Toyota Stories January 20

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe recently spoke to proposals of hydrogen combustion cars by rivals like Toyota, stating his company studied the technology’s potential ten years ago. Mibe went on to say that unlike Toyota, Honda doesn’t see hydrogen combustion as feasible for cars. That doesn’t mean the Japanese automaker is abandoning the chemical element, however. Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs remain a key part of its zero-emissions strategy looking forward.

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Toyota Stories January 13

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. recently stated it is still undecided on where to manufacture EVs in the United States, questioning the country’s demand despite soaring sales numbers from competitors miles ahead in their own electrified transitions.

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Toyota Stories December 14, 2021

Toyota teased an upcoming electric pickup truck with an early concept vehicle at an event today about its long awaited battery-electric vehicle plan.

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Toyota Stories December 6, 2021

Toyota is planning to build a battery factory to support electric vehicle production in North Carolina.

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Toyota Stories December 3, 2021

During a recent media event in Brussels, Toyota Europe outlined a plan for a 100% CO2 reduction in all-new vehicle sales in the market by 2035. This “goal” will be preceded by a sales mix of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Western Europe by 2030. On a broader scale, Toyota Motor Corporation continues to dig in its heels as one of the few major automakers that has yet to set an expiry for gasoline vehicle production.

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Toyota Stories December 2, 2021

Toyota has reportedly partnered with China’s BYD to build a new affordable electric car to launch next year.

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Toyota Stories November 11, 2021

(The following article was sent to us by a concerned Japanese resident who wishes to remain anonymous.)

Remember the first electric Toyota RAV4? Probably not. The early attempt at an EV barely had a range of 100 miles and Toyota sold very few of them. Back in 2010, Toyota and Tesla jointly worked on a second RAV4 EV project and Toyota had invested $50 million in Tesla, which it sold in 2017 (and which would now be worth $20 billion had they not sold it).

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Toyota Stories October 29, 2021

Toyota has unveiled a steering wheel similar to Tesla’s “yoke” steering wheel in its first electric SUV, but the automaker has introduced an important feature that fixes the main problem of the Tesla yoke.

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Toyota has unveiled what could be considered as its first all-electric car: the bZ4X, an electric SUV packed with cool features.

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Toyota Stories September 22, 2021

Some environmentalists are starting to call for a boycott of Toyota as the automaker keeps using its money and influence to slow down electric vehicle progress.

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Toyota Stories September 9, 2021

Toyota announced that it is investing over $13 billion in EV batteries as it is trying to catch up after falling behind in electrification.

In the meantime, the Japanese automaker has led lobbying efforts to slow broader EV adoption.

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Toyota Stories August 30, 2021

A 2019 rendering of Toyota's E-Palette designed for the 2020 Paralympic Games / Source: Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation has resumed operations of its self-driving e-Palette pods at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo after a halt last Thursday following a collision with a visually impaired athlete. Working alongside the Paralympic Committee, Toyota will make several safety improvements, both inside and out of its vehicles.

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Toyota Stories August 27, 2021

A fleet of Toyota e-Palette self-driving EVs / Source: Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced an immediate halt to all of its e-Palette self-driving transportation pods operating at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. The decision comes on the heels of an accident that took place in the Paralympic Village yesterday, when a Toyota e-Palette collided with a visually impaired athlete, injuring them.

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Toyota Stories July 27, 2021

A battle is emerging in the world of transportation – the electric vehicle (EV) vs. the internal combustion engine (ICE). Soon you’ll have to choose sides, so it’s vital that you’re fully informed.

We’re here to help with that decision by offering context to consumers, whether you’ve never been near an EV or if you’re an expert. Below is breakdown of how far you can travel in each state on $100 in an EV vs. an ICE vehicle.

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Toyota Stories July 26, 2021

If you’ve been watching the Olympics in Tokyo this week, you may have noticed several commercials from Toyota, a major sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Several of the spots feature futuristic prototypes from Toyota, including the LQ concept EV. Yes, Toyota actually made an EV, albeit just a concept.

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Toyota Stories July 20, 2021

Toyota Motor Group Subsidiary Woven Planet has announced the completed acquisition of Level 5, the self-driving division of rideshare veteran Lyft, Inc. The completed transaction is one of several made by Toyota and its subsidiaries in 2021, specifically pertaining to autonomous software and other self-driving technologies.

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Toyota Stories June 16, 2021

Toyota is sticking to its delusional belief that battery-electric vehicles aren’t necessarily the future as they claim hybrids and fuel cell hydrogen will stay competitive for the next 30 years.

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Toyota Stories May 5, 2021

Toyota says it’s considering bringing an all-electric version of its popular Land Cruiser to consumers as it’s in the middle of a trial with a Land Cruiser converted to electric propulsion for a mining company.

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Toyota Stories April 27, 2021

REE Automotive and Hino Motors, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Group, announced a business alliance to design and produce solutions in “next-generation commercial mobility.” The alliance will combine Hino’s experience as a commercial vehicle manufacturer with REE’s proprietary REEcorner technologies. The result should be a unique modular platform capable of serving a multitude of various purposes.

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Toyota Stories April 20, 2021

Toyota says that it is reevaluating its anti-climate lobbying practices as it promotes carbon neutrality goals after receiving pressure from investors.

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Toyota Stories April 14, 2021

Software systems developer Apex.AI has announced a partnership with Woven Planet under Toyota to help develop and deploy a production-ready autonomy stack. Woven Planet will use Apex.OS for Arene, Toyota’s vehicle development platform to enable modern software development tools and best practices in the automotive industry.

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Toyota Stories March 31, 2021

Lexus has unveiled a new electric SUV concept, the “LF-Z Electrified,” but it’s not something it plans to bring to production. Rather, the automaker says that it is “symbolic” of its next-generation Lexus.

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Toyota Stories March 30, 2021

Tesla and Toyota are rumored to be partnering on a new electric SUV, but it is based on a report that doesn’t have a lot of credibility.

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Toyota Stories March 17, 2021

Toyota is currently lobbying the US government asking them to slow their rollout when it comes to battery-electric vehicles as part of the Japanese automaker’s increasingly delusional effort to slow down the electric vehicle revolution.

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Toyota Stories March 16, 2021

Toyota is teasing its first battery-electric SUV ahead of the planned unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show next month.

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Toyota Stories February 10, 2021

Toyota is announcing today that it is going to bring two electric cars and a plug-in hybrid to the US in 2021.

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Toyota Stories January 14, 2021

Toyota will pay a penalty of $180 million for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act’s emissions-reporting requirements from 2005-2015, according to a filing today by the US Department of Justice.

Over that time period, Toyota delayed required filings about emissions defects and failed to inform the EPA about progress on recalls related to emissions defects. This resulted in higher emissions, higher costs for consumers, and greater profit for Toyota.

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Toyota Stories December 17, 2020

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda went on a rant about battery-electric vehicles at an annual meeting of the automaker. He spread misinformation about electric vehicles and claimed that it wasn’t a good idea to push for a massive electrification.

This small-mindedness could spell the end for the automaker if they don’t quickly let go of such ideas.

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Toyota Stories December 11, 2020

A new report suggests that Toyota is going to unveil an electric car with a new solid-state battery that enables 10-minute fast-charging capacity next year.

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Toyota Stories December 7, 2020

Toyota announced today that they will be unveiling a new all-electric SUV in the coming months.

The automaker, which has been seen as a lagger when it comes to all-electric vehicles, says that it’s their ‘first step’ for battery-electric vehicles.

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Toyota Stories November 6, 2020

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda made rare new comments about Tesla and Elon Musk after the electric automaker has surpassed them as the most valuable automaker in the world.

He may or may not have been really hungry when it made the comments.

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Toyota Stories June 30, 2020

Three weeks after introducing the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid in Japan, Toyota suspended orders in its home market and cut production for the US to just 5,000 vehicles. The company cited unexpectedly high levels of consumer interest and a…wait for it…constraint in battery supply.

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Toyota Stories June 9, 2020

When Toyota announced pricing for its new RAV4 plug-in hybrid in late May, the company’s press release pegged the “manufacturer-estimated” all-electric range at 42 miles. However, the Toyota RAV4 Prime consumer website lists 39 miles of all-electric range.

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Toyota Stories May 29, 2020

As far as plug-in hybrids go, 42 miles on a single charge is pretty damn good. A lot of commuters could refrain from using gas for weeks or months. Put that in a popular crossover model, and you could have a hit.

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Toyota Stories April 27, 2020

The Lexus UX 300e crossover went on sale to Chinese consumers on Sunday, April 26. The Toyota-branded version of the same model, the C-HR, will go on sale this week – with the Izoa variant to soon follow.

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Toyota Stories April 2, 2020

Toyota and BYD are launching today a new electric car company with the goal of “developing BEVs that appeal to customers.” expand full story

Toyota Stories March 2, 2020

Toyota might be down on EVs for America. But the Japanese automaker announced plans late last week that it will build a new electric vehicle plant in cooperation with the First Automobile Works (FAW) in Tianjin, China. The two companies will invest about $1.22 billion in the project.

The plant is expected to produce 200,000 battery-only, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles every year. The company did not indicate how many units would be electric, plug-in hybrid, or fuel cell.

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Toyota Stories February 14, 2020

Larry Hutchinson, CEO of Toyota Canada, spoke last week at the opening of the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. His comments were captured by’s David Booth, who characterized Toyota as “the industry leader in electrification” and “the biggest, most successful, and most environmentally conscious traditional automaker.”

Hutchinson expressed Toyota’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. But, he argues, that mandating automakers to build more BEVs and trying “to convince drivers to buy them” won’t achieve the world’s climate goals.

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Toyota Stories February 3, 2020

Toyota operating officer Masayoshi Shirayanagi, right, and Panasonic senior managing executive officer Makoto Kitano

Toyota and Panasonic announced today an agreement to jointly develop EV batteries starting in April. The new company, dubbed Prime Planet Energy and Solutions, will develop prismatic batteries for sale to other automakers. The joint venture, which will be owned 51% by Toyota, will have more than 5,000 employees.

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Toyota Stories January 24, 2020

Toyota has a history of creating misleading electric-vehicle advertising, especially with its “self-charging hybrid” ad campaign. Norway has now banned the campaign, deeming it a lie. expand full story

Toyota Stories December 22, 2019

A Ford dealer guide distributed this week revealed the starting price of the 2020 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid as $34,235, including destination. Ford says that the Escape Plug-in Hybrid will have “30-plus” miles of all-electric range. The Escape PHEV will compete for customers with the 2020 Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid, which is more powerful while providing 39 miles of EV range.

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Toyota Stories December 11, 2019

The small Toyota Aygo, launched in 2014, is the company’s only car sold in Europe without a hybrid option. When a new version of the Aygo arrives, it could leapfrog a hybrid and take on a full, battery-electric powertrain.

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Toyota Stories December 9, 2019

The Toyota Motor Corporation will launch its first all-electric Lexus in 2020. Nikkei’s Asian Review confirmed that the Lexus UX300e battery-powered SUV will go on sale as soon as next spring in China. The UX300e will then debut in Europe in summer 2020 and Japan in early 2021.

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Toyota Stories November 14, 2019

Two weeks ago, Toyota sided with the Trump administration’s bid to bar California from setting its own fuel-efficiency and zero-emission rules. The next day, on Oct. 29, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, tweeted, “Toyota, goodbye. The environmental goodwill you’ve built by pioneering hybrid cars has vanished in your choice of Trump over California. #toyotatrump.” And the Toyota-Trump boycott was started.

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Toyota Stories November 7, 2019

Toyota has yet to launch an all-electric vehicle, but they have been making a lot of deals to develop batteries for them and now they have one with BYD. expand full story

Toyota Stories October 31, 2019

Toyota, GM, and FCA have been getting a lot of flack the last couple days, in response to their move to join the EPA in opposing better MPG standards against the interests of consumers and the environment.

Toyota responded to this public outcry by claiming that it wants “continuous, year-over-year improvements in fuel economy,” but there’s one problem with that: Their fleet average MPG is actually getting worse over time, unlike every other automaker.

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Toyota Stories October 11, 2019

Toyota has unveiled a new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the RAV4 for 2021 — showing that it is doing electrification backward, since it used to have an all-electric RAV4 SUV more than a decade ago. expand full story

Toyota Stories August 23, 2019

Toyota is providing the official fleet for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 and 90% of them will be electric. That’s 850 electric vehicles to be deployed next year — most of them new, including some weird ones. expand full story

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