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July 2015 - August 2021

GM designs and manufactures a few electric vehicles under its brands. Like the Volt and the Bolt with Chevrolet.

GM Stories August 1

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles.

Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number of different factors. Furthermore, there are other potential savings available to you that you might not even know about yet.

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GM Stories July 19

General Motors (GM) has confirmed that it is working on a new GMC electric pickup truck to follow the GMC Hummer EV.

It will be GM’s third electric pickup after the Silverado electric.

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GM Stories July 15

In an announcement this morning, General Motors (GM) has unveiled plans to expand its newly formed Ultium Charge 360 program to include commercial fleets. GM’s holistic approach to charging infrastructure and acceleration of electrified fleets already has five partners onboard, including EVgo.

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GM Stories July 14

There have been three recent Chevy Bolt EV fires, two within the past 2 weeks. One in May which had the temporary recall, another July 1st which had the final software update in Vermont, and another with the final update in New Jersey in the past week or so. GM has updated their recall page with an acknowledgement of the problem, and is telling owners to not charge overnight at all, and not to park inside.

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GM Stories July 2

General Motors (GM) has announced a strategic investment and commercial collaboration with Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) to secure lower-cost lithium in the US for the development of its next generation of EV batteries. The legacy automaker hopes this collaboration will garner more environmentally friendly methods of obtaining precious lithium while simultaneously help lower the price of its EVs.

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GM Stories June 16

GM announced today an acceleration of its planned investments in electric vehicles, which is going to include two new battery cell factories in the US.

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GM Stories June 15

In a Tweet earlier today, autonomous rideshare company Cruise, announced it has secured a multi-year credit line of $5 billion from GM financial, to help purchase thousands of Origin vehicles. This new credit line will give Cruise $10 billion in total capital to help roll out its autonomous Origin vehicles manufactured by GM.

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General Motors (GM) has announced a collaboration with Wabtec Corporation to attempt to develop and implement its Ultium battery technology into Wabtec’s freight locomotives. GM also plans to develop its HYDROTEC hydrogen fuel cell systems for Wabtec to commercialize zero-emission, heavy-duty locomotives.

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GM Stories May 27

A recent SEC filing has revealed that electric vehicle charging network EVgo is still 82 charger installations short of meeting its June 30 milestone deadline for the quarter, part of an agreement with General Motors (GM). According to the filing, missing this milestone would give GM the power to terminate the agreement and seek pre-agreed liquidated damages of up to $15 million, although GM currently remains confident in EVgo.

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General Motors (GM) continues to expand its electric vehicle fleet and has decided Earth simply isn’t enough. Together with Lockheed Martin, GM plans to develop an electric lunar rover for NASA to be operated by Artemis astronauts to explore our Moon.

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