Tesla Energy Stories November 15

Tesla Energy announced today that they are reducing the prices of their solar power systems by $3,000 to $5,000 for the average homeowner.

They cite improvements in “vertical integration” as the reason for the price cut. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories November 12

Amazon is turning to Tesla in order to deploy energy storage capacity at their distribution centers.

After a deal to add Tesla Powerpacks to a UK facility earlier this year, now Amazon is working with Tesla again at another distribution center. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories November 9

The California Public Utilities Commission approved this week a very important proposal from PG&E to deploy over 2 GWh of energy storage capacity from battery systems by Tesla and other companies that will replace three gas plants. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories November 1

While we are waiting for Tesla to ramp up its solar roof tiles, the company is starting to use more of its own solar modules.

A new report shows that Tesla Energy is now mainly using its own ‘Tesla-branded’ solar panels made by Panasonic at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories October 14

Tesla’s energy division is deploying a new Powerpack project in Weld County, Colorado, where it could save ratepayers and the local utility as much as $1 million per year. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories August 2

One thing we have yet to discuss when it comes to Tesla’s Q2 earnings is how its Tesla Energy division is doing.

In short, solar is stable and energy storage is growing despite cell shortage, but the growth outlook is what is really “crazy.” expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories July 18

Ever since Tesla took over SolarCity to become part of Tesla Energy, the deployment of solar power has been slowing down gradually for a series of reasons ranging from a restructuring to market changes.

Now Tesla is looking at a shift as it claims that demand is not a problem and now they need to increase production. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories June 22

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a vague plan to flatten management and restructure the company in order to achieve profitability during the second half of the year.

We now have a better idea of what the restructuring entails after Musk announced last week that Tesla is laying off about 9% of its workforce.

Now we’ve learned about the impact of the restructuring on Tesla’s Energy. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories June 3

Tesla is apparently significantly ramping up its effort to help rebuild the power grid in Puerto Rico after it was destroyed by hurricanes last year.

After having completed hundreds of energy storage project on the islands in the last few months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk now says that they have ‘about 11,000’ energy storage projects underway in Puerto Rico, which means something big is in the work. expand full story

Tesla Energy Stories February 1

Since Tesla acquired SolarCity, they have shut down several of the solar installer’s marketing efforts in order to focus on using its own car showroom to promote their solar and energy storage products.

But there’s one marketing effort that they are sticking to and even expanding: a deal with Home Depot. expand full story

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