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This cheap electric half-car/half-truck looks like a botched Alibaba El Camino

Remember that time someone in China sent me a free panda car? Well after cruisin’ for another proverbial bruisin’ in the Alibaba electric car catalog, I stumbled upon a variant of it that seems to have a truck’s rear end tacked on the back. It’s silly and fun and just oh-so-perfect.

Meet this week’s Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week!

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Europe’s ICE truck ban in danger with new fuel loophole from EU Parliament

toyota mpg

MEPs of the European Union voted to adopt strict new rules regarding emissions from trucking and busses today, seeking a 90% reduction in total fleet CO2 emissions by 2040 — but there’s a big loophole involved. While initial planning from the EU Commission sought to categorize effectively all ICE trucks and busses as CO2-emitting, the EU Parliament has other ideas.

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Two years after buying my $2,000 electric truck from China, here’s how it looks now

electric mini-truck

Back in early 2021, I set out on a journey to buy an electric mini-truck from China and bring it to the US. Yes, I’m that guy. You may have seen my truck before. After tens of millions of views on its viral videos and articles over the past two years, now it’s time to take a closer look at how my Chinese electric mini-truck has held up. And spoiler alert: some of you folks aren’t going to be happy.

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