ebikes Stories November 7

Electric bicycles are great, combining a lightweight vehicle with near-effortless propulsion. But sometimes you just want to sit back and relax a bit more. That’s when an electric pedal car might be right for you.

Now there’s an interesting new option coming to the admittedly small US electric pedal car industry: the Screecher.

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ebikes Stories November 6

Ducati, the famed Italian motorcycle manufacturer, hasn’t released an electric motorcycle – yet. But they have dabbled in electric bicycles with various partners.

Today at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show they unveiled their newest electric mountain bicycle, the MIG-RR.

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ebikes Stories November 4

One of the things I love about electric bicycles is the extreme variety of options in the market. From electric cargo bikes to mini e-bikes to $10,000 street e-bikes, there’s a bit of everything on the spectrum.

And like any spectrum, you often find the really interesting stuff on the extreme ends. Cue the Jetson Bolt, an ultra-affordable $399 electric bicycle. This little thing is a surprisingly capable bike, as I found out by riding it around for a few weeks. Read on to see my full review.

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ebikes Stories November 2

Today is a big day for car companies jumping on the electric bicycle bandwagon. First Elon Musk dropped a bombshell saying Tesla might build an electric bike, and now GM electric bicycles are on the horizon too.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is no stranger to innovation. From cars to rockets to tunnels, the prolific entrepreneur often redefines entire industries, sometimes beginning with a single joke or tweet.

Now he has dropped a new bomb on us, opening the door to a Tesla electric bicycle.

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ebikes Stories November 1

Priority Bicycles has just dropped the veil on their new electric bicycle, the Priority Embark.

The new electric bicycle removes most maintenance-heavy components typically found on e-bikes, creating a nearly maintenance-free electric bicycle.

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ebikes Stories October 26

UPS has been making significant strides towards reducing the environmental impact of their delivery fleet.

Now the delivery company is expanding the rollout of their UPS electric cargo tricycles.

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ebikes Stories October 23

Winter is coming fast here in the Northeast and my ebike coffee shop commute is going to be impossible soon with my daily ebike. I was intrigued by a post in May by Micah which touted a fat tire ebike for $700. I decided to start there and tailor the build to winter needs while still keeping it at around $700. What I wound up with is a ton of fun…

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ebikes Stories October 19

Electric bicycles is a booming industry. It seems like every week we hear about another new model entering the market. Outside of a few exceptions, most electric bicycles fall in the 15-28 mph (25-45 km/h) range. That’s fine for pleasure riding, but it leaves many enthusiasts looking for more speed.

With so many people commuting on electric bicycles, the extra speed of a fast electric bicycle is a nice addition for many, allowing them keep up with traffic. However, there aren’t many commercially available options for fast electric bicycles. That’s why I decided to build my own, with the goal of reaching 40 mph (64 km/h). Read on to see how to build your own DIY fast electric bicycle.

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ebikes Stories October 11

The EU, in its ever-increasing push towards sustainability, is considering reducing or removing value added tax (VAT) on bicycles. However, many are upset that electric bicycles are not included in the same category.

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