Mini Cooper SE Stories December 10, 2021

Images of the upcoming refreshed electric Mini Cooper have leaked, showing significant exterior and interior changes including redesigned taillights and a rimless center screen.

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Mini Cooper SE Stories November 2, 2020

The all-electric MINI Cooper SE will get a high performance “GP” version, according to BMWBLOG.

While no specific details are available yet, BMWBLOG claims their “extremely reliable source” says the car has been green-lit and is currently in development.

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Mini Cooper SE Stories July 27, 2020

When BMW’s Mini announced that it would finally bring back the Mini Electric a full decade after the car had been previewed in limited release for potential EV owners, there was some excitement in the air. The Mini has always represented a fun, exciting, and compact car that could be quite popular in an EV form.

The record scratch moment came when it announced a range of barely 110 EPA miles and that its 32.6 kWh battery size was actually smaller than the Mini E demonstration car that people loved a decade ago.

Fast forward to this week when I finally got to drive, and to my surprise, really enjoy, the Mini SE…

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Mini Cooper SE Stories January 28, 2020

The new fully electric Mini, the Mini Cooper SE, hits US showrooms in March. BMW flew us down to Miami last week to drive it up and down the Florida coast, and Electrek is here to tell you whether it lives up to expectations.

The Mini Cooper SE is Mini’s first entry into the electric vehicle market…sort of. Mini made a limited-run vehicle in 2009, the Mini E, and I was one of the lucky 450 drivers in the US to have one. I drove it for two years and loved it, and it’s what got me into electric vehicles in the first place. Will the 2020 Mini Cooper SE inspire other drivers the same way the original Mini E inspired me? Let’s find out.

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Mini Cooper SE Stories December 13, 2019

We should have seen this coming. It’s been no secret that the heavy-but-compact 2020 Mini Cooper SE electric hatchback has a 32.6-kilowatt-hour battery pack. And that the lenient WLTP cycle pegs the 2020 electric Mini’s range starting at about 146 miles. But Mini is nonetheless warning the web that the Mini Cooper SE will have an EPA rating of about 110 miles on a single charge.

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Mini Cooper SE Stories October 28, 2019

After unveiling the electric Mini Cooper SE earlier this year, BMW is now announcing the price for its first all-electric Mini in the US, and it is fairly competitive.

The Mini Cooper SE all-electric can starts as low as $17,900 after EV incentives in the US. expand full story

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