ebikes Stories February 20

The results are in and electric bicycle sales are positively booming. Many electric bicycle companies are reporting record-breaking e-bike sales. But with electric bicycles ranging from budget e-bikes priced at a few hundred dollars to high-end brands costing many thousands of dollars, where does that leave budget-minded consumers that still want to find a quality e-bike? Here we’ve compiled 2020’s top five sub-$1,000 electric bicycles that we’ve tested so far.

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ebikes Stories February 19

They may call it an electric bicycle, but the Italian-made SEM Moto-Bike is more like a mythical hybrid. It features the body of a bicycle and the heart of an electric dirt bike.

And soon it will be headed to the US.

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ebikes Stories February 18

UBCO may be well known for its 2×2 electric utility bike, but it’s the FRX1 that’s the wild child of the UBCO family.

And now it’s getting a little wilder.

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ebikes Stories February 17

Rad Power Bikes essentially needs no introduction. They’ve been a heavyweight contender in the modestly-priced e-bike space for years now. With a wide selection of e-bikes ranging from $1,299 to $1,499, they’ve become the go-to comparison in the industry. And thanks to the latest updates to the Rad Power Bikes lineup, the bikes are better than ever. Today we’re checking out the new 2020 RadRover Step-Thru, which I’ve had the opportunity to test out over the last couple of weeks.

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ebikes Stories February 15

Moped-style electric bikes are everywhere this year as companies rush to launch fun-sized e-bikes reminiscent of the 1980s minibike craze. Most offer motorbike-sized wheels, a sporty ride stance, and even seating for two riders.

Major e-bike manufacturers have hopped on board to offer up new and interesting models for 2020. Here are the best options on the market now.

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ebikes Stories February 14

Just in time to get an early jump on spring riding weather, North Carolina-based electric bicycle company M2S Bikes has just unveiled its latest e-bike. The updated 2020 model year All Terrain R750 doesn’t just offer new upgrades this year; it also comes with the lowest price yet for the popular e-bike.

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ebikes Stories February 12

The big news lately from Irvine, California-based electric bicycle company Super73 has been the release of its next-generation, full suspension e-bike model known as the R-Series. And while that bike is certainly impressive, its launch overshadowed another new Super73 model, the Super73-S2. And this more affordable option could be the best e-bike the company has ever made.

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ebikes Stories February 11

Electric bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. But one of the most fun styles for me has always been full suspension electric mountain bikes. And the M2S All Terrain M600 FS electric bike is a great example of the type of powerful, rugged full suspension bike that is nearly as much fun on-road as it is on the trails.

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ebikes Stories February 10

Eahora (or “Energy Ahora”) has a few different bikes on their site. I had a lot of fun riding the Eahora Snow X6 for the review. This stubbly little bike is a useful combination of components that make it a predictable ride for fun romps in the snow or slush.

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ebikes Stories February 9

Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes has just secured a new $25 million funding round, according to a recent announcement from the company.

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