BMW Stories July 19

The BMW i3 has mainly seen relatively small incremental upgrades and big battery cell updates since its launch back in 2013.

Now the all-electric car is rumored to get another battery cell upgrade to push the range over 200 miles. expand full story

BMW Stories July 13

Used electric vehicle battery packs are becoming increasingly popular for stationary energy storage projects.

It’s especially the case overseas, but now EVgo is bringing the tech to the US with a new fast-charging station powered by BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

BMW Stories July 12

In the epitome of teasing a vehicle release, BMW didn’t release actual sketches of its upcoming electric Mini.

Instead, it released today design sketches of features that will be in the production version of the vehicle coming next year. expand full story

BMW Stories July 10

China is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution as the market is adding more electric cars faster than any other country.

It becomes clearer than ever this week with an avalanche of EV news coming out of China.

After Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 deal and BMW announcing its electric iX3 production in China for exports, the German automaker adds another deal to the list today: the electric Mini. expand full story

BMW Stories July 9

When BMW unveiled the all-electric iX3 SUV in Beijing earlier this year, the German automaker’s plan for the vehicle wasn’t clear outside of China.

Now they have confirmed that the upcoming new electric vehicle will be built in China and exported to other markets as the automaker confirms a massive new battery contract for the production of its new electric vehicles. expand full story

BMW Stories June 29

BMW is currently getting its electric vehicle batteries from Samsung SDI, but it has now signed a contract with CATL, China’s biggest battery manufacturer, to secure future electric vehicle production. expand full story

BMW Stories June 25

BMW is currently working on its fifth generation electric powertrain technology and it arguably represents the biggest change in electric motor and battery technology for the German automaker since the launch of the BMW i3 in 2013.

We took a closer look at their upcoming new technology this week. expand full story

BMW Stories May 28

BMW announced today a new expansion that should result in a ‘major increase in capacity’ at its battery factory in China. This will support the production of the new BMW iX3 electric SUV that they unveiled earlier this year. expand full story

BMW is officially launching its wireless electric car charging system today. Starting now, customers can order a BMW 530e iPerformance with a factory-fitted system to work with BMW’s optional inductive charging system.

The option is touted as more “convenient” than charging with a cable, but it comes at a high cost: the actual cost, but more importantly – efficiency. expand full story

BMW Stories May 25

BMW announced this week a more than €300 million expansion of its Leipzig factory, which will enable an annual production capacity increase by “approx. 100,000 units.”

It will include a 54% increase of BMW i vehicle production, BMW’s electric vehicle brand. expand full story

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