During its first quarter 2019 earnings call last night, Tesla confirmed that it is delaying the production of Tesla Semi, its electric semi truck program, to next year. expand full story


Two weeks ago, Tesla removed the $35k Model 3 from their website, making it an “off-menu” item.  When asked, they couldn’t answer how long the model would be available – causing many, including Electrek, to assume that this was an attempt to “kill” the car.

It looks like that death won’t pan out yet, as today during Tesla’s Q1 earnings call, CEO Elon Musk made the promise that the 35k Model 3 “is there and will remain there” for sale for an indefinite time period.

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Tesla is going to launch a new insurance program set to launch next month, according to Elon Musk. The program comes as many Tesla buyers are complaining about the price of insurance for Tesla’s vehicles. expand full story

After market close today, Tesla released its financial results and shareholders letter for the first quarter of 2019.

We are updating this post with all the details from the financial results and shareholders letter. expand full story

Daimler will convert its existing factory in Portland to manufacture the company’s all-electric Freightliner trucks, Daimler Trucks North America CEO Roger Nielsen said today.

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Vintage Electric Bikes out of San Jose California is a boutique e-bike firm that specializes in great looking retro e-bikes that go surprisingly fast. This week I got to demo their whole lineup from their Cafe 750W pedal assist commuter to their Tracker which looks and feels like a small 3kW motorcycle and took me up a mountain at over 30 mph.

There’s so much to like about these bikes…

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For the past decade, Tesla has operated with only one vehicle assembly factory, but it’s currently building a new one in China and is considering another one in Germany, according to Elon Musk. expand full story

Energica’s riding academy will teach you to ride a 150 mph electric motorcycle

Energica is well known for their range of electric sportbikes. The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer even provides the electric racing motorcycles for the MotoE series.

But if you were worried that you can’t handle their 150 mph (251 km/h) bikes, then don’t fret. The company has announced a new riding academy that will train you with the pros.

A new report shows air pollution is getting worse in the US, and the current EPA’s efforts to weaken emissions regulations on cars and power plants are seen as a major threat to improving the state of affairs.

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Grab a 4-pack of vintage Edison LED light bulbs for $6, plus Ryobi’s electric cordless blower, more on sale

Today only, Newegg Flash offers a four-pack of Vintage Edison A19 LED Light Bulbs for $5.99 shipped. That’s good for 40% off the regular going rate and a match of our previous mention. Aside from the usual LED benefits – long lifespans and low energy costs – you’ll be able to enjoy vintage vibes, too. This model has a 2200K rating for a warm look. It’s compatible with E26 fixtures that you’ll find in most home. Head below for more deals.

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