Jaguar I-PACE Stories October 30

Jaguar recently made a serious commitment to electric propulsion and its first effort in the space, the Jaguar I-Pace, is set to launch next year.

The British automaker is currently testing the vehicle ahead of the launch and it was recently spotted with a new set of sensors. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories September 15

Tesla’s approach to open its vehicles for reservations years ahead of production has proved useful to show demand for electric vehicles.

Now other automakers are implementing the same strategy for their upcoming new electric vehicles… but only in Norway. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories September 12

Jaguar and Formula E announced a new partnership today to launch a new all-electric race series to take place during the same race weekends as the Formula E championship.

The series will use the I-Pace, Jaguar’s upcoming first all-electric vehicle. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories June 27

Jaguar is trying to maintain the hype around its first all-electric vehicle, the I-Pace, until it hits the market next year.

The British automaker has been teasing the vehicle since unveiling it last year and now, it unveils its thermal management system, which the company claims adds up to 30 miles (50 km) of range. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories May 23

The Jaguar I-Pace, the British automaker’s first all-electric vehicle, is nearing a production unveil and therefore, prototypes spotted in the wild are looked at closely for a glimpse at the real thing.

A new sighting in Monaco showed the vehicle speeding around a track without camouflage. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories May 8

The Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most exciting all-electric vehicles coming next year. The design of the concept has been really well-received and the specs are on par with other high-end all-electric vehicles planned for production in 2018-2019.

Only a few months away from the planned reveal of the production version, Auto Express spotted a prototype that reportedly features the final production design – pictured above. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories March 15

As we reported earlier this month, Jaguar unveiled a new prototype of the I-PACE, its first all-electric car, at the Geneva Motor Show.

The British automaker has now “unleashed” the prototype onto the streets of London for the first time and released a gallery of pictures showing the new design, which feature less “electrifying” design touches. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories March 1

Jaguar’s I-PACE is one of the most anticipated of the series of premium all-electric vehicles coming in the next few years. The British car manufacturer first unveiled the prototype last November and now it is prepared to bring the latest version at the Geneva Motor Show. expand full story

Jaguar I-PACE Stories November 15, 2016

Today, Jaguar unveiled its first all-electric car, the I-PACE, which it aims to bring to market in 2018. Jamie shared his take on it this morning, but it was a little light on pictures so I’ve put together a few galleries of the electric compact SUV. expand full story

We’ve covered reports that Jaguar was working on an electric SUV before, and today Jaguar officially revealed their SUV concept, along with their name for it: the “I-PACE.”  It’s largely modeled off of their recent “F-PACE” SUV, only Jaguar has taken the step of “electrifying” the design by giving it some future-y touches which are sure not to age well, but seems to be irresistible to automakers when jumping into the EV market.

While this design is still labeled as a “concept” – and as such, maybe Jaguar will tone down the “Tron lightcycle” looks a bit before release – Jaguar states that the car will hit the roads in 2018.  This seems exceedingly quick for an electric concept to make it to the roads, especially for a company with no other electric models yet.  But Jaguar has been signaling some seriousness about electric cars, particularly with their entry into this year’s Formula E championship.  There are no timelines yet for regional availability.

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