Last year, Volvo announced that it was going “all electric“ by 2019, but it was actually only adding electric motors to each model.

Now, the company is clarifying its electrification plans with an announcement that they aim for 50% of sales to be ‘fully electric’ by 2025. expand full story

Green Deals: Rachio 2nd Gen. 16-zone Smart Sprinkler $159 (refurb), more

Today only, as one of its Special Buys of the Day, Home Depot offers the second generation 16-zone Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller in certified refurbished condition for $159 shipped. Originally selling for around $250, we’ve seen this model hit as low as $163 at Amazon in new condition. Rachio’s line of smart sprinkler controllers monitor the weather and offer Alexa/Assistant control. Creating schedules helps cut down on unnecessary watering. A one-year warranty is included with purchase. Rated 4.7/5 stars.

With the countless number of issues that Uber has faced in recent years from regulatory compliance in many markets to major culture problems, people have often been turning to alternatives for ride-hailing services recently.

Lyft has been the main one, but other startups are also seeing opportunities to offer the service in a better way.

One of them is currently emerging in France as an all-electric and socially responsible ride-hailing service. expand full story

Home Solar Power

Strong government programs and market conditions have led to rapidly growing electric vehicle demand in China and now automakers are launching vehicles exclusive to the market.

Nissan is the latest to get in on the trend with a new Leaf-based electric car. expand full story

Boosted Boards recently unveiled their new lineup of electric skateboards, improving the specs on their longboards and introducing a brand new and more affordable shortboard in two performance variations. Previously offering only longboards, Boosted’s new shortboard poises the company to compete directly with a growing field of smaller shortboard rivals. expand full story

Electric GT, the Tesla racing championship, had a few setbacks that resulted in delays, but they are now apparently ready to start after receiving FIA accreditation earlier this year.

This week, they confirmed their first 10 races for their inaugural 2018-2019 season. expand full story

Words like “premium” and “quality” are thrown around a lot, but every now and again an electric bicycle comes along that is more deserving of these accolades than the rest. Today, that ebike is the Stromer ST5.

The Stromer ST5 is the product of extreme attention to detail and a refusal to cut corners. The result is an ebike with incredible performance combined with features and finish that would surely make even Elon Musk proud. expand full story

Accidents involving Tesla’s Autopilot driver assist system are often making the news, but it’s rare that the near-miss incidents where Autopilot potentially made the difference get much attention.

But now a Tesla owner says Autopilot saved him from a near-miss crash with a semi truck caught on video. expand full story

As expected sinec they have been teasing the vehicle, BMW opened the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing with the unveiling of its next all-electric vehicle: the BMW iX3.

The German automaker claims a range of 250 miles of range for the all-electric SUV, which is expected to go to market in 2020 and interestingly, BMW confirmed that it will be first produced in Shenyang, China by its BMWBrilliance joint venture. expand full story

April 24

Ahead of the official launch in China, Tesla is debuting the Model 3 in the country at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show just as they could soon be authorized to produce the vehicle in the market. expand full story

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