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Mokwheel Scoria review: An electric bike with a built-in power station

mokwheel scoria e-bike

If there’s two cool pieces of green technology that have greatly improved my day-to-day life, they’re probably electric bikes and solar-powered portable power stations. I’ve reviewed plenty of both, and they’re even better when you combine them. Take the case of the Mokwheel Scoria, which straps an inverter onto an e-bike to create a mobile power station.

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Ride1Up REVV1 FS review: How I hit 37 mph on an e-bike built like a motorbike

ride1up revv1

The Ride1Up REVV1 FS is a rare breed of e-bike. It’s not that the design is that unique. In fact, it’s obviously another SUPER73 imitation. But what makes it so unique is that it’s a really good SUPER73 imitation. And by that I mean it’s built more like a moped or motorcycle than like an electric bicycle, which translates into an amazingly good ride.

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AddMotor M-340 review: A fat-tire electric trike that can do burnouts?!

addmotor m-340 electric trike

Electric trikes are a quickly growing segment of the e-bike market in the US, largely thanks to recent high-profile launches of popular new models. But the AddMotor M-340 electric trike has been around for years as a staple of the fat tire e-trike segment. It recently received some nice upgrades, so we decided to put the newest version of the e-trike to the test.

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I actually bought a $1,000 electric boat from China. Here’s what showed up

Chinese electric boat alibaba

Ever since I helped my dad upgrade his fishing kayak with an electric motor, I’ve been angling for an electric boat of my own. And with some significant internet digging, a deep breath and, a leap of faith, I sent $1,000 off to China for an electric boat I found on Alibaba. A few months later, this is what showed up.

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Overpowered e-bike review: The E-cells Super Monarch AWD 1500 Dual Crown

super monarch awd 1500 dual crown electric bike

I call this e-bike “overpowered,” but I should really call it “amazingly-powered.” Yes, it’s got more power than nearly anyone really needs – but then again, so does most every performance vehicle out there, whether we’re talking about cars, motorcycles, boats, or any other type of recreational runabout.

And so the Super Monarch AWD 1500 Dual Crown is perhaps the textbook definition of excess, but that’s exactly what makes it so much fun, and such a capable off-roader.

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Lectric XP Trike first ride: Testing the low-cost electric trike made for everyone

lectric xp trike

Lectric eBikes is know for two things – making affordable e-bikes and making a lot of them. The company’s main goal has been to look at the e-bike market, figure out what people want, and find a way to make it more affordable. They’v’e done it time and again with their other e-bikes and that’s exactly what they’ve done this time with the new Lectric XP Trike.

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SWFT BMX e-bike review: Finally a fun electric BMX bike on a budget

SWFT BMX e-bike

The SWFT BMX electric bike doesn’t try to be all flashy with extra features or gizmos. All it does is combine a simple but effective e-bike setup with the versatile and time-tested BMX bike design. And in doing so, it creates something simple yet effective: a low-cost e-bike that you can toss around for fun yet still use for a commute to school or work.

It’s definitely not going to be for everyone, but I’m still excited about a fairly authentic return to BMX bikes in the e-bike space, at least in terms of appearance. Bar spins are still not recommended.

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Razor EcoSmart Cargo review: A clever 2-seater e-scooter, but with some problems

razor ecosmart cargo scooter review

Razor is no latecomer to the micromobility world, having produced awesome scooters for over two decades now. Following on the heels of reviewing the brand’s fun-loving and nostalgic Razor Icon electric scooter, I’ve now gotten a chance to try my hand (and rear end) at a two-person seated electric scooter known as the Razor EcoSmart Cargo.

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Engwe Engine Pro review: A value full-suspension e-bike with a weird name

engwe engine pro electric bike

It’s not that we haven’t seen our fair share of some weirdly named e-bikes before, but there’s something confusing about an electric bike named after an engine. I know that technically motors and engines can be the same thing, but it still feels weird to associate engines with e-bikes in American English. I’ll give Engwe a pass on the confusing and barely pronounceable name for the Engwe Engine Pro electric bike for the sole reason that it’s actually quite a good deal when you consider the performance to dollar ratio here.

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Aventon Aventure.2 review: A 28 mph go-anywhere fat-tire electric bike gets better

aventon aventure 2 review

Aventon significantly expanded its market reach when the company rolled out its first Aventure e-bike in 2021. Now the brand has updated the hot-selling e-bike with key upgrades. And of course we made sure to get an early look at the bike to tell you exactly how it looks, feels, and rides. Check out my complete review of the Aventon Aventure.2 below.

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RadTrike review: Testing of Rad Power Bikes slickly designed electric trike

rad power bikes radtrike e-trike

The RadTrike is the first consumer-focused electric three-wheeler from Rad Power Bikes, the largest e-bike company in North America. It’s designed to make e-biking more accessible to a wider range of riders, especially older riders, and it sure fits that bill. After testing the trike I can tell you that there’s a lot to like here, though I’ve also got a few critiques in areas I would have liked to have seen changed.

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The weirdest and wildest electric bikes and other personal EVs I tested this year

This year was jam-packed with all sorts of fun electric bikes, e-scooters, electric four-wheelers, and other hard-to-classify electric vehicles.

While many e-bikes and other light electric vehicles follow a familiar formula, these are some of the weirdest and most out-of-the-box personal electric vehicles that I had the opportunity to test this year.

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Testing an adult electric scooter designed like a kid’s toy: Razor Icon review

razor icon electric scooter

If you’re between the ages of 25 to 50, the name “Razor scooter” likely brings with it a certain nostalgia, the flavor of which may depend on whether you associate it with the childhood freedom of cruising the neighborhood or the unforgettable sound of aluminum on ankle bone. But now both are possible again with a modern twist thanks to Razor’s introduction of an electric scooter based on its classic design. I’ve had some fun by riding, testing, and crashing the new Razor Icon electric scooter over the last few weeks, and now it’s time to tell you what I think.

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Testing the highest-quality full-suspension fat-tire electric bike I’ve ever tried

frey cc fat e-bike review

The FREY CC Fat is the latest evolution of FREY Bike’s popular CC model. What started out as a full-suspension commuter bike gained fat tires earlier this year to turn into a dual-use commuter and trail bike. But this is no ordinary full-suspension fat-tire bike. Instead, it comes loaded with high-quality parts and a ridiculously powerful motor.

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Electrek’s vehicle of the year is the svelte $25K Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt 2023 Electrek

The lowest-priced EV in the US is somehow also one of the best. Now in its sixth year, the Bolt EV is also seasoned, having worked through a battery fiasco/recall and significant lapses by GM’s decision-makers while receiving modest but significant updates.

With a clean bill of health, the Bolt is now a huge outlier in bang-for-buck. But the 2023 Bolt is also quick, fun to drive, useful, and often more so than cars twice its price. In fact, I think we should be looking to the diminutive Bolt as the future of transportation.

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