electric trucks Stories September 27

Ford’s Turkish truck subsidiary has unveiled a new electric and autonomous truck concept, F-Vision, at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 show in Hannover, Germany today. expand full story

electric trucks Stories August 30

The Volvo Group’s construction equipment subsidiary is working on electrifying several vehicles in its lineup, especially for mining equipment.

Now they have deployed several new electric mining vehicle prototypes for the world’s first emission-free quarry test. expand full story

electric trucks Stories May 16

Over the last year, almost all truck makers have either announced an electric truck program or they’ve unveiled an electric truck.

Dutch truck manufacturing company DAF is the latest to join the trend by unveiling a new all-electric truck with a 170 kWh battery pack. expand full story

electric trucks Stories May 2

Tesla’s claims about its electric truck have created some disbelief in the truck industry. Some simply don’t believe Tesla can deliver what they claim, while others are trying to compete with their own trucks, like Daimler with the E-FUSO Vision ONE and Cummins with its own prototype.

Now, Peterbilt becomes the latest truck maker with an all-electric class 8 truck program to compete with Tesla Semi. expand full story

electric trucks Stories January 31

Renault Trucks announced today that it will start selling “a range” of electric trucks to go into production next year.  expand full story

electric trucks Stories January 24

This week, Volvo is adding itself to the list of many truck manufacturers working on electric trucks.

The Swedish group says that it will bring the electric trucks to the road as soon as this year and start selling them next year. expand full story

electric trucks Stories August 23, 2017

eTruck Motor, a Budapest-based electric truck startup, announced this week that they are “in talks with the Hungarian agriculture ministry and the mayor of Hegyeshalom, western Hungary,” to build “a 10 billion euros factory” on a plot of land on the city’s outskirts.

With the announcement, a video of their alleged electric truck prototype surfaced and while they claim it’s the ‘first all-electric semi truck’, it appears to be no more than a camouflaged diesel truck. expand full story

electric trucks Stories March 13, 2017

All-electric trucks are less exciting than passenger cars, but they could have a great impact on emissions from transportation. While we are still a few years away from battery-powered trucks for long-distance transport, truck for short routes and urban transport are already here.

BYD just announced that it started delivering the first vehicles in a fleet of 27 electric yard and service trucks in San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. expand full story

electric trucks Stories June 13, 2016

Last month, we reported on a new Salt Lake City-based startup, Nikola Motor, unveiling the design of its first product; an electric truck with a natural gas range extender called ‘Nikola One’. The company attracted a lot of attention for having a name reminiscent of Tesla Motors – both inspired by the physicist Nikola Tesla – but it also unveiled serious ambitions to revolutionize the trucking industry.

The ‘Nikola One’ will be equipped with a massive 320 kWh battery pack and the company hopes that it will be able to travel up to 1,200 miles with the natural gas range extender. Now the company announced that it received over 7,000 pre-orders with deposits for its electric truck since the unveiling of the concept last month. CEO Trevor Milton says that the pre-orders are worth over $2.3 billion. expand full story

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