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July 2015 - April 2017

The Chevy Bolt EV is GM’s first long-range all-electric vehicle. It’s a compact utility vehicle with over 200 miles of range and a starting price of $37,500 before incentives.

GM plans to start producing the Bolt in October 2016 and the vehicle should make it to dealerships not long after. It is expected to be available in markets with ZEV mandates first, like California.

Chevy Bolt EV Stories Yesterday

GM’s production or delivery ramp up for the Chevy Bolt EV, its only all-electric vehicle built from the ground up, has been surprisingly slow since the launch in December.

But for the few owners who received the vehicle, they have been getting a lot of use out of it. GM announced today that the 3,492 Bolt EV owners in the United States have driven 4,570,300 miles cumulatively. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories April 19

Cruise Automation, GM’s startup working on self-driving technology, has been releasing videos of its Bolt EV prototypes driving autonomously around San Francisco in order to show its progress.

The latest one released today shows the vehicle at night, which can create different driving conditions – like encounters with nocturnal creatures. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories April 17


As we often like to highlight when talking about self-driving development programs, data can make all the difference. And the best way to accumulate a lot of data is through large test fleets. While Tesla went the way of adding sensors to all its production vehicles to gather data, most other automakers and tech companies are doing it through captive test fleets, which all vary in sizes.

GM could be about to get the largest of those fleets by increasing their number of test vehicles, Chevy Bolt EVs with Cruise Automation’s sensor suite, from just 50 to 300. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories April 12

GM’s Chevy Bolt EV has been receiving great reviews as the “first affordable long-range electric vehicle” since its launch in December 2016, but the problem with the vehicle is its availability. Since before its introduction, we have warned that GM was showing signs of using the Bolt as a low-volume compliance car and everything since the launch solidifies that belief.

It has reportedly been difficult for consumers to get their hands on the vehicle outside of California – despite having officially expanded to other states.

Now GM launches a “national lease” for the Bolt EV, which means that you can technically drive electric for $329 per month – if you can find a Bolt EV near you. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories April 3

GM’s Chevy Bolt EV sales went down in February in the middle of its production ramp up and now we learn that they have stayed at the same level, 978 units, in March, according to GM’s delivery report today.

While it’s not uncommon to see delays during a production ramp up, we are now 4 months into the start of production and GM has been expanding the Chevy Bolt EV’s market without more inventory. expand full story


Chevy Bolt EV Stories March 27

The state of New York has finally released all the details of its new electric vehicle incentive plan, which has been formally announced earlier this month and will start officially on April 1st.

They decided to go with tranches that take into account both range and price. Only a few vehicles, like the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevy Bolt EV, will take advantage of the full $2,000 incentive. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories March 25

In this week’s top stories: New Tesla Model 3 details and the first release candidate video, Chevy Bolt EV, a hybrid Ford F-150, BMW’s electric vehicle plans, Gigafactory 1 aerial shots and much more.

expand full story

Chevy Bolt EV Stories March 23

It has long been suspected that car dealerships are part of the problem when it comes to electric vehicle adoption. Most of their business comes from servicing gas-powered cars and therefore, low-maintenance electric vehicles are not attractive to sell for them. It was demonstrated in several studies that they are not very good at it.

It was demonstrated this week in a new advert from a Chevy dealership in Rockville, Maryland trying to sell the all-electric Bolt EV as if it needs gas. expand full story


Chevy Bolt EV Stories March 20

There’s a good news-bad news situation going on with GM’s Chevy Bolt EV right now. As we recently reported, deliveries surprisingly went down to 952 units in the US last month – only 3 months in GM’s production ramp up for the all-electric vehicle.

Now it seems that dealerships are getting more inventory, which is a good news, but they are discounting – sometimes quite heavily – in order to move them. expand full story

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