Electric Vehicles Stories February 8

Aidan McClean rented a lot of cars during his years of business travel. After visiting nearly every international airport in Europe and the U.S., and trying all sorts of different rental companies, the experience never got any better. “It just didn’t work,” he said.

So he started his own car rental company — and it only rents EVs.

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Electric Vehicles Stories February 6

A group of Republican senators have introduced a new bill to kill the federal electric vehicle tax credit completely and add a new annual tax for electric vehicles. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories December 18, 2018

The EU made official its deal to cut CO2 emissions from new cars by 37.5% by 2030, which should force automakers to sell more electric vehicles in Europe. expand full story

You can’t expect a lot from someone who thinks coal is the future, but Donald Trump is pushing his lack of vision a step further by now going after electric vehicles.

Trump says that automakers who go all-electric will fail and calls GM CEO Mary Barra’s latest restructuring ‘nasty’. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories November 20, 2018

As some have launched efforts to extend the federal tax credit for electric vehicles in order to accelerate EV adoption in the US, several trade groups representing oil companies are fighting back.  expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories October 29, 2018

Different markets offer different electric vehicle incentives. At this point, we have seen a wide variety of them, but probably none as unique as this new one from Austria.

The government announced a series of new incentives including allowing for a higher speed limit for electric cars during air pollution warnings. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories October 10, 2018

At a time when most governments are looking at ways to encourage electric vehicle adoption, a Republican senator has now introduced a new bill to end the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars and instead tax them more. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories October 2, 2018

Gaius Auto has taken to the 2018 Paris Motor Show to unveil their new electric cargo scooter, the RAPIDE 3.

Combining the cargo capacity of a light truck and the nimbleness of a scooter, the RAPIDE 3 electric cargo scooter could have a huge impact on the transportation market of the developing world. It fuses a classic three-wheeled vehicle design with the latest in battery technology to create a revolutionary new commercial vehicle.

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Electric Vehicles Stories September 3, 2018

To date, the best ad I’ve seen for electric vehicles has been a Dodge Challenger Demon ad (pictured above) because they had to include fine-prints saying that their “best” performance claims excluded electric cars.

That’s partly because automakers are still simply not advertising their electric vehicles as shown by a new study. expand full story

Electric Vehicles Stories July 21, 2018

The military has often led the development of technologies for defense and warfare, but it hasn’t so much been the case for electric vehicles. Lately, the US military has made some significant investments in EVs and they started showcasing some of their work.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently unveiled ‘extreme’ in-hub electric motors for vehicles with military applications. expand full story

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