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Tesla Model X

The first all-electric SUV

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October 2013 - June 2017

The Tesla Model X is the first all-electric SUV and the second vehicle released on Tesla’s second generation platform.

Tesla Model X Stories June 13

Tesla did it again with the Model X. NHTSA confirmed today that after crash testing Tesla’s all-electric SUV, it received a 5-star rating in every safety category – making it the highest safety rated SUV.

Of all the vehicles tested by NHTSA, only the Tesla Model S bested the Model X for the lowest probability of injury in a crash. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories June 12

Ever since the launch of the Model X in 2015, Tesla said that they expect the SUV to receive 5-star ratings in every single safety category – just like the Model S.

NHTSA has yet to confirm those claims, but they now released the first crash test videos and therefore, the official ratings shouldn’t be too far behind.

Update: NHTSA has since confirmed: Tesla Model X officially becomes highest safety rated SUV with 5-star rating in every safety category expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories June 7

During “a routine internal test this week”, Tesla has found an “anomaly with the passenger airbag in a right-hand-drive Model X.” the company says that it is not aware of any accident where it caused an issue, but it is nonetheless proactively pushing an update.

Tesla started sending a notice to the affected owners tonight to let them know that they are pushing a software update in order to fix the issue. expand full story


Tesla Model X Stories May 30

After several Tesla Roadsters and an original Tzero were lost in a devastating fire earlier this month, we might lose another rare electric vehicle.

Fortunately, like with the fire, no one was hurt and we are only talking about material things, but it’s a bit of EV history nonetheless.

One of the few Tesla Model X Founder Series crashed into a stone wall last week – leaving the vehicle possibly totaled. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories May 26

While Tesla has been increasingly focusing on other markets, like China, where it had some significant success lately, the US remains Tesla’s most important market and where it dominates its segments.

Tesla shocked the industry last year when it confirmed having delivered 25,202 Model S sedans in the U.S. in 2015, which gave the company a 25% market share in the premium sedan market.

Some industry watchers thought that it might be a fluke, but the latest registration data suggests that Tesla is still maintaining its lead in the large luxury sedan segment in 2017. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories May 25

The popularity of Tesla vehicles spurred some new aftermarket modification companies, like Unplugged Performance and TSportline, and the attention of established, like Saleen or Larte Design.

Now FAB Design, a tuning company known for its Mercedes-Benz designs, unveiled a new body kit for the Tesla Model X. expand full story


Tesla Model X Stories May 15

We heard plenty of crazy stories of Tesla drivers crediting Tesla’s vehicles for saving their lives after severe accidents, like when a Model S driver walked away unscathed from a crash ~500-ft down a hill last month or when a Model X crashed into a semi-truck earlier this year.

Now we have a similar story today of a man crediting Tesla for saving his life after a stolen car in a chase with the police crashed into the Model X that he rented for his wedding the next day. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories May 4

When asked by analysts why the company’s inventory of finished vehicles increased last quarter, Tesla President of Global Sales and Service Jon McNeil said yesterday that it could be explained by adding ~1,000 Model X test drive vehicles to the company’s fleet.

Furthermore, CEO Elon Musk added that Tesla is also growing its fleet of loaner vehicles and owners will be happy to learn that they will all be Tesla’s top-of-the-line P100D vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Model X Stories May 1

At the 2017 Fire Department Instructors Conference last week, Hurst Jaws of Life made some impressive (and expensive) vehicle rescue demonstrations using not one but two Tesla Model X SUVs. expand full story


Tesla Model X Stories April 27

At one point last year, Tesla offered almost $20,000 in software-upgradable options when buying a vehicle and started advertising upgrading to the software-locked features through in-car purchases – pictured above.

After the recent changes in its vehicle lineup, Tesla has now slashed the prices of the most important software-locked features: the battery capacity upgrades. expand full story

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