Electric Vehicles Stories November 5

Germany is increasing its incentives for buying electric vehicles with a focus on making less expensive electric cars even cheaper. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories October 7

Will Washington’s Dulles airport get a huge solar energy project?

Dominion Energy and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority are going to jointly explore a large-scale 100-megawatt solar energy project at Washington Dulles International Airport. It would be on approximately 1,200 acres. It could power up to 25,000 homes and would be one of the largest solar facilities in Northern Virginia.

Electric Vehicles Stories September 26

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • National Clean Energy Week Policy Makers Symposium takes place today in Washington, DC.
  • GM proposes a battery plant for EVs in Ohio strike talks — but with lower pay.
  • Caltech will be given $750 million for green energy research — the second-largest donation ever to a US university.
  • Emission-optimized EV charging can prevent a lot of wasted energy.

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Electric Vehicles Stories August 20

Autolist has released a new survey showing consumer attitudes on electric cars. Among other questions, consumers were asked what their biggest reasons were for not buying an EV, and the answers were pretty much what you’d expect.

The top reasons given were range, price, and charging. But the problem is that these concerns are, by and large, out of date.

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Electric Vehicles Stories July 16

San Francisco is aiming for 100% emission-free transportation within city limits by 2040, as it introduced a plan today that looks to embrace the “opportunity” in electric vehicles.

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Electric Vehicles Stories July 15

New homes in the UK could all be fitted with electric car charging points in the future, as the UK government has outlined a number of EV-supportive proposals in a public consultation on England’s building regulations.

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An EV emoji? Electrify America proposes ‘Electric Vehicle With Charger’ to Unicode Consortium

There are now about 3,000 emojis, but none for electric cars. Electrify America is out to change that, with a formal proposal and a new petition in pursuit of an EV emoji.

Electric Vehicles Stories July 8

Maryland’s state electric vehicle tax credit program has proven so popular that rebate funding was depleted for the entire fiscal year before it even began on July 1, 2019.

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Electric Vehicles Stories July 1

The European Union rule which requires new electric cars to emit a noise for pedestrian safety goes into effect today. What does that mean for the EV industry as a whole?

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Electric Vehicles Stories June 28

A coalition of US mayors announced it will purchase more than 2,100 electric vehicles for their cities and counties by 2020. But that commitment could have been more than 50 times larger, if the mayors followed their initial path.

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