Chevy Silverado EV Stories June 30

GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra recently teased footage of the first engineering version of the Chevy Silverado EV enduring testing at the American automaker’s proving ground in Michigan. This is an important step for Chevy as it moves closer to start of production for its first all-electric truck.

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Chevy Silverado EV Stories April 26

Chevy showcases new cab options for Silverado EV in just-released video

Today is Ford F-150 launch day, so the other electric truck makers are making some news, or trying including Chevy with a Silverado EV video that includes some new details on the 400-mile range pickup due next year. Namely some new bed cab options…

Chevy Silverado EV Stories February 10

General Motor’s streak of newsworthy movements continues as we head into Super Bowl weekend. The American automaker has begun teasing this year’s big game commercial, which continues its “Everybody In” campaign to promote its EV lineup. This year however, GM’s “everybody” includes some familiar, villainous faces from the Austin Powers film franchise.

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Chevy Silverado EV Stories February 3

We need an electric Camaro just to keep up with the news cycle over at General Motors (GM). Following its annual and Q4 earnings report, GM has shared further news about its electrification strategy which includes updates to already announced EVs, as well as hints to a new one.

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Chevy Silverado EV Stories January 21

General Motors is looking to nip the any dealership issues in the bud before its influx of EVs hit the market. In a recent letter to its dealerships, GM has warned against markups above MSRPs and reservation amounts, threatening to redirect vehicles away from offenders.

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