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Thinking of learning to ride? Here’s why your first motorcycle should be electric

ryvid anthem electric motorcycle

The world of motorcycles is rapidly changing, with the rise of electric motorcycles heralding a new era of motorcycling. If you’re considering getting your first motorcycle, there’s never been a better time to join the electric revolution. Electric motorcycles are the perfect first ride for anyone entering the world of two wheels, offering numerous advantages over traditional combustion engine-powered bikes. From better control to reduced maintenance and even lower operating cost, electric motorcycles are the perfect starter bike.

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Electric motorcycle maker Energica’s drivetrains to soon power light electric airplanes

energica pure flight airplane

If you’re familiar with Energica, then you probably know all about the company’s high-performance electric motorcycles. They’re some of the fastest, most powerful, and longest-range electric motorcycles in the world. But after developing such an impressive electric powertrain, Energica isn’t stopping with two-wheelers. The company’s tech could soon be taking to the sky inside light electric aircraft.

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Can Lightning’s electric motorcycle really charge as fast as a gas tank fill-up?

lightning strike header

Touring, a type of riding that involves long distance trips, has long been the achilles heel of electric motorcycles. While e-motos have developed to the point where they can beat combustion engine motorcycles in nearly every other metric, quick recharging required for long distance riding has yet to reach parity with a gas station fill-up. At least, that was until Lightning Motorcycle debuted what it says is the fastest charging electric motorcycle yet.

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Electric bicycle company SUPER73’s first electric motorcycle expected out next year

The SUPER73 C1X has become a hotly anticipated light electric motorcycle design from Los Angeles-based electric bike company SUPER73. But eager riders may not have to wait that much longer.

[Update March 9, 2023: Ok, they’ll actually have to wait a bit longer than we thought. The OCBJ report from below that included a Spring 2023 rollout date for the C1X turned out to be a bit overly optimistic. SUPER73 has confirmed to us that we’re still looking at a likely 2024 rollout. But with a bike this slick-looking, we can wait.]

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ROAM moves HQ to larger facility in Africa capable of producing 50k electric motorcycles per year

ROAM electric motorcycle

Electric technology company ROAM continues to find success in its native East Africa and is now expanding its production footprint to a new larger facility that’s over 100,000 square feet in size. In the coming years, ROAM intends to bolster is Air electric motorcycle production to fill the new facility’s capacity of 50,000 units per year.

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Electric bicycle giant Bafang expands into electric motorcycles with powerful new motors

t&D bafang

Bafang is best known for its electric motors, batteries, controllers, and other powertrain components that help millions of electric bicycles zip through streets around the world. But after two decades in the bicycle market, Bafang has now launched a new brand known as T&D to expand its influence into the electric motorcycle industry.

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Long range electric motorcycles are now charging up at Tesla Superchargers

energica tesla supercharger

When Tesla announced that it would begin opening up its Supercharger stations in the US for non-Tesla EVs, we expected to see a wide range of electric cars flood the fast charging stations. And that has certainly happened in the last few days since the Superchargers were opened up to the masses. But it’s not just electric cars that are taking advantage of the new fast charger access. Now electric motorcycles are getting the good juice, too.

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Weird Alibaba: What the heck is this four-wheeled electric motorcycle?

If you’ve followed my writings for any period of time, you’ll know there are two things I love: electric motorcycles and finding weird EVs on Alibaba. And when those two things overlap, well, then you’ve found my happy place.

Sometimes the result is weirder than others, and that’s the case with this four-wheeled electric motorcycle that has earned the dubious title of Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week.

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Cheap mini e-truck? Flying electric boats? Top 5 wildest non-car EVs I tested this year

Top 5 wildest electric vehicles

One of my favorite things about the electric vehicle industry is just how much diversity there is in the designs and types of EVs hitting the market. Part of that is due to the way electric drivetrains help break the mold of aging design constraints, but it’s also due to a new wave of forward-thinking engineers boldly pushing products in new and exciting directions.

As Electrek‘s resident tester of all things not-cars, I was fortunate enough to get behind, on top, and inside of some interesting and far-out forms of electric transportation. Here are the top five wildest and most awesome personal electric vehicles I tested in 2022.

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These are all the low-cost electric motorcycles that Americans can buy now

csc rx1e

I know, I know. Electric motorcycles are usually quite pricey. Compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles, e-motorcycles usually carry a premium of a few thousand dollars. Their long list advantages usually makes it worth it, though that still might not ease the sting of sticker shock. But if you know where to look, then you’ll find a surprising number of affordable options on the market in North America. All of the electric motorcycles featured here are either already rolling on America’s roads or are expected to become available in the coming months.

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These were the five biggest electric motorcycle news stories of 2022

ryvid anthem electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles were once a rarity in the two-wheeler industry. But these days there are so many new models from a wide range of manufacturers that you’d have to go out of your way to avoid them. Fortunately for those in favor of progress, we actively seek them out. And these are the electric motorcycle news stories that you guys liked the most. You voted with your clicks, and these five stories became the biggest of 2022.

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