BMW Stories November 20

Over the weekend rumors started floating around on social media about a possible stop-sale and recall on all the BMW i3’s sold in the United States of America. This morning BMW came out with an official statement, confirming that, during recent testing by the National Highway Safety Administration, it was discovered that the BMW i3 (BEV and REx) marginally exceeded one particularly edge case of the many Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard criteria with respect to frontal impact performance. expand full story

BMW Stories October 26

BMW celebrated today the production of its 100,000th i3 electric car at the Leipzig plant in Germany today.

While that’s a cool milestone, that wasn’t the coolest thing happening at the Leipzig plant today. For the occasion, they also inaugurated a new battery storage facility powered by old BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

BMW Stories October 24

China is often giving us glimpses of the future of the auto industry in the rest of the world – thanks to its aggressive zero-emission vehicle mandate which attracts EV production investments.

The latest example is BMW’s launch of a new battery factory in the country – pictured above. expand full story

BMW Stories September 12

The latest in BMW’s series of confusingly-named concepts is here: the four-door i Vision Dynamics, unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier today.  Earlier this week BMW updated its plans announcing that they will electrify 25 models and offer 12 fully-electric models by 2025.  Since then, this concept is the first unveiling of what one of those all-electric models might look like.

It has long been expected that BMW will make an “i5” model, something able to round out their “i” sub-brand product offerings with a price point inbetween the i3 compact car and i8 sportscar, possibly available in 2020 as a 2021 model to compete more directly against Tesla’s offerings in the four-door sedan space.  This seems to be the manifestation of that rumor, though it has not been given the expected “letter+number” moniker as of yet.

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BMW Stories September 7

On the new all-electric vehicle front, BMW had nothing to offer since launching the i3 almost 5 years ago and they are not expected to have a new EV built from the ground up to be electric until 2019.

The impressive gap raised doubts about BMW’s commitment to all-electric cars, but now the German automaker updates its EV plans with more all-electric models and mass production. expand full story

BMW Stories August 30

Ahead of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW unveiled the design concept of the Mini Electric that will be debuting at the show.

The concept vehicle is setting the tone for the first all-electric Mini production vehicle, which BMW plans to produce in 2019. expand full story

BMW Stories August 29

This week, BMW unveiled the 2018 version of its flagship all-electric vehicle, the BMW i3.

Unless you are a true fan of the i3 program, you probably won’t see anything major with this new version, which doesn’t feature any significant powertrain upgrade, but there are a few new nice changes.  expand full story

BMW Stories August 23

BMW is about to unveil its new roadster version of its BMW i8 plug-in hybrid and today it released new teaser images of the vehicle and preliminary energy consumption figures. expand full story

BMW Stories July 25

As part of its electrification plans, BMW made a few announcements today. Mainly, they announced that their new car architecture will enable “electrification of every model series.”

They also elaborated on their plan to manufacture their next all-electric vehicle, the Mini 3-door.  expand full story

The first few seasons of the all-electric Formula E championship have been more successful than most motorsport fans would have ever predicted.

Over the past few months, it managed to convince Audi and BMW to take spots for future seasons and this week, Mercedes-Benz has now announced that it will have its own team.

While all those premium automakers are joining the Formula E, Tesla has been surprisingly staying away from the all-electric championship despite being a leader in the development and commercialization of EVs. expand full story

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