ebikes Stories January 16

In the latest twist in the ongoing saga of Trump’s trade war with China, US Customs and Border Protection has excluded imported Chinese electric bicycles from the 25% tariffs originally imposed by the Trump Administration. But the way they did it comes as a bit of a surprise. expand full story

ebikes Stories January 15

The SDREAM Ur folding electric bike just popped up on my radar, and I’m already impressed with its combination of specs, features, and price. There’s just one catch…

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ebikes Stories January 14

Blix is a Santa Cruz-based electric bicycle company that has just announced a major shift in its business model.

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ebikes Stories January 13

Luna Cycle, a southern California-based electric bicycle company, has always marched to the beat of their own drummer. That has certainly helped them pump out some pretty impressive and unique new electric bicycles, but has also seen them develop a reputation as a bit more of an adult-oriented electric bike company, if you catch my drift. And the company’s newest offering, the Fat BABE electric bike, seems to fit Luna’s style like a glove on both accounts.

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ebikes Stories January 11

The Wello Family solar-powered electric bike/car was just showcased at CES 2020, demonstrating how families might be able to transport kids or cargo with a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional transportation.

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ebikes Stories January 10

As electric bicycle manufacturers continue to compete in the rapidly expanding electric bicycle market, companies are offering higher-end electric bikes with increasingly affordable prices. San Diego-based Ride1Up’s new flagship e-bike, the 700 Series, is a prime example of the next generation of high-value electric bicycles. And unlike a lot of the vaporware we see, this bike is already making deliveries.

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ebikes Stories January 9

We all remember our history. In 1969, America sent men to the moon. Then, with the main part of the mission accomplished, the next most American thing to do was to send a car up for them to cruise around on.

That’s how the lunar rover became the first electric vehicle on the moon (or rather, the first electric passenger vehicle, as commenters that are smarter than me pointed out). But did you know that at one point, an electric bike was in the running to be the first moon vehicle?

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ebikes Stories January 7

I think it’s safe to say that most of us won’t need to go 150 miles (241 km) on a single charge of our electric bicycles. But if you’re the rare one who does, then e-bike company BULLS has just the bike for you: The BULLS Lacuba Evo Lite.

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ebikes Stories January 4

[Update: Pre-orders are now open for Rad Power Bikes’ new 2020 lineup, including the all-new RadRover Step Thru (seen below). Head on over to the Rad Power Bikes site to check them out!]

Rad Power Bikes is one of the biggest names in electric bicycles. And with a pile of new announcements including a brand new model, it looks like Rad is set on maintaining its lead in 2020 and beyond.

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ebikes Stories December 27, 2019

Electric bicycle and e-scooter fans in New York had their hopes dashed after Governor Cuomo vetoed a bill set to legalize the two-wheeled EVs across the state.

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