Elon Musk’s small tunnel boring startup, the Boring Company, appears to still be moving at the breakneck pace.

The company is now seeking to expand its tunnels under Los Angeles as Mayor Garcetti seems open to the idea. expand full story

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a promise that they would deploy a giant 100 MWh battery project in South Australia in 100 days or it’s free.

That promise actually involved with the project, but it is now completed on time, according to local officials and Tesla. expand full story


After focusing on the cost of operation instead of the purchase price during the unveiling event last week, Tesla has now released what it refers to as the “expected price” of the Tesla Semi electric trucks. expand full story

Green Deals: Free Tesla Ebook, 4-pack of Ecosmart 75W Equiv dimmable LED Light Bulbs: $11, more

Home Depot offers a 4 pack of dimmable Ecosmart Light Bulbs for $10.95 with free shipping . That’s over half off the regular price and one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for 75W equivalent bulbs that are also dimmable. These bulbs which are ideal for track and recessed lighting have a brightness of 940-Lumens have an actual Color Temperature- 2700K Soft White and are shatter resistant.

At 13W, these are about 6 times more efficient than incandescent for the same light and will save you an estimated $9/year/bulb in energy costs. That means these pay for themselves in a few months.

Other notable Green Deals today include:

The US House of Representatives passed a tax-reform bill on Nov. 16 that would change the amount of tax credit each kWh of wind power created gets going forward. The US Senate, disagreeing, has returned a bill without this change.

While being argued, signed projects at various stages of development are on hold – and some estimate $50 billion worth of planned wind projects might not be developed.

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After the Norwegian government announced last month that it was planning a new electric vehicle tax that seemed to be targeted at Tesla’s vehicles, it was expected that the automaker’s growth in this important market could be significantly affected.

But they passed the budget today and fortunately for Tesla buyers, it doesn’t include the new tax geared toward heavier electric vehicles. expand full story

The UK has some good momentum for electric vehicle adoption and they are trying to keep it.

This week, the government unveiled their Autumn budget and it includes an important investment to support the adoption of electric vehicles.  expand full story

Less than a week after Tesla launched its all-electric heavy-duty truck program, the list of companies placing orders for Tesla Semi is rapidly growing. expand full story

ZeroMassWater has developed a solar panel kit – “Source” – that uses its electricity to draw water from the atmosphere. The kit delivers up to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of pure water per day in optimal locations. The unit can be installed and integrated into a regular house.

“Our vision is perfect water for every person, in every place” – Cody Friesen, the founder, CEO and MIT PhD.

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Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial, and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

Air pollution may cause infertility for a ‘significant number of couples’, warn scientists – The study showed that for every 5 ug/m3 increase in tiny particles called PM2.5s, there was a 26 per cent increased risk of being in the bottom 10 per cent of normal sperm size and shape. The effect was found when particle counts rose over 25 µg/m³. In London yesterday, particulates rose to 69 µg/m³ in some areas. This just adds to the list people. It kills us. It lowers our IQ. It deforms our children. It warms our planet. And it slows us down from having children.

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