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Tesla Model S

First volume production car developed from the ground up by Tesla

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August 2013 - March 2017

The Tesla Model S is an all-electric luxury sedan and the first vehicle developed from the ground up by Tesla. The Tesla Roadster was the first vehicle developed by Tesla, but it was based on a chassis by Lotus.

The Model S start at $66,000 for the Model S 60 base version and can go up to $130,000 in the US for the all equipped Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode.

The range varies from 210 miles to 284 miles.

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Tesla Model S Stories March 25

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Yesterday, we were blessed with an always appreciated and unusually long Tweetstorm by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He shared a few new details about the Model 3 and its rollout, but I feel like the main point that transpired from the Tweetstorm is that Musk is trying to down-sell the Model 3 and push the Model S instead.

It’s something that he already said Tesla is attempting to do when potential customers show interest in the Model 3 for which the company already has a backlog of ~400,000 reservations – he called it “anti-selling the Model 3′ in a recent conference call with analysts, but it was never clearer than in the series of tweets he sent out yesterday. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories March 24

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This past weekend we saw not one, but two new quarter-mile records set by Tesla Model S P100Ds on the drag strip. And today we learn of another new record, this time by the folks over at the Tesla Racing Channel.  They’ve managed to bring the record down by another two-tenths of a second, with a whopping 10.44 @ 124.21 mph.

This run is slightly different from the previous “stock” runs though, as the car received a few modifications to achieve such a quick time.

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Tesla Model S Stories March 20

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Tesla’s fleet keeps racking up mileage. Back in October, we reported on Tesla reaching the 3 billion electric mile milestone and the company’s global fleet has managed to add 500 million in less than 3 months – bringing the total to 3.5 billion in December.

Over the weekend, the fleet reached another milestone on “the Road to the Next Billion”: 4 billion miles. expand full story

Last month, Motor Trend managed to make a 10.5-second quarter mile run in a stock Tesla Model S P100D with the new ‘Ludicrous+’ software upgrade, but it has not been replicable in the real world, aka uncorrected time on the dragstrip.

Before that, the best time recorded on the dragstrip since ‘Ludicrous+’ was 10.726 seconds, which was good enough to be a record for any stock production electric car or any stock 4-door sedan. There’s apparently room for improvements and the options on the vehicles can make a good difference since the record has now been broken with a 10.723-second run. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories March 17

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Electrek has learned that Tesla is planning to discontinue the least expensive versions of the Model S next month. Today, Tesla started sending out emails to warn potential buyers who have shown interest in the vehicles that the change is coming and Electrek confirmed the news with Tesla. expand full story


Electric GT, the all-electric and all-Tesla racing championship, has promised to deliver a stripped-down racetrack-ready Tesla Model S P100D  that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.0 seconds (0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds). The weight reduction is critical to this accomplishment and they have now revealed how they did it.

While the bulk of the weight reduction, which they now claim to be 1,100 lbs, came from stripping the interior, the championship partnered with natural fiber composite manufacturer Bcomp to further reduce the weight with biocomposite panels. expand full story

Tesla Model S Stories March 15

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We spoke too soon last month when we reported that “the controversy around Tesla’s undisclosed performance restrictions is finally truly coming to an end” as the automaker was deploying a new update to seemingly remove those restrictions.

As it turns out, the update was interpreted poorly by most people, myself included. Since the latest update, every owner of a Tesla performance car (Model S/X P85D, P90D, P100D) can access the full power of their vehicle, but they have to use ‘Launch Mode’. It’s now the only way to reach max power. expand full story

Last week, we reported on deliveries of Tesla’s new Model S and X 100D being delayed by a few weeks even though some of the vehicles were sitting in Tesla’s parking lots in stores and service centers. The problem was with the EPA’s certification for the vehicle.

We now learn that the issue has been resolved and Tesla started deliveries of the first few Model S/X 100D units. expand full story


Tesla Model S Stories March 10

TSLA: 243.69

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We have seen some pretty crazy vinyl wrap jobs on Tesla vehicles over the years, including a gold chrome Model S that looked fit for President Trump, but today we look at something completely different: a Tesla Model S wrapped to make it look like 2D cartoon. expand full story

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