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Tesla Model S

First volume production car developed from the ground up by Tesla

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The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle developed by Tesla, but it was based on a chassis by Lotus.

The Model S start at $66,000 for the Model S 60 base version and can go up to $130,000 in the US for the all equipped Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode.

The range varies from 210 miles to 284 miles.

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Tesla Model S Stories Today

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The new 100D battery pack option wasn’t the only change to Tesla’s online design studio today. A few months ago, the automaker started bundling the interior options of its Model X to streamline the ordering process and ultimately its production. Tesla says that the program was successful so they are now bringing it to Model S. expand full story

While Tesla only started delivering the Model X in China in June of last year, the all-electric SUV is reportedly already popular in the country. It was even going for a 40% premium ($240k US) on the Chinese gray market and it helped Tesla increase its deliveries in the country to reportedly around 10,000 units in total (S and X).

Some of the first owners gathered in order to set a new Guinness World Record. expand full story

We knew it was coming for a while now. Ever since Tesla introduced the P100D battery back for the Model S and X, but the automaker said at the time that it wanted to focus on making the performance version of the pack and that the non-performance would follow later.

That is apparently today since Tesla quietly updated its online design studio early this morning and both the 100D version is available for both the Model S and X. expand full story


Tesla Model S Stories January 19

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Following the ‘Ludicrous+’ software update that unleashed more power in the Tesla Model S P100d and achieved a 2.46-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration in its first test, CEO Elon Musk said that there’s actually still room for improvement and that the P100D stock could reach a 2.3-second time.

As it turns, he was right since a Model S P100D just ran a 0-60mph in 2.389-second after the ‘Ludicrous+’ software update. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories January 17

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Last month, we reported on Tesla limiting the power output of its performance vehicles after frequent use of ‘launch mode’ and max power. It’s something other sports car manufacturers do in order to prevent premature wear of components due to the high stress placed on them during those launches.

The revelation frustrated several owners because it wasn’t actually communicated to them in any way. After our report, Tesla quickly corrected that, but now they went a step further this week and decided to completely walk back all software performance reductions tied to the frequent use of max power. expand full story

Takata’s faulty airbag inflators resulted in the largest automotive recall in U.S. history and it got even bigger last year when they added 40 million more airbags, including some installed in Tesla vehicles. The recall affects over 40 million vehicles and it is one of the most complex ever undertaken.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued several guidelines to facilitate the process of gradually recalling the cars based on the risk they represent and now Tesla will start replacing passenger airbags in its older Model S sedans in the coming weeks. expand full story


Germany’s A1 Autobahn was the scene of a fatal 31-vehicle carambolage last weekend that resulted in the tragic death of a 73-year-old Tesla Model S driver and in injuries to 15 more people (6 serious and 9 minor injuries). In total, 26 cars, 3 semi trucks, and 2 large transport vans were involved, but the Model S grabbed the headlines since the death happened in the vehicle and some media quickly jumped at the possibility of Tesla’s Autopilot being the cause. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories January 16

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Electric vehicles have an obvious potential for saving lives. A recent study by the American Lung Association suggests that EVs could save thousands of lives per year in the US by reducing air pollution. But there’s also a less known design advantage of electric cars already saving lives today.

We’ve talked before about the lack of a large engine in the front being extremely useful in case of a frontal collision, especially in the Tesla Model S, and now we have yet another great example of it after a severe accident that happened in Virgina last night. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories January 14

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Electric GT, an all-Tesla and all-electric racing championship, recently announced that they will use the Tesla Model S P100D instead of the Model S P85+ for their race car. They unveiled their modified version at the annual Autosport International Show in Birmingham today and claimed some impressing new specs. expand full story


Tesla Model S Stories January 13

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Tesla’s strategy of delivering vehicles with software-locked features is certainly novel in the auto industry – at least at their scale. We reported last year that Tesla was now offering almost $20,000 in software-upgradable options after buying some vehicles.

Based on pricing, the most significant upgrade is the Model S 60 battery pack upgrade to 75 kWh. Now Tesla has slashed the price of the battery upgrade by 22%. expand full story

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