BMW Stories January 17

BMW will close its main Munich plant this summer for six weeks. That will allow the company to retool and modify more than one-thousand robots to get ready for production of the all-electric BMW i4 in 2021.

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BMW Stories January 13

In the past couple of months, we posted about how Toyota and Honda execs say there’s no demand for EVs. But those companies have favored hybrids over battery-electric cars for years. Now BMW, historically gung-ho about EVs, apparently joins their ranks. “We see BEVs mainly on the west coast and parts of the east coast, while the rest of the US will continue with conventional gasoline engines,” said Klaus Froehlich, BMW’s R&D boss.

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BMW Stories December 18, 2019

The BMW iX3 is going to be the German premium automaker’s first next-gen electric vehicle. Today, BMW confirmed that the electric SUV, which is going into production next year, is going to have a 74 kWh battery pack with a WLTP range of 273 miles (440 km). expand full story

BMW Stories December 13, 2019

BMW has committed to keep producing its i3 electric car until 2024 even though the automaker is bringing its next-generation electric vehicles to market starting next year. expand full story

BMW Stories December 3, 2019

BMW announced today a 400 million euros investment into the production of its iNext electric vehicle, which the German automaker has positioned as a Tesla Model Y competitor. expand full story

BMW Stories November 29, 2019

BMW and Great Wall inaugurated their new joint-venture that is going to build a factory in China to produce 160,000 electric vehicles per year, including new electric Mini vehicles. expand full story

BMW Stories November 27, 2019

Tesla Cybertruck is starting to grab the attention of the competition — even if it’s just to take a few shots at the electric pickup truck. BMW couldn’t resist the opportunity as they release their new bulletproof SUV. expand full story

BMW Stories November 25, 2019

BMW may be getting closer to unveiling an impressive new electric sportbike that could rival the likes of the Zero SR/F and Energica’s Ego. At least that’s what these recent BMW electric motorcycle patent drawings seem to indicate.

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BMW Stories November 22, 2019

BMW announced that it issued $10 billion in new battery cell contracts in order to secure supply for its upcoming electric cars. expand full story

BMW Stories November 21, 2019

Hans Zimmer has composed music for 150 films, including The Lion King, Gladiator, and Inception. As we reported a few months ago, BMW asked the maestro to compose sounds for its future EVs. We had a chance this week to visit Zimmer’s studio to get a few more details. We learned that future BMW EVs will have Zimmer sounds offered as an add-on luxury feature. The price is not yet announced.

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