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Climate Stories Yesterday

  • The latest IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has been released, identifying the species most at risk of extinction.
  • Vermont becomes the first state in the US to pass a ban on food waste.
  • Colorado State University raises its 2020 hurricane forecast in July from 19 named storms up to 20.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories July 4

  • The Plastic Free Foundation launched Plastic Free July in 2011. Here’s how you can make a difference permanently.
  • Think you’re not in a flood zone? Double check with this comprehensive new data website.
  • Three things we can do to improve resilience efforts against rising sea levels — NRDC
  • And more…

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Climate Stories June 30

US House Democrats proposed a plan today to bring the US economy to net zero by 2050. This would include transitioning to EVs and green energy with tax incentives, new infrastructure, and government mandates.

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Climate Stories June 27

  • The Siberian town of Verkhoyansk set a high-temperature record last Saturday.
  • It was also the warmest month of May on record, with temperatures of 1.1F (0.6C) above the 1981-2010 average.
  • Facebook’s refusal to fact check has thrown the door wide open for climate-change deniers.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories June 20

  • After a decades-long recovery program, giant tortoises return to their Galápagos island.
  • Florida youths’ climate court case was dismissed, but they will appeal.
  • Pandemics are a result of the destruction of our environment, says the UN, WHO, and WWF.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories June 17

Florida youths’ climate change lawsuit dismissed, will appeal

A circuit judge in Leon County, Florida, dismissed a lawsuit earlier in June that was filed by eight young people against the state of Florida over burning fossil fuels and thus causing climate change.

Climate Stories June 13

  • The 2020 Environmental Performance Index is out — who’s No. 1?
  • Here’s a roundup of great reads to learn more about links between racism and the environment.
  • Germany, the largest emitter in Europe, submits its climate plan to the EU.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories June 6

  • Electrek rounds up commentary from black experts on climate, COVID, and racism in the US.
  • Tropical Storm Amanda batters El Salvador and Guatemala with heavy rain and flooding.
  • New Jersey will become the first state to teach climate change in the K-12 curriculum.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories May 30

  • Is planting trees enough to slow climate change? No. Here’s why.
  • World health leaders wrote to G20 leaders asking them to address the climate crisis in recovery plans (and they did).
  • Indigenous leaders in Peru and Ecuador are calling for a halt to oil drilling in the Amazon.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories May 23

  • A new analysis shows that CO2 has dropped 17% due to the pandemic lockdown.
  • NOAA releases its hurricane predictions as Cyclone Amphan bashes India and Bangladesh.
  • Yesterday was the International Day for Biological Diversity. What’s the significance?
  • And more…

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