Apple may buy cobalt direct from mining companies as EV demand soars

Apple is reportedly in talks about buying cobalt direct from miners in a long-term deal set to span five years or more. The report is given weight by the CEO of one mining company confirming Apple has held discussions about cobalt, which is used in the lithium-ion batteries which power Apple devices …

When it comes to Tesla’s delivery delays, almost everyone is talking about the Model 3, but today the Model S and Model X delivery delays are more interesting.

Tesla increased the delivery wait times for new orders of both vehicles – claiming that high demand is creating a backlog. expand full story


The first Volvo-made all-electric vehicle is apparently going to be the Polestar 2, but the Chinese-owned Swedish automaker now confirms that it will also launch an all-electric vehicle under its own brand soon. expand full story

Home Solar Power

Kimbal Musk, Elon’s brother, a Tesla board member, and an accomplished restaurateur is giving away his Tesla Model 3, the 6th one ever made, in order to raise money for his organization that provides learning gardens for children.

Here’s how you can help and get a chance to win the Model 3 for as little as $10. expand full story

Even with a mere 5,000-lb rated capacity, the Tesla Model X is already the passenger electric vehicle with the highest towing capacity currently available on the market.

But some owners have been testing it with much bigger loads and we now might have a new record, a 95,000-lb semi truck. expand full story

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies lately has come with several instances of widespread hacking efforts to hijack computing power in order to mine cryptocurrencies, which is sometimes referred to as “cryptojacking”.

Tesla was apparently also the victim of such a cryptojacking effort. expand full story

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China Flooded U.S. With Solar Panels Before Trump’s TariffsFourth-quarter deliveries from China were almost 11 times higher than in the first nine months of 2017, according to a report Friday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Manufacturers also hauled panels and cells across the border from Mexico, Canada and other countries to beat the import duties that were announced last month. Key point for folks buying solar – does your contractor have a connection to some of these panels? Were they all bought by bigtime developers for their projects alone? It looks like SunPower made some imports as well – so they’ve probably got decently priced product still. If you’re buying right now – use this knowledge as pricing leverage if a contractor’s price is a bit strong.

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The Tesla Model S has been dominating the luxury segment in its home turf, the US, for a few years now, but it had yet to surpass some flagship gas-powered German premium cars in Europe until now.

The Californian automaker’s Model X is also seeing more success in Europe. expand full story

Hyperloop One hasn’t been in the news as much since they secured a new investment from Richard Branson’s Virgin and changed their name, but now they are coming back into the spotlight with a deal presented as “historic”.

They signed an agreement with India to build a major hyperloop system between Pune and Mumbai. expand full story

February 19

Since Tesla unveiled the next-gen Roadster prototype, it created a new benchmark for other companies developing supercars. Rimac has reportedly changed its plans for its upcoming new vehicle after the Roadster was unveiled.

Now a small Japenese company has entered the race with its new all-electric hypercar. expand full story

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