Uber Stories Yesterday

If you are wondering how come there are so many news and announcement about electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft lately, like Lilium’s maiden flight and Kitty Hawk coming out of stealth, it looks like it’s because they timed the releases with Uber’s Elevate Summit in Dallas this week.

Today, Uber announced its own plans to use eVTOL aircraft for a flying taxi service. expand full story

Uber Stories April 12

Uber has a few interesting electric vehicle initiatives, like an all-electric fleet pilot project with 20 Nissan LEAFs in London and they deployed a fleet of Tesla Model S in Madrid, but now they are bringing their first EV program stateside.

The company will help drivers purchase or lease electric vehicles. They are starting the program in Portland, Oregon, but hopefully, they expand the program to other markets. expand full story

Uber Stories March 25

Uber has been under a lot of pressure over the past few months from several different angles, including with their self-driving effort. They had problems with regulators in California after a self-driving prototype ran a red light and now they are being sued by Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car company, over their lidar sensor technology.

Now one of their self-driving prototypes in Arizona was involved in an accident that resulted in the car rolling over. Fortunately, no one was injured.  expand full story


Uber Stories March 10

Alphabet-owned Waymo is now asking a judge to stop Uber from using the self-driving car tech it claims the ride hailing company stole, in what is the latest development in a legal feud between the two companies. This news follows Waymo’s suit against Uber that was filed late last month over theft of key self-driving technology…

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Uber Stories February 23

Alphabet’s Waymo subsidiary has filed a lawsuit against Uber over the theft and replication of a key self-driving component. Former employees working on Google’s self-driving project allegedly stole information before leaving for a start-up that was purchased by Uber.

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Uber Stories January 31

Daimler and Uber made an announcement today that explains a few rumors that were going around in the auto industry last year. The two companies announced a partnership that will result in the German automaker building and operating a fleet of self-driving cars on Uber’s ride-sharing network. expand full story


Uber Stories January 27

As we reported yesterday, Tesla is suing its former Director of Autopilot programs, Sterling Anderson. The company claims that he allegedly poached Tesla employees and stole confidential information in order to start a competing company with Chris Urmson, the former head of Google’s self-driving program.

Anderson denies the allegations, but regardless of what happened, Tesla made a bold claim about the motive behind launching his new company and in the process, they took a solid swipe at GM and Uber. expand full story

Uber Stories December 23, 2016

The city of Madrid in Spain already has one of the biggest fleet of all-electric taxis in the world. Earlier this year, we reported on a local taxi company adding 110 Nissan LEAFs to its fleet as the local government was taking measures to improve the increasingly poor air quality in the city.

Uber has had problems operating in Madrid in the past with its unlicensed drivers, but now the company has decided not only to use licensed drivers, but also to have them drive all-electric Tesla Model S sedans. expand full story

Uber Stories December 21, 2016

Uber’s short-lived self-driving ride program is officially coming to an end. The ride-hailing service began giving self-driving rides exactly one week ago in San Francisco, but that same day California regulators told the company it must stop the pilot program because it had not gone through the proper permit process.

After the request, the company insisted that it could run the program anyway, but in a statement to TechCrunch today, Uber confirmed that it is ending its self-driving pilot in San Francisco.

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Uber Stories December 14, 2016

Earlier today, we reported on Uber launching its autonomous ride-sharing pilot program in San Francisco and how it was justifying not needing a permit to operate self-driving cars, unlike the 20 other companies developing similar systems in California.

Just hours later, a video (embedded below) showing one of Uber’s self-driving cars running a red light in a pedestrian path in San Francisco was released, and later California regulators told the company that it needed to stop its self-driving car service in the state until it goes through the process of getting a permit.

Update: Uber has since released a statement blaming the driver of the car. See video and statement below expand full story

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