VW ID.3 Stories June 24

VW has delivered the first 150 ID.3 electric cars to employees in order to perform some stress testing ahead of customer deliveries. expand full story

VW ID.3 Stories June 19

After months of reports that Volkswagen was struggling with software problems, the company announced today that it will develop its own operating system and software platform. Christian Senger, chief executive of VW’s Car.Software organization, said the move would apply the innovation seen in smartphones to Volkswagen automobiles. But concerns about software on the ID.3 were not addressed.

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VW ID.3 Stories May 20

Volkswagen dealerships will not be the primary means for selling the company’s ID family of electric cars. The parent company, Volkswagen AG, announced today that 100% of VW retail partners have agreed to their new role as an “agent” that facilitates the sale.

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VW ID.3 Stories May 14

Tesla has “galleries.” Polestar has “spaces” and Byton will set up “places.” An automaker can’t sell an EV apparently unless it has a hip, boutique retail environment to show it off. The latest is Volkswagen, which opened its first “ID store” in Dresden today.

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VW ID.3 Stories May 5

Volkswagen sales director Jürgen Stackmann announced today on Twitter and LinkedIn that “pre-bookers” can complete their order for an ID.3 1st Edition starting June 17. There are reportedly more than 30,000 pre-orders. In recent months, it was rumored that Volkswagen would delay the market introduction of the ID.3 EV, but the first orders will happen next month.

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VW ID.3 Stories April 17

A German YouTuber got his hands on a VIN for the upcoming ID.3 electric car and used it to access VW’s online manual. He discovered a set of high-tech features not commonly found on a small, affordable EVs. They’re not groundbreaking, but you can see that VW wants to make its EV a high-tech showcase.

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VW ID.3 Stories April 15

VW CEO Hebert Diess gave an update on the development of the ID.3 electric car, which went on a 1,200 km road trip, as the automaker aims to keep their launch timeline. expand full story

VW ID.3 Stories April 3

VW has released a series of videos about some of the more interesting features of the ID.3 electric car, including an insane heads-up display. expand full story

VW ID.3 Stories March 27

Rumors continue to swirl about Volkswagen facing major software problems with its ID.3 electric car. Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper yesterday cited internal sources declaring the situation as an “absolute disaster.” But Volkswagen tells us that the launch schedule for Europe is “fixed” for this summer. And the first units rolling off the production line will be “handed over to Volkswagen plant staff for far-reaching quality assurance.”

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VW ID.3 Stories March 17

Volkswagen has been stockpiling VW ID.3, its new electric car, inventory as thousands of electric cars have been spotted in parking lots in Germany. expand full story

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