Tesla Model S Overview Updated September 17, 2018

Tesla Model S

First volume production car developed from the ground up by Tesla

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August 2013 - September 2018

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla.

The Model S is now offered only in all-wheel-drive with dual motors.

75 kWh and 100 kWh battery pack options are available and all cars come with Autopilot hardware.

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Tesla Model S Stories September 17

Yesterday we reported that Tesla reclaimed the Laguna Seca record for a production EV with a Model 3 Performance driven by an amateur, but now we can confirm that the Model S P100D officially holds the record. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories September 5

A few months ago, the battery pack of a Tesla Model S caught on fire in Los Angeles seemingly on its own without any accident.

As the NTSB releases a preliminary report about the incident, Tesla released an update saying that the battery fire was “an extraordinarily unusual occurrence’ and it is still investigating the cause. expand full story

With the end of the quarter approaching, Tesla is pulling on a new demand lever to help sell Model S and Model X vehicles.

Electrek has learned that the automaker has lifted its restriction on ending Model S and Model X leases early if the lessee gets a new car by the end of the quarter. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories August 29

Watch a Tesla Model S go airborne after speeding over a railway track

Tesla’s vehicles have a low center of gravity thanks to the large battery pack installed at the bottom.

It makes them very difficult to flip or go airborne, which makes this spectacular incident particularly impressive.

Tesla Model S Stories August 22

A Tesla Model S vehicle has caught fire while driving on the highway in New Jersey earlier today.

The owner says that the vehicle caught on fire after it hit a component that fell off a truck and he said that he was “happy” with how the Model S kept him safe. expand full story

The Netherlands has long been an important market for Tesla. It’s one of its biggest markets for sales per capita and it’s where the automaker has established its European headquarters and built its first final assembly factory in Europe.

Now Tesla’s sales are surging in the country ahead of the end of an EV incentive. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories August 17

It seems like all the news around Tesla these days are about the stock, the business, and basically everything except the actual products.

Tesla has now released a cool new ‘family photo’ with all its vehicles from Tesla Semi to the Model 3 and it reminds us what it is all about: the products and their impact. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories August 6

Last week, we reported on Tesla’s plans to update the Model S and Model X over the next few years to push the lifecycle of the cars to 2021.

Now a designer tries to envision a Tesla Model S refresh. Do you love it or hate it? expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories July 30

As we just reported, Tesla is planning an interior design refresh for the Model S and Model X. You can read our report for the timing and reason behind the update.

In this new report, we look at the actual planned design as Tesla is bringing the spartan minimalist Model 3 interior design to the Model S and Model X while keeping some more premium features in the more expensive flagship vehicles.

expand full story

Tesla doesn’t follow the usual model year update like the rest of the auto industry. With the exception of a somewhat significant Model S exterior/fascia  refresh in 2016, Tesla instead gradually introduces relatively small improvements whenever they are ready for production.

WIth those incremental updates adding up, Tesla currently considers the Model S to be on its third generation in just about 6 years.

Electrek has now learned some exclusive internal information about Tesla’s plan for the next Model S and Model X generation with a big interior design refresh.  expand full story

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