review Stories September 21

High-performance scooters like the Apollo Pro take many of the advantages of generic electric scooters, then combine them with more power and higher quality parts to open the door to countless more adventures.

With dual high power motors, a huge battery, and full suspension for leaving manicured roads in your wake, the Apollo Pro has just about everything you need to get a serious rush (or a sensible commute).

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review Stories September 18

There are two things that FREY doesn’t mess around with: quality and power. The Jinhua, China-based electric bicycle manufacturer lays into both, heavily. And nowhere is that more evident than in the FREY EX Pro electric mountain bike.

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review Stories September 8

There’s just something about fat tire electric bikes that make them so much fun to ride. But it’s not every day that you find a fat tire e-bike that is as elegantly crafted as the Aventon Sinch.

This e-bike offers the unbridled joy of cruising around on ridiculously oversized tires yet without sacrificing any build quality. That makes it a top value e-bike for anyone looking for lots of bang for your buck.

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review Stories September 1

What happens when you combine a well-built and fast electric scooter with the service and support of a Canadian company? You get the awesome little EVOLV Tour 2.0 electric scooter from Urban Machina.

It’s a powerful little commuter scooter with full suspension and backed by a company that is as polite and professional as they come. Good service and a good scooter – what’s not to like?!

Oh yea, and stick around because we’ve got a $100 off coupon code for you below!

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review Stories August 26

Elegant design and high-quality European manufacturing combine to create the Ampler Stellar, a beautiful and well-made electric bicycle designed to get you cycling all over the city.

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review Stories August 21

Despite its name not doing the bike any favors, the Cyrusher XF650 is a powerful fat tire e-bike that could be an excellent way to shred everything from bike lanes to off-road trails.

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review Stories August 20

Last year, I reviewed the Gazelle CityZen T9 ebike and thought it was a fantastic offering for those people content with 20mph assist speeds on smoother roads. But as someone who commutes on rougher backcountry roads, I much prefer getting close to 30mph before the electric assist cuts off. That not only means a Class 3 capable motor but some other improvements are necessary to the bike.

Today we are looking at the answer to most of my concerns with the T9: Gazelle’s Medeo T10+

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review Stories August 18

I should probably start by saying I’m not a surfer. I’ve never surfed before and I have no idea how to do it. But that didn’t stop me from jumping at the opportunity to test out YuJet’s electric surfboard, which was unveiled just last month.

After reviewing just about every other form of electric transportation from electric cars to e-bikes to e-motorcycles and e-skateboards, I knew I had to add one more notch on my e-belt, so to speak. And despite my novice surfing level, I was amazed at how easy it was to learn to ride the YuJet electric surfboard.

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review Stories August 11

For the last few years, the RadWagon has set the benchmark for affordable, capable electric cargo bikes. But that didn’t stop Rad Power Bikes from rolling out a series of upgrades this year to make the new RadWagon 4 better than ever.

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review Stories July 27

When it comes to extreme comfort for the road or extreme handling for the trail, it’s hard to beat the benefits of full-suspension electric bikes. I’ve tested a pile of them for Electrek and now I’m compiling the list of my top 5 full-suspension e-bikes for summer 2020!

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