BMW Stories February 13

BMW has just released pricing for the new BMW i8 Roadster, which goes into production next month, according to BMWBLOG.  The starting price will be $163,300, putting it in position as the most expensive BMW available in the US.

The BMW i8 coupe has also been updated, and will set you back $4,100 more than last year’s model, with a base price of $147,500.  BMW is taking orders now at your local dealership and cars should be hitting dealerships in April or May.

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BMW Stories February 12

BMW doesn’t have many electric vehicles on the market and doesn’t even manufacture its own battery cells. Yet, the German automaker is looking ahead and aims to secure a 10-year supply of cobalt and lithium for EV batteries as part of a new strategy. expand full story

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BMW Stories January 17

BMW is promising a series of new all-electric cars starting next with the first all-electric Mini, but the most anticipated one is the 2021 iNext electric vehicle, which the German automaker has been positioning as a Tesla Model 3 competitor.

They are now hinting at a major range increase for the upcoming vehicle. expand full story

BMW Stories December 29, 2017

Logistics giant DHL has an extensive effort to electrify its massive fleet of delivery vehicles. The company is both buying EVs and making its own, the “Streetscooter”.

BMW is now getting on board with the Streetscooter program as a supplier for the battery modules. The vehicle will use the same battery modules as the BMW i3. expand full story

BMW Stories December 18, 2017

BMW gets on-board with an “electric future” today as it delivers its 100,000th electric vehicle in 2017.

For the occasion, it lit up its headquarters in Munich to make the building look like giant batteries. expand full story

BMW becomes the latest major automaker to invest in bringing automotive grade solid-state batteries to production after announcing a new partnership with Solid Power. expand full story

BMW Stories December 6, 2017

Earlier this year, BMW unveiled its new 2018 i3 electric car with a small design refresh and new sport package.

Today we get to take a look at the new EV with a twist – through augmented reality with BMW’s new app using Apple’s ARKit. expand full story

The BMW i3, which is the German automaker’s only all-electric car, is also offered with a gas-powered range extender and the option is now putting the company in trouble with the UK’s consumer watchdogs.

The automaker is being asked to pull an ad that markets the vehicle as “clean” and “zero-emission.” expand full story

BMW Stories December 5, 2017

BMW and Porsche are already working together and with other major automakers, like Mercedes and Ford, on the major Ionity ultra-fast (350 kW) electric car charging network in Europe.

But now they want to lay a path to improve that charge rate to 450 kW in order to enable quicker electric car charging. expand full story

BMW Stories December 1, 2017

The Los Angeles Auto Show is now open to the public and they will have the chance to see quite of few electric vehicles displayed at the event. Here we take a quick look at most of them with pictures. expand full story

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