Feature March 22

After a few months of quietly working on their hyperloop project on the East Coast, Elon Musk’s Boring Company has now unveiled the first leg of the project, which is a ‘Loop’ transit system to travel between Washington D.C. and Baltimore in 15 minutes. expand full story

Earlier this year, Tesla’s giant Powerpack battery system in South Australia has proven to be able to react to crashed coal plants in milliseconds and send power to the grid.

The battery system is stabilizing the local grid, a service reportedly worth millions, but now Tesla says that it is not being paid correctly because its battery is too quick for the billing system. expand full story

Home Solar Power

Feature March 21

BMW has been complacent about all-electric vehicles since launching the i3 back in 2013.

Now it plans a second wave of all-electric vehicles and the company’s CEO confirmed today that they will be unveiled this year. expand full story

Feature March 20

It remains difficult to determine Tesla’s current Model 3 production rate. This data is highly important at many different levels to reservation holders and the industry in general as the biggest electric vehicle production program in the world.

Analysts are not optimistic about the company reaching its goal, but the automaker has been increasingly registering new VINs for Model 3 lately – indicating that the production could be nearing 2,000 units per week. expand full story

Spring is here, it’s time to ditch those winter tires – and Tesla has just the way to do it, if you’re lucky enough to have a Model 3 and ready to spend $4,000.  After hints at the possibility of 20 inch sport wheels coming to the Model 3, Tesla updated their shop site with a 20 inch wheel and tire package for the car overnight.

The package includes installation by Tesla at your local service center and comes with tires and wheels, plus new suspension links to better take advantage of the higher levels of grip provided by these sport tires.

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Feature March 19

After Tesla started pushing a new Autopilot update to the fleet last week, we reported on some of the first drive videos showing impressive improvements to Tesla’s semi-autonomous driver assist system.

Now the update has reached more Tesla owners and they have been able to test the new software more thoroughly – giving us a better look at the latest version of Autopilot. expand full story

Feature March 16

As we reported yesterday, Tesla started pushing a new Autopilot update to the fleet this week and it apparently features some significant improvements to Tesla’s semi-autonomous driver assist system.

Now some owners are releasing videos of their first drivers with the new software and most of them are quite impressed. expand full story

Feature March 15

Don’t panic if you are a Model 3 reservation holder in Europe and haven’t received an invite to order your electric cars, Tesla is still months away from officially bringing the car to Europe. However, the first Model 3 vehicles are nonetheless now going for sale in Europe on the gray market. expand full story

Feature March 14

If you got a new Tesla Model S or Model X recently, you might be experiencing a much better and smoother center display UI and now we know why.

Today, Tesla confirmed that it updated the onboard media computer in the Model S and Model X. expand full story

Feature March 13

Just a few days after completing its first cargo trip, a Tesla Semi electric truck has now been spotted all the way in St-Louis at a Supercharger station. expand full story

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