BMW Stories November 17

BMW has unveiled a new concept vehicle under its MINI brand that explores what vehicle design could look like in an electric and autonomous future.

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BMW Stories November 11

BMW has a new electric scooter concept that is apparently headed for series production… at some point. But until then, we can all gawk at the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 prototype in all its glory.

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BMW has unveiled its highly-anticipated iNEXT electric SUV, which now becomes the ‘BMW iX’.

It features a range of more than 300 miles of range and strong performance.

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BMW Stories November 6

BMW i EV technology isn’t only working in two dimensions — now it’s taking to the skies in an electric wingsuit.

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BMW Stories November 4

BMW is launching the iX3 electric SUV in Europe with the vehicle arriving at dealerships from China.

Here we share a close look photo gallery of the new electric vehicle.

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BMW Stories October 5

BMW has started production of the iX3 electric SUV, the German automaker’s first vehicle with its next-generation electric powertrain.

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BMW Stories August 31

Last summer BMW wowed us with the unveiling of its straight-out-of-the-future BMW Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle concept.

At the time we all thought it was a pretty drawing, but not much more than that. As it turns out though, BMW might have real plans for a new DC line of electric motorcycles.

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BMW Stories July 22

BMW announced today that it is going to shut down its Munich factory for over a month in order to prepare for the production of its next electric car, the BMW i4. expand full story

BMW Stories July 14

The all-electric BMW iX3 SUV is not coming to the United States. But the company is still trumpeting the iX3 as the beginning of its major EV campaign – and the debut of a more capable EV drive system. The production of the version of the iX3 was unveiled today. If nothing else, it provides new images for the best glimpse yet of the model.

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BMW Stories July 9

BMW announced that it is going to unveil the production version of the iX3, a new electric SUV, on July 14. expand full story

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