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July 2015 - February 2019

GM designs and manufactures a few electric vehicles under its brands. Like the Volt and the Bolt with Chevrolet.

GM Stories February 14

The catch is it’s an electric bicycle.

GM has now joined a number of other automotive companies that have jumped into the rapidly growing electric bicycle industry.

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GM Stories February 12

Electric pickup truck startup Rivian is reportedly attracting interest from GM and Amazon for a massive round of funding to help bring its vehicles to market.

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GM Stories February 8

GM has long been suspected of selling its electric vehicles at a loss to get regulatory credits and now CEO Mary Barra confirmed that she doesn’t expect the American automaker’s electrification effort to be profitable until “early next decade.” expand full story

GM Stories February 4

Fuel shortages are hitting Mexico after the closure of state-owned pipeline creating a distribution bottleneck and Chevy intelligently took advantage of the opportunity to promote the all-electric Bolt EV at gas stations. expand full story

GM Stories January 24

The race to make all-electric pickup truck has started and GM is now being dragged in.

A GMC executive confirmed that they are considering including all-electric vehicles in their GMC SUV and pickup truck lineup. expand full story

GM Stories January 18

When asked about doing an electric pickup truck to compete with Tesla’s upcoming pickup, GM CEO Mary Barra gave a great non-answer that would make politicians proud, but she did tease us with a ‘stay tuned’. expand full story

GM Stories January 15

GM’s electrification approach by using Cadillac as its ‘lead electric brand’ is being heavily compared to Tesla’s and the company accepts that as it admits to being ‘obsessively’ benchmarking Tesla ahead of the launch of their first EV. expand full story

As part of its renewed electrification effort announced last month, GM confirmed that it was killing the Chevy Volt, which many saw as counter-intuitive – but now the automaker says that it’s part of its plan to focus on all-electric vehicles. expand full story

GM Stories January 13

As we reported last week, GM recently announced plans to position Cadillac as its lead electric vehicle brand.  Today, GM shared the first images of Cadillac’s planned first all-electric vehicle.

So far, we have no details other than two images, showing it to be a crossover-style vehicle.  We are still waiting on a name, timeline, and other specs – which Cadillac says will be revealed “closer to launch”.

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GM Stories January 11

After GM announced that it would shut down some factories, Elon Musk said that Tesla would consider buying one of them, but now GM CEO Mary Barra says that it will not work out because Tesla doesn’t want GM’s union employees. expand full story

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