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Founder, Publisher and Editorial Director of the 9to5/Electrek/DroneDJ sites.

Seth Weintraub is an award-winning journalist and blogger who won back to back Neal Awards during his three plus years  covering Apple and Google at IDG’s Computerworld from 20072010.  Weintraub next covered all things Google for Fortune Magazine from 2010-2011 amassing a thick rolodex of Google contacts and love for Silicon Valley tech culture.

It turns out that his hobby 9to5Mac.com blog was always his favorite and in 2011 he went full time adding his Fortune Google followers to 9to5Google.com and adding the style and commerce component 9to5Toys.com gear and deals site. In 2013, Weintraub bought one of the Tesla’s first Model S EVs off the assembly line and so began his love affair with the Electric Vehicle and green energy which in 2014 turned into electrek.co.

In 2018, DroneDJ was born to cover the burgeoning world of drones and UAV’s led by China’s DJI.

From 1997-2007, Weintraub was a Global IT director and Web Developer for a number of companies with stints at multimedia and branding agencies in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Madrid and London before becoming a publisher/blogger.

Seth received a bachelors degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California with a minor in Multimedia and Creative Technology in 1997. In 2004, he received a Masters from NYU’s Tisch School of the Art’s ITP program.

Hobbies: Weintraub is a licensed single engine private pilot, certified open water scuba diver and spent over a year traveling to 60 cities in 23 countries. Whatever free time exists is now guaranteed to his lovely wife and two amazing sons.

More at About.me. BI 2014 profile.

Tips: seth@9to5mac.com, or llsethj on Wickr/Skype or link at top of page.

Seth Weintraub's Favorite Gear

January 12

Nissan flew us out to Las Vegas during CES 2020 and put us up, allowing us to get a first-hand drive of the new e-4ORCE AWD technology going into their upcoming Ariya platform vehicles. We got to drive the new technology around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway – a place where exotic supercars are rented out the to wealthy with a backdrop of the Strip and F-35s flying overhead out of Nellis Air Force Base. It was quite the scene.

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January 8

It’s that time of year again, and after a few days pounding the pavement of CES, our team came up with four new products deserving of some praise. expand full story

January 6

Today at CES, I got to meet up with Douglas Alfaro, the North American head of Wallbox, a Spanish charging technology maker who has a game-changing product for EV owners called the Quasar. Alfaro spent seven years at Tesla leading its Supercharging team across the US, among other roles.

Quasar is a bidirectional DC charger for homes that is expected to retail for around $4,000. That’s a heavy price for a home charger that most EV owners currently pay ~$500 for. Let me tell you why this will seem like a bargain and should be in every EV owner’s home (in one form or another) in a few short years.

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December 6, 2019

We are giving away a new Tesla Roadster…1:18 diecast model

Hi everyone! We’re giving away a Roadster 1:18 scale model and we want to send it to you before the holidays. Simply subscribe to one or all of our socials to enter. We’ll randomly pick a winner in the next few weeks and hopefully get this to you by Christmas.

Edit: Congrats to Zack Lyon of Reno, NV for winning. Stay tuned for more giveaways to social followers and promoters. 

November 21, 2019

We’re mere hours away from Tesla’s Cybertruck launch event and we have only scant clues on what the vehicle will look like. But now we’re getting some last-minute hints from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Stay tuned to our Tesla Cybertruck news hub for the latest news on Tesla’s pickup launch this evening.

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Waymo explains how first responders should handle self-driving cars [Video]

Ahead of more and more self-driving cars appearing on the road, Waymo today published an instructional video on how first responders should interact with its autonomous vehicles in case of roadside emergencies.

November 19, 2019

We’re here at the 2019 Los Angeles Motor Show, and the first thing we spotted through the doorway was the Bollinger Motors display, which is the first time these vehicles have been shown to the public.

Bollinger makes a B-1 SUV that looks like an electric offspring of an AMG Scout and a Hummer. The B-2 Pickup adds a longer exposed bed to the rear. I anticipate the crowds will be quite big like the showing Rivian had last year…

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November 17, 2019

Ford’s Mustang Mach E electric crossover is a big deal for the auto industry. There’s no denying that an iconic brand like the Ford Mustang getting rebuilt from the ground up with a compelling electric makeover is a historic moment in the movement away from ICE vehicles.

But how we got to this point is just as important as this vehicle. And what I’ve found out after a few weeks of Ford interviews and research is that much of this Mach E Mustang was inspired by Tesla.

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November 14, 2019

Just moments after discovering that Tesla trademarked the CYBERTRK name, we now have more Cybertruck news.

You know the Tesla CYBRTRK event is real when the invites come out. (Full invite is below.) See if you can determine what those headlights mean, along with some new design clues buried in the invite. expand full story

It is hard to imagine a bigger milestone in the transition away from internal combustion engines than Ford’s iconic Mustang going electric. The Mustang debuted in late 1964 and has symbolized the American sports car, speed, and the pleasure of the open road in the 55 years since. Sure, in recent years, the Mustang might have grown a little stale with its loud, polluting combustion engines that don’t come close to the performance of electric motors from Tesla and others.

But today Ford made it official, the Mustang is going electric with the “Mach-E” nameplate.

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November 10, 2019

GM announced two weeks ago that it would be supporting Donald Trump’s rollback of EV emissions standards by siding with the administration versus California. You would think that GM — with its pioneering Bolt EV and “zero emissions future” initiatives — would support lowering emissions. But something has gone terribly wrong at GM over the past few years in EVs.

The latest indication of this is an announcement that the company would be releasing a Menlo crossover EV — which would likely do well in a US market — in China alone.

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November 7, 2019

Tesla may not have a solid delivery date for when it’s delivering its full-sized second generation Roadsters (currently 2021-ish), but the company today began selling a $250 1:18 scale model made from the same 3D CAD data as the real car. It is so detailed that we might be able to learn some new things about the full sized car here… like, look at that hatchback for instance…

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The 2020 EPA estimated ranges are out for both the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai IONIQ, and we have a new champion of efficiency. Hint: It’s not the car that looks like a glorified Prius, it’s the full-featured sedan with a snappy 0-60 time… expand full story

October 14, 2019

You’ve heard the news: Chevy updated the Bolt EV with 259 miles of range. I loved the original Bolt EV so much I leased the first one so I could get my hands on it in early 2017 and have been driving it for almost 3 years on and off. My wife and I currently split time between the Bolt and our Tesla Model 3. So I was excited to see what Chevy had done in the time since and wow… expand full story

October 5, 2019

The Evelo Aurora Hub-Drive really surprised me with its usability. I’m a little spoiled because I own a “bike-shop ebike” that I ride to work daily. Because of that, I’m often disappointed in the quality of $2,000-and-under ebikes. Components, weight, and workmanship are often sacrificed to get to those low prices. But that’s not the case here…

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September 24, 2019

The Juiced Scorpion, one of our favorite, lust-worthy ebikes just went on sale at 9 am eastern time and we thought you should know about it – particularly since I’ve been riding an “almost feature complete” prototype around town for the past week. The Scorpion, which is a full suspension electric moped/ebike hybrid with awesome retro styling and monster 13-19 Ah 52V battery, starts at a nutty $1299+$99 shipping but will go up in price very soon. Juiced are only offering a limited number of each configuration at this price. Frankly, I don’t know how they got the price so low but after putting it through its paces, I can say without reservation, it is the real deal… expand full story

September 5, 2019

Yesterday’s Porsche Taycan launch should have been a monumental event for the EV industry. The top performance carmaker in the world unveiled its new flagship automobile and it is fully electric. Porsche has tons of orders, is putting its marketing might behind it and frankly, it is a damn fine automobile. Send us one… to test!

However, moments after the vehicle launched you could already hear the grumbling from Tesla fans and spec junkies. Porsche’s flagship sports car doesn’t even match Tesla’s luxury sedan in important metrics like acceleration, top speed, and range even though it can only be had at a steep price premium.

Porsche actually built a 2-speed transmission and still couldn’t beat the top speed or acceleration of a Tesla sedan and the range isn’t even close?

If Porsche can’t match Tesla’s sedan specs in a sports car with limited interior space, then what hope do other carmakers have? expand full story

Mercedes was kind enough to invite Electrek out to their Stuttgart headquarters in Southern Germany to show off their growing portfolio of electric vehicles. Mercedes currently offers the eActros semi truck, newly announced EQV electric van, and of course their EQC crossover. We learned quite a bit…

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August 28, 2019

Renault’s new 52 kWh, 100 kW Zoe was announced in June with the additional 50 kW of DC charging, but we got the rare opportunity to check one out at Renault’s Paris HQ this week. What we saw was an impressive and important vehicle that will fit into many more Europeans’ lives.

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July 12, 2019

We want to thank Nissan for inviting us out and putting us up for their Formula E event in Brooklyn for the second straight year. The three-day event is filled with information on not only their Formula E docket but also on general mobility.

On consumer cars, they didn’t have much to say on the record, but we’re out here reading the body language and on our way to some information…

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