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In the latest step in the Environmental “Protection” Agency’s (EPA) losing battle against clean air and clean cars, the agency plans to announce a revocation of California’s well-established authority to regulate vehicle emissions tomorrow, reports Automotive News.

This move is no surprise, as ever since oil industry pawn Scott Pruitt was nominated as head of the EPA (later replaced by coal stooge Andrew Wheeler), the agency has been signaling its intent to revoke California’s ability to set its own emissions standards.

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September 16

Today, Mazda confirmed that they’ll be unveiling a new EV at the Tokyo Motor Show next month, according to Automotive News.

Mazda has been prepping a new EV, with prototypes recently spotted testing in a “CX”-style crossover body.  But Mazda says that this new EV will be a “brand new model,” rather than using the CX-30 body that has been spotted on prototypes.

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The heavily anticipated Porsche Taycan was fully unveiled two weeks ago, with exciting performance and charging specs and quite a high price to boot. The car has been touted as the first real electric “sport sedan” challenger to Tesla from an established manufacturer, and has attracted a lot of attention and comparisons as a result.

The Taycan is a big departure for Porsche in that it’s their first EV, but there are definitely some ways it really feels like a Porsche. For example, the Taycan offers an insane amount of options — something Porsche is famous for. One of those options is Porsche’s “Electric Sport Sound,” a $500 option that adds fake, electric-like engine noises to the car.

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September 15

Tesla has been having some issues with service lately, with long waits for some simpler fixes. These issues have been magnified by the internet, and by Tesla’s natural press/social media draw, making the situation seem quite dire when individual service horror stories are magnified by Tesla’s popularity.

But according to British magazine What Car?‘s annual reliability survey, Tesla is doing quite well when compared to other manufacturers. In a survey of 31 manufacturers, Tesla ranked 4th, with a score of 96.9%.

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September 10

Plug In America hosts its 9th annual Drive Electric Week next week at events all around the US and the globe. There are currently over 300 events registered in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan and Slovakia.

These events are often attended by manufacturers and local dealers who host test drives, and the bigger events include booths from companies in green industries, food, and activities for the family that makes for a fun weekend event. Most of all, all events are attended by local EV owners, and it’s a great way to talk to people about their real experiences of owning an EV.

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The Tesla referral program received a tweak tonight, doubling the number of free supercharging miles given for using a referral code.  Previously, both the current and new owner would get 1,000 miles of free supercharging, but Tesla has doubled that to 2,000 miles for cars delivered before the end of this month.

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September 7

Are you looking for information on the Tesla Pickup Truck release date? It will most likely be unveiled in November, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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September 6

We’ve been covering the developments in the fuel economy/emissions fight between the Environmental “Protection” Agency (previously run by an oil stooge, now run by a coal lobbyist, and staffed by commissioners who wrongly think air pollution isn’t harmful) and the environment they claim to protect, and today we’ve heard another doozy from the federal government.

After automakers made an agreement with California to voluntarily have higher standards than required by the EPA and thus save consumers money and improve health, the Department of Justice is now investigating those automakers under antitrust laws, seemingly with no legal justification other than anger over the embarrassment this has caused to their boss who considers himself a “dealmaker” and yet has failed to make a deal.

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September 3

Porsche is launching the Taycan tomorrow, which has led to a lot of excitement and anticipation among EV fans.  Finally, another performance-oriented EV is hitting the market.  This excitement has translated to 30,000 preorders for Porsche even before Taycan’s “official” reveal (which Fred Lambert will be covering tomorrow).

But according to a survey out today from Autolist, average consumers are still more excited about the veteran in the market: the Tesla Model S.

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August 31

The highly-anticipated Rivian R1T electric truck has been spotted undergoing winter testing in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, according to a post a rivianforums.com.

The truck is still a preproduction model, but has some changes from the concept we saw last year at its LA Auto Show unveiling.  Among these are a new color, new charge port placement, interior changes and a slightly redesigned rear end.

*Update: Rivian has clarified that these vehicles have a lot of “non-production representative content.”  In particular, the production interior is going to look much more like the concept car than the test vehicles seen in this post.

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August 20

Autolist has released a new survey showing consumer attitudes on electric cars. Among other questions, consumers were asked what their biggest reasons were for not buying an EV, and the answers were pretty much what you’d expect.

The top reasons given were range, price, and charging. But the problem is that these concerns are, by and large, out of date.

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August 12

Los Angeles has one of the larger concentrations of Teslas in the world, so where better to set a record for the most Roadsters assembled in the US than at Tesla’s Design Center in Hawthorne?

Yesterday, Tesla Club LA did just that (with thanks to Tesla for providing the location and chargers), and managed to get 37 Roadsters into the same parking lot, in what we’re pretty sure is a record.

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August 9

After seeing the first non-employee review of the upcoming Porsche Taycan this morning, Porsche has now announced that the Taycan will be debuted worldwide with three simultaneous events in Germany, China, and Canada.

The event will be livestreamed on Porsche’s website, at a link that currently shows a countdown timer stating the time until the stream goes live.

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July 10

Formula E has had a wild season this year, with unpredictable, close racing and tight championship battles for both drivers and teams.  It’s finally coming to an end this weekend in New York, with races on both Saturday and Sunday to finish out the season.  Jearn-Eric Vergne and Techeetah currently have a big lead for the drivers’ and teams’ championships respectively, but anything could still happen in these last two races.

The track is in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, located near the Brooklyn cruise terminal.  The track offers great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  We’ll have Seth and Phil on-site at the ePrix this weekend, so if you want live updates from the track, check out our Instagram.

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July 8

Elon Musk: Tesla will stop selling cars [Update: at consumer pricing] once full self-driving is solved

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been talking a lot about Tesla Network lately, part of Tesla’s “Master Plan, Part Deux” which will enable Tesla cars with full self-driving hardware to operate as autonomous robotaxis to generate revenue for owners and for Tesla itself.

This is all still a ways off, but that hasn’t stopped Musk and others from theorizing about what might happen when the technological problems behind self-driving are solved.  Recently, Musk stated that any Tesla bought today is an “appreciating asset” due to its potential to be used to generate revenue in the future.  But an asset wouldn’t really appreciate unless a new, similar asset couldn’t be bought at the same price.  So now, Musk has committed to making that happen, stating that once robotaxis become possible, Tesla will likely stop selling cars to consumers, at least at anywhere near the same price.

July 6

Romain Dumas sets even quicker Goodwood record in electric VW ID.R: 39.9 seconds

Yesterday we saw VW’s electric ID.R break a 20-year-old record at Goodwood hillclimb, but that was just a practice run.  Today, with official timing, driver Romain Dumas managed to smash his time from yesterday and lower the record by more than another full second.

July 5

A common refrain about electric cars is that they’re fine for city driving but can’t do road trips.  This has been disproven many times, and Tesla owners in particular have an easy time on road trips due to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network.

But today we’ve seen yet another reason not to worry about the capability to take EVs on long trips, as Bjørn Nyland has managed to drive 2,781km (1,728mi) in 24 hours in a Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD.  Nyland set this record on IONITY quick chargers in Germany because currently, that network is significantly faster than Tesla’s Superchargers.

The previous record was 2,644km, set last year in a Model 3 by the Austrian G-Electric team including German Horst Lüning. Lüning previously held the record before that with 2,424km in a Model S.

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Volkswagen has been racking up EV records with its ID.R all-electric racecar, and today the VW ID.R piloted by Romain Dumas managed to beat a record which has been held for 20 years — Nick Heidfeld’s record run of the Goodwood hillclimb in the 10-cylinder McLaren MP4/13 which dominated the 1998 Formula 1 season.

The previous record was 41.6 seconds for the 1.86km (1.16mi) hillclimb course.  Volkswagen managed to bring that record down to 41.18.  They have more runs to go this weekend, so it’s entirely possible that the record might be lowered again.

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June 20

The Formula E championship is coming up on its last few races of the season, with only this and the upcoming doubleheader in New York left to round it out.  This weekend Formula E returns to Switzerland for only the second auto race in the country in more than half a century.

In 1955, Switzerland banned auto racing nationwide in response to the 1955 Le Mans disaster where hundreds of spectators were killed or injured by a horrific crash.  This ban remained in place for 60 years until the country repealed it in 2015 – but only for electric racing.  The move was made to attract Formula E to the country, and last year Zurich held the first race in Switzerland since the ban was implemented.  This year the race moves to a new track in the de facto Swiss capital city of Bern with an interesting feature near the exit of turn 4 – an actual bear pit.  Like, a pit.  With bears in it.

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June 19

A few months after unveiling their new e-208 electric hatch, Peugeot has already added the car to their configurator in Germany.

The lowest option level available is €30,450 for the base “Active” trim (incl. 19% VAT).  Germany has a €4,000 EV incentive, so that translates to €26,450 after incentives.

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