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January 2014 - April 2018

German automaker part of the Volkswagen group

Porsche Stories April 16

Despite its small size, Norway is becoming an important market for electric vehicles. Many automakers are trying to lock in demand for their upcoming electric cars early.

Porsche is the latest to do it with the Mission E – a full year ahead of its launch. expand full story

Porsche’s North America Chief has confirmed that the German automaker is planning to deploy a network of 500 electric vehicle charging stations in North America just in time for the Mission E next year. expand full story

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Porsche Stories April 10

Several major automakers are set to enter the Formula E electric racing championship for the next season and now Porsche has officially been included as a manufacturer by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) today. expand full story

Porsche Stories April 9

Porsche has been making plug-in hybrids for a while now, but it has been resisting going fully electric for a long time.

We have seen a shift from this since the development of the Mission E and they even said that they plan for 50% of their production to be electric within 6 years – one of the most aggressive electrification goals among legacy automakers.

Now, CEO Oliver Blume even says that he expects the German automaker to only sell electric vehicles starting in 2030, which would mean that they would transition the other 50% of their production over about 7 more years. expand full story

Porsche Stories April 2

For April fools yesterday, Porsche sent out a press release unveiling the all-electric ‘Mission E tractor’ – a tractor built by leveraging the Mission E’s electric powertrain.

The German automaker quickly said that it was a joke and “of course, the Mission E tractor will not be built,” but it’s not clear what is funny about it since someone should actually build that tractor. expand full story

Porsche Stories March 27

Porsche is trying to make the Mission E, its first all-electric vehicle, a track-ready performance car competitive with its gas-powered cars.

As part of the German automaker’s development program, a Mission E test mule was spotted on the Nürburgring race track. expand full story

Porsche Stories March 25

Everything points to Porsche positioning the Mission E, its first all-electric, to compete against Tesla’s Model S, but now CEO Oliver Blume claims that it is not the case.

The executive said that ‘Tesla is not a benchmark for us’ even though Porsche was spotted benchmarking the Mission E against the Model S just a few months ago. expand full story

Porsche Stories March 23

When Tesla introduced its Supercharger network, it was not only the most powerful charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, but the company also made it free to use for its customers.

Porsche now says that Tesla’s approach is not sustainable and they will go a different way with their own charging infrastructure for the upcoming Mission E. expand full story

For the past two years, Porsche has only been officially showing the same white Mission E prototype originally unveiled in 2015, but other camouflaged prototypes have been spotted.

Now the company released the first official images of those new prototypes and we even get a glimpse of the front trunk. expand full story

Porsche Stories March 20

Much like BMW with the new i3 a few months ago, Porsche has released a new augmented reality mobile app to take a closer look at its upcoming first all-electric vehicle: the Mission E. expand full story

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