Tesla Model S Overview Updated October 21, 2017

Tesla Model S

First volume production car developed from the ground up by Tesla

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August 2013 - October 2017

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle developed by Tesla, but it was based on a chassis by Lotus.

The Model S start at $66,000 for the Model S 60 base version and can go up to $130,000 in the US for the all equipped Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode.

The range varies from 210 miles to 284 miles.

You can read our latest stories on the Tesla Model S below:

Tesla Model S Stories October 21

Earlier this year, Tesla introduced new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X vehicles. The automaker never explained the impressive upgrade, which resulted in about 1-second faster 0 to 60 mph acceleration in almost all vehicle versions, beyond saying that it’s the result of both “software and hardware improvements.”

Now we learn that the company leveraged those improvements and they can implement them through a software update on some older Model S and X 75D vehicles for free. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 20

As we reported last week, Tesla is releasing new Model 3 software update to calibrate Autopilot for more features.

Some owners have apparently received the update and we now get our first look at the first features it enables: Autopark expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 19

Consumer Reports has released their latest reliability rating for the Model S, upgrading its rating from “average” to “above average.”  This is the first time Tesla has received an “above average” rating from Consumer Reports.

In the same article, Consumer Reports also mentions their “predicted reliability” for the Model 3.  They give these ratings out based on previous experience with a manufacturer and whether a new model is a significant departure from previous models – and this is not unique to Tesla, they give predicted reliability scores to other cars too.  Since the Model 3 doesn’t share many parts with the Model S but is expected to be less complex, and since Tesla has had difficulties with reliability of early VINs before, Consumer Reports is taking the middle ground as far as predictions go and predicts average reliability out of the Model 3.  They will not have an actual rating until owners have time to report back with their real-life experiences.

expand full story

Tesla is about to come out with a new all-electric service vehicle based on the Model S and Model X vehicles, according to Jon McNeill, Tesla’s President of Global Sales and Services.

The new vehicles will be used to replace service vans – pictured above – in Tesla’s mobile service program as soon as next year, said the executive. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 18

There’s a lot of talk about electric vehicle fires even though there’s no statistic showing that they catch on fire any more frequently than gas-powered cars.

But there’s no doubt that they burn differently and it is affecting the work of first responders as we reported in a ‘Behind the scene look at how firefighters disabled a Tesla battery while extinguishing a Model S fire’.

We now have another interesting example with a new Model S crash in Austria. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 16

Tesla unveiled today an updated Model S and Model X design featuring a new dual connector charge port system to support more than one charging standard on its electric vehicles. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 5

One of the main concerns of some Tesla Model 3 reservation holders is the availability of the $7,500 federal tax credit that starts to phase out after Tesla hits 200,000 deliveries in the US. Tesla aims for the Model 3 to be competitive without the credit, but some reservations holders have been counting on it nonetheless.

While it’s hard to predict when Tesla will hit the threshold, we got new information enabling us to have a better insight into when the phase-out period should start. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories October 1

The third quarter has ended and Tesla is now expected to end the year strong with a busy fourth quarter on many fronts.

Here’s what to expect from the company this month. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories September 27

We were impressed when we first learned of the ‘Tesla Model S P90++’, which we called the first ‘truly performance tuned’ Tesla Model S.

Now the car goes on sale and if you want to own this unique Tesla vehicle, you have to shell out $150,000. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories September 25

As expected since our report last week, Tesla updated its online design studio last night to remove the single rear-wheel drive motor option for Model S.

The move results in an increase in the base price of Tesla’s flagship sedan to $74,500. expand full story

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