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Tesla is about to release a new update that will result in its Autopilot, under its Full Self-Driving package, reacting to traffic light and stop signs.

We get the full explanation of how the new feature works, thanks to the leaked manual. expand full story


Tesla is working on a bid to deploy one of the biggest battery systems in the world with 244 Megapacks, Tesla’s latest giant battery system, on a Hawaiian island. expand full story

March 28

Tesla Cybertruck aims to help accelerate electric vehicle adoption in the US by electrifying the market’s biggest segment: pickup trucks. Americans love their pickup trucks, but other markets are also showing some decent interest in the new electric pickup truck.

Here are the top 10 countries reserving the Tesla Cybertruck. expand full story

March 27

Unplugged Performance took delivery of an early Tesla Model Y and they quickly installed their popular lowering spring… and it looks stunning. expand full story

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla’s possible smart home HVAC system, Model Y’s best engineering, Tesla Semi coming back from winter testing, and more.

expand full story

Another leak shows that Tesla is working on an air suspension for Model 3 and Model Y air despite Elon Musk denying that the vehicles will get the feature. expand full story

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is reportedly making 3,000 electric cars per week amid Tesla having to shut down its other factories. expand full story

Tesla has reportedly told authorities that it is reducing its workforce at Gigafactory Nevada, where it produces batteries and powertrains, by 75%. expand full story

March 26

Tesla is preparing to release an update to its Autopilot system that will enable it to automatically stop at traffic lights and a video of the system at work has already been released. expand full story

Tesla has announced that it is going to put some employees on furlough due to a drop in demand amid the current coronavirus crisis. expand full story

A detailer posted a video inspection of a brand new Tesla Model Y – showing that Tesla still has some issues with paint quality. expand full story

Tesla has confirmed to its workforce that two employees working from home tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). expand full story

Tesla Model Y wiring schematics reveal that the electric SUV is equipped with a radar heater to weather-proof Autopilot and its future self-driving capability. expand full story

March 25

CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla is going to attempt to quickly reopen Gigafactory New York in order to make ventilators for COVID-19 patients in the state. expand full story

Tesla has contracted E.ON, Germany’s largest energy group, to deliver “energy solutions” at Gigafactory Berlin, according to the company’s CEO. expand full story

GM is going all out to push the Chevy Bolt EV electric car at the end of the quarter with a discount of up to $10,000, leases for just $199 a month, and more. expand full story

Here’s a cool story on how Elon Musk managed to secure Tesla’s first store by using his tenacity, a few Tesla patents, and a brand new Roadster. expand full story

March 24

Tesla is officially introducing several new car delivery options, including the previously reported “touchless” process. expand full story

A Tesla Model 3 owner figured out that his electric car is much more efficient with a roof-rack box gets if he flips the box around. expand full story

Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla making a new smart home HVAC system for a while now and as he looks into ventilators amid the coronavirus, the CEO is revisiting the idea. expand full story

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