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April 2019 - August 2020

In March 2020, GM held an event where they unveiled multiple new electric vehicles (including the Chevy Bolt EUV).

Mary Barra, GM chairman and CEO, commented on the news:

Our team accepted the challenge to transform product development at GM and position our company for an all-electric future. What we have done is build a multi-brand, multi-segment EV strategy with economies of scale that rival our full-size truck business with much less complexity and even more flexibility.

Below are the links where you can find all our reports on events and all the EV news that GM released today

One of the surprising announcements was the Chevy Bolt EUV (electric utility vehicle).

Chevy Bolt EUV specs and features

The Bolt EUV batteries are the same as the 66kWh Bolt using the same BEV 2 platform. However, with the bigger, heavier vehicle, the range will be shorter. We estimate 245 miles or so using the EPA rating scale.

As Seth Weintraub noted in his article, it’s basically a stretched-out Chevy Bolt.

The Bolt EUV is basically a stretched Bolt with some new amenities. It sits at roughly the same height with a 3-inch longer wheelbase, 3-inch longer trunk space, and a more SUV-like front hood. If you are coming into the Bolt cold, check out my description of the 2021 Bolt EV for the basics.

The Chevy Bolt EUV will include a bigger 11kW charging inverter. That compares to the regular Bolt’s 32A or 7.2kW charging. This should allow home and destination charge times to be reduced by 33% or so over the regular Bolt on a kWh basis.

The back seat will be bigger for adults as well. GM is offering a sunroof that opens up in the back. It’s motorized, but it’s not the traditional on the top model. It will also include a tow hitch upgrade option for bikes, but it’s not compatible with trailers.

Chevy Bolt EUV price and release date

GM hasn’t announced a price for the new car, but we expect around a $5,000 increase over the Chevy Bolt.

If you are in the market for an EV (including the current Chevy Bolt), find the lowest purchase and lease price here on Electrek. We’ve found the best deals around the country by calling dealerships, so you can take our pricing and get the best price at your local dealer.

GM also hasn’t announced a delivery date for the EUV but plans to announce more this summer. It will come after the 2021 Bolt so expect that it will arrive mid-2021 or so.

Chevy Bolt EUV Stories August 26

Chevy has released the first teaser pictures of the upcoming refreshed Bolt EV and new Bolt EUV electric cars.

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Chevy Bolt EUV Stories July 7

General Motors confirmed that it plans to end production of its Chevrolet Sonic small gas car in October. With the Sonic’s demise, gas cars will no longer be produced at GM’s Orion Township Assembly Plant near Detroit. Orion will become an all-EV plant, where the Bolt compact and Bolt EUV will be manufactured.

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Chevy Bolt EUV Stories June 17

GM has released the first picture of its Buick Velite 7 Electric, a small SUV/crossover for the Chinese market, and it might give us a pretty good idea of what the upcoming Bolt EUV will look like. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EUV Stories May 27

Despite the pandemic, Chevrolet increased its Q1 sales of the Bolt EV by 36% compared to a year ago. Electrek spoke this week with Tony Johnson, the marketing and advertising lead for Chevy cars and crossovers, to see how the brand will maintain that momentum. Johnson told us that Chevy is “doubling down” on the Bolt this year as it paves the way for future EVs. Chevy might even have an electric sports car in the works.

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Chevy Bolt EUV Stories May 1

In November, Ken Morris, who has been with GM for 31 years, was named vice-president for electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s hard to imagine how he could be more gung-ho on EVs. In interviews over the past few months, he repeatedly states that GM (and the world) will soon hit an inflection point for electric propulsion. He told Automobile magazine last week that GM will be all-electric “sooner than people would think.”

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Chevy Bolt EUV Stories March 4

GM didn’t just show off the new 2021 Chevy Bolt EV today, they unleashed the long-rumored more crossover version of the Bolt called the EUV…and it came with some surprises along the way.

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Chevy Bolt EUV Stories August 14, 2019

GM has unveiled the first official images of the Chevrolet Menlo EV, an electric car that is expected to become the utility version of the Bolt EV. expand full story

Chevy Bolt EUV Stories April 19, 2019

General Motors (GM) has filed for a trademark for a vehicle named ‘Bolt EUV’ – hinting at a new electric car based on the Chevy Bolt EV platform. expand full story

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