Porsche Taycan is an electric car manufactured by Porsche that was first shown as a concept named Mission E at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Porsche Taycan initial reaction

In 2019, the Taycan went up for pre-order, and 20,000 people placed an order without even knowing the final price. The high demand led Porsche to increase production for the Taycan.

Porsche announced that it is increasing the production capacity of the Taycan, its first all-electric car, after seeing high demand for the electric sports car.

“Taycan’s original production capacity was 20,000 units. This continues to be the requirement for the first year of production. By increasing its workforce by the end of the second quarter of 2020, Porsche is providing itself with the necessary flexibility to be able to produce more units if necessary.”

Porsche Taycan Review

In January, Electrek got to take the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S out for a test drive. Publisher Seth Weintraub visited the showroom in Atlanta. He called it the best Porsche ever.

So the Taycan, in all of its trims, is the kind of car that when you stop, people walk up to the car and swooooon. Some fans even follow you to take pictures while you are driving down the freeway. I imagine that as Porsche delivers more of these beauties, the excitement will be tempered somewhat. There are currently only around 200 delivered in the US out of a sold-out 30,000 expected worldwide over the next year or so. The Taycan is a sight to behold.

As I mentioned, my car was a bit of a Frankenstein, and the Turbo S car I had hoped to drive was riding on some tires slightly damaged during testing at the motor speedway. But the Turbo sans S was still more than enough car for me, and I got to see what it was like driving with 192-mile-range wheels.

Porsche Taycan price

The Porsche Taycan starts at $103,800 for the 4S model. The Turbo model starts at $150,900. The Turbo S model starts at $185,000.
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Porsche Taycan Stories Today

Porsche announced that it is on track to make and deliver over 20,000 Taycan electric cars in 2020.

This is a good start for the electric car that had some challenges.

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Porsche Taycan Stories Yesterday

Porsche added its name to the Guinness World Records book by drifting a Taycan electric car for 42 km straight (26 miles).

No. That’s not a typo.

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Porsche Taycan Stories November 13

What happens when you race four wheels against two in an electric vehicle drag race, pitting American muscle against European engineering?

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Porsche Taycan Stories September 22

The Taycan electric car has already become Porsche’s best-selling car in Europe, destroying the sales of the Panamera, its closest gas-powered competitor.

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Porsche Taycan Stories August 19

Porsche has officially announced the 2021 version of the Taycan electric electric vehicle with some nice features that will be welcome by many prospective buyers. Is it a complete overhaul?

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Porsche Taycan Stories July 17

Porsche is having a slow start with its first electric car — the Taycan — with 4,480 deliveries during the first half of 2020. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories June 29

Porsche today in China announced the Taycan RWD base model and was surprisingly tight-lipped about whether the car would ever make it to the US or even Europe. The car is Porsche’s longest-range electric vehicle with 489 km of NEDC range, which is equivalent to just over 303 miles, but NEDC is notoriously lenient on miles compared to EPA, so we’d expect closer to 250 miles here… if it actually comes to the US market(!!)

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Porsche Taycan Stories June 4

The 2021 version of the Porsche Taycan electric car has leaked in the configurator in some markets, revealing that it will feature several beautiful new color options. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories May 29

A Porsche Taycan Turbo electric car is being offered in a sweepstakes for a fund benefiting cancer patients and survivors. expand full story

Porsche Taycan Stories May 26

Porsche reported about 350 Taycan sales in the US from December through March. Demand remains strong, but the six-week closure of Porsche’s Zuffenhausen assembly plant in Stuttgart, where the Taycan is made, will prevent some interested American car buyers from making a purchase this year.

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