Climate Stories March 28

  • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has suffered its third mass bleaching in five years.
  • The Welsh government will plant a national forest that will span the length and breadth of the country.
  • Vehicle emissions drop in March due to COVID-19, but what happens when driving returns?
  • And more…

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Climate Stories March 27

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a suspension of the enforcement of environmental rules on Thursday, saying it “will generally not seek stipulated or other penalties for noncompliance with such obligations” during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Climate Stories March 21

  • Social distancing doesn’t have to be boring — it can also help the planet. Here’s how.
  • Coronavirus masks are clogging up Hong Kong’s beaches and nature trails.
  • It sounds more than a bit odd, but the coronavirus lockdown may save lives by reducing air pollution.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories March 20

The coronavirus lockdown could save lives by reducing pollution

This may sound controversial, but please stay with us. The coronavirus lockdown may actually save even more lives by reducing pollution due to factory shutdowns, reduced travel, and more.

Climate Stories March 14

  • Bears across the globe are waking up from hibernation early due to warm temperatures.
  • Greta Thunberg listens to the coronavirus science — and moves climate-crisis strikes online.
  • Phones, tablets, and laptops will be included in Europe’s “Right to Repair” law to cut waste.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories March 7

  • How a couple created a tiger reserve in India by buying land and letting forest grow back.
  • Hey, New Yorkers: ’80s rocker Billy Idol wants you to stop “idling” your fossil-fuel cars.
  • American station in Antarctica records the warmest February in 53 years.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories February 29

  • The EPA rolls back yet another climate-protecting rule — this time it’s deregulating HFCs.
  • Here’s why every Uber/Lyft trip should be electric and pooled asap.
  • Paris Agreement architect Christiana Figueres explains why there’s hope — and why protest is vital.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories February 22

  • The Lancet and the Union of Concerned Scientists flag up how climate change is hurting children.
  • This search engine is not only secure, it also supports ocean cleanup and emissions reduction.
  • Why all media outlets need to follow the Guardian‘s lead and drop fossil-fuel advertising.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories February 19

Mandy Gunasekara, the self-proclaimed “chief architect of the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord,” is tipped to replace Ryan Jackson, the EPA’s chief of staff, who will step down on February 21. (Michael Molina will be acting chief of staff.) Jackson is to become the top lobbyist for the National Mining Association (yes, really).

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Climate Stories February 18

Electrek compiled how three environmental and political groups — The Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, Build a Movement 2020, and Greenpeace — grade the presidential candidates on environmental and climate-change issues.

As we previously wrote in Climate Crisis Weekly, The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication reported that among all registered voters, global warming is ranked fifth and environmental protection is ranked eighth as the “most important issue” when it comes to deciding who they’ll vote for.

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