Porsche Taycan Stories Yesterday

The Porsche Taycan is out now, and the German automaker is serious about selling it. They released an ad for the electric car — focusing on “electrifying the soul.” expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 16

The heavily anticipated Porsche Taycan was fully unveiled two weeks ago, with exciting performance and charging specs and quite a high price to boot. The car has been touted as the first real electric “sport sedan” challenger to Tesla from an established manufacturer, and has attracted a lot of attention and comparisons as a result.

The Taycan is a big departure for Porsche in that it’s their first EV, but there are definitely some ways it really feels like a Porsche. For example, the Taycan offers an insane amount of options — something Porsche is famous for. One of those options is Porsche’s “Electric Sport Sound,” a $500 option that adds fake, electric-like engine noises to the car.

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Porsche Taycan Stories September 12

There’s been much debate about the Porsche Taycan’s charging capacity, but it has now become the first car to charge at 270 kW on Electrify America’s network. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 6

After a launch earlier this week, Porsche confirmed that the production of the Taycan will start on September 9 at its new factory. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 5

Yesterday’s Porsche Taycan launch should have been a monumental event for the EV industry. The top performance carmaker in the world unveiled its new flagship automobile and it is fully electric. Porsche has tons of orders, is putting its marketing might behind it and frankly, it is a damn fine automobile. Send us one… to test!

However, moments after the vehicle launched you could already hear the grumbling from Tesla fans and spec junkies. Porsche’s flagship sports car doesn’t even match Tesla’s luxury sedan in important metrics like acceleration, top speed, and range even though it can only be had at a steep price premium.

Porsche actually built a 2-speed transmission and still couldn’t beat the top speed or acceleration of a Tesla sedan and the range isn’t even close?

If Porsche can’t match Tesla’s sedan specs in a sports car with limited interior space, then what hope do other carmakers have? expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 4

Porsche has unveiled today its highly-anticipated first all-electric car, the Taycan, and it delivers on most of our expectations, except maybe for the price, with a range of 280 miles (WLTP) and impressive performance. expand full story

Porsche is about to launch and unveil the production version of the Taycan, its first all-electric car, and you can watch it live below. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 3

Porsche is launching the Taycan tomorrow, which has led to a lot of excitement and anticipation among EV fans.  Finally, another performance-oriented EV is hitting the market.  This excitement has translated to 30,000 preorders for Porsche even before Taycan’s “official” reveal (which Fred Lambert will be covering tomorrow).

But according to a survey out today from Autolist, average consumers are still more excited about the veteran in the market: the Tesla Model S.

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Porsche is unveiling the production version of the Taycan tomorrow, and today, they unveil the first official pictures teasing the final version of the electric car. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories September 2

Porsche is finally going to unveil the production version of the Taycan this week, and they have been hyping the event with some test results over the last few months.

There’s one last one today, with a 0-90-0 mph acceleration in 10 seconds on an aircraft carrier. expand full story

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