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Fully Charged: BMW i3 33kWh & the car maker’s dilemma

In the last 3 months I’ve driven 2 electric cars originally launched a few years back, both with the bizarrely standard ‘almost 100 miles (160 km) range.’

Now both cars have been re-launched with higher density battery packs that are the same physical size. These improvements bump up the range considerably.

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1974 EnfieldFully Charged’s latest video features Jonny Smith’s modified Enfield 8000 ECC now called the “Flux Capacitor”. The vehicle beautifully illustrates how far batteries have come in the last few decades. When originally manufactured in 1974, the car was equipped with 300 kg of lead-acid batteries for 96 volts, now Smith equipped his with 145 kg of li-ion batteries for 378 volts.

The video and specs below: expand full story

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