electric motorcycle Stories January 19

As major motorcycle manufacturers around the world grapple with a new era of EVs, Ducati could be the next to roll out an electric motorcycle. That’s according to the company’s CEO who just confirmed Ducati’s commitment to developing a production electric motorcycle.

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electric motorcycle Stories January 18

Fly Free is one of a handful of new electric motorcycle startups offering light electric motorcycles designed for urban riding.

Fresh off the announcement of their first two electric motorcycle designs, the company has just unveiled specs for their third and latest bike, the Smart Old.

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electric motorcycle Stories January 17

Lightning electric motorcycles, a little known manufacturer located in San Jose, California, has announced a new bike to be unveiled in March.

The company has just revealed specs for the Strike, the second electric motorcycle offered by the company. And you’re going to want to see this…

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electric motorcycle Stories January 8

The latest German electric motorcycle company NOVUS has just unveiled their new model at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The bike sports one of the most innovative carbon fiber frames ever seen on a production electric motorcycle. However, the price puts this electric motorcycle into the top-tier of luxury two-wheeled EVs.

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electric motorcycle Stories January 7

Harley-Davidson has been teasing its electric motorcycle LiveWire for over four years, and just recently announced plans for an expanded portfolio of electric motorbikes. Today they delivered on the first step of their promises in a big way.

The company is showing off not only the previously unveiled LiveWire electric motorcycle, but also two new electric two-wheelers at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. On top of the dramatic unveiling, Harley-Davidson has unveiled more specs regarding the LiveWire including the retail price and opened up pre-orders, with deliveries planned for this fall.

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electric motorcycle Stories December 28, 2018

2018 was a big year for electric motorcycle and scooter announcements. That means 2019 is the year that many of these models will first roll out to the public.

Large companies and new startups alike have been getting into the electric two-wheeler game, offering up a wide range of new electric rides. From crazy high powered electric motorcycles to sensible commuter electric scooters, here are the models to watch for next year.

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electric motorcycle Stories December 13, 2018

There aren’t many options in the US for an electric motorcycle, so any new US-based electric motorcycle company is a welcomed addition. We recently reported on Long Beach-based startup Fly Free Smart’s first design, the Smart Desert. Now, the company has unveiled their new Smart Classic electric motorcycle.

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electric motorcycle Stories November 28, 2018

Curtiss Motorcycles has been hard at work turning their futuristic and crazy-powerful electric motorcycle designs into production-ready bikes.

The company is hoping to enter production in 2020. With that goal drawing closer, Curtiss Motorcycles is now turning to crowdfunding to sell shares and raise capital for production.

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electric motorcycle Stories November 11, 2018

Electric motorcycles are really coming into their own. This year’s EICMA 2018, the world’s premier motorcycle show, was bursting with new and exciting models. But one thing that we didn’t see there were electric motorcycles with sidecars.

ReVolt has been promising an electric sidecar motorcycle but has yet to deliver. Now Ural has stepped in to fill the gap with their own electric motorcycle and sidecar.

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This year’s EICMA 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show was a site to behold. In addition to the standard endless booths of gas-powered motorcycles, this year saw a huge number of new EVs.

Check out all of the coolest, most interesting and even some of the weirdest new EVs we saw there.

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