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Porsche Stories January 14

The EPA rating for the new Porsche Taycan Turbo S has been posted to fueleconomy.gov, and the results aren’t all that pretty. The Taycan is rated at just 68 MPGe with 192 miles of range, despite the car’s large 93 kWh battery.

While not a big drop from the Taycan Turbo, the Taycan Turbo S and its higher power delivery resulted in 1 less MPGe, and 9 miles less range than the Turbo’s 69 MPGe and 201 miles.

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Porsche Stories December 26, 2019

The Porsche Taycan has just hit the roads in the US, and Porsche Club of America had a chance to do a video walkaround of Porsche’s new electric sports car.  The video features Vu Nguyen, Executive Director of the Porsche Club of America interviewing Lukas Kraemer, Porsche’s Complete Vehicle Manager for Taycan.

The video covers a lot of topics and has some interesting insights and specs about the car, which we’ll get to point by point.

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Porsche Stories December 11, 2019

The EPA released the official range of the Porsche Taycan Turbo and it only gets 201 miles of EPA-rated range – a lot less than the 280 miles of range originally announced. expand full story

Porsche had been accumulating a lot of pre-orders for the Taycan even before the unveiling with the specs and pricing announcement, but now the automaker confirms that it has already turned 10,000 Taycan reservations into orders. expand full story

Porsche Stories December 5, 2019

Porsche Engineering has developed a torque control system for a 4-motor electric vehicle drivetrain that lets electric SUVs handle “with the agility of a sports car” in even the most difficult conditions.

Porsche hasn’t committed to putting this drivetrain into any specific cars, but by announcing the project on their newsroom, we can speculate that there might be something on the horizon. We learned earlier this year that the next Macan will be electric, and this would pair nicely with that.

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Porsche Stories December 4, 2019

Euro NCAP announced today that the Porsche Taycan, the German automaker’s first all-electric car, has achieved a 5-star safety rating in their crash tests. expand full story

Porsche Stories December 3, 2019

Porsche is really interested in Tesla’s latest V10 software update, and especially the new Smart Summon feature. Electrek has learned that Porsche sent engineers to the US to rent a Tesla Model 3 and test out Autopilot under the latest software update.

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Porsche Stories November 21, 2019

In conversations with Audi and Porsche at the LA Auto Show, a trend emerged: both companies seem quite pleased that so many of their EV sales interest is coming from their own existing, internal combustion customers.

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Porsche Stories November 20, 2019

Porsche is finding out that it is quite difficult to produce an all-electric vehicle. The German automaker announced that the Taycan, its first all-electric car, is facing some production delays. expand full story

The new season of Formula E, the world’s top electric car racing series, starts on Friday with a doubleheader in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Notably, two new teams are joining from brands with classic motorsport ties: Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

The last Formula E season was the most exciting one yet, so tune in this weekend to see if they can manage to top it. There will be two races this weekend, on Friday and Saturday at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST/4 p.m. UTC/7 p.m. local Diriyah time.

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