ebikes Stories May 23

When you first look at a Rungu, you sort of scratch your head and think “What is that?”

From the side, it looks like a fairly standard fat tire electric bicycle. But from any other angle, you can’t miss the odd double front wheels. And so when the Rungu team invited me out to San Clemente, California for an adventure ride, I looked forward to it with a combination of excitement and a healthy amount of skepticism.

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ebikes Stories May 17

Electric bicycles are great for long touring rides where the electric assist can make a few hundred kilometers feel like a few dozen. And if you think you can make it up to 1,000 km (600 miles), there could be a free electric bicycle in it for you. Ampler is giving lucky riders a free electric bicycle if they’ll ride it on an epic journey.

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ebikes Stories May 13

California-based Luna Cycle is more commonly known for its high power, high-speed electric bikes. But now it’s offered something completely new: a stealthy electric fixie-style bike. And you won’t believe the new Luna Fixed’s combination of quality parts and low price.

[Note: as astute commenters pointed out, this bike isn’t technically a fixie in the traditional sense. Despite lacking a freewheel like a fixie, it does have a clutch in the mid-drive. Thanks for the point of clarification!]

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ebikes Stories May 10

Xtracycle is no stranger to morphing cargo bikes. One of their most famous products is an add-on for regular bikes that stretches the frame into a long-tailed cargo bike.

But now the company is going one step further with their new Ready For Anything (RFA) electric bike that can easily switch from a standard e-bike to a cargo e-bike.

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ebikes Stories May 6

Electric bicycles are becoming so popular that they are now available in a wide range of styles. While conventional categories like electric road bikes and cruisers are common, a new wave of vintage-inspired electric bicycles is gaining in popularity. The Titan R electric bicycle is the latest to offer an eye catching cafe racer design.

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ebikes Stories May 2

Electric scooters may be the current king of dockless micro-mobility, but that could be changing. Shared dockless electric bicycles are growing in popularity, and now a new competitor is coming in hot with a 30 mph (48 km/h) offering. Bond Mobility just sealed a $20M investment round to put its fast electric bicycles on US streets.

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ebikes Stories April 29

NUA Bikes is a Barcelona-based bicycle manufacturer that is known for some very eye-catching and high-end titanium bicycles. As seems to be the trend with bicycle manufacturers these days, NUA has just announced their first electric bicycle model, the NUA Electrica. It combines a minimalist and lightweight design with top-shelf components.

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ebikes Stories April 25

There’s no shortage of electric bicycles on the market. New models seem to pop up almost daily. But what we don’t see very often are electric bicycles designed by world-renowned motorcycle industry pioneers. The Fuell Fluid may be the first of its kind, and it goes on sale today. The bike features high-end components, dual batteries, and impressive range – you’ll want to check this one out.

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ebikes Stories April 24

Vintage Electric Bikes out of San Jose California is a boutique e-bike firm that specializes in great looking retro e-bikes that go surprisingly fast. This week I got to demo their whole lineup from their Cafe 750W pedal assist commuter to their Tracker which looks and feels like a small 3kW motorcycle and took me up a mountain at over 30 mph.

There’s so much to like about these bikes…

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ebikes Stories April 23

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have spent years lagging behind their American counterparts when it comes to electric motorcycles. But that seems to be changing over the past few months as major players like Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki have begun showing EV progress. Now Yamaha is the latest to join the fray, as revealed in a series of new patent applications.

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