Climate Stories November 9

  • Virginia Democrats campaigned on fighting the climate crisis and won.
  • The official word[s] of the year for 2019? “Climate strike.”
  • New Zealand passes a law that sets 2050 as its net zero target year.
  • An offshore wind farm in Rhode Island proves to be a popular fishing spot.
  • Spain will host the UN climate talks in December after Chile withdraws.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories November 8

Bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus grows to 8 members

The US Senate’s bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus added six new members on Wednesday, bringing the total number of members to eight. And on Thursday, Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates paid them a visit on Capitol Hill.

Climate Stories November 7

Italy to make climate-change study mandatory in state schools

Italian education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti (pictured above) confirmed that, starting in 2020, Italy will become the world’s first country to make it compulsory for children to study climate change and sustainability in school, in an exclusive interview with Reuters.

Climate Stories November 6

UK High Court rules London’s climate-crisis protest ban unlawful

The UK’s High Court has ruled that a Metropolitan Police ban of the climate-crisis protests held by activism group Extinction Rebellion (XR) in October was unlawful.

Climate Stories November 5

Maine Sen. Angus King on US Paris Agreement pull-out: ‘We’ve abdicated our global leadership’

Senator Angus King (I-ME) commented today on yesterday’s announcement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of the US’s “formal process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.”

Climate Stories November 2

  • Three reasons why wildfires are still ravaging California’s environment, despite the end of the drought.
  • What’s an energy vampire, and how can you slay it?
  • Greta Thunberg declines the Nordic Council’s 2019 environmental prize.
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk pays for 1 million trees to be planted.
  • Big hotel chains are working to source their fish more sustainably.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories October 30

Elon Musk announced on Twitter late yesterday afternoon that he’d donate 1 million trees to the #teamtrees project launched by YouTube star MrBeast. He then changed his Twitter name to “Treelon” Musk.

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Climate Stories October 19

  • Climate crisis protests in London: Extinction Rebellion, bans, and broccoli.
  • Italy and Croatia team up to replenish the Adriatic Sea’s suffering fish population.
  • Lobbying has to be part of corporate action when it comes to climate change.
  • Five ways to construct buildings with resilience in the face of the climate crisis.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories October 12

  • Jane Fonda arrested for climate crisis protest in Washington, DC.
  • How to talk to your kids about the climate crisis.
  • Cocaine isn’t just bad for your body — it’s also causing climate change.
  • Japan buckles down yet again as Typhoon Hagibis is set to break violent-storm records.
  • And more…

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Climate Stories October 4

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • An Allentown, PA, town hall revealed that voters in the swing state are worried about pollution and climate change.
  • A new model suggests carbon taxes should start high and then fall, bucking previous beliefs.
  • Here’s how much solar power these Washington, DC, landmarks could produce.
  • The city of Phoenix is giving away free plans for net zero energy homes.

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