Kia EV6 Stories September 23

Among the legacy car makers, there are surely no brands whose stock has risen as sharply, amid the transition to EV, as Korean sister companies Kia and Hyundai.

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Kia EV6 Stories July 9

In this EV game, there are heroes, both sung and unsung. More often than not, it’s the Teslas and Polestars of this world that steal all the headlines with their space-age technology and spaceship designs. But actually, some of the most significant EVs of the past decade have rather flown under the radar, adored by those who drive them but underappreciated by the rest of the world.

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Kia EV6 Stories May 18

I guess “EV1” was taken?

Seriously, though, folks, today a big day for Kia, with the unveiling of the new Kia EV6 crossover, the brand’s first-ever dedicated battery electric vehicle. Unlike Kia’s previous EVs that shared fossil-fuel-powered versions, the new EV6 was designed from day one as a purely battery-electric vehicle, allowing the company to shift its innovation into high gear…

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Kia EV6 Stories May 4

Kia is reporting strong demand for its sleek new EV6 electric crossover with over 30,000 show-of-interests within a month from the unveiling.

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Kia EV6 Stories March 30

Kia has unveiled today the Kia EV6, an electric crossover based on the Hyundai E-GMP platform, and the specs are basically the same as the recently unveiled Ioniq 5, but in a different package.

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Kia EV6 Stories March 15

Kia has shown the first images of their all-electric “crossover-inspired” EV6, based on the Hyundai E-GMP modular EV platform, which it shares with the recently announced Ioniq 5. While we have no specs yet, we expect to hear more about them at an event later this month.

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