ebikes Stories May 24

Nearly five years ago, Superpedestrian’s Copenhagen Wheel burst onto the electric bicycle scene and created a radical new shift in the light electric vehicle industry. The Copenhagen Wheel combined all of the components of an electric bicycle, including the battery, motor, controller and throttle into a slick-looking red disk in the wheel’s hub.

But not content with just one industry-changing breakthrough, Superpedestrian has been quietly developing stealthy sensor technologies and gathering a vast amount data from the millions of kilometers traveled by customers on Copenhagen Wheel powered electric bicycles. Now they are preparing to put that massive data collection to good use with a new service designed to help make electric vehicles in ride-share programs safer and more effective. expand full story

ebikes Stories May 19

Electric bicycles, which can provide anywhere from a small electric power assist to a completely effortless electric vehicle experience, are showing strong sales growth year after year. And while most consumer products are moving towards online sales, electric bicycles are one of the few holdouts that are still flourishing with retail sales in brick-and-motor stores. expand full story

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ebikes Stories May 8

Santa Clara, California based Vintage Electric has just unveiled their new Scrambler S electric bicycle, with a style that invokes classic WWII-era motorcycles and with performance to match.

With so many electric bicycle designs available today, it is becoming difficult for any e-bike company, let alone an American e-bike company, to compete on price. With Chinese e-bikes undercutting prices of western alternatives, this American e-bike manufacturer has decided to focus on style and performance instead of joining the price race to the bottom. expand full story

ebikes Stories May 7

Most retail electric bicycles focus on mountain bike or hybrid style designs, leaving few options for those seeking sleek electric road bikes. But that could be about to change, as Chinese electric bicycle parts manufacturer Bafang announced a series of new mid-drive motors and batteries at the China International Bicycle and Motor Fair in Shanghai.

One of the most promising of Bafang’s new offerings is the M800 system designed specifically for road bikes, which includes a 5 lb (2.3 kg) mid-drive motor, a 4.4 lb (2 kg) integrated frame battery, satellite shifter pods and a color display. The entire package weighs less than 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg).  expand full story

ebikes Stories May 3

According to investigations launched by the European Union, the Chinese government has been engaging in the process of dumping electric bicycles in Europe. This dumping has consisted of subsidies being supplied to Chinese companies that allow them to export their electric bicycles at or below their actual manufacturing costs.

According to the EU’s official journal, the European commission found sufficient evidence that such subsidies were allowing Chinese companies to dump electric bicycles in the EU, undercutting the prices of European electric bicycle manufacturers. expand full story

ebikes Stories April 30

Despite the large number of electric bicycles out there already, the e-bike industry remains very much in its infancy. This leaves substantial room for electric bicycle manufacturers to get creative with their designs, and it appears the new Italian-made STORTA e-bike has embraced this opportunity with open arms. And open frames. expand full story

Electric bicycles are quickly working their way out of the shadows and into the mainstream cycling world as e-bike sales continue to grow. E-bikes combine the draws of cycling, including low-cost, fun and traffic-free commuting, with the advantages of cars and motorcycles – namely, that the vehicle does the work for you.

Great for more than just utilitarian uses, electric bicycles are also excellent for pleasure riding. The addition of an electric motor ratchets up the fun on everything from bicycle trails to snowy slopes and sandy beaches. If one electric motor can have this much impact, imagine what two motors could do! expand full story

ebikes Stories April 25

Words like “premium” and “quality” are thrown around a lot, but every now and again an electric bicycle comes along that is more deserving of these accolades than the rest. Today, that ebike is the Stromer ST5.

The Stromer ST5 is the product of extreme attention to detail and a refusal to cut corners. The result is an ebike with incredible performance combined with features and finish that would surely make even Elon Musk proud. expand full story

ebikes Stories April 21

Electric bicycles make commuting around cities and urban areas much easier, but the good ones can be quite hard on your wallet. High quality electric bicycles by top brands like Trek’s Super Commuter 8s or Raleigh Redux IE offer both high performance and high quality in a sleek package. However, with top-end electric bicycle prices from $3,000-$5,000, that extra quality does not come cheap. expand full story

ebikes Stories April 16

Bosch today announced that its PowerTube 500 batteries would be coming to US bikes. As the name implies, these are 500Wh batteries that will be integrated into the down tubes of bikes by manufacturers. As Bosch is the leading supplier of high-end ebike powertrains, the news will likely signal a shift to a more integrated look for “bike shop” quality ebikes.

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