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Polestar 2

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2024 Polestar 2 debuts with first-ever RWD option, new motors, added range, and more

This morning, Polestar shared details of its upcoming 2024 model year Polestar 2 sedan that features upgrades well beyond the cosmetic. In addition to a revamped front end to match its 3 SUV sibling, the 2024 Polestar 2 will arrive with upgrades to its battery and motors, delivering more power and acceleration. Additionally, the newest Polestar 2 will be the brand’s first model to offer a rear-wheel drive configuration, contributing to the EV’s best range to date.

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First drive with the high-performance Polestar 2 BST edition 270

Polestar 2 BST

Since it was first announced by Polestar this past June, I’ve been excited for an opportunity to get behind the wheel of its hand-tuned, performance-focused Polestar 2 BST edition 270. As the name of this elevated dual-motor EV eludes, only 270 units were made, and I was fortunate enough to test one out through the woods and beaches of Northern California. Here’s how it went.

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2023 Polestar 2 Dual Motor first drive: Limited spec upgrades are offset by a revamped aesthetic

2023 Polestar 2

When I drove the 2022 Long Range Polestar 2 Single Motor earlier this year, my biggest wish was to try out the dual-motor version to see what this all-electric sedan can really do. I recently got the chance to test out the 2023 Polestar 2, complete with two motors and plenty of design upgrades compared to its 2022 predecessor. Here are my thoughts.

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Polestar 2 gets upgrades to design, range, and sustainability thanks to blockchain technology

Polestar has announced a bunch of upgrades to the Polestar 2, including two new exterior colors, new wheels, and updates to its interior. By swapping out certain materials and components for those using renewable energy, Polestar has been able to lower the carbon emissions per car while also using blockchain to trace minerals from their source to the finished EV to ensure ethical mining.

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Polestar has begun US deliveries of the Long Range Single Motor Polestar 2, and we got a chance to drive it

Polestar announced it has officially begun delivering its 2022 Long Range Single Motor Polestar 2 to US consumers today. This trim delivers a 270-mile EPA range, which was announced last December and joins the 2022 Dual Motor version. I got a chance to drive it for a few days and truly believe drivers will enjoy it, especially those who are newer to EVs.

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Polestar teases its first-ever Super Bowl ad before it airs on Sunday – spoiler alert: No supermodels, explosions, puppies, or monkeys

Polestar Super Bowl

Young EV brand Polestar will be one of several automakers joining the big game this Sunday, as its first-ever Super Bowl campaign will air during the first quarter. Unlike many other brands, Polestar is not revealing its full 30-second spot before Sunday, but it has shared a 15-second teaser that tells us more about what the ad will not feature than what it will.

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Watch this one-off ‘Arctic Circle’ version of the Polestar 2 Long Range comfortably drift through snow and ice like it’s nothing

Polestar Arctic

Swedish EV automaker Polestar recently gave a nod to its especially cold engineering environment by developing a special version of its Polestar 2 to analyze its dynamics in the Arctic. The one-off performance-oriented Polestar 2 was tested on snow and ice to help the team develop and fine-tune future EVs from the brand… it’s also cool as hell to watch.

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In search of: Black Friday EV deals in the US

Black Friday deals on EVs have been few and far between this season. The ones we managed to discover earlier last week were scooped up shortly after including on our Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide. Coincidence? Perhaps. Good news is we took one last look yesterday and found a couple of great LEAF and Niro EV discounts. No doubt these will go quick, so for those left in the dust that absolutely need to buy or lease a car ASAP, we’re highlighting several offers worth considering in this supply-constrained market.

As always, check our Electric Vehicle Best Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Best Lease Guide for the best deals on EVs in the US.

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Polestar confirms Precept concept will be the Polestar 5 and offers a sneak peak of the final design

Polestar 5

As part of its ongoing YouTube documentary series tracking the progress of the Precept concept reaching full production, Polestar has confirmed the EV will be called the Polestar 5. The third episode of Precept: from Concept to Car also offers a glimpse at the final design of the Polestar 5, which is slated for production in 2024.

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Volvo’s latest OTA update will maximize EV range using new Range Assistant app

Volvo Range

Swedish automaker Volvo is rolling out its latest over-the-air (OTA) software update to its all-electric vehicles to help improve range and efficiency in multiple ways. This includes smart battery management, a preconditioning timer, and a new Range Assistant app to offer drivers advice and assistance in achieving max battery efficiency. Volvo Cars Subsidiary Polestar is rolling out a similar OTA update to its EVs, including the Range Assistant app.

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CAKE and Polestar team up for an electric moped that can charge while you tow it

Polestar moped

Electric motorbike brand CAKE has announced the first-ever electric mobility bundle alongside EV automaker Polestar. The two Swedish companies look to provide solutions for urban mobility with a custom version of CAKE’s recently released Makka moped platform, which can be towed behind a Polestar 2 EV and simultaneously charged.

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You can now build custom songs produced from robots and the Polestar 2

Polestar 2 song

With all the talk of robots and AI lately, we felt it topical to showcase the same technology producing art. Polestar has teamed with musician and robotics engineer Moritz Simon Geist to create a whole new type of music. The songs were produced using robots configured from Polestar 2 components alongside actual sounds from the EV itself. You can also sample the music and create a custom soundtrack of your own.

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Polestar 2 now available for test drives in select cities

Polestar 2 test drive

EV automaker Polestar is now allowing prospective customers to book test drives of its Polestar 2 electric fastback. Its website now lets consumers arrange a visit to a retail location near them. Additionally, the company can also bring the Polestar 2 to your home or office, depending on where you’re located. So far, Polestar has a small retail presence in select US cities compared to other EV automakers.

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Interview: Gregor Hembrough explains how Polestar can have its cake and eat it too

Polestar is a bit of an enigma as far as auto companies are concerned. The company, which is a joint venture between Geely and Volvo (which, in turn, is also owned by Geely), operates independently on some fronts from either Geely or Volvo in order to remain nimble. But it also leans heavily on its incestuous parents for infrastructure, talent, and support. I spoke to its North American head, Gregor Hembrough, who incidentally came from two decades previous at Volvo in 2018, to find out why.

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