Tesla Roadster all-electric hypercar Overview Updated May 9, 2018

Tesla Roadster all-electric hypercar

Tesla's sports car

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October 2013 - May 2018

The Tesla Roadster was the American automaker’s first vehicle program.

During its first production run between 2008 and 2012, it motivated automakers to launch several of their own electric vehicle program – virtually starting an electric vehicle revolution.

In 2017, Tesla unveiled a new generation of the electric sports car to enter production in 2020. Here are all the details.

Tesla Roadster Stories May 9

Tesla has released a new action-packed video, which might actually become a quarterly thing according to CEO Elon Musk.

There are few bits of footage that are especially interesting in the less-than-two-minute-long video, including a mystery car underwrap and new footage of the next-gen Roadster in action. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories March 14

While Tesla’s original Roadster that SpaceX launched into space on the new Falcon Heavy captured a lot of attention, we are still more excited here about the next-generation Roadster currently under development.

Now a Tesla next-generation Roadster prototype shows up at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada. expand full story

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Tesla Roadster Stories February 16

The next-generation Tesla Roadster is going on some outings this week.

After hitting a few Tesla locations, the prototype has now been spied doing runs on Fremont factory’s test track. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories February 15

We haven’t seen much of Tesla’s next-generation Roadster since the surprise unveiling during the Tesla Semi event last November.

Now, the automaker puts the prototype on display for the first time at their headquarters. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories February 12

Rimac has been teasing its new hypercar, another all-electric vehicle built from the ground up by the Croatian company to follow the Concept_One, over the last few months.

Now the specs have reportedly been revealed ahead of the official unveiling and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to compete with the upcoming next-gen Tesla Roadster. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories February 9

Astronomers spot Starman and his Tesla Roadster floating through space

After this week’s planned Falcon Heavy test launch with a Tesla Roadster as ballast, the world was treated to some incredible images of the car, with driver, orbiting the Earth.  Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had the good sense to attach multiple cameras to the car so everyone could see what was happening up there, and the images did not disappoint.

Now, a couple days later, astronomers at an observatory on the ground have given us a different view of Starman and his Tesla Roadster – a tiny dot speeding along amongst the stars on its journey towards the asteroid belt.

Tesla Roadster Stories February 7

While Tesla doesn’t do any traditional advertising, it has been marketing its vehicles quite efficiently over the years, but never in a more spectacular way than what happened yesterday.

If you have missed it and you probably haven’t because that was the point, a Tesla Roadster was successfully launched into space on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories February 6

Ahead of the launch, Elon Musk said that many unknown factors result in “about a 50% chance” that the Falcon Heavy demonstration flight fails and destroys his Tesla Roadster in the process.

Yet, the launch was actually successful and all three first stage boosters separated to propel the second stage with the Tesla Roadster into space. expand full story

Tesla Roadster Stories February 5

Elon Musk shares simulation video of Tesla Roadster going to Mars on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy

A day ahead of the planned demonstration launch of SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy rocket, CEO Elon Musk released a simulation video of a Tesla Roadster, the demonstration payload, going to Mars.

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