Rivian Stories March 25

Coloradans can look forward to a Rivian store of their own in the not-too-distant future, thanks to a new law allowing electric vehicle makers to sell direct.

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Rivian Stories March 23

Rivian wants police departments and first responders to use its upcoming electric trucks and it is planning to make them comfortable with seats designed for people who are carrying a gun. expand full story

Rivian Stories February 17

A new bill, SB 167, has been introduced in Colorado which would allow electric vehicle manufacturers to bypass the state’s direct-sales ban.

The ban was first passed in 2010, which means Tesla’s store in the state is “grandfathered in,” though Tesla is not allowed to open other stores.  It still has several locations in the state, but these are technically “galleries”

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Rivian Stories February 6

Rivian CEO, engineers share thoughts on company’s journey in new video

Rivian posted a new video covering some of the company’s history, mission, and background today.

In it, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe and several of the company’s top engineers talk about the challenges that the company has faced and will face in the future.

Amazon released a closer look at its upcoming new electric delivery van built by Rivian, who is supposed to produce 100,000 of them. expand full story

Rivian Stories January 29

Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand announced a new partnership with Rivian to build “an all-new fully electric vehicle” using the latter’s electric platform. expand full story

Rivian Stories January 26

The upcoming Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV will be cheaper than previously expected. The R1T was originally announced with a $69,000 base price (and the R1S SUV at $72,000).

Rivian now says that $69,000 will be the price for a “well-equipped vehicle,” and that base model pricing will actually be lower than that.

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Rivian Stories January 7

Rivian announced that it is directly integrating Alexa into its upcoming vehicles, including the R1T electric pickup truck and R1S electric SUV.

They say that drivers will be able to “control key vehicle features — even in remote locations with poor reception — and access unique Rivian ‘home-to-car’ and ‘car-to-home’ skills.” expand full story

Rivian Stories December 25, 2019

Rivian gave us a little Christmas present today by releasing real video of an awesome feature they’re calling “tank turn.”

This feature allows the Rivian to turn literally on a dime – it can do a full 360º turn without moving at all.

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Rivian Stories December 23, 2019

Rivian has secured a massive $1.3 billion round of funding led by T. Rowe Price Associates, an important Tesla investor, and others. expand full story

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