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Tesla has updated its map of upcoming Supercharger stations around the world – showing where the automaker is going next. expand full story

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla updating pricing and options across its lineup, Tesla opening an important new Supercharger V3, Tesla Roadster news, and more.

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Audi has been using Tesla Supercharger stations to advertise its e-tron electric SUV. Is this a smart move, or are they shooting themselves in the foot? expand full story

Konrad Bergstrom, the Swedish tech millionaire behind the new electric boat startup X Shore, says that he was inspired by Tesla to create its lineup of electric boats.

The company recently unveiled its latest creation: the X Shore Eelex 8000. expand full story

Tesla’s timeline for the new Roadster appears to be slipping and we got another indication of that as CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla plans to ‘maybe’ do a ‘hover’ test of the new Roadster with SpaceX package ‘late next year’. expand full story

July 18

Tesla has opened a rare new V3 Supercharger station after launching the new generation of its EV charging infrastructure months ago.

It was worth the wait because this new Supercharger station in Las Vegas looks like the electric car charging station of the future with solar and battery power. expand full story

Now that Tesla has a more extensive lineup of vehicles, do you ever wonder what models and variants Elon Musk drives?

The CEO has now revealed his preferred Tesla vehicles to drive these days. expand full story

Tesla (TSLA) is going to release its second quarter earnings results next week after announcing record delivery numbers earlier this month.

Now the market is trying to figure out if the record sales will translate into profit or if the aggressive ways Tesla used to achieve the record is going to hurt profitability. expand full story

The Nobe 100 is a new lightweight electric car currently offered for ~$29,000 and it can be parked vertically on a wall to save space. expand full story

Toyota is known as a lagger in the auto industry when it comes to all-electric vehicles, but it is actually building an all-electric shuttle just for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. expand full story

With the most recent price and option changes, Tesla also made some off-the-menu changes and that includes offering the Model 3 Performance for less than $50,000 by unbundling some features. expand full story

July 17

Tesla has released its new Autopilot safety report for the second quarter of 2019 and added more data about fire events.

It’s the automaker’s fourth report since launching this new initiative in response to what the company saw as unfair coverage of accidents involving its vehicles by the media.

They claim a similar unfair situation with fires involving their vehicles hence why they added a section about it. expand full story

Audi is working on its first electric sedan, the e-tron GT, unveiled at the LA auto show last year. It is now starting preparation work at a factory in Germany to start production in ‘late 2020’. expand full story

Morgan Stanley visited China to do some channel checks on suppliers for the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai in order to determine when they could start production.

They expect that Model 3 production at Gigafactory 3 as soon as November. expand full story

Porsche is getting ready to bring the Taycan, its first all-electric car, to production in the next few months and it started giving test rides to some European media to hype the car.

In one of those test rides, Porsche revealed that the Taycan will have 250 kW charging at launch and the promised 350 kW capacity is not coming until 2021. expand full story

Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks it took a while for the auto industry to believe Tesla was the real deal and now they are paying the price for it.

In a new interview, Musk explains why the auto industry hasn’t caught up with Tesla yet and where Tesla’s priorities are going forward. expand full story

July 16

Honda is releasing its first electric car that was built to be electric from the ground up this year, but it is only for the European market.

Now the Japanese automaker says that it is coming to the US with electric cars through a new platform that allows bigger vehicles. But it may take some time. expand full story

Elon Musk doubles down on his claim that Tesla cars are now “appreciating assets” and says that they should be worth $100,000 to $200,000 with the Full Self-Driving package. expand full story

While we are impatiently waiting for Tesla, Rivian, and others to bring their electric pickup trucks to market here in North America, China is already getting some.

Nissan is launching a new electric pickup truck through a Dongfeng joint venture in China: the Dongfeng Rich 6 EV. expand full story

Tesla Model 3, a single product, is responsible for 16% of the world’s entire new electric battery capacity deployed in May, according to a new report. expand full story

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