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Tesla is starting to deliver the Model 3 Performance vehicles to its store in order to build a test fleet ahead of customer deliveries.

We’ve now got our first good look at the new version of the Model 3. expand full story

Munro & Associates, an engineering research and consulting firm, bought a few Tesla Model 3 vehicles to tear them down and produce an analysis of the new electric vehicle.

The firm has been releasing partial reports on the Model 3 for months now.

At first, they were highly critical, but they are now “eating crow” and admitting that the vehicle should be “highly profitable.” expand full story

Last week, we reported on Ontario shutting down its electric vehicle rebate just as Tesla Model 3 deliveries are ramping up in the province.

Now we’ve learned that the situation is even worse than first thought for Tesla buyers as the Ontario government is treating the company in a different manner than car dealerships. expand full story

Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it reached a deal with the South Australian government to install solar arrays and Powerwalls on up to 50,000 homes to create the biggest virtual power plant in the world.

The deal was jeopardized after a new government was elected in the state a few weeks later, but they have since come around and confirmed that they will be moving forward with Tesla’s initiative as long as it gets financing.

Now, Tesla has deployed first 100 Powerwalls for the virtual power plant in Australia and it’s already having an impact. expand full story

The Goodwood hill climb this weekend was dominated by all-electric vehicles. Nio’s EP9 all-electric hypercar and VW’s Pikes Peak I.D. R all-electric race car took over Goodwood with new records. expand full story

Just a few months after establishing the 606-mile (975 km) Tesla Model 3 hypermiling record, another team has beat it with a 622-mile (1,001 km) run with a twist: the Model 3 was also “unmanned” and on Autopilot. expand full story

The latest round of Tesla’s referral program for owners was supposed to end last night, but the automaker has extended it for two more weeks – maintaining the opportunity for new buyers to get free unlimited Supercharging for Model S and Model X vehicles a little longer. expand full story

July 15

We have yet to see any result from third-party crash tests on the Tesla Model 3, but we are still learning about the safety performance of the car through real-world accidents.

Now an owner reports back on what could be the first reported Model 3 rollover accident. expand full story

In the race of making electric vehicles more efficient, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is still the reigning king with its exceptionally small and efficient battery pack.

The Tesla Model 3 is its closest competitor and it could eventually beat it with upcoming new versions of the car, but not with the new Performance Model 3 which is unsurprisingly much less efficient. expand full story

July 14

Just a few weeks after updating the delivery timelines of all Model 3 versions available to order, Tesla is updating them again to accelerate deliveries for new orders.

Some Model 3 buyers could even get their car in a month. expand full story

July 13

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla opening up the Model 3 design studio to anyone in the latest move to stop ‘anti-selling’ the vehicle, Model 3 Performance version is about to become available, and more.

expand full story

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been releasing side products mostly unrelated to the company’s main purpose, like hats and flamethrowers.

The latest product has more to do with boring tunnels since they plan on selling and/or giving away bricks made from dirt dug in the company tunnels.

The Boring Company is now showing a glimpse at how the bricks are being produced. expand full story

Volvo’s strategy with relaunching Polestar as an electric vehicle brand has been somewhat confusing with their first vehicle being a $150,000+ plug-in hybrid.

Now Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath has clarified their plans by saying that “Tesla and the increasingly electrified Porsche” is their competition. expand full story

Used electric vehicle battery packs are becoming increasingly popular for stationary energy storage projects.

It’s especially the case overseas, but now EVgo is bringing the tech to the US with a new fast-charging station powered by BMW i3 battery packs. expand full story

There have been a few times at Tesla where the entire company was on the line and its future hinged on a single project.

The most recent was the Model 3, but now CEO Elon Musk says that it is the last project on which he is betting the future of the company. expand full story

As the Tesla Model 3 Performance version is about to make it into stores all around North America, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed others features of the upcoming vehicle: the suspension will be 1 cm lower than normal and it will feature ‘stronger’ brakes. expand full story

July 12

Porsche has repeatedly been saying that its first all-electric vehicle, the Taycan (formerly known as the Mission E), will be able to handle some track time.

Now a prototype Taycan has been spotted testing at Nürburgring. expand full story

Every segment of ground transportation is gradually being converted to electric propulsion and now a startup is going after logging trucks.

Today, Swedish tech start-up Einride unveiled The T-log, an autonomous and all-electric logging truck. expand full story

It sounds like ordering 20,000 vehicles from an automaker gets you on top of the list for deliveries.

Jaguar has now delivered its first production all-electric I-Pace in the US and Waymo got several for testing its autonomous driving technology. expand full story

In the epitome of teasing a vehicle release, BMW didn’t release actual sketches of its upcoming electric Mini.

Instead, it released today design sketches of features that will be in the production version of the vehicle coming next year. expand full story

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