BMW Stories December 12, 2018

Almost a decade after the introduction of the BMW i3, the German automaker is expected to bring to production the new BMW i4 electric car. It is now starting a $225 million investment at its Munich factory to produce the vehicle. expand full story

BMW Stories November 8, 2018

With a few recent supply agreements, BMW is somehow emerging as sort of an electric powertrain supplier.

The German automaker has now confirmed a deal with Turkish manufacturer Karsan to launch a new electric bus powered by a BMW i3 electric powertrain. expand full story

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is surging since announcing record profits and the company is now worth more than BMW as the stock of the latter is slipping following disappointing financial results. expand full story

BMW Stories November 7, 2018

BMW is taking its time to launch its next all-electric vehicle after the BMW i3, which was launched back in 2013, but they now say that they are ready to roll out more EVs.

CEO Harald Krüger laid out the group’s electric vehicle plan in a speech in Munich on Wednesday. expand full story

BMW Stories November 1, 2018

Over the next year, Mini will bring its first all-electric vehicle to production in England.

BMW says that it is now investing millions in battery pack production in Germany in order to support the new Mini electric production. expand full story

BMW Stories October 18, 2018

BMW’s electrification effort has been questioned by many EV enthusiasts due to the giant gap between model launch and the arguably weird design of the BMW i3.

With the upcoming launch of the BMW i4, the German automaker says that it will be more ‘conventional looking’ as Auto Express delivers renders of the car. expand full story

BMW Stories October 5, 2018

The BMW i3 is generally considered an all-electric vehicle, but it is also offered with an optional gas generator that acts as a range extender.

The German automaker now says that it is killing the range extender in Europe due to the new battery pack making it irrelevant, but they are holding on to the feature in North America and Japan. expand full story

BMW Stories October 3, 2018

Many have pinned Tesla’s Model 3 to be an important competitor to the BMW 3 Series and the vehicle is already being quite disruptive in the segment.

Now BMW itself admits this as it reports its U.S. sales. expand full story

BMW Stories September 28, 2018

BMW is announcing today that it is introducing a battery cell upgrade to 120 Ah in the 2019 BMW i3, which should result in a range of ‘over 160 miles’ (260 km). expand full story

BMW Stories September 15, 2018

BMW has been teasing its iNEXT concept vehicle as the next generation electric vehicle that will guide the brand in its electrification plans.

The German automaker has now finally unveiled the concept iNEXT vehicle on which the 2021 production version will be based.  expand full story

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