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HOVSCO launches two new fat tire e-bikes that both pack a punch

hovsco electric bike

Not familiar with HOVSCO? Eh, it’s not really your fault. Even if you spend all day wrist-deep in the e-bike industry like me, there’s a thousand and one e-bike companies out there. I’ve only followed HOVSCO for a few months now through some rather run-of-the-mill e-bike launches, but the company’s latest two models have actually gotten me interested. Meet the new HOVSCO HovWagon and HovScout.

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Electric bicycle company SUPER73’s first electric motorcycle expected out next year

The SUPER73 C1X has become a hotly anticipated light electric motorcycle design from Los Angeles-based electric bike company SUPER73. But eager riders may not have to wait that much longer.

[Update March 9, 2023: Ok, they’ll actually have to wait a bit longer than we thought. The OCBJ report from below that included a Spring 2023 rollout date for the C1X turned out to be a bit overly optimistic. SUPER73 has confirmed to us that we’re still looking at a likely 2024 rollout. But with a bike this slick-looking, we can wait.]

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Electric bicycle giant Bafang expands into electric motorcycles with powerful new motors

t&D bafang

Bafang is best known for its electric motors, batteries, controllers, and other powertrain components that help millions of electric bicycles zip through streets around the world. But after two decades in the bicycle market, Bafang has now launched a new brand known as T&D to expand its influence into the electric motorcycle industry.

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Mokwheel Scoria review: An electric bike with a built-in power station

mokwheel scoria e-bike

If there’s two cool pieces of green technology that have greatly improved my day-to-day life, they’re probably electric bikes and solar-powered portable power stations. I’ve reviewed plenty of both, and they’re even better when you combine them. Take the case of the Mokwheel Scoria, which straps an inverter onto an e-bike to create a mobile power station.

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Here are the best electric bikes you can buy at every price level in March 2023

Here at Electrek we have spent countless hours undertaking detailed hands-on testing of hundreds of electric bikes. Through those thousands of miles of riding, we’ve gotten to know these e-bikes inside and out, top to bottom and front to back. That dedication to real world e-bike testing has helped us find the best electric bicycles on the market for just about any budget.

Below you’ll find some of the top e-bikes we’ve hand-tested for every price range, current as of March 2023. Spring is in the air (even if you can’t quite feel it yet where you live), and that means riding season is getting ready to heat up! Check out the awesome e-bikes below, any one of which could become your next electric bike.

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Ride1Up REVV1 FS review: How I hit 37 mph on an e-bike built like a motorbike

ride1up revv1

The Ride1Up REVV1 FS is a rare breed of e-bike. It’s not that the design is that unique. In fact, it’s obviously another SUPER73 imitation. But what makes it so unique is that it’s a really good SUPER73 imitation. And by that I mean it’s built more like a moped or motorcycle than like an electric bicycle, which translates into an amazingly good ride.

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RadRunner 3 Plus unveiled as Rad’s new high-end electric utility bike with 100-mile range

radrunner 3 plus

Rad Power Bikes is back with a new version of the company’s RadRunner Plus. The new model, known as the RadRunner 3 Plus (not to be confused with the RadRunner 2 that is still available as the more budget-friendly model), is the brand’s new high-end electric utility bike. This latest model sees several important upgrades to bike’s components, design, and performance.

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AddMotor M-340 review: A fat-tire electric trike that can do burnouts?!

addmotor m-340 electric trike

Electric trikes are a quickly growing segment of the e-bike market in the US, largely thanks to recent high-profile launches of popular new models. But the AddMotor M-340 electric trike has been around for years as a staple of the fat tire e-trike segment. It recently received some nice upgrades, so we decided to put the newest version of the e-trike to the test.

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