Australia is already a huge market for Tesla Powerwall for many reasons. But now you can add one more: the South Australian government has approved Tesla’s home battery pack for an important subsidy worth ~50% of the battery pack for up to 40,000 homes. expand full story

Tesla owners have been reporting on forums and social media recently that thieves appear to be targeting Tesla vehicles.

Dozens of break-ins have been flagged, especially in the Bay Area, in the last few weeks and owners are now trying to find some solutions to the problem. expand full story


Tesla is launching today a new Wall Connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug – the automaker’s first non-hardwired Wall Connector for a home charging solution. expand full story

GM’s electrification approach by using Cadillac as its ‘lead electric brand’ is being heavily compared to Tesla’s and the company accepts that as it admits to being ‘obsessively’ benchmarking Tesla ahead of the launch of their first EV. expand full story

Today, Ford and Volkswagen announced that they partnered together in a “global alliance” and it includes a deal to explore partnering on electric vehicles. expand full story

China’s Evergrande Group, best known in the EV community for having taken a large stake in Faraday Future, is now taking a majority stake in NEVS, SAAB’s all-electric successor. expand full story

Green Deals: Ryobi 38-inch 100Ah Electric Riding Lawn Mower $2,399 (Reg. $2,899), more

We’ve already told you about Home Depot’s big outdoor electric tool sale this morning, but there’s one more offer we wanted to highlight. Ryobi’s 38-inch 100Ah Electric Riding Lawn Mower is on sale for $2,399 shipped. That’s good for $500 off and the lowest price that we’ve ever tracked. Ryobi offers one of the few all-electric consumer riding lawn mowers on the market today. This model sports a 38-inch cutting deck, up to 2.5-hours of runtime and of course, zero emissions. Learn more here. Rated an impressive 4.7/5 stars by 500 Home Depot reviewers.

Audi has reportedly confirmed that it is bringing its new PB18 e-tron all-electric supercar to low-volume production and it could arrive just in time to compete with the new Tesla Roadster. expand full story

Emergency service giant Falck decided to turn a Tesla Model X into an ambulance in order to see if they could make a zero-emission emergency service vehicle. expand full story

As part of its renewed electrification effort announced last month, GM confirmed that it was killing the Chevy Volt, which many saw as counter-intuitive – but now the automaker says that it’s part of its plan to focus on all-electric vehicles. expand full story

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