As we previously reported, Tesla will be prioritizing early Model 3 deliveries for their employees, which is a welcomed initiative for many of them since the Model 3 is, in some cases, the first Tesla vehicle that they can afford.

Tesla started informing their employees of the process to get a priority delivery, but they are also now informed that they cannot resell the vehicles for a profit. expand full story

In March, Tesla launched a fan-made commercial competition for people to submit <90-second videos promoting Tesla.

The company has now chosen 10 videos out of hundreds of submissions and people can vote on them to get 3 final winners. expand full story

While Tesla CTO JB Straubel said that he doesn’t expect the Gigafactory to be a bottleneck for the production of the Model 3, the company still needs to expand its production capacity if it wants to hit next year’s target of 35 GWh of battery production.

We now learn of their latest expansion projects through new building permits. expand full story


Tesla is bringing the Model 3 to market at $35,000 to be competitive with any other vehicle in its segment without incentives, but that doesn’t mean that buyers can’t take advantage of them.

Yesterday, the Model 3 was officially added to the list of eligible vehicles for California Air Resources Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) – bringing the cost of the vehicle down to $25,000 for most buyers after the federal tax credit, which is expected to start phasing out for Tesla’s vehicles at some point next year. expand full story

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Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017 “If this turns out to be of major concern, then fossil fuel combustion will be essentially unacceptable, an important justification for expanding the nuclear and solar energy options,” Dr. Cyril ComaryetIn 1991, Edison Electric Industry and Southern Company spearheaded the Information Council on the Environment listed as its top strategy an effor to “reposition global warming as theory (not fact).” The electricity utilities and the fossil fuel majors both knew. They knew back in the 1960s explicitly – yet they paid front groups to lie to the general public, and lobbied politicians to ignore science in exchange for campaign donations. Per the example set against the tobacco companies – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. People have died – and many more will because of these lies.

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While talks of upcoming projects and planned routes of Elon Musk’s new Boring Company have changed to long distance hyperloop systems lately, their main project appears to remain a network of tunnels to carry cars on electric sleds under Los Angeles.

Now Elon Musk released a test of the company’s new car elevator to enter those tunnels – using a Tesla Model S. expand full story


Tesla is about to deliver the first few Model 3 cars this week and ramp up production over the next few months.

With reservations estimated at around 500,000 units, if Tesla can stick to its production goals and work through that backlog over next 12 months or so, the Model 3 will have a massive (and difficult to understand) impact on the auto industry.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular cars that are taking a hit from the arrival of the Model 3. expand full story

July 25

After France announced earlier this month that it plans on banning new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, now the British government is about to announce similar measures this week. expand full story

We are only a few days away from the official reveal of the production Tesla Model 3 and sightings of prototypes, release candidates and production units have been multiplying. expand full story


Consumer Reports has been able to grab a lot of headlines with its ratings on the Tesla Model S. Earlier this year, Tesla’s stock plummeted after they downgraded Model S because the new vehicles with the second generation Autopilot hardware didn’t have Automatic Emergency Braking.

Now they are giving back the Model S’ top safety rating after Tesla updated the feature.  expand full story

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