The next generation of electric vehicle charging stations are coming and while most companies are focusing on getting the highest charge rate possible, Tesla is also looking to automate the charging process to prepare its infrastructure for its fully self-driving update.

A recently released patent application gives a glimpse at a potential solution that Tesla could implement for both high speed charging and automated charging. expand full story

In this week’s top stories: our top story this week was our look into a spectacular accident in a Tesla Model S where the owner credited the vehicle for saving his life and his passenger. We also look into some analysis of Tesla Semi ahead of the unveiling, a new electric VTOL aircraft, and much more. expand full story

April 21

GM is bringing the Chevy Volt to China as the Buick Velite 5. It was announced last year, but they officially debuted the vehicle in Shanghai this week.

The company also confirmed that they plan to start manufacturing all-electric vehicles in China within two years. expand full story


The current number one priority at Tesla is clearly to bring the Model 3 to production on time with high reliability. We went looking for the most recent building permits issued for Tesla’s Fremont factory to monitor the progress and it’s clear that there has been a lot of activity during the past few months.

It shows that Tesla has been setting up the assembly line for the Model 3 and it even hints at “Tesla automated parking Superchargers”. expand full story

Ireland is one of the last European markets, outside of eastern Europe, where Tesla still doesn’t have an official presence, but that’s about to change.

They started taking orders for the Model S and X in December and now they are about to open their first location and Supercharger next week. expand full story


As part of the BMW of North America and the US National Parks Services event we wrote about earlier, we had a chance to take a look at Thomas Edison’s garage in Llewellyn Park and his Detroit Electric Model 47 that is on display there. This is the actual car the Thomas and his wife Mina used about one hundred years ago when electric vehicles were quite popular. Around the turn of the century only 22% of vehicles on the road were gasoline powered, 40% were powered by steam and a whopping 38% (= 33,842 vehicles) of all the vehicles on the road were EV’s. Imagine 38 percent of today’s vehicles being electric vehicles and what an impact that would make on emissions and noise pollution…

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Major Solar Projects List from the SEIA – The USA has about 45GW of solar power running currently. This report looks specifically at projects larger than 1MW – and they’ve got about 20GW worth in the database. More interesting is that there is another 50GW of solar power in the development stages. The installation dates go through 2021 – meaning if we do nothing but what we have in the utility scale pipeline, no new projects and nothing residential or small commercial considered (many 1MW+ projects are commercial or community solar), then we will double our installed solar capacity in five years.

While other industrialized nations are ridding themselves of coal, the Trump Administration is ramping up production. Great.

World’s largest – by 10X – battery storage park proposed4,000MWh lithium ion battery proposed for Australia – 2017 is the year we will see massive projects proposed all over the world for lithium ion, solar and wind. The prices fell so far in the past, and the global capital markets are ready to fund. Of course, this projects is proposed – that means there is a lot of work to do, and its got competition from hundreds of projects in Australia (South AustraliaElon – world’s biggest solar + storage).

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After our Electrek Review of the 2017 Hyundai IONIQ Electric, we were quite impressed with the car – especially with the aggressive $29,500 price before incentive. And now the company is launching a new ‘unlimited subscription’ program for its first all-electric vehicle that could reduce the entry price even more.

The only problem is that Hyundai is shaping up the Ioniq Electric to be a compliance car in the process. expand full story


Even though Tesla’s stock price had a tenfold increase over the last five years and it has recently surged to new highs, Elon Musk predicts that it’s only the beginning.

The CEO now “firmly believes” that the stock has the potential for another tenfold increase “over the next five to ten years”.  expand full story

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