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Bosch is the world’s largest automotive supplier and it is heavily investing in electric vehicle components to support the industry’s transition to electric vehicles.

But there’s one important electric car component that Bosch is not making: battery cells.

The company now says that it is considering a significant investment to start producing batteries. expand full story


Tesla just opened a new store and service center in Malmö, Sweden – just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark – and the building caught on fire today. expand full story

After Tesla started taking reservations for its new electric truck, a surprising number of those pre-orders were coming from Canada.

Now we learn that fleet operators and truck drivers in Ontario, Canada’s biggest province, are going to have access to an important incentive. expand full story

Tesla releases full video of Semi and Roadster unveiling event

Apparently, some people had issues with the livestream of Tesla’s Semi and Roadster unveiling event last month and the company didn’t release the video like it generally does after an event.

But now a month later, they’ve released a newly edited version.

A taxi company operating in Amsterdam was an early adopter of electric vehicles and built the largest fleet of Tesla taxis (167 Model S sedans) back in 2014.

Now, they are updating their fleet, resulting in a lot of used Tesla vehicles going on the market in the Netherlands. expand full story

Last month, we reported on a gas company in the Netherlands claiming to have converted a Tesla Model S to a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.

We were skeptical for a few reasons, but now they have actually unveiled the prototype. expand full story

While all the attention is on Tesla Semi and other electric big rigs under development, smaller electric trucks are making it to market today.

After starting delivery in the US earlier this year, Daimler is now delivering all-electric trucks in Europe. expand full story

Several Tesla suppliers are now reporting that Model 3 production is increasing rapidly and they are back to working on Tesla’s guidance of 5,000 units per week in December, which was delayed last month. expand full story

December 13

As we reported earlier today, Tesla is definitely ramping up Model 3 deliveries this week, but most of those vehicles are still in the hands of Tesla and SpaceX employees and their relatives.

Only a few regular reservation holders are now taking delivery and it’s a big deal for most of those early adopters, but even more so for a man with stage 4 terminal cancer whose dying wish was apparently to get his own Model 3. expand full story

Battery costs have been falling fast for years now, but commodity prices of several key raw materials have been increasing recently and some predict that the supply won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

Now Hyundai, which is currently trying to build its battery supply chain for upcoming electric vehicles, predicts that battery costs could stop falling starting in 2020. expand full story

Earlier this month, the U.S. Senate passed its version of the Republican tax bill, which didn’t include the proposed language that would have removed the federal tax credit for electric vehicles.

Now the bill is being reconciled with the House bill, which reportedly still included the removal of the EV credit, but some Republicans are reportedly leaking that they will side with the Senate bill on the issue, along with keeping the incentive for wind power. expand full story

Los Angeles-based startup, Thor Trucks, unveiled its new electric semi prototype, the Thor ET-One, on social media and in the press this week.

They are trying to bring the heavy-duty electric vehicle to market before the Tesla Semi hits in 2019 and they also have plans to convert other trucks to electric propulsion. expand full story

Panasonic has risen to the top position as a battery cell supplier for the auto industry through its partnership with Tesla, which has become the largest battery consumer in the world.

Now Toyota is courting the company for a battery partnership as the major Japanese automaker is playing catch up in the EV space. expand full story

Tesla’s new delivery center located in a large building in Marina del Rey is now opened and delivering the Model 3 vehicles that were stockpiled at the location over the past few weeks.

The launch of the new location coincided with the start of Model 3 deliveries to regular customers, but another group with priority delivery is also taking advantage of the location – SpaceX employees. expand full story

When we learned earlier this year that a group of engineers in Europe set out to turn a Tesla Model S into a station wagon, also known as a shooting-brake, and make it available as a mod, I suggested that it’s not unimaginable after another company turned a Model S into a hearse.

Now this same company announced that it is also working on a Model S wagon. expand full story

December 12

WM Motor, a Chinese EV startup reportedly backed by a $1 billion investment and led by a former Geely executive, unveiled its first electric SUV prototype this week and launched its new brand called ‘Weltmeister’.

The vehicle looks suspiciously a lot like the Mitsubishi Outlander, which isn’t exactly surprising since we caught them photoshopping the vehicle on top of Outlander press images last yearexpand full story

As part of its current legal battle over the right to sell its electric cars directly to customers in the state of Michigan, Tesla is trying to subpoena communications between automakers, auto dealers, and legislators over the law that banned direct sales from automakers.

They have been trying to get the communications from three specific auto dealers and today, a judge denied an appeal from those dealerships, which should force them to turn over their communications to Tesla’s legal team.

We might get to see some secrets… expand full story

Tesla’s Destination charging network is not getting as much attention as the automaker’s Supercharger network, but it is also growing fast.

Now, we’ve learned of a new deployment of ‘100 Destination chargers’ in a single deal to be approved today by the city of Norfolk in Virginia. expand full story

Tesla Semi keeps adding to its backlog of electric orders. After adding over 100 trucks last week, this week it receives 100 reservations from a single company: PepsiCo. expand full story

In the latest battery breakthrough claim of the week, researchers from the University of Waterloo released a new paper claiming a breakthrough involving the use of negative electrodes made of lithium metal.

They claim that it has the potential to “dramatically increase battery storage capacity,” which could triple the range of electric vehicles. expand full story

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