colorado Stories May 30, 2019

In today’s EGEB:

  • Australia looks to hit 50% renewables by 2030, without government intervention.
  • China’s lead in the solar race, illustrated.
  • An energy company looks to shut down Colorado coal plants and add wind and solar.
  • Ethiopia runs almost completely on renewable energy, and it’s looking for more.
  • Bifacial solar gets a boost from a large order.

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colorado Stories May 16, 2016

Colorado officially approves $5,000 tax credit for electric vehicles – up to $12,500 with federal incentive

Colorado official passed its bill HB 1332 to update its electric vehicle incentive program. The legislation now gives electric vehicle buyers in Colorado a $5,000 tax credit which can be immediately realized at purchase through a dealer incentive.

It’s a significant improvement over the state’s previous program, which was already generous, but nowhere near as straightforward and efficient as it is now.

colorado Stories December 28, 2015

BMW i3 black

A group buy organized by Drive Electric Northern Colorado (DENC) helps bring the price of the BMW i3 down to $25,000 from the standard base MSRP of $44,000. expand full story

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