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German automaker part of the Volkswagen group

Porsche Stories March 5

We have been saying for a while that when it comes to charging infrastructure, automakers should just copy Tesla’s model. Porsche smartly did with its new Tesla’s “Porsche Destination Charging,” which appears to be inspired by Tesla’s charging network of the same name. expand full story

Porsche Stories March 2

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume says that 911 will never be electric, but he also admits that they “can’t stop” the electric revolution. How much you want to bet that they are going to change their mind on the 911? expand full story

Porsche Stories February 22

Porsche this week opened a showcase of the EV-charging future at its plant in Leipzig, Germany. The facility has 12 350kW DC fast-chargers and 4 22kW AC chargers. The total capacity is 7 megawatts, making it Europe’s most powerful rapid-charge park, according to Porsche. EV drivers, regardless of vehicle brand, can use the facility free of charge through March, before a standard charging plan takes effect.

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Porsche Stories February 17

A Porsche Taycan electric car caught on fire at a residence in Florida yesterday, leading to significant damage to the house and a complete loss of the car. expand full story

Porsche Stories February 14

Porsche has started deliveries of the Taycan 4S, the less expensive version starting at $104,000, of its new premium electric car. expand full story

Porsche Stories January 29

Porsche (finally!) invited us out on a drive of their flagship EV, the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S this week (find local dealer test drive). The ride was from the Daytona motor speedway to the Porsche Experience Center in South Atlanta, a distance of 450 or so Interstate miles. The car I was driving was still a pre-production model destined to be sent back to Germany and scrapped (the horror!). Almost all of the hardware was final version however and the model I was driving was a Taycan Turbo with Turbo S wheels. Let’s take a closer look at this bad boy…

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Porsche Stories January 14

The EPA rating for the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S has been posted to fueleconomy.gov, and the results aren’t all that pretty. The Taycan is rated at just 68 MPGe with 192 miles of range, despite the car’s large 93 kWh battery.

While not a big drop from the Taycan Turbo, the Taycan Turbo S and its higher power delivery resulted in 1 less MPGe, and 9 miles less range than the Turbo’s 69 MPGe and 201 miles.

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Porsche Stories December 26, 2019

The Porsche Taycan has just hit the roads in the US, and Porsche Club of America had a chance to do a video walkaround of Porsche’s new electric sports car.  The video features Vu Nguyen, Executive Director of the Porsche Club of America interviewing Lukas Kraemer, Porsche’s Complete Vehicle Manager for Taycan.

The video covers a lot of topics and has some interesting insights and specs about the car, which we’ll get to point by point.

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Porsche Stories December 11, 2019

The EPA released the official range of the Porsche Taycan Turbo and it only gets 201 miles of EPA-rated range – a lot less than the 280 miles of range originally announced. expand full story

Porsche had been accumulating a lot of pre-orders for the Taycan even before the unveiling with the specs and pricing announcement, but now the automaker confirms that it has already turned 10,000 Taycan reservations into orders. expand full story

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