Panasonic has risen to the top position as a battery cell supplier for the auto industry through its partnership with Tesla, which has become the largest battery consumer in the world.

Now Toyota is courting the company for a battery partnership as the major Japanese automaker is playing catch up in the EV space. expand full story

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Wind Turbines as Artistic Canvas – Senvion, a German wind turbine manufacturer supports local artists by allowing them to use its turbines as an artistic canvas. Artists in Portugal and Australia have also collaborated with their local wind industry to create original works of art. Imagine painting wind turbines so they create a sort of optical illusion and blend themselves into the local environment. Could we gain optical benefit from these giant structures?

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Tesla’s new delivery center located in a large building in Marina del Rey is now opened and delivering the Model 3 vehicles that were stockpiled at the location over the past few weeks.

The launch of the new location coincided with the start of Model 3 deliveries to regular customers, but another group with priority delivery is also taking advantage of the location – SpaceX employees. expand full story

When we learned earlier this year that a group of engineers in Europe set out to turn a Tesla Model S into a station wagon, also known as a shooting-brake, and make it available as a mod, I suggested that it’s not unimaginable after another company turned a Model S into a hearse.

Now this same company announced that it is also working on a Model S wagon. expand full story


WM Motor, a Chinese EV startup reportedly backed by a $1 billion investment and led by a former Geely executive, unveiled its first electric SUV prototype this week and launched its new brand called ‘Weltmeister’.

The vehicle looks suspiciously a lot like the Mitsubishi Outlander, which isn’t exactly surprising since we caught them photoshopping the vehicle on top of Outlander press images last yearexpand full story

Green Deals: Razor Electric Street Bike $180 (Reg. $280), more

Amazon offers the Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike for $179.99 shipped. For comparison, it has been listed between $280 and $330 at retailers like Toys R Us. Today’s deal is $60 less than our previous mention and an Amazon all-time low. The 24V battery offers up to 30-minutes of continuous use on a single charge. It has a chain-driven motor and 10-inch mag wheels. Razor’s entire lineup is typically well-rated.

SunPower’s stock jumped 12% on Monday partially because an analyst is highly impressed with the sales opportunity of the P Series solar panel.

The solar panel raises efficiency partially through the use of a weird $9 trick – shingling solar cells – to maximize direct sunlight on silicon. The new panel could be built in the world’s largest capacity solar panel factory.

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As part of its current legal battle over the right to sell its electric cars directly to customers in the state of Michigan, Tesla is trying to subpoena communications between automakers, auto dealers, and legislators over the law that banned direct sales from automakers.

They have been trying to get the communications from three specific auto dealers and today, a judge denied an appeal from those dealerships, which should force them to turn over their communications to Tesla’s legal team.

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Tesla’s Destination charging network is not getting as much attention as the automaker’s Supercharger network, but it is also growing fast.

Now, we’ve learned of a new deployment of ‘100 Destination chargers’ in a single deal to be approved today by the city of Norfolk in Virginia. expand full story

Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news. Featured Image Source.

Energy Storage Well Past the ‘Tipping Point,’ Panel Says – A mix of comments, So, 10 years from now, do I think we’ll have a commercially available storage technology that’s below $100/kWh? Sure.; “I think you could argue that the tipping point was several years ago when big PJM systems started to come online,”; and “We’re looking at much more ambitious efforts that would require the attributes of a flow battery, which is a minimum of six to 12 hours of energy.”. A lot to unpack in this article – including a reference to storage being too expensive relative to a large number of energy actions. Big, pretty words though – we’re past a tipping point, but not yet to wide market application yet – which means we believe the amount of projects that can get built-in smaller expensive, incentivized markets is enough to build the factories that will deliver the learning curve benefits. A machine is in motion that seems to now generate its own steam.

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