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If you’re like me then you probably considered Schwinn to be your standard department store budget bicycle brand.

But now it appears that the company is stepping up their game with a new line of e-bikes sporting nicer specs.

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ebikes Stories March 18

Gravel bikes are a category of bicycles growing nearly as quickly as electric bicycles. While sales are stagnant or dropping in pretty much every other category, both gravel bikes and e-bikes are seeing impressive growth. So it only makes sense that the two should blend into an e-bike that is just as comfortable on asphalt as on the trail.

Yamaha’s new Wabash electric gravel bike seeks to set the standard for electric gravel bikes. I was invited by Yamaha to join the first exclusive test ride of the Wabash. And I’m glad I did, because this was perhaps the most fun I’ve had on an e-bike in a long time. Read on to see why.

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ebikes Stories March 17

After the recent unveiling of Greyp’s new G6 electric bicycle, Electrek was invited to take part in the first test ride before the public will get their hands on the new electric bicycle.

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ebikes Stories March 15

The new Greyp G6 electric mountain bike was unveiled minutes ago in Zagreb, Croatia.

Electrek was front and center at the event to report on the impressive array of tech included in the Greyp G6 — much of it never before seen in an electric bike.

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ebikes Stories March 12

A new bill being proposed in congress could soon benefit commuters who ride bikes or e-bikes. The bill would allow riders to take a tax deduction similar to the ones that drivers can already take.

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ebikes Stories March 6

Harley-Davidson has been making significant progress towards electric vehicles recently. But while most of the industry has focused on H-D’s flagship electric motorcycle LiveWire, Harley-Davidson has been expanding their market reach all the way down to children. That’s thanks to the company’s new acquisition of pint-sized e-bike maker StaCyc.

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ebikes Stories March 5

While most of the impressive new EVs being debuted right now at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show are cars, there are still a few interesting two-wheelers.

But if you think ŠKODA’s new electric two-wheeler concept is an e-bike, then think again. The ŠKODA KLEMENT is part electric car, part e-bike, and part electric scooter/motorcycle all in one!

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Famed motorcycle designer Erik Buell unveiled his new electric motorcycle brand today. In addition to a futuristic-looking new electric motorcycle design, the company also debuted a tech-infused electric bicycle.

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ebikes Stories February 27

The shared electric bicycle and scooter market is still undergoing explosive growth. With tens of millions of rides across just a few large industry players, there is every incentive for companies to grow their electric scooter and bicycle sharing operations quickly.

Uber-owned Jump has managed to secure its own fair share of the booming market. In fact, Jump is beginning to score more electric bicycle riders than Uber’s own ridesharing cars.

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ebikes Stories February 22

Surly has an impressive lineup of off-beat bikes ranging from street, touring, off-road and even cargo bikes. They’re well known for making tough bikes designed for utilitarian riders. And while the company has taken longer to come around to e-bikes than others, they’ve finally joined the fray.

Surly’s first e-bike is a cargo bike called the Big Easy. And it comes with a doozy of a price.

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