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Earlier this year, Tesla introduced new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X vehicles. The automaker never explained the impressive upgrade, which resulted in about 1-second faster 0 to 60 mph acceleration in almost all vehicle versions, beyond saying that it’s the result of both “software and hardware improvements.”

Now we learn that the company leveraged those improvements and they can implement them through a software update on some older Model S and X 75D vehicles for free. expand full story

October 20

After market close today, Tesla announced that it changed its warehouse loan agreement with Deutsche Bank to increase the amount by ~$500 million. expand full story

Earlier this year, Toyota and Mazda announced their biggest electric vehicle commitment to date with a new $1.6 billion joint EV factory in the US.

Over 15 states have reportedly bid with incentive packages to get the project and we now learn that they are down to “3 or 4 locations” as Illinois was reportedly eliminated from the process this week. expand full story

The situation around the availability of the Chevy Bolt EV in Europe, where it is sold as the Opel Ampera E, has been even more difficult than in the US.

So much so that Opel has now asked its Norwegian dealers to stop taking orders for the new all-electric vehicle as supply can’t match demand. expand full story

Tesla has been working on Autopilot 2.0 software for a year now almost to the day and some owners think that they have not shown enough progress. That’s why it wasn’t surprising to see the first question during a recent Q&A session with Tesla’s President of Sales and Service, Jon McNeill, being about Autopilot 2.0.

In his response, the executive cautiously addressed an upcoming update which he tested himself. expand full story

As we reported last week, Tesla is releasing new Model 3 software update to calibrate Autopilot for more features.

Some owners have apparently received the update and we now get our first look at the first features it enables: Autopark expand full story

Tesla’s Model 3 is apparently still “deep in production hell” and yet the automaker is still guiding for its first Model 3 deliveries to regular customers by the end of the month.

Aside from Tesla’s own guidance, it’s still difficult to keep track of the important production ramp, but today we get another hint as Tesla registered another ~1,000 Model 3 VINs withNHTSA. expand full story

October 19

Ford conducted a study of its U.S. and Canadian employees and determined that they would be “choosing to purchase or lease electric vehicles if workplace charging is widely available.”

In response, they decided to double the number of U.S. workplace charging stations within a year and triple the number to 600 stations within the next 2 years. expand full story

Earlier this morning, we reported about Elon Musk announcing that his Boring Company is getting a second multi-million dollar boring machine.

Now we might have an idea where that new machine is going after what appears to be a new digging site spotted in Maryland today. expand full story

Earlier this year, we published an exclusive report about Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard’s comeback in the EV space with a new startup. It is an interesting story.

Fast forward to today where we’ve learned that China’s SF Motors, which recently launched in the US, has acquired Eberhard’s startup. expand full story

I don’t think Elon Musk can still call his Boring Company a “small project” if it’s not going to have only one but now two multi-million dollar boring machines to play with. expand full story

Two former Tesla executives broke out on their own to build a battery gigafactory in Europe. After launching their fundraising effort and partnering with ABB, they now announced the location of the factory in Sweden. expand full story

Last month, it was revealed that Tesla is working with world’s largest wind-turbine maker, Vestas, to deploy batteries at their wind farms.

Now Tesla won its first contract with the company and as it turns out, it’s not only for a wind farm but actually the first solar+wind+energy storage project in the world. expand full story

Tesla is about to come out with a new all-electric service vehicle based on the Model S and Model X vehicles, according to Jon McNeill, Tesla’s President of Global Sales and Services.

The new vehicles will be used to replace service vans – pictured above – in Tesla’s mobile service program as soon as next year, said the executive. expand full story

October 18

Almost 3 months after the start of production, there have been still only a few people who had the chance the drive the Tesla Model 3. I was one of those lucky people with a quick test drive before the handover event in July, but I wasn’t allowed to film or even take pictures. I shared my first impression here: ‘Tesla Model 3 first drive experience‘.

We now get a more extensive first drive experience video as more vehicles are delivered. expand full story

There’s a lot of talk about electric vehicle fires even though there’s no statistic showing that they catch on fire any more frequently than gas-powered cars.

But there’s no doubt that they burn differently and it is affecting the work of first responders as we reported in a ‘Behind the scene look at how firefighters disabled a Tesla battery while extinguishing a Model S fire’.

We now have another interesting example with a new Model S crash in Austria. expand full story

Can you imagine a whole brigade of all-electric Abrams tanks powered by those new ‘Solar farm in a box’ systems being deployed in combat zones? We are not quite there yet, but the US Army is apparently aware that it is a likely possibility due to their long-standing close links with the auto industry, which is currently in an important electric transition. expand full story

The German union IG Metall tried to get into Grohmann Engineering after Tesla acquired the company for “about $150 million” and turned it into ‘Tesla Advanced Automation Group’ last year.

Tesla strongly opposed the union push and instead tried to negotiate directly with its own workers. Now the company has reportedly come to terms with employees and agreed to an important salary increase. expand full story

Greg Reichow is an experienced manufacturing executive. He was SVP of Operations at SunPower and he had a long career in the semiconductor industry before joining Tesla in 2011 and leading production until the automaker made a change in manufacturing leadership last year.

He is now a Partner at Eclipse Ventures and out of the blue today, he wrote a blog post on Backchannel about Tesla’s vertical integration and overall manufacturing effort. expand full story

California-based Zero Motorcycles, one of the biggest makers of all-electric motorcycles, unveiled its 2018 bike lineup this week.

As usual, the company is introducing some new features and improvements to its electric powertrain technology, which now allows for faster charging and longer range. expand full story

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