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April 21

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, Plug in America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association are hosting a livestream version of their annual Drive Electric Earth Day event tomorrow.  The event will consist of informational speakers, live entertainment, and more. Celebrity guests include race car driver and EV advocate Leilani Münter and the Wall Street Journal‘s automotive columnist Dan Neil.

The livestream will start tomorrow, April 22, Earth Day, at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT on Facebook Live.  A Facebook account is not required to view the stream.

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Lucid Motors has released a video of their upcoming Lucid Air sedan doing winter testing in harsh conditions in Minnesota.

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April 10

Tesla just launched the Model Y with the first deliveries happening just a few weeks ago.  There were a lot of questions open about the car, most of which have been answered, but one remained: where’s the tow hitch?  We’ve got an answer to that now: it’s here,  and it’s available as a $1,000 option.

And while we already knew a roof rack would eventually be available, it’s now been added to Tesla’s shop as a $450 accessory, the same price as the Model 3 roof rack.

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April 9

Tesla has been preparing for a “battery and powertrain investor day,” which had been planned for this month. But with the world shut down due to coronavirus, company plans have changed.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said tonight that battery day is “most likely postponed to mid May” — though it’s also “hard to predict dates right now.”

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March 31

Andrew Wheeler, head of the Environmental “Protection” Agency (EPA), argued today that his administration’s rollback of auto efficiency standards “sets realistic standards, will reduce pollution, and save lives.”

The problem is, he’s objectively wrong on all three counts. And in his statement, he also proved that he doesn’t even know the name of the regulation he’s attempting to undermine.

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March 19

Several automakers offered today to turn their manufacturing expertise toward helping alleviate medical device shortages as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to overload hospitals. GM, Tesla, and Ford were among those who offered help in the US.

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March 17

Tesla must obey the “shelter in place” order put into place in the San Francisco Bay Area and is not allowed to build new cars at its Fremont factory, according to the Alameda County Sheriff’s office.

Tesla will be allowed to maintain “minimum basic operations” at the plant, but this does not include building new cars.

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March 15

The Model Y Owner’s Manual hit the internet as Tesla started Model Y deliveries on Friday. We found some good new info from the manual, including the promise of a roof rack accessory. But unfortunately, another highly anticipated accessory, a tow hitch, isn’t mentioned.

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March 13

Thanks to Tesla releasing the Model Y Owner’s Manual as they started deliveries today, we can finally put the speculation and weird measurement methods to bed and say, confidently, exactly how big it is.

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Tesla’s new Model Y comes with a built-in heat pump to increase efficiency of the car’s heating system, which should help it maintain consistent range in cold climates, something that many EVs struggle with.

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March 11

Tesla told us they’d start delivering the Model Y by March 15, but they’re beating their own estimate this time by a couple days.  We’ve heard several reports of customers with scheduled delivery dates as early as Friday.

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March 10

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced today that Tesla has started scouting locations for Cybertruck production and plans to build the truck in “central USA.”

Previously, Musk suggested that Tesla was looking into Texas for a factory.  At the time he did not specify that it would be for Cybertruck production, but these two ideas would line up.

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March 4

Tesla plans to release more features to expand its full self-driving capabilities later this month, according to CEO Elon Musk.

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March 2

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E reservations are moving along nicely, with the car’s release coming at the end of this year.  We learned today that, if reservation numbers are sequential (and they seem to be), the car now has approximately 41,400 reservations (globally) according to forum posts.

Also, according to Ford, there have been Mach-E reservations in all 50 US states so far.

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We haven’t seen much of the Model Y interior, and have assumed it would mostly look like the Model 3, just a bit bigger. But we have seen that the third-row seats aren’t very large, at least in prototype form.

But now that cars are shipping from the factory, we’re starting to see photos and video of the Model Y interior, including more charging options for devices than on the Model 3.

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March 1

The Model Y will be in customer hands later this month (hey, first time we can say that), yet there are still questions over just how big it is.  We’ve seen a lot of photos and videos of the Model Y next to other vehicles, but still don’t have official specs from Tesla. One fan resorted to using his water bottle to measure ground clearance.

And now we’ve got another new method of height comparison — using the “Jayscale” by Twitter user jayzilla711.

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February 29

After about two total weeks of work, the forest of planted trees on Tesla’s Giga Berlin site is now gone. Tesla finished “phase 1” of their forest clearance project this week, just before their early March deadline.

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February 27

The Tesla Model Y is shipping in just about two weeks, and it looks like Tesla has a lot of cars ready to sell. Early customers have been getting emails asking them to confirm deliveries, and the cars should be in customers’ hands soon. But we still don’t know how big it is.

So, in the absence of specs, what are we to do?  Well, an enterprising fan and friend of the site saw a Model Y in public, didn’t have a measuring tape on hand, and got creative — with his water bottle.

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February 26

A new Kickstarter project has just been launched to crowdfund a redesigned aero wheel cover for the base 18-inch Tesla Model 3 wheels. The Kickstarter claims improved curb rash resistance, aerodynamics, and aesthetics compared to the base wheel covers.

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We talk a lot about electric cars here, Tesla chief among them. But since Tesla is different than other manufacturers in the way they market, sell, and deliver their cars, we thought it would be useful to answer the question of how to buy a Tesla in the first place, starting with how to test drive one.

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