electric motorcycle Stories April 2

If there was any doubt that electric mopeds are coming into their own in 2020, this should pretty much crush it. Not only are there plenty of interesting and inexpensive imported options, but now we’re seeing homegrown American-made electric mopeds as well. North Carolina-based Huck Cycles is the newest electric moped manufacturer, and we caught up with the founder recently to learn about the company’s bikes and backstory.

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electric motorcycle Stories April 1

Damon Motorcycles, a Vancouver-based electric motorcycle startup, made a splash earlier this year when they announced their Damon Hypersport Premier electric motorcycle. The $40,000 sportbike hadn’t yet entered production, but the company already began taking pre-orders for a limited edition run of 25 premium bikes intended for 2021 deliveries, in addition to taking orders for their entry-level models.

Now that those premium bikes have all been reserved, Damon has just opened up orders for two new versions with fresh colorways, as well as announced an acquisition of IP from the failed Mission Motors electric motorcycle startup. Oh, and they just completed a $3 million funding round.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 28

With a rise in the number of electric dirt bikes available today and even more on the way, it’s becoming more interesting than ever to pit them against gas dirt bikes. A Slovenian YouTuber recently did just that, comparing an electric dirt bike versus a 2-stroke and 4-stroke gas dirt bike in drag races and hill climbs.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 22

For anyone who thinks electric motorcycles can’t tour, check this out. A Harley-Davidson LiveWire was just used to break the 24-hour distance record for an electric motorcycle.

The bike reportedly traveled 1,723 km (1,070 miles) in 23 hours and 48 minutes.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 20

For months now, we’ve been following the leaks and teasers around Cleveland Cyclewerks’ upcoming new Falcon electric motorcycle. And today we’re finally getting the full scoop as the Ohio-based motorcycle company pulls the sheet off their first electric motorcycle.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 19

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I got my hands on the new Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. Over my weeklong trip it became my ride everywhere. From winding down Mulholland Drive to cruising along Sunset Boulevard to weaving through traffic on the 101, the LiveWire and I got to know each other pretty well during our relatively short period of time together.

And during that time I learned a lot about the bike. It’s not perfect; the LiveWire surely has its deficiencies.

But it also has a number of redeeming qualities that make it seriously deserving of a second look. And that also gives me hope for how Harley-Davidson can play a leading role in the rapidly evolving electric motorcycle industry.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 18

I’m an electric motorcycle guy, through and through. Yet for some reason I still had to earn my motorcycle license by testing on a gas-powered Harley-Davidson. If the Super Soco TSx had been around then, though, perhaps I could have tested on a new breed of learner electric motorcycles.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 6

An electric moped in the truest sense of the word “moped,” the ONYX RCR is a beast of an electric motorbike. I’ve admired this bike for nearly two years now. I’ve covered the development and rollout of the ONYX RCR since the very beginning, starting with the company’s crowdfunding in the summer of 2018. Yet a chance to actually ride one had eluded me until now.

And so it was with a supreme sense of delayed gratification that I finally swung my leg over an ONYX RCR last week.

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electric motorcycle Stories March 4

Croatia-based TORP has been hard at work developing a powerful electric motorbike that could combine speed and agility in a single vehicle. Now the company is ready to show off their creation, the TORP Bike.

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Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE has just announced a new model known as the CAKE Kalk INK. The bike is built on the same platform as CAKE’s legendary Kalk OR electric dirt bike, yet features updates that have helped CAKE substantially reduce the price.

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