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Tesla Cybertruck: Everything we know so far

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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is the second major Tesla vehicle outside the mainline S, 3, X, Y lineup. The first outsider actually predated the line: the Roadster. This outsider is a very different beast, however. The Tesla Cybertruck is the automaker’s take on a pickup truck, and it’s an absolute unit.

Here’s everything we know about the Tesla Cybertruck, its release date, feature, range, specs, accessories, and more.

Tesla Cybertruck design: What will it look like?

During his presentation, Elon Musk warned that the design might be too polarizing due to its futuristic Blade Runner-esque look, and no one knew exactly what he meant by that, but now it’s clear that he wasn’t kidding.

Cybertruck is built with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for superior strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.

Tesla Cybertruck sits six people and is equipped with a 6.5-foot bed, which they call the Cybertruck vault. The top is covered, but it unrolls if you need to fit in something higher than the roof of the “vault.”

As you can tell below, the design is certainly futuristic — perhaps more so than any concept car that has actually hit the road in recent history. Tesla isn’t likely to change the design drastically before shipping the truck, though, so if this is what you pre-ordered, it’s probably pretty close to the real thing.

Tesla Cybertruck

Famously, the Cybertruck has Tesla Armor Glass, which is intended to protect the windows from even the fiercest of heavy object enemies.

During the unveiling, the glass failed. But Elon said it was because the glass was broken before the presentation and it wasn’t the glass’ fault.

Where will Cybertruck be built?

Initially, Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted in March of 2020 that Tesla had started scouting locations for Cybertruck production and plans to build the truck in “central USA.”

Gigafactory Texas

In May 2020, Electrek exclusively reported that Tesla’s next factory would be located in Austin, Texas. The following July, Tesla formally secured a tax break for the new Gigafactory in Austin.

At first, Tesla referred to the factory as the Cybertruck Gigafactory, but we later reported that Tesla first plans to produce the Model Y there. The automaker later renamed it “Gigafactory Texas.”

When it inevitably opens, Tesla will eventually manufacture the Model 3, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi at Gigafactory Texas.

In a recent drone flyover video, Giga Texas looks well on its way to opening its doors soon.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas as of July 2021

Other Cybertruck production locations

Wondering about a smaller Cybertruck that will be more fitting for other, non-US markets? Then you should know that Elon has also announced that it’s “highly likely” that it will make a smaller Cybertruck for Europe.

That model, for obvious reasons, would unlikely be manufactured in Texas alongside the full-sized model. If a smaller Cybertruck does surface, it would more than likely be built in Tesla’s other factory under construction, Giga Berlin.

Tesla also opened up reservations for the Cybertruck in China, and with the company’s broader push for localized production, the company could be looking to produce future Cybertruck inventory there, too. It’s yet to be seen if there will be demand, however.

To see where future versions of the Cybertruck could one day be produced, check out our list of current and rumored Tesla Gigafactories.

Price: How much will Tesla Cybertruck cost?

At the event in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Cybertruck will start at $39,900 before incentives, but there will be two more AWD variations that will start at $49,900 and $69,900 respectively.

Furthermore, Tesla has begun introducing a v9 beta version of its Full Self-Driving capabilities. While it is now also available as a subscription for $199 a month, Cybertruck customers can add the FSD feature for an additional $10,000.

According to reports, the majority of pre-orders are choosing the dual motor and tri-motor versions. Only an estimated 17% of the pre-orders are for the single motor model, which is the one supposed to be available first.

If you’re looking to get into a Tesla sooner than the Cybertruck release date, check out our Tesla price guide.

Would you rather lease your Tesla? We’ve got a guide for that too, outlining everything you need to know.

Release date: When will Tesla Cybertruck be available to buy?

At the original event, Cybertruck was scheduled to be released in late 2021 for the dual-motor AWD version. The single-motor version will be released in late 2022.

CEO Elon Musk originally announced Tesla had 250,000 pre-orders within a week of the unveiling.

Next, it was estimated that a half million Cybertrucks were pre-ordered:

The company hasn’t updated the number in months, but Cybertruck reservation holders at Cybertruckownersclub.com have been keeping a tally of pre-orders, and based on their estimate, Cybertruck reservations have now reached over 500,000.

As of May 2021, reservations had surpassed 1 million and will continue to grow as deliveries looks less likely to begin before year’s end.

Tesla Cybertruck
The Tri Motor Cybertruck is still listed as delivering in “Late 2021”

Elon has recently said Tesla would be unveiling an updated version of the Cybertruck in the second quarter of 2021 as the company nears production. Elon has said that the truck will be produced at Gigafactory Texas, which is still under construction as of this writing.

As is often the case, the original quoted dates for the Cybertruck are unlikely to come through. Musk has warned that Tesla needs to be ‘lucky’ for the electric pickup to not be delayed.

It’s probably safe to assume the first consumer-ready Cybertrucks won’t come off the line until some time in 2022, despite what Tesla’s website says.

What will the range be on the Tesla Cybertruck?

Three versions of the Tesla Cybertruck are going to be available with different battery packs and drivetrain configurations:

The single motor RWD version will offer 250+ miles of range. A dual-motor all-wheel-drive version (AWD) will reach 300+ miles of range, and a tri-motor AWD version will have 500+ miles of range.

In a recent patent filing from Tesla for its Cybertruck UI system, all the sample photos show an available range of 610 miles, hinting at potentially larger range on the EV. This has not been confirmed by Tesla, but it is not unreasonable to believe it may be achievable on the tri motor option.

Other specs

In addition to “somewhat” shatterproof glass, Cybertruck is built with a stainless steel exterior exoskeleton.

Cybertruck is built with an exterior shell made for ultimate durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for superior strength and endurance, from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.

Powertrain Single Motor RWD Dual Motor AWD Tri Motor AWD
Est. Range 250+ miles 300+ miles 500+ miles
Towing 7500+ lbs 10,000+ lbs 14,000 lbs
0-60 mph <6.5 seconds <4.5 seconds <2.9 seconds

Additionally, the Cybertruck will offer seating for six people, offer additional storage under the second row seats, and will feature a 17″ touchscreen.

Outside the truck, Cybertruck will offer 100 cubic feet of lockable exterior storage, complimented by onboard power and compressed air for activities like camping. The Tesla and can raise or lower the suspension by four inches and will come with 3,500 pounds of payload capacity.

Tesla Cybertruck accessories

While no accessories are officially for sale, there has been a lot of speculation about various ways to make the Cybertruck work in more situations.

Musk has said the the Cyberquad, an electric ATV, is going to be launched as an option when the truck goes on sale. We learned in November of 2020 there will be a camper configuration as well.

This past May, a UI patent showed images of the camping unit similar to the image below, as well as what the Cybertruck interface will look like while towing. Additionally, a third party rendering of a potential pop up camper garnered $50 million in orders… and it doesn’t actually even exist yet.

A custom trailer for the Cybertruck has long been rumored but never shown. With the images in the patent filing, a towing trailer could very well emerge as an early accessory as well, when the Tesla finally makes first deliveries.

  • Tesla Cybertruck

Musk has also mentioned an option to add solar panels to the roof that would charge up to 15 miles per day. For many commuters, that would cover a drive to work. This solar option came up again this past May, when a patent filed by Tesla revealed a retractable solar bed cover.

How to buy a Tesla Cybertruck

If you’ve read all of this and you’re still interested in buying a Cybertruck for yourself, well the current process is easy! Although it may take some time.

To (eventually) get yourself behind the wheel of this upcoming Tesla truck, you simply need to visit Tesla’s website, choose a powertrain and out $100 down to confirm your reservation.

Remember though, there are currently over 1 million people in line ahead of you. That being said, a fully-refundable $100 deposit won’t break the bank for most people.

So when their number is eventually called, one can imagine many of them will end up not dishing out the additional $40,000-$70,000 to complete their purchase.

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