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In heavily populated cities, there is often a problem with cars overcrowding and congesting the roads because the demand, usually, outweighs the supply. Many companies have presented their solutions for the dilemma, such as Uber, Lyft, and Tesla’s shared fleet idea. Now, a Danish startup, Spiri, seeks to provide their own twist on how to alleviate the strain in metropolitan areas.

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The whole Internet of Things trend is hardly a trend anymore. It’s now basically omnipresent. Vehicles are a good example of this since virtually every new car is equipped with an option for an Internet connection. Tesla is at the forefront of the technology in the auto industry as the first automaker to offer over-the-air (OTA) software updates for all its vehicles.

Now the automaker is working to further improve its connectivity by turning its vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots. Tesla introduced a new chip and module optimized for the feature earlier this year. expand full story


While only the first phase of Tesla’s Gigafactory is currently in operation, the impact of Tesla’s presence in Northern Nevada is already significant. A recent look at home sales in Sparks, Nevada, where Tesla is building the battery factory, shows that the median home price has increased 42% since the automaker announced its plans for the plant. expand full story

A few weeks after Karma Automotive had an “online unveiling” for its new Revero, the automaker announced that it will move its headquarters to a new building in Irvine, California. The building (pictured above) is Kawasaki’s former USA headquarters.  expand full story

Back in June, a story about an alleged defect in Tesla’s suspension prompted a probe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and ended up making international news. As we reported at the time, the story ended up originating from NHTSA complaints filed by an Australian man based on his own interpretation of pictures of salvaged Tesla Model S cars from websites.

Despite NHTSA looking into the alleged issue and reportedly not finding anything, the Australian in question, Keef Wivaneff, is still filing his bogus NHTSA complaints about Tesla. expand full story



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A lot of Tesla owners were asking for it, even Tesla President Jon McNeil is excited for the release:

Today, Tesla released, or more accurately re-released, a NEMA 14-30 adapter for the Model S and Model X. expand full story

In order to make the Tesla Model 3 happen, there are a lot of technology and manufacturing improvements that need to come together. The most talked about is the new battery cell that will go to production at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada later this year, but the automaker has also reinvented its battery pack infrastructure for the vehicle.

With the new P100D battery pack, Tesla is introducing its first third-generation battery pack technology in production vehicles. A successful deployment of the technology would be a good sign for Tesla’s third-generation platform and therefore, crucial for the Model 3. expand full story


Since SolarCity’s board of directors accepted Tesla’s $2.6 billion acquisition offer earlier this month, the companies have been in a 45-day ‘go shop’ period ending on September 14, 2016. The deal is still contingent on regulatory approvals and a shareholders vote. expand full story

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