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Super73 is all about the laid-back, Southern California style. These electric bikes place an emphasis on the mini-bike styling and give the feel of zooming around town on an electric moped or motorbike. But with many of the full-featured Super73 e-bikes starting at $2k or more, I wanted to see if you could get the same kind of experience on the $1,150 Super73-Z1, which is the company’s entry level model.

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review Stories March 25

The M2S All Terrain R750 sits in the sweet spot of off-road, comfort, and commuting. The price is great, too, starting at $1,499 (early adopter pricing has concluded).

M2S has made great choices on components and price, making a down-to-business bike without adding frills that often bulk up the price. The R750 has a plentiful amount of electric power, which is paired especially well with the size.

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review Stories March 24

Mid-drive electric bicycles (e-bikes with a motor that powers the bike near the pedals in the center of the bike) have a number of advantages over typical hub motor e-bikes. However, price isn’t usually one of them. The more complicated motor and smoother operation of a mid-drive often jacks up the price. That is precisely the reason why I was excited to test out the Buzz E-bike, which is perhaps the most affordable mid-drive e-bike on the market today.

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review Stories February 26

A new Vancouver based e-bike company has created mid-priced electric comfort bikes capable of 120 miles of range.

Dōst Bikes (rhymes with “coast”) has a simple solution to range anxiety; double the battery size.

While it’s not the first dual-battery iteration we’ve seen, it’s the first time I’ve seen it on comfort commuters that maintain a wide variety of uses.

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review Stories February 11

Electric bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. But one of the most fun styles for me has always been full suspension electric mountain bikes. And the M2S All Terrain M600 FS electric bike is a great example of the type of powerful, rugged full suspension bike that is nearly as much fun on-road as it is on the trails.

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review Stories February 10

Eahora (or “Energy Ahora”) has a few different bikes on their site. I had a lot of fun riding the Eahora Snow X6 for the review. This stubbly little bike is a useful combination of components that make it a predictable ride for fun romps in the snow or slush.

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review Stories February 3

The Ride1Up 500 Series e-bike isn’t the fanciest e-bike I’ve ridden. It doesn’t have the nicest parts or the longest list of features. But it is a solidly manufactured e-bike with a powerful motor, high top speed, and bargain price of $1,099. Could this be the best bang-for-your-buck electric bike out there? Read on to find out…

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review Stories December 2, 2019

The team at GoCycle has found the sweet spot of features and practicality with the GX model they’ve dubbed “The Fast Folder“. This is easily the cleanest bike I’ve ever ridden, and the lightweight frame, customizable power output, truly ground-up design, and spacey looks are very unique. While not as feature-rich as the rest of the GoCycle lineup, it has the right amount of changes to make it a mainstay as a high-end folding commuter.

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review Stories November 6, 2019

The Tower Beach Bum is not only easy only the wallet (being direct-to-consumer), it’s also easy on the eyes and backside as a purposeful beach cruiser. While it’s not on the forefront of e-bike tech, it’s value proposition is compelling enough to get Mark Cuban’s stamp of approval as a key investor in Tower.

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review Stories July 4, 2019

There’s finally an electric Range Rover and of course, we wanted to see how electric the P400e PHEV really is. We also wanted to find out, did Land Rover bring its fun off-road heritage to this electrified variant?

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