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Tesla Roadster all-electric hypercar

Tesla's sports car

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The Tesla Roadster was the American automaker’s first vehicle program.

During its first production run between 2008 and 2012, it motivated automakers to launch several of their own electric vehicle program – virtually starting an electric vehicle revolution.

In 2017, Tesla unveiled a new generation of the electric sports car to enter production in 2020. Here are all the details.

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A Tesla Roadster will drive across Britain to make a point about battery longevity

tesla roadster battery longevity age

This weekend, a Tesla Roadster will make the journey from Lands End to John O’ Groates, an 870-mile drive spanning the full length of the island of Great Britain. This drive has been done by EVs many times before, but in this case, it’s in a special vehicle: the very first car that ever did the drive, the same 2010 Tesla Roadster, still on its original battery, to make a point about EV battery longevity.

The drive also serves as a fundraiser for Zero Carbon World, a UK charity pushing for carbon reduction and EV adoption. Zero Carbon World is chaired by Formula E driver Alexander Sims, who has done a similar drive before in a Model 3. If you’d like to toss in some coins, you can donate to the cause through JustGiving (for £30 you can get your name on the car).

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How much does a Tesla weigh? Comparing each model

how much does a tesla weigh

When learning more about Tesla and its growing fleet of EVs, consumers new to the market have a lot of the same questions. Inquiries such as How much does a Tesla cost? How long does it take to charge a Tesla? How much does it cost to charge a Tesla? Believe it or not, one of the most frequent questions we receive in addition to those above is, How much does a Tesla weigh?

While this question is more easily answered than others, there are a few factors that play a role in the weight of each Tesla model. Here’s everything you need to know broken down by model.

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