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Everything you need to know about the IRS’s new EV tax credit guidance

EV tax credit

The US Treasury Department today announced its expected EV tax credit guidance on the battery component and critical mineral sourcing requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act, changing the availability of EV tax credits in the US, with the net effect of reducing tax credit amounts for many vehicles purchased on April 18 or later.

Update: some manufacturers have issued statements about which cars will and won’t qualify for the full credit, we will append updates the end of the post below as we get more information.

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Ford identifies cause of F-150 Lightning battery issue, production restarts in ‘a few weeks’ (updated)


Ford has issued a nationwide “stop shipment” order to all its carriers, instructing them to hold F-150 Lightnings while a potential battery issue is investigated. Ford is not aware of any incidences of the issue in the field and has not stopped sales of the Lightning, only shipments. It has also paused production while the issue is investigated.

Update: Ford has identified what they believe to be the cause of the issue, and expects to have production started in “a few weeks” and that they do not think already-delivered customer vehicles are affected.

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