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Surface604 has made the Rook and the Colt, which are wonderfully balanced electric bikes. They’re reliable and stable, and you can count on them for everyday use.

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Thanks to a recent update from Juiced Bikes on the current state of their HyperScorpion electric bike production, we’re getting our first detailed look at the bike’s custom-designed 1,000W motor.

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ebikes Stories May 23

If you’ve been browsing around for an affordable electric bike lately, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Lectric XP e-bike. One year ago, the bike didn’t exist, and today they are so popular that it’s difficult to even get your hands on one. While there are plenty of e-bike companies out there doing well right now, few have achieved so much success so quickly.

Here’s the story of how it happened.

[Update 5/24: OK, now it’s $14 million. Things are moving fast over there!]

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ebikes Stories May 22

Electric mopeds are exploding in popularity, especially thanks to new models with higher speeds and power levels. As more electric moped startups begin producing the popular mini-EVs, legal questions have begun to stir about how and where these bikes can be ridden.

Their pedals might make them bicycle-like, but their motorcycle-level speeds and power can place them outside of standard e-bike regulations.

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ebikes Stories May 21

Rad Power Bikes is the largest e-bike company in the US and is known for its diverse lineup of affordable e-bikes. Now the RadWagon, the brand’s electric cargo bike, has received a major overhaul with a brand new frame, motor, tires, increased adjustability, additional accessories, and more.

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ebikes Stories May 20

As countries around the world rushed to lock down their cities and combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, previously gridlocked roads quickly became eerily empty. But these traffic-free thoroughfares can’t last forever.

Or can they?

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ebikes Stories May 19

CYC, a small Hong Kong-based company, makes the X1-Pro, a small conversion motor that has an output of about 10 to 20 times that of a typical electric bicycle motor. 5,000W may sound intimidating, but riding with a rocket ship between your legs is actually pretty cool.

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ebikes Stories May 18

The Fiido L2 doesn’t look like a standard e-bike, at least not the kinds that we are used to in the West. Instead, it adopts a design that has become immensely popular in East Asia by sporting smaller wheels, moped-style suspension, a huge battery, and seating for two.

After testing out the e-bike myself, I can see why the design is so popular over there, and why it just might work well here in the West as well.

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ebikes Stories May 16

GM has officially announced that it is ending its ARIV electric bicycle program, blaming the decision largely on the havoc wreaked upon its balance sheets by COVID-19.

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ebikes Stories May 15

The Evelo has cracked the code on the smoothest drive system known to man (at least this man).  The Galaxy cruiser is made for leisurely, smooth rides and low-impact riding.

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