EV Stories September 23

Drive Electric Week is going online this year — on its 10th anniversary — with events centered around electric vehicle advocacy. Most events will be virtual, though some local in-person events will be held — far fewer than in previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic (wear your masks!). A full list and map of events can be found on Plug In America’s website.

The week kicks off Thursday, September 24, at 5 p.m. PDT/8 p.m. EDT, with an “all-star” event featuring longtime EV advocates Bill Nye and Leilani Munter. Its host will be NPR’s Peter Sagal. It will be streamed on Facebook Live (no account required to watch). Register here to get more information via email, or find the event on Sierra Club’s Facebook page.

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EV Stories September 15

Scotland’s government will extend the Low Carbon Transport Loan to cover used EVs for the first time, starting on September 28. The extension will now enable an individual or business to obtain a loan of up to £20,000, interest free, over five years.

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EV Stories September 9

World EV Day is a simple yet effective concept: “Celebrating EV ownership, worldwide.” And we all know it seems like there’s a “day” for everything — it’s also National Teddy Bear Day today, too (seriously) — but World EV Day could really make a difference. This is the very first annual World EV Day. So what’s going on around the world to mark it?

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EV Stories September 4

If you are an EV owner with a dryer in your garage, you’ve probably dreamed up the NeoCharge product already. And if you have a second EV, you’ve surely needed one rather than calling an electrician to run a second 240V line. What is this black magic device, exactly?

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EV Stories September 3

For electric vehicle owners, figuring out the right charging method, installing a charger at home, and navigating the available government or utility rebates can be overwhelming, according to a HomeServe survey of 500 EV owners. Home repair and improvement company HomeServe operates in the UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, and Japan.

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EV Stories July 22

An electric vehicle’s average lifetime ownership cost in the UK is £52,133 ($65,750), compared to £53,625 ($67,636) for an equivalent ICE car, according to a new study from UK insurance company Direct Line.

So on average, based on purchase price and ownership costs over 14 years, an EV would cost £3,752 a year over the course of its life, compared to £3,858 for an ICE car, resulting in an annual savings of £106 ($132) per year.

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EV Stories July 17

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) announced late yesterday that New York State will spend $701 million for EV infrastructure and other initiatives in the “EV Made Ready” program. That funds 53,773 Level 2 charging stations and 1,500 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations by 2025.

The remaining $48.8 million, which comes from a 2017 settlement with Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) over its diesel emissions cheating scandal, will pay for charging stations and electric school and transit buses.

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EV Stories July 7

AC Cars, the British carmaker behind the one of the most beautiful and famous cars of all time, the AC Cobra, is making a fully electric Cobra. It will be the first electric car made by AC.

The car will sell for £138,000 and only 58 will be made.

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British Gas has ordered 1,000 of the new Vauxhall electric Vivaro-e vans for its engineers — the largest EV order for a commercial fleet in the UK. They’ll arrive over the next 12 months.

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EV Stories July 2

Nevada launched new incentives yesterday from Nevada Energy’s (NVE) annual Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) program that will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging stations across the state.

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