ebikes Stories January 18

The US isn’t alone in waging a trade war with China that affects the price of imported electric bicycles. Not only has the EU also imposed a series of duties on imported Chinese e-bikes, but their duties dwarf those imposed by the US. With a new round of duties reaching as high as 79.3%, electric bicycle prices in Europe are expected to increase sharply.

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ebikes Stories January 17

Electric bicycles are growing increasingly popular in the US for both recreational and commuter use. Last year, just as many electric bicycles were sold as electric cars. And while e-bikes obviously have a cost advantage compared to electric cars, they also have another important advantage: extreme variety.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different e-bike models available at this point. With everything from inexpensive little 250 W e-bikes all the way up to pricy multi-kW bikes. And one of the most interesting and impressive additions to the high-power end of the spectrum has been the Bafang Ultra mid-drive electric motor.

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ebikes Stories January 11

Despite holding over 40% of the market for electric bicycles in Japan, Panasonic hasn’t yet made large inroads in the US. But now that is changing as the electronics giant has announced US partnerships to position its own batteries and electric motors on the road in North America.

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ebikes Stories January 10

CES is overwhelming to say the least, but we’ve crowned two products with our “Best of CES 2019” awards for their unique contribution to green transportation. Both are 2-wheeled vehicles but they couldn’t be more different.  expand full story

ebikes Stories January 8

Swagtron is best known as one of the most affordable electric bicycle, e-scooter and e-everything else manufacturers. And despite their sometimes surprisingly low prices, the Swagtron e-bikes and e-scooters that we’ve tested have been surprisingly well-built.

Now the company is showing off their new product lineup at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. And the list is full of impressive and outlandish designs that you’ve just got to see to understand.

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ebikes Stories December 20, 2018

I work at home, and it so happens that I live in a one vehicle household at the moment. It’s been a good thing for our current situation for a variety reasons, but it does come with some downsides. There are those occasions where it’d be nice to be able to get around town when I don’t have access to a vehicle, and for that reason, I was excited to check out my first e-bike/e-scooter, the Ancheer “folding electric bike”.

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ebikes Stories December 19, 2018

Jump, an electric bicycle sharing service, was scooped up by Uber last year. The ride-sharing giant used Jump as its first foray into the booming micro-mobility industry.

Now Jump has released a totally redesigned electric bicycle that focuses on usability, reliability and user interface upgrades. This new model could change the way people think about shared electric bicycles.

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With new electric bicycles entering the market seemingly continuously, it is becoming harder to standout. And while some manufacturers are competing on price to create the most affordable e-bikes, others are competing on design and features. And that’s where SURU comes in.

The Canadian company introduced an electric moped that combines the best of motorcycles and bicycles to create a unique personal electric vehicle.

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ebikes Stories December 18, 2018

Personal electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters have proven to be incredibly popular gifts this year. With only a week left before the end of the holiday shopping season, this could be your last chance to snatch one up for a great price.

But considering these fun and convenient little EVs start at a few hundreds dollars each, you’ll probably want to do your research before deciding on the right one for you or your loved ones. And that’s where we come in. Here at Electrek, we have been testing and reviewing dozens of personal electric vehicles. These are the ones that made the cut and would make a great addition to your e-stable.

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ebikes Stories December 4, 2018

Shared electric scooters have taken the world by storm, thanks largely to the massive efforts by companies like Lime and Bird. Such companies have flooded cities around the world with affordable, convenient electric scooters that are solving a critical transportation need.

However, a dirty secret of the industry is that these scooters break down at an alarming rate while constantly being cycled out of circulation and replaced. Many scooters don’t last 3 months on the road, and some are even replaced monthly. That’s not enough time to even recoup their cost, calling into question how sustainable such companies can be if their scooters can’t last long enough to be profitable – not to mention the environmental ramifications. But Superpedestrian, a startup straight out of MIT, has built a solution in the form of a smart and self-repairing industrial-grade electric scooter. Could this be the breakthrough needed to turn shared personal electric vehicles into a fully sustainable transportation alternative?

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