BMW Motorrad recently announced that it will be unveiling a new motorcycle on July 7, and we probably already know what it will be.

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Zero Motorcycles has just announced a new electric motorcycle model known as the FXE and shared a teaser image of the new electric two-wheeler online.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories July 1

When we first covered the Alrendo TS Bravo earlier this year, it was shaping up into an interesting new option headed for the European electric motorcycle market. Now the bike is being shown off in its production-ready form with specs that make it even more enticing.

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Electric Motorcycles Stories June 30

Arcimoto knows its stuff when it comes to three-wheeled electric vehicles, and Lightning Motorcycles is no stranger to breaking speed records. Now the two companies are combining their expertise in an attempt to build the fastest-tilting electric motorcycle in the world.

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Energica has never had a power problem; the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer produces the high-performance racing electric motorcycles used in the MotoE racing series. But that hasn’t stopped the electric sportbike maker from innovating even further with a new, higher-powered electric motor.

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