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Tesla Model X

The first all-electric SUV

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October 2013 - February 2017

The Tesla Model X is the first all-electric SUV and the second vehicle released on Tesla’s second generation platform.

Tesla Model X Stories February 7

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Tesla’s in-car internet browser is bad. Almost unusable. An upcoming software update is expected to improve it significantly and it could change the way Tesla owners use their large 17-in center screen since, as a new study shows, a strong majority of Tesla owners currently don’t even use the browser.

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Tesla Model X Stories February 6

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The Tesla Model X is not your average electric vehicle. I am not only talking about the Flacon Wing doors or the fact that it’s a SUV capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. It’s also the first electric vehicle with a decent towing capacity.

While most people are using the towing capacity to tow boats or trailers, some are finding more out-of-the-box ways to use the vehicle. expand full story


Tesla Model X Stories January 20

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While Tesla only started delivering the Model X in China in June of last year, the all-electric SUV is reportedly already popular in the country. It was even going for a 40% premium ($240k US) on the Chinese gray market and it helped Tesla increase its deliveries in the country to reportedly around 10,000 units in total (S and X).

Some of the first owners gathered in order to set a new Guinness World Record. expand full story

We knew it was coming for a while now. Ever since Tesla introduced the P100D battery back for the Model S and X, but the automaker said at the time that it wanted to focus on making the performance version of the pack and that the non-performance would follow later.

That is apparently today since Tesla quietly updated its online design studio early this morning and both the 100D version is available for both the Model S and X. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories January 10

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In the past few weeks, we reported on a Tesla Model X owner in California who sued Tesla over what he claims was a sudden acceleration caused by his all-electric SUV. The result – as shown above – was his Model X crashing through his garage and into his living room. The automaker says that the logs show the driver pressed on the accelerator when he should have been pressing on the brake pedal.

As we reported last week, the owner of the Model X, a celebrity in Korea, has launched a media campaign to discredit Tesla and now his lawyer says that they are seeking a recall from NHTSA and compares the situation to Toyota’s $1.6 billion settlement for sudden acceleration events. expand full story


Tesla Model X Stories January 2

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Last week, we reported on a Model X owner suing Tesla after he crashed his vehicle through his garage and into his living room. Ji Chang Son claims that when pulling into his garage, his Model X accelerated autonomously and caused the crash.

The company claimed that Son, a singer and actor in South Korea, threatened to use his celebrity status in the country to affect the company right when it is about to launch in the market unless Tesla would make a financial payment and admit that the accident was the fault of the vehicle.

The actor didn’t deny that and it looks like he actually followed through with the threat since he has been on a media blitz in Korea since filing the lawsuit in California last Friday. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories December 30, 2016

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We covered claims of sudden acceleration in Tesla’s vehicles quite extensively at Electrek this year, which is why we are not surprised to see that the issue being taken to court after a new accident. In September, we published a report based on several reported events of sudden acceleration, especially in the Model X (like the one pictured above), and we concluded that all concrete evidence, including a third-party review of the vehicle logs in one case, points to user mistakes – pressing the accelerator instead of the brake pedal to be precise.

Now a Model X owner has filed a lawsuit against Tesla in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California and he is seeking class action status based on other previously reported cases of alleged autonomous acceleration events in Tesla’s vehicles.

Tesla responded to the suit quite strongly in a statement claiming that not only the vehicle was not at fault, but also that the owner, a famous actor and singer in South Korea, “threatened to use his celebrity status in Korea to hurt Tesla unless [the company] agreed to make a financial payment and acknowledge that the vehicle accelerated on its own.” expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories December 29, 2016

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Consumer Reports’ recently released 2016 Owner Satisfaction survey was, as usual, a big win for Tesla.  The electric automaker came in as the top brand once again, as they have every year they have been included in the survey.

The Model S also earned the top spot in the car-by-car ratings, with 94% satisfaction.  This is down from the 99% and 98% the car earned in its early years, which is understandable as the car reaches a wider audience beyond the most faithful early adopters.  The Model X wasn’t too far behind, with 88% satisfaction. See a partial table below the jump.

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Tesla Model X Stories December 23, 2016

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Launch control, an electronic aid to assist drivers in accelerating from a standstill, has been known to sometimes have a negative effect on vehicles if used too often. It can result in premature wear of components due to the high stress placed on them. Some performance car manufacturers either limit the power after a predetermined number of launches, or they void the warranty after a certain limit.

Earlier this year, Tesla introduced its own version of launch control, ‘Launch Mode’, for the performance versions of its vehicles – a first in a production electric car. Now we learn that Tesla is limiting its own launch mode in a similar way, which is something owners were widely unaware of, and some may find their power output permanently limited due to the situation. expand full story

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