BMW Stories May 25

BMW announced this week a more than €300 million expansion of its Leipzig factory, which will enable an annual production capacity increase by “approx. 100,000 units.”

It will include a 54% increase of BMW i vehicle production, BMW’s electric vehicle brand. expand full story

BMW Stories May 21

The use of electric car battery packs to create large energy storage projects is becoming increasingly popular.

Now, a new one made of BMW i3 battery packs is connecting to the UK National Grid and has become one of the largest to date. expand full story

Home Solar Power

BMW Stories May 17

For over a year now already, BMW has been hyping its iNEXT electric car, which some BMW executives even framed as a ‘Tesla Model 3 competitor’.

Now they unveiled the first glimpse of the design concept for the vehicle. expand full story

BMW Stories May 15

For the past few years, BMW claims to be leading the electrification of the auto industry (see image above), but it has a murky way to make this claim by using the term ‘electrified vehicle,’ which is becoming increasingly popular among legacy automakers.

Now, the German automaker is claiming that it has “delivered more than a quarter of a million electrified vehicles.” expand full story

BMW Stories April 25

As expected sinec they have been teasing the vehicle, BMW opened the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing with the unveiling of its next all-electric vehicle: the BMW iX3.

The German automaker claims a range of 250 miles of range for the all-electric SUV, which is expected to go to market in 2020 and interestingly, BMW confirmed that it will be first produced in Shenyang, China by its BMWBrilliance joint venture. expand full story

BMW Stories April 20

BMW is expected to soon launch the BMW iX3, its first all-electric vehicle since the BMW i3 in 2013, at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

The company today teased the vehicle for the first time ahead of the launch. expand full story

BMW Stories April 2

As BMW confirmed that it is about to unveil a series of new all-electric vehicles this year, a company executive said that they are considering getting rid of their current only all-electric vehicle, the BMW i3, and their plug-in hybrid of the same sub-brand, the BMW i8. expand full story

BMW Stories March 28

For a while now, BMW has been saying that its next all-electric vehicle after the i3 is going to be an electric Mini, but instead of unveiling the production vehicle, the German automaker has been unveiling electric Mini concept vehicles one after the other.

This week, it is unveiling the third concept electric Mini vehicle: “the classic Mini Electric.” expand full story

BMW Stories March 21

BMW has been complacent about all-electric vehicles since launching the i3 back in 2013.

Now it plans a second wave of all-electric vehicles and the company’s CEO confirmed today that they will be unveiled this year. expand full story

BMW Stories March 6

At the Geneva Auto Show today, BMW finally confirmed its next electric ‘BMW i’ vehicle to come after the ‘BMW i3’.

The company will build a production version of its iVision Dynamics concept called ‘BMW i4’. expand full story

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