Tesla Model S Overview Updated August 17, 2018

Tesla Model S

First volume production car developed from the ground up by Tesla

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August 2013 - August 2018

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla.

The Model S is now offered only in all-wheel-drive with dual motors.

75 kWh and 100 kWh battery pack options are available and all cars come with Autopilot hardware.

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Tesla Model S Stories August 17

It seems like all the news around Tesla these days are about the stock, the business, and basically everything except the actual products.

Tesla has now released a cool new ‘family photo’ with all its vehicles from Tesla Semi to the Model 3 and it reminds us what it is all about: the products and their impact. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories August 6

Last week, we reported on Tesla’s plans to update the Model S and Model X over the next few years to push the lifecycle of the cars to 2021.

Now a designer tries to envision a Tesla Model S refresh. Do you love it or hate it? expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 30

As we just reported, Tesla is planning an interior design refresh for the Model S and Model X. You can read our report for the timing and reason behind the update.

In this new report, we look at the actual planned design as Tesla is bringing the spartan minimalist Model 3 interior design to the Model S and Model X while keeping some more premium features in the more expensive flagship vehicles.

expand full story

Tesla doesn’t follow the usual model year update like the rest of the auto industry. With the exception of a somewhat significant Model S exterior/fascia  refresh in 2016, Tesla instead gradually introduces relatively small improvements whenever they are ready for production.

WIth those incremental updates adding up, Tesla currently considers the Model S to be on its third generation in just about 6 years.

Electrek has now learned some exclusive internal information about Tesla’s plan for the next Model S and Model X generation with a big interior design refresh.  expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 20

While all the focus is currently on the Model 3, Tesla updated the Model S and Model X design studio by making the ‘Premium Upgrades Package’ standard on the non-performance versions of both vehicles.

The result is the base prices of the Model S and Model X have now increased, but both vehicles are getting the more premium features for less money. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 17

Tesla’s vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with taxi and shuttle services, which are pushing their vehicles a lot over short periods of time – giving us a good glimpse at how the cars hold up with high mileage.

Tesloop, a Tesla-only shuttle service based in Southern California, recently had a Model S reach 400,000 miles on the odometer and gave an account of how it is holding up. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 7

Automatic emergency braking is rapidly becoming a standard feature in new cars and a must-test feature for road authorities.

The Luxembourg testing and standardization authority (ILNAS) did just that with the Tesla Model S and the vehicle failed, but Tesla questions the validity of the test. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 3

We haven’t heard anything from Lucid Motors for a while as their production plans for the Lucid Air are still dependent on them closing a significant series D financing round.

Despite the production plans still being murky, Lucid’s development program is still ongoing.

Recently, they even broke the latest production EV record at Laguna race track… though they broke it with a Tesla Model S P100D and not their own electric car. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories June 22

After a few delays and setback over the last year, Electric GT, the Tesla racing championship, is now pushing ahead for the first season to start at the end of the year.

Now they have delivered the first Tesla Model S P100D stripped-down and race-ready to one of the Electric GT teams that will be competing in the championship. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories June 16

The battery pack of a Tesla Model S caught on fire yesterday in Los Angeles.

The owner says that the fire started “out of the blue” without any impact while the vehicle was being driven in traffic. Tesla says that it is investigating the situation. expand full story

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